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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Clumsy update (v. 1.2.5) has been released this week for Apple users


Shortly after the icon of the smurfs village game changed on game center  (GC), the new update have been released.  At the beginning it wasn’t clear which smurf is featured in the icon but it turned out to be  Clumsy smurf. Clumsy smurf was already introduced to the village in earlier version and can join your smurfs village once you reach level  20 onwards. However this time his hut,  which comes with a mini game were introduced in this version which makes him the star in  this update . A big surprise in this update is the Smurfberry Bush which can give you 5 smurfberries daily (75 SB in two weeks as described by Beeline), which we really thing is a good items which you would invest your smufberries in.  A major addition to the smurfs village this time is adding new languages to the game, so  after the Japanese and Russian editions now is time for   French, Italian, German and Spanish players  to  enjoy The smurfs village game  in their  own languages  without referring to a translator (although I’m wondering what would be a quest of papa smurf “What rhymes with teas?” ).

With regards to Tracker smurf who was absent for two weeks in most of the villages, he came back in this update. It seems that  Tracker smurf event system seem to be fixed, although many people are still complaining about the brown bench quest which seems couldn’t be recognized as completed.  But overall Tracker smurf event seem to work properly this time.

In addition to that many new cool decoration items were added in both the main village and the island were added, such as archery target and  lawn flamingo. As well as  new level at least was added.

With regards to the bugs and problems,  so far so good no major problem were raised yet, apart from Jokey gift notification when you tap the boat if you need to go to the island.

What is new in The smurfs village version 1.2.5:

According to Beeline:

  • Smurfs’ Village is now localized in French, Italian, German and Spanish!
  • Clumsy now has a hut in the village which allows you to play his hut repair mini-game!
  • For the first time you can now harvest your own Smurfberries with your very own Smurfberry Bush!
  • New items for raft quests and Message in a Bottle.
  • New items are available in the village and the island including the archery target, lawn flamingo, and many more!
  • New Papa Smurf Quests
  • Various bug fixes
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  1. Guest says:

    how can I change the language?

  2. adalba says:

    After the new upload, I still don't have access to the tracker quests. I tried erasing the cauldron and placing a new one, but I cannot erase the old one. Is anyone else having the same issues with tracker? any suggestions?

    • Jim Joe Joo says:

      My tracker isnt coming back from the forest either. It keeps saying hell be back soon.

      • Smurfette says:

        Tracker is an event that only happens if Beeline schedules it and as Tracker is still beeing fixed by them he has not appeared for a long time now. We do not know when he will be fixed and reaappear.

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