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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs Village new update (1.1.9) a stable version for Apple iOS


After few weeks of frustration with a message in a bottle quests and totem pole issues, Beeline has finally released a stable update this week for Apple iOs users.   This update (version 1.1.9), which was released just few days after Easter 2012, doesn’t have an Easter theme or has anything to do with Easter.  It seems like Beeline this time focused on fixing all previous glitches and bugs, which made version 1.1.8 the buggiest   version which Apple iOS users witnessed since the release of Smurfs village App.   However not all the bugs were bad, Beeline Easter gift was also buggy, which was the Best Beeline Bug ever, where players got up to 100s of free smurfberries.

The good news is this time this version is stable so far, although it has some bugs, but not major ones, and basically don’t affect the flow of the quests.

Many features were added in this upate also, mainly in the main village more land was added south for 25 smurfberries.  However for the island, two new special smurfs were added, Harmoney Smurf and Snappy smurfling. Harmony Smurf, which has a minigame, costs 30 smurfberries. The mini game gives players additional music to play on the island as a reward.  Snappy Smurfling costs 3000 coins, and you can get him when Papa Smurf asks you to build his hut.

Many decoration items also were added like music instruments to increase XP when you play Harmony minigame, and big mushrooms. New items like the  jumping fish were added, which can be placed in the waters, giving XP every few hours.  Players can also buy toy drums and trains to place next to the Smurfling huts(Sassette, Slouchy and Snappy), to give additional xp when it is time to collect Snappy’s xp every 24 hours. Also, when Sassette, Slouchy and Snappy’s hut are placed together, they do a mini dance every 24 hours. The disappearance of the dam problem when you place items next to it was fixed and the message in a bottle quests are running properly. Players who used smurfberries to speed up the events, were able to get their totem pole upon completion of the quests.

With regards to friends servers, many players reported that finally they manage to see their neighbors and friends villages, and they are able to gift  and receive gifts now.

According to Beeline official description the new update has:

– Harmony Smurf , hut and mini game now available on the island. Harmony’s Music Match-Up mini game contains 10 songs that you can unlock as background tracks for the island.
– New Snappy Smurfling character, hut and quests for the island. If you place Snappy next to Sassette and Slouchy the 3 smurflings perform a daily dance
– Lots of Smurfy new decorations for the island
– The level cap increased to 46
– A new jumping fish for the island that you can place in water
– A new paid space expansion for the original village

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  1. jzaine12 says:

    i updated the halloween patch…however, i lost all my smurfs and all my quests have been reset from the start…so i am now lvl 22 and left with only 5 smurfs in the village….where are my other smurfs?! :(

  2. Kim Yen says:

    I lost all my raft, so i can't send out a raft, my raft hut can't upgrade any more.

  3. CrazyLynn says:

    The new update will not connect me to any of my friends, so I can not gift anyone. :-/ maybe tomorrow…

  4. guest says:

    I justed updated my smurf village 1.2.4 now im not getting my notifications on my iphone…. can someone help???

    • Sassete says:

      Look in the main menu on the notifications if they are on On turn everything off and close the game then turn evrything on On agian and se if that works

  5. DEVIN says:


  6. katy says:

    In level25 after papa smurfs asked thired riddle and I couldent answer a few days all my smurfs went to the island,what should I do?

  7. Shosho says:

    Can’t update the latest version on iphone, i’m n level 34 and i can’t even open my village, always says loading then waiting, and a message will pop up “can’t download at this time”.. :( plz HELP!!

  8. Nikki says:

    Anyone having issues with Slouchy smurf? I have not received any quests from him at all!

  9. Julie says:

    I lost clockwork smurf with new sporty smurf update. I hadn't finish building him now i can't get bolts from friends. Will he come back

  10. ImYonn says:

    Hey I have a question. Why isn't Smurfette answering on this page anymore

  11. Cindy says:

    I am having problems with the XP bar and did the quick update but not fixed beeline told me to go back to a time when it was working. Will I lose the cute stuff I bought with smurf berries? Do you think it will get fixed in the next version?

    • Brainy says:

      Yes, you will lose your smurfberries if you restore to the time before you bought smurfberries. No, we are not beeline so we dont know if the problem will be fixed in next update.

  12. Stefanie Baggott says:

    When will they be updating the newest version for Android users? I'm tired of the same old items for sale! Android users would like to play the new version too!

  13. Stefanie Baggott says:

    When will they be updating the new version for Android users? I would like some new items to buy:-)

  14. guest says:

    Help smurfs app for iPod suddenly wont open passed the orange loading screen and takes me back to my homescreen. Does anyone know how to fix this issue. So frustrated invested a lot of time nd money into my village dnt wanna lose it

  15. Thomas says:

    Starting up isn't possible anymore – I'm playing on iOS 4 on a iPhone G3.
    When starting up and the info headline is running the game is slow and jerky / stuttering. As this is annoying, I used to shut down and restart.
    Since this morning the orange beeline screen shows the progress, finally sound is played for about 15 seconds and then the app crashes and returns to the desktop.

    • Brainy says:

      turn on airplain mode and see if it helps.

      At a last resort, u can reinstall the game IF u r using game center to launch smurf game. Otherwise, u will lose all game data.

      • Thomas says:

        Airplane mode did not work – what a pity.

        As I use a G3 there is no Game Center and uninstalling is no option. It was hard work to reach level 28. Investing in smurfberries an loose all game data is not ok. If try to completely restart the device and finally wait whether an update – whenever it comes – helps.

      • Thomas says:

        Ah, finally my wife remembered the tricky keystrokes to reboot the device and everything is back working…

    • Cynthia says:

      I am also experiencing this sme problem, gem not opening for th pt 2 months! I don't know what beeline I doing to if this. I have given up for a while now!

  16. Miss A says:

    Im still not recieving a message in a bottle on my i phone4 ?….. Can u help with this ?

    • Poet says:

      It sounds like you could be experiencing a bug. It's either you wait for the next update or you report it directly to Beeline.

  17. kamushek says:

    I've got two MIBs since update. One resulted in piece of totem, another one gave me coins. Does MIB gives anything else besides totem pieces or it's another bug?

    • Poet says:

      Currently, it gives either totem pieces, gold, and if you're lucky, the pavilion. And other gifts like a green chair, which I got.

      • kamushek says:

        Ah, ok. I also got two green benches and piece of totem that desapeared before I could place it anywhere. That was before last update. Thanks for response, Poet :)

  18. sawgs says:

    Help! I cant get into Smurf Village! each time i tap on it to go into the game, the famous orange Beeline will appear, then the Smurfs' Village image, the moment i press "play", it disappears! Already switched my android phone on & off. TQ!

  19. robert butcher says:

    After the latest i-pad upgrade i got one MIB but on a monday or tuseday (cant remember) giving me just 47 hours to do all five quests LOL!!; and then no more bottles since (2 fri/sats have passed since. Moving between the island and mainland can change the time, and i have a loss of notifications or synchrony between notification and event.. but i can live with that, all part of the' fun' really., so mention it just for interest of others. HOWEVER my main problem is the program has now crashed. if i try to open it it starts along the bee line honeycomb and at the last section crashes, so i=never opens
    . The game center back up also does not open. So any suggestions as to how to help low tec me (if its important, ipad2 32 Mb not 64, on an older OS system (not the new os 5.1), and smurfs level 46 max)

  20. Nanette says:

    Hi!i am level 30,I have iPad 2,I always have wi-fi,I do last update,but i stil don't have in my island any bottle…why? Please help.thank you.

  21. Angi says:

    I have been unable to see my friends since the update before the last one. It always says searching for friends.

  22. Sxxxo says:

    I cant achieve smurfette mission of grow 10corn,artichoke,tometos.
    Does anyone have same problems?
    Or someone know how can I achieve this one?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Try planting 10 crops of golden corn instead of normal corn.

      • Kerode66 says:

        I got the same advise and finally, the sixtht time i tried it worked, jippiee !!! But i made sure to harvest them all, all 30, at them same time and not using farmer smurf..

  23. Jim says:

    Anyone having problems with Smurfette's quest to harvest 20 flower boxes? I've already harvested 40, but the quest hasn't completed. I got the quest when I downloaded the recent IOS update..

  24. jackisforever says:

    I have all three huts placed side by side and I have not seen dance from Snappy, Sassette or Slouchy. Is anyone else having this problem. I want to see that dance lol.

  25. Kerode66 says:

    I realy having difficulties completing requests after this latest update. Now it,s impossible to finish smurfette,s requests for 3 x10 different crops, i tried for times all ready, how can i solve this?

  26. bear smurf says:

    The quest of smurfette which ash me to plant 10 corns. 10 artistrokes and 10 tomatoes. I've planted 3times but the quest still cannot completed. Could anyone help?

    • Poet says:

      Do you have golden corn? If so, use it. It should work. If not, you may be facing a bug and have to wait till the next update to fix it.

  27. muscle smurf says:

    since i upgraded to version 1.1.9, my game has gotten a lot slower. anyone else facing the same problem?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      yes is getting a bit slower, but if you reboot it and close up any apps running in the background will help you to run it better

  28. ng peishi says:

    can anyone help me? to dated i still have not see any bottle floating in the sea for me to do the quest and get totem pole. did i miss out anything i should or need to do so the bottle will appear? from the latest 2 update till now there is no bottle at all.
    plus how come my crop took longer time to harvest than stated in the game.
    eg: watermelon 12hrs but mins is 12hrs 15mins.
    cam anyone help me with the above 2 question

    • Poet says:

      If you still haven't receive your bottle, it could be a bug. As for your crops, I think that time lapse of 15 mins is not that big an impact, is it?

      • ng peishi says:

        hi Poet, sometime is 15mins sometimes is almost a hour. and the most weird part is that my notification for the game is not working somehow. everything on and off got notification. eg: it suppose to be time to harvest a crop or smurf to return to villager no notification is given. then when no smurf is suppose to return but notification keep telling me my smurf had return when it's still left a few more hours to return.

        • Poet says:

          I do get notification issues myself sometimes too..but I have decided not to be bothered by it. I just make regular checks on my village to make sure the crops are fine. If you really want the notification thing to be fixed, you may need to contact Beeline about it.

      • Caza says:

        I also have this problem i have never seen a bottle, I am on level 36 on ipad2 help!!!

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      For your time issue, have you noticed that some smurfs might be watering at the wrong place? If so the time doesn't move on.
      I have this issue to. When my rafts come back, five working smurfs come from the raft house and glide towards their gardens.

      • ng peishi says:

        hi Dreamy_Smurf, none my smurf are watering in the crop area and not at other place. do you think this bug will be fixed?
        also for the bottle message which i still had not got it, do you think this bug will be fixed too?

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          So they aren't just there, strange.
          We are not Beeline so we don't know if they will fix it in the next update, I hope so.

  29. Raymond says:

    Hey poet smurf, do you think i will get a message in a bottle afte waiting for about 5 weeks?

    • Poet says:

      Hey Raymond, if you have not gotten a bottle in 5 weeks, I seriously feel you are facing a bug. Have you ever gotten a bottle before? If so, how long ago was that? Regardless, you might have to wait for Beeline's next update to fix this bug.

      • Raymond says:

        By the way On Friday April, 20 after sending smurfs for 25 hours to return something to honnibus, after a while about 30 minutes later the quest was complete! even Timber smurf's logs and the coins from the laundry were done, even though I just collected it! This is definatly a bug because I did not cheat.

  30. Tina says:

    How can I get the bottle? It's too far from the island.

  31. Brig says:

    Hi, I have places the three houses together on my island. When the daily dance occurred one of my characters is running in place halfway there – it will also not let me click on the task they have going and been stuck there all day. Another dissapeared completely and sassette seems fine. Any idea how to fix please?

  32. Tammy says:

    Hi, is anyone having a problem of not receiving notifications when smurfs return or crops are ready? Since the last two updates on my iPad, it just doesn’t happen anymore :(

  33. Adam says:

    Is there any way of getting friends apart from through facebook. I need a friend to water my flowers and I don’t have facebook :(

    • Poet says:

      You can do it through game center if you are an IOS player.

    • Robin says:

      Adam – what is your GC ID? I will friend you – I have lots of neighbors but they don't water plants very often.

      • Adam says:

        24adam09 how do you water the flowers as I have got my gf as a friend now but she can’t water my flowers

        • Robin says:

          You just touch the watering can that will be hovering over your flowers. Be sure to visit your friend's villages and water their flowers too!

          • Adam says:

            There are no watering cans above the flowers on mine or her flowers just don’t know what is going on

      • Robin says:

        When she visits your village, she should see watering cans hovering over your flowers. All she has to do is touch the watering cans and she will water the flowers. After that’s done, you will see the cans as well and your Smurfs will have to water them again.

  34. Cher says:

    My dam disappeared, I couldn’t get to most of my crop patches I basically have to rebuild my dam right now to get the other side of my island. I thought this glitch was fixed?

  35. Grouchy Darel says:

    The totem pole quest doesn't work at all on my iphone. I have never seen a bottle at all on my island. Can I know whether is it because i am still on IOS3?

  36. AVC says:

    I have just updated and did the MIAB "send out 5 smurfs" quest. The next quest is send out a raft. My rafts have been greyed out for about a week. Tapping on them has no effect. What if I delete the raft house, will that fix it?

    • Poet says:

      I won't recommend that…so you are unable to cancel your rafts? If so, you might be experiencing a raft bug which Beeline has yet to fix.

      • AVC says:

        Can't actually delete the raft house anyway. I only have 2 rafts, maybe if upgrade 'll get a third. Gotta build up 25K coins though

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          I think it's impossible to delete it. It's something like Papa Smurfs house or something.

          • AVC says:

            Yes, I tried but you can't delete it. However, I did upgrade it and got one working raft. Just completed one MIAB quest. YAY!

          • Poet says:

            By right, you should have the option to cancel a raft that has been wrongly sent out. But congrats on your MIAB quest.

  37. Jennie says:

    I can't get any xp from Scaredy Smurf. Papa says to wait until it's dark but it's always daytime at my village and island. Before the last update, it would be night/day time depending what time it is where I am physically located, but not anymore. What happened? Anyone else having this problem?

    • Sassete says:

      Go to main menu, options and se if you have the effects on ON then it should be dark at night and you can calm him down.

  38. Rhiya says:

    Still no Message in a bottle quests. Didn’t get any smurfberries either. I feel left out

  39. jackisforever says:

    This update has made it worst because everytime I leave the island it ask me to recover my village to a previous saved one. Is this happen to anyone else?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Is it the game center question? If it is you can select the option to play with your current village( not the previous one)

      • jackisforever says:

        Thanks for the reply Dreamy but no, not a game center question because I'm in smurf village when this happens. I sail to the island and once I sail back to the main line it revert to choosing a save village. This started after the update and I'm wondering is this happening to anyone else.

  40. Guest says:


    Apple iPhone 4S user here. I had several glitches prior to the update but have actually encountered a new one SINCE the 1.1.9 update, specifically with my time clock on the island. Today, I had a quest to plant strawberries for Papa Smurf (1 hour), send a raft out for the Message in a Bottle (24 hours) and plant 10 melons for Snappy Smurf (24 hours). When I returned to the island an hour later, all my crops had withered and the smurf was back from exploring the island on the raft. This similar glitch happened the other day. It has not happened at all on the mainland. I am not adjusting my device's time at all – don't need the warning from Papa Smurf! Is this happening to anyone else?

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