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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs village Version 1.0.8a is live for Android users


After a long wait is time for android users to cheer up after Beeline has released  Clockwork a and Architect version (version 1.0.8a).  Many new staff and decoration items have been added.

So What’s new in version  1.0.8a according to Beeline?
New Smurf Hut Customizations!

  •  Give your Smurf huts a fresh new look! Change doors, windows, chimneys, roofs and balconies.
  •  Handy Smurf learns to customize huts in the village after completing quests at level 11.
  • Architect Smurf joins the island and can customize huts at level 20 (after Handy opens his hut shop in the village).
  • Unlock new customization options by discovering blueprints!
  • Blueprints can be discovered by interacting with various Smurfs throughout the game


Clockwork Smurf Comes to The Island!

  • Piece Clockwork Smurf back together by finding his missing pieces!
  • Unlock cogs by completing message in a bottle quests after finding his blueprint at level 20.
  • Help friends assemble Clockwork Smurf faster by sending them bolts.

As Always!

  •  Lots of new quests.
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  1. Amanda says:

    Hey I also can't get any friends but right now I can't get the answer to papa riddle. This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows, and also no door. What is it? Does anyone have the answer please help I have tried for 3 weeks.

  2. irene lim says:

    Who can help me, my rafts without smurfs in the islands out of sea so many days, until today still cannot sent out the rafts on Papa smurfs mission .

  3. Merlin says:


    Please help me with the following problem – I cannot advance with clockwork smurf, since the "Message in a bottle" quest seems to be stuck – I have received the quest once, I have not completed it within the week, but from then on I have not received any further bottles. I am on Android, so no GameCenter yet… what should I do?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. evatanmy says:

    I am at level 30 and using samsung galaxy SII. I need to receive 10 bolts from friends to complete a piece; however, i do not have any friend via android. Is there any other alternative way to get the 10 bolts?

  5. Aimes says:

    im at level 23 and all of sudden it says brainy burned the house and all of my houses and farm were gone.. when im adding houses it says all smurf are busy..

  6. kate says:

    I have download new version. there was no moorage for ship when I have opened new territory with the beach in 17 level. Will it appear in future?

  7. TozBianca says:

    My sis uses android (I have iOS) and in the last several days she lost several of her smurfs (normal working amurfs), grouchy, dreamy and a caterpillar.
    We tried all the usual tricks, restarting the game, restarting the device but nothing seems to be working.
    Does anyone else have that or a similar problem?

    [GC-name is TozBianca in case you want to add me as a friend, I give presents every day]

  8. Wera says:

    I'm on 25 level of "Smurfs village" and now i can't install new version 1.08.0., this massage appearse: "This app is incompatible with your Samsung GT-I9000." WHY??

  9. penjing says:

    I need some help. Where could I download the latest Android version?
    When I tried to download the game from the google play site, (with PC) I
    had the following error message: This app is incompatible with your
    Motorola MB 526. With the telephone's Play application, I cant't find the
    Now I playing with the 1.0.7a version which is running perfectly.
    (I had installed from apk file few weeks ago.)

    • Sassete says:

      think that you need to contact Beeline and se if they can help you with this problen and let them answer if they have created a update for this specific version. <a href="” target=”_blank”> or on

      • penjing says:

        That was the first. I got the following message: At this time your device does not appear to
        be compatible with the current version of this game. We frequently work to increase
        device coverage for our titles and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    • jo says:

      Hi! I hwve the same problem and i’m using htc desire s. I left a message ogmn get satisfaction but it was archved.

      If you receive any update leave me a message pls. 10ks

    • Mike Ortxx says:

      Same here, I already contacted beeline and they told me it had to do with Google Play, so I contacted Google play and they told me its to with my device, that has not enough cache size.

  10. jo says:

    Anyone having problems to download the updates? It’s the second update that can’t download and its really annoying.

  11. AwesomeAnnaG says:

    How much longer will crops last if I buy the smurfy scarecrow? Does he only do nearby crops or all of them?

  12. susu says:

    I can't install the updates as it gives error message: "Error downloading "Smurf Village". There is insufficient space on the device". although i have more than 14GB available on my android galaxy tab…
    can anyone help me please as i'm stuck in level 30 now and can't complete the current quest since the item is not available (should be available after the updates)…. any suggestions? switching on and off the device didn't work…

  13. Stefanie Baggott says:

    I cannot access any friends on smurf village. When I go to the invite friends icon it tells me to login to facebook and so i do. Then it just says "Searching for friends" and it never finds any. Can someone help? I play on the Samsung Galaxy tablet (Android). Thanks! Stefanie Baggott

  14. Lulu says:

    From where can I have the raft ?

  15. dodd says:

    hello, i’m in level 26 android and I've never seen the bottle … How do I get it?

  16. alice says:

    I’ve waited vanity and painter are available.

    Now i can buy painter, but what about vanity?

    He’s gone…!!

  17. Juliet says:

    There's a new icon on Game Center – smurf playing a football! Is there a new update??? Nothing in the app store yet.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I just updating and noticed that Painter is now available. Do you recommend getting him since we will be getting Architect?

  19. Alexandra says:

    Please help me… Im using android Samsung Galaxi Tab. im playing Smurfs' Village on level 23 and 42%. My smurf ID is 235d829f6d949b2c. im having trouble from yesterday May 24th 2012. when i tap "play" button, i cant get into my village. it transfer me to the home menu of my galaxi tab. i've tried to turn off and then turn it on for several times but still i get stuck when i tap the "play" button. i also have tried to recover the village by tapping the papa smurf for 16 times, i've chosen the date where i want to go back but when i tap the "return/back" button, the same thing happened; it transfer me to the home menu. i cant tap the play button and also i cant recover it. im really stuck. please help me please….. no day without playing this game. im so sad… please email me: thanks very much. i cant wait for your reply

    • Brainy says:

      In order to do that, do you need to have the device ROOTED first ?

      • isis says:

        If you root your phone then it voids the warranty. I looked into this when i upgraded my phone

      • Hogatha says:

        No, you don't have to root the device to sideload apps.

        You guys should really have an Android user here as a moderator to give advice to other Android users.

    • Hogatha says:

      You do NOT have to be rooted to sideload apps to Android devices.

      You do: settings >> Security>>Unknown Sources (Allow Installation of non-Market apps)>>Check Unknown Sources>>exit out of settings.

      Next, there are numerous safe, reputable sites that will provide apk files for nearly all Android apps, including Smurfs Village. Download it directly to your phone from your Android browser. Open the downloaded file, and it will tell you that it will REPLACE your Smurfs Village game while KEEPING your data. This will take you to the previous version of the app, and all of your old settings and game should still be intact.

      Hope this helps.

    • Nancy says:

      I am having the exact same issue as Alexandra, and have tried all the same things. The update worked fine until yesterday, but won’t open any more. I use a Samsung galaxy s2x. I was on level 30!

    • sharmar says:

      The same exacy thing is happening with my village now. I havent been able to play for the past 3 days! This is actually my third time with thid problem. The other two happened when i played on my old iphone. So i guess the question now is…when is the next darn update?

  20. zen says:

    alexandra, i've been having the same problem since 2 months ago, this is my 2nd update but still not fix my issue. im playing with samsung galaxy tab.
    hopefully with the next update, we can play SV again. im afraid all my smurf will turn into papa smurf coz i never play with then for too long, lol.

  21. Trey says:

    Not true since architect can’t change colors or mix dyes without buying painter on mainland for thirty smurfberries. The game requires you to purchase painter if you want new colors on the island

  22. Brainy says:

    I always have painter so I didnt know the difference.

  23. Hogatha says:

    I have done it before when the last update completely crashed my village and I lost key smurfs (like Papa Smurf!) and I couldn't access the island and I wasn't able to move forward in the game. Yes, I lost features that came along with the recent version like the island, but what good is an island if you can't access it anyway? I stayed with the previous winter version until Beeline fixed the issues with a patch, and then updated it again.

    Android users are last priority for Beeline, and they've shown it time and time again. Good luck waiting for them to address the issues that are plaguing us.

    But anyway, I was just trying to help with a solution, but iOS users clearly know more about how Android works than dedicated Android users. I'm sure the two people playing on their Galaxy Tabs who can't even open the game are having a MUCH better time staring at the homescreen than playing an actual version of the game, even if it isn't the most up to date.

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