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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Smurfs’ Village version 1.1.7. is live


Beeline has just released the massive 1.1.7 update for Smurfs’ Village for Apple iOs Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), and should be released on the Android market as well but no exact date was given for that.  This is the largest update for the game since it debuted in 2010. Judging by the preview screenshots released this week; and preliminarily tests we run today, players should expect a lot of additional content and welcomed changes. Those users who’ve been praying for the snow in their village to disappear will finally get their wish.  It’s all about beach fun this time around. An extension along the shoreline will add an island tropical feel to the game. A boat building feature, ship dock, rafts, and the infamous S.S. Smurf II from the third season of the cartoon will become regular fixtures of the game.

Several new characters including Slouchy Smurfling, Sassette, and Captain Dreamy Smurf were added.  If you wonder how to find the island you need first to reach at least level 19 onwards and  you need to have  the beach. After couple of quests  Papa Smurf will ask you to send two smurfs to the forest where they will  find the S. S.  Smurf II Ship and Captain Dreamy. Captain Dreamy Smurf will be making the biggest impact on the game. He’s the captain of the S.S. Smurf II ship. After handy miner smurfs get the compass for Captin Dreamy   you will get the Ship ready in the dock and the adventure will start.  You will be able to get to the island by tapping on the ship papa smurf and Brainy will follow Dreamy smurf  in his adventure all the time .


Slouchy Smurf, who’s notorious for his less than enthused laid back attitude he is available in the shop and  costs 2000 coins.  Sassette is the second female smurf to join the village. She was created from the same enchanted formula Gargamel used to form Smurfette, she is also available in the shop but it costs 30 smurfberries. These extra characters make the game feel more like the original series. Tons of cool décor items, four new levels, and sea turtles, gecko,  were also added. Larger more decorative mushrooms, palm trees, tall red rose vines, green lifesavers, straw umbrellas, blankets, pink seashells, fountains, hammocks, sand buckets, colored bamboo fences, outhouses, beach balls, and mushroom huts are just some of the items which are also available in this update.

Exotic crops like honeydew melons, canary yellow melons, and eggplant will be available as well. Players have plenty to look forward to in this upcoming update. Games are another aspect they may be incorporated for recreational activities along the beach. Hopscotch outlines and toys can be seen in grassy patches indicating an upcoming vacation or kid theme in the works. The shoreline will definitely be busy this season.

How to visit your  friends and neighbors islands?

You  can visit your friends or neighbors islands by going into their villages, tap on ship to visit island.  You can view their islands, but  you  can’t leave gift on island though. (Credit to Daniel Nguyen our Facebook admin)

Marina the mermaid

Depicted on the left in one of the screenshots we  received  it from one of our  fans, which shows  the mysterious mermaid  (known as Marina “Handy’s Sweetheart”)  surrounded by sea boulders. This functional character will probably add as an attraction (Minigame)  to the island or as another way for players earn experience and coins. A diving kit is also added next to the mermaid. We will update the mermaid section shortly, please check it frequently.

Official description of Smurfs’ village version  1.1.7

The game now is available only in AppStore  (no android released yet)  for downloading at the moment, so  what’s new according to Beeline?

New lands and Smurfs to discover. Join Dreamy Smurf on a quest to discover a new island where you can build a whole new Smurfs’ Village!

  • Unlock Dreamy Smurf quest and a new island at level 19!
  • Explore an all-new buildable area.
  • Island content includes: Sassette Smurfling hut and quest, Slouchy Smurfling hut and quest, a new hut for Brainy and new crops for the island.
  • New raft feature which lets you send out Smurfs on voyages with a chance to bring back treasure
  • Tons of new decorative items.

Bugs you may encounter in 1.1.7  update

the Smurfs village App seems to work smoothly and faster  than before for Apple iOs devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch). Yet minor bugs are already detected  mainly:

  • with Painter minigame where the colors look blotchy with bad resolution, and you  always you paints  will be rated  poor so you will get 0 XP and you wont able to unlock any color.
  • In order to travel in the S. S. Smurf ship you need to tap many times or at least you need to tap firmly in order to get the dialog windows to ask you if you would like to go  to the island.
  • If you buy a land extension in the island, you wont be able to Zoom in on items implemented the extension area.

Please refer to our Bugs and Solutions page from time to time we will update you with any solutions to current bugs.


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  1. Irene says:

    Now I'm level 34. But papa smurf said that gargamel attack my village. So I lost all my old village. It'S seems like covered with something. I can't go to the island too. Like build a new village. But level is still the same. So I lost my old village and transferred to a blank area village and must make a new village. What I must to do?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Recover your village: Go to the main menu with the play button, select options. There you can see Papa Smurf’s head. Tap it 16 times and a button 'recover village' will appear. Select it and you'll see a list of saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's the one you like press recover. Beware that you will lose some progress

  2. edric says:

    I am at level 21st. I lost my sailor. I already have my ship and island before. before enterin to 21st. my sailor was always there and delivered my smurfs to the another island. where has my sailor gone. I could not find hin.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Have you tried recovering from the hidden backups? Tap Options, tap Papa's head 16 times, tap Recover Village and preview the files you see listed. Hopefully one will show your sailor (Dreamy smurf) in his correct location.

  3. Sarah says:

    Where do I find flowers to plant for the raft hut? I’ve place some dandelions and flower pots but the request is still not complete! Help!

  4. Anya says:

    Okay Papa , I guess I COULD use a toy chest … what is ?

  5. Tito Tate says:

    It’s bad people pay there money and the rafts freeze up on them and buys smurf berry. U need to take it off if u can not fix it.I hope when someone see this and it will be fixed.

  6. Tracy says:

    Papa smurf said tap the ship and travel to island but I don’t see it. Do you buy it somewhere?

    • Poet says:

      What level are you now and have you completed Papa Smurf's quests to locate Dreamy Smurf? We have a guide on this site to teach you how to complete the quests in order to get to the ship. Once you completed it, the ship should be next to your beach, to the west of your village.

  7. nat_smurling says:

    i never gotent marina

  8. LovelyE says:

    Hello, I cannot find the marbles. I have checked the second shop, and there’s no marbles costs 1500 next to the new path….

  9. Yohanna says:


    My smurfs village almost reach to level 20, but I still don't have the ship. Where is the ship??…..

  10. Syreen says:

    I have the quest tap the ship… But there is no ship in my village what can i dooo i need helppppp

  11. renda says:

    I dont know what had happened, my smurf are gone at level 27. First time i enterand play, papa smurf asked me to add 3 logs and add bakery smurf.. Any idea what should i do, to make my village back?

  12. Big papa says:

    Need the drinking fountain can’t find the fountain

  13. Raquel says:

    I was visitng a random village, and when I went back to my village it was disappeared! In my screen it's only an empty village with some smurfs and a piece of river which I can't place and I can't do anything else, I can't place any garden or nothing else, please help!!! I've tried everything and I just want my village back!!! Thanks

  14. Halfbake says:

    Dreamy asks to send two rafts out for dye but it doesnt say how long he wants the rafts out to be. Does anyone know? I clicked on 8 hrs and 24 hrs and nothing still. Help pls!!!

  15. Leslie R. says:

    I am on level 32. It's been a couple of weeks since I have been on but was wondering how to purchase more rafts on my island?? Can you help me please?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Tab Dreamy's raft house. A upgrade button appears. If you upgrade the raft house you will get more rafts.

  16. Martin says:

    How many stones do you get for a 24 hour raft trip?

  17. Michelle says:

    Im on level 20, I have the beach but there is no dock on it? Will the dock show up later or do I have a bug? I’m playing on an ipad.

    • Brainy says:

      You have a bug. The dock should always be there. Take a picture and post your problem to

  18. lisa says:

    Im in level 31, slouchy needs 6 pieces of wood using rafts. any idea how?

  19. Anita Leung says:

    I'm now on level 31, it reuqests havest a crop from a palm tree from Island but I cannot find palm tree in Island. How can I havest a crop from a palm tree?

  20. web tasarım says:

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  21. Audrina says:

    Iv have the beach but don’t see the boat can u please tell me y

  22. OneDirection_❤ says:

    I Sent Out a raft for 24 hours for dreamys quest and the raft hasn't come back. Any Suggestions :) x

    • Brainy says:

      You hit the raft bug which has been around since beeline started the island and beeline hasn't fixed the problem. I recommend restoring your village rather than waiting for beeline to fix the problem.

  23. Sarah sassette ;) says:

    Smurfette has asked me to 'plant 20 boxes of flowers', I've planted the flowers and I'm now two days on and smurfette still says 'plant 20 boxes of flowers….helllllppppp pleeeeaaase :)

  24. Nari says:

    Hey can you tell me where the darn ship is please. I’m on level 19 but need to find the ship and dunno where it is. Thanx

  25. Nikolя says:

    I reached 27 level!!!!brainy need "s a shell!!!I built for brainy House!!!Quest does not work!!!!!What should I do???

  26. Panninformatix says:

    What is marbles

  27. Maggy says:

    Hi, I sent a raft for 24 hours as per one of Dreamy's quest. but it is not coming back and when I click on the raft it self it does not give me a notification of when it should come back.
    Did this happen with anyone, and how can I fix it?
    Thanks for the help

    • Sassete says:

      This is a known problem that have happend to other players to and the only thing that you can do for the moment is to hope that it will coming back, sometimes that happens. We can only hope that Beeline will fix this problem in the future.

    • Christy says:

      My all rafts for 24 hours is not coming back over one week, I also click on the raft, but no notification. I couldn't finish the Smurf Fuel because no raft can sent out. =.= Soooo Sad!!

      • Poet says:

        Are you able to cancel the raft? The latest island update enables you the option of cancelling rafts. You can get a screenshot of this on our facebook page.

  28. Rosebud says:

    i have to build 3 outhouses where can i purchase them and what do they look like?

  29. Illmat1c says:

    I somehow made a palm tree disappear from my beach. I tried to move marbles a little closer to slouchy smurfs house. One minute there was a palm tree there, after moving the marbles the palm tree disappeared.

  30. jerwin videz says:

    hey i posted a comment subject can i be an administrator i been waiting for my mail

  31. koulla says:

    i have two questions and i really want a reply cause i cannot move on my game…from the begining i get to island everything was ok exept that one big bridge or marina is moving and behind that i think is smurfette…so i have this big marina moving in my island..then there is a mission behind that marina which i think is smurfette and is telling me step 1:plant some flowers…how i get reed of that bridge marina and how i plant flowers in the island..i checked everything but nothing exist for planting flowers…

    • Poet says:

      Never seen this issue before. What bridge marina are you talking about? Are you able to post a screenshot of what you are facing? If need be, you may e-mail the screenshot to me and I will try to assist you.

  32. sharon says:

    On my island I have had items disappear. a shell appeared on top of marbles and when I tried to move it the shells disappeared. then i notice that fencing i had placed around a hut – part of the fence disappeared. my daughter also has a game and when she tried to move an item (marbles) they disappeared. anyone having this problem?

    • sharon says:

      yes. and it happened on two separate ipads. i will reboot again.

    • serene says:

      That happened to me too recently…i lost expensive stuff like my theatre and my sand castle just because i was moving them somewhere else! Its so strange! Can beeline do something about this? i'm so afraid to move objects now in the island!!

  33. Anon says:

    I planted new crops on the mainland, took the boat to the island and maybe spent 5 minutes there. Went back to the mainland and everything I had just planted had withered! What happened??

    • Sassete says:

      That is a bug that happened I experienced the same a qouple of times but just happened in the begining when I started with the island. Now it has not happenedfor a long time

  34. tammet says:

    Smerfette! Hello, i'd like to ask what ability will have sasette for 30 sb? Exp every few hour or maybe some kind of mini game?

  35. Diana says:

    i'm level 21, and now gargamel showed up and i had to move to another village. but everything was still there — smurfberries, houses, etc, the ship also remained BUT every time i press on it nothing happens (only sound) and i'm unable to reach the island. please help! and thanks

  36. jerwin videz says:

    i suggest all the smurfs all of them in an update that would be cool

  37. Kimberly says:

    Was wondering if anybody else had the following issue: Since I installed the update I was busy on the island, building houses for the Smurfs etc. Last night I went back to my main village and started to change the lay-out of my houses and crops on the far right side of the main village (where the tree log used the be). However, since yesterday I can actually go way further than I used to go in my screen and my friends can see the expensing of my village. I did not purchase any ground (except the +25% to the bottom several months ago). I do not find these expansing of my village to be a problem (quite handy actually), but I'm afraid that it is a bug or glitch and that it will dissappear with a new update. Does anybody else have these same kind of issue or does anybody know whether it stays like this forever?

  38. John b says:

    Why don't I have the ship in the update? And how do I get the ship?

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