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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The island update is live now for Android players


 Beeline (smurfs village game  developer ) previously reported that a release of a new update will  be available for both platforms (Apple and Android), but they didn’t mention any precise dates. Now after Less than 2 weeks since the island update was released for Apple iOs  users, to be followed  now by a release of the Android  version, which was made available to most Android phones and tablet users via Android Market.

What is  new in version 1.0.5a according to Beeline?

Complete the new quests given by Papa Smurf to unlock Dreamy Smurf, the ship and the new island. You must be level 19 or higher to access the island quests.

• Unlock Dreamy Smurf quest and a new island at level 19!
• Explore an all-new buildable area.
• Island content includes: Sassette Smurfling hut and quest, Slouchy Smurfling hut and quest, a new hut for Brainy and new crops for the island.
• New raft feature which lets you send out Smurfs on voyages with a chance to bring back treasure
• Tons of new decorative items

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  1. Wyne says:

    I have sent 3 rafts out weeks ago and they have still not come back, I'm worried that they are lost. Any ideas on how to get them back or an update. Using android on a htc one x and latest version of smurfs.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      If you can, recover your village. Go to the login screen, there you will see a button options. Tap it and you'll some different functions. Next to the function restart village stands Papa Smurfs head. Tap it 16 times and a button recover village appears. Tap it and you'll see a list of saved villages. Select one preview and if it's the one you like select recover.

  2. jennifer says:

    i am level 20 currently.. papa smurf ask me to tap the ship to visit the island. but there is NO SHIP!! can anyone help me? thank you

  3. Cocochacha says:

    I can not upgrade SV with my Samsung galaxy S. It's said that the new island is not compatible with my device. Pls show me to solve it

  4. zen says:

    Please help,

    Been 3 days since i cant open my SV on Android Tablet Samsung Tab. Everytime i click play, the game closed automaticly. i’ve tried everything :

    1. Restart my device

    2. Play in airplane mode

    3. Sound off – Effect off

    4. Switch off my device – 20 minutes later switch it back on

    5. Recovery village, when i click on preview the game closed.

    Already email beeline but no good news yet.

    What should i do to make my SV back to normal ?

    • Sassete says:

      Dont think you can do so much, This is a bug that have happend to a few players, you can try to contact Beeline and se if they can help you

  5. redundant android gingerbread smurfette says:

    I know ya’ll already answered this somewhere, but I can’t find where. Srry for the redundancy…lol

    My raft missions use to work, but now they’ve been gone for about 10 days. Don’t think they’re coming back. Can’t tap on the raft to cancel them either.

    Oh, since the newest update, every once in a while certain tasks will just randomly complete. Like the dam completed 3 days into the construction. Happens on both the island and the village.

  6. jodes5 says:

    Since the new update, I cant get to the island. My game crashes everytime I try!!! Crappy update!

  7. Poi says:

    New bugs in 1.0.6a.

    Scenic items moving.

    Alerts for withering crops that aren’t ready yet.

    Alerts for crops that we haven’t planted.

    Fonts messing up, requires a restart to fix, but only a temporary fix.

    Load of withered crops on the far side of the island, beyond the river.

    Brainy’s notification of withered crops can’t be cleared.

    Constant crashes.

    This is a disaster of an update.

  8. chelley says:

    Why is the island update not compatible with my device. ?Am using Smasung SL I9003 with Android Froyo 2.2….Pls help

  9. jett says:

    After updating, a piece of river is moving around in my main village. its got an exclamation point like that of papa and brainy. upon pressing on it. it plays a dialogue between papa and slouchy. the one when slouchy 1st appears on the beach. Now it hives me a mission to plant honeydews. will this be addresed when the update bug fixes comes out? And when?

    • Brainy says:

      We are not beeline and have no tie to beeline so we dont know when beeline will fix anything or when beeline put out an update.
      We are just a fan page helping other players.

  10. Roel says:

    How manny gardens does dreamy need on the new island?
    ik have 35 gardens now and i hate to loose all the space i just get.

  11. Purplex says:

    When are you going to publish details about yesterday’s 1.0.6a update? I am waiting to read all about it here before I perform this one since I read many comments of people losing all progress, no more nighttime etc…

    Is the major news of this version that android users can build a dam too?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Just bear wit us few hours, we are trying to test it and collect the right information in order to publish it.

    • Jennifer says:

      I just did the update and now I can’t get to the island. Also all of the pathways are shifted in my main village.

      • Marco Smurf says:

        yes that's right, this is a bug for Android users who just updated to version 1.0.6.a

        • Jennifer says:

          Do you know if there are any fixes for this?

        • Mike says:

          Wow, what a mess the new update is. Can’t get to the island now, hope I didn’t lose everything over there, spent lots of coin and berries. Seems to be nighttime a lot also, dont know if Beeline changed its setting or what. Was daylight when I did the upgrade, now its night. I hope Beeline gets its act together and gets a new “fix” for us poor second rate Android users. Used to be a fun game, but with all the crashes and bugs lately, makes me want to just delete it, its more a hassle now than it is fun.

        • Purplex says:

          Boy am I glad I skipped this update for now. Hope it's gonna get fixed soon, because sooner or later I know I will hit "update all apps" out of habit and by accident hence messed up my smurfs village.
          Only hoping that when they fix it they'll give some extras to make up for the trouble caused…
          Well it's just a game though but my kids are soooo fond of it…

          • Erik says:

            Its getting about time to post about this update guys.. android is latest in everything for beeline, you guys should not follow that behaviour. Some things u can post about: – The update seems to be good for normal devices with enough memory (I saw it work on HTC Sensation and Motorola Xoom), the update adds a lot of new items on the island, and gives possibility to give friends gifts at the island and it has new gifts for the normal village. You can also build a dam on the island with this update..

          • Purplex says:

            Thanks for informing on these features. I do agree with you that this site may be more informative for android users as well, but maybe thay lack some android-oriented moderators?
            I also think they should not be afraid to actually warn smurfs fans about the difficulties this update may bring. I still did not perform the update on my galaxy S since I expect the same problems as mentioned by others.
            I did however perform the update on my gf's xperia ray with no noticeable problems since she is still at lvl 13, but I did not find any new items either, only that I can no longer visit her village to send gifts to her since she is now running a higher version than I am.

    • Brainy says:

      I have an android village but can't get to the island due to crashes so I can't tell if we can build a dam on island.

  12. vicky smith says:

    I get notifications to say my rafts have returned and for me to check what they have found. When I check there are no rewards :-(

  13. cipi says:

    My new device Samsung galaxy tab can not retreive the village I play on ipad, eventhough i log in by Facebook account? Someone help pls!

    • Sassete says:

      I dont think it is possible to change devices like that because the ipad and your new samsung is not " speaking the same language " You have some differens in the game if you are playing on a IOs device and when you are palying on an android.

  14. vicky lee says:

    I'm on levei 29 ,but suddenly I lost papa smurfs house , lost 8 smurfs and 2 houses. Ican't move my ship go to my smufs village 2.what can l do?

  15. Lie says:

    Wondered if anoyone experienced the same thing: on my island (level 30), somewhere on the beach I get that blue circular thing that usually appears above pets when you can get XP from them. The strange thing is that it just hovers above the sand. When I click on it I get 20 coins and 60 XP (same as a butterfly). After a couple of hours it appears again and again I get 20 coins and 60 XP. Is this just a profitable bug? Does anyone experienced the same thing?

  16. Desertrose says:

    Pls add me

  17. Ellebeecy says:

    I have 16 smurfs on my island. I had 6 houses not including brainy or slouchy. I upgraded 4 of them twice and 2 of them once which gave me the 16. Now one of my houses turned into a crop garden. Yesterday I had the 6. Today when I checked my island I have an extra garden in the exact place of a house, and now have only 5 houses. Is this a known bug or issue? I didn't see anything about it on the bugs and solutions page.

  18. i've already done all the quest to find the new island…papa smurf already told to tap on the ship, but there is no ship there…how am i supposed to do??is it a bug need to fixed by beeline itself???

  19. Shan says:

    I can not build the raft hut. It shows mw to put it on the water but when I try it tells me I have to build a bridge first. However there are no bridges available to buy/build on the island. Any suggestions from those of you that have built the raft hut?

  20. dap says:

    I downloaded the apps, but when i open it i only see the orange screen with the song playing,,,,the game page doesn't show, anyone can help…..

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