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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The Smurfs Village Island Photo Contest


Few days ago Beeline has announced a Smurfs’ Village photo contest revolving around the game’s island feature. Only players that have reached level 19 and unlocked their Smurf Island can participate. Similar to the Valentine’s Day contest held last month, each participant takes a screenshot of their island and submits it as a comment post on the forum. All photos must be original and free from editing of any kind. Each user is permitted to send in one screenshot. Beeline will choose the top ten best looking island villages as winners. Each winner will receive a whopping 800 Smurfberries as their reward. The Smurfs’ Village Island Photo Contest is a smurftastic opportunity to snag a bounty of SBs while flexing your décor skills. The judges are looking for beautiful eye-catching islands that stand out from the rest.

If you haven’t started decorating your island visiting Beeline’s forum and viewing what other contestants have done to their tropical retreat is a wonderful way to score some awesome ideas. There are millions of different methods to set up your isle. Several contestants have divided their beach area from the grasslands using colorful bamboo fences while others focused on using them to separate and categorize their crop fields.

Another great approach that I noticed from some of the Island Photo Contest participants for freeing up space is to strategically place mushroom houses side by side and directly in front of each other. This method leaves more space to add cool items like puppet theaters, hopscotch lines, beach chairs, beach balls, and wild rose vines. Creating small entertainment zones is also a common layout used. Picnic tables are arranged for Smurfs to take breaks and game booths with chairs are often set up as well. There’s no wrong or correct technique to decorate. It’s all about creativity and fun.

The contest doesn’t end until March 31, 2012. There have been so many entries that Beeline has had to set up a second page. If you think your little island should be considered among the best, than you might want to enter before it’s too late.  It’s still time left to create the ultimate tropical haven.

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  1. Lunatic says:

    LOL I have over 40,000 smug berries XD

  2. SHATHA says:

    Vote for me people please I need your votes I really would like to win help me pleeeeease

  3. Is the contest for the island still open? is there an extension? may i still join? It is April 11, here in the Philippines, 7:22 am do i still get my gift from you guys from Easter? I am currently on level 27.Thank you.

  4. Anna says:

    hi, is there an extension of the island contest? how can i join? i am on level 27. -Anna B.

  5. Lucasxxxx01 says:

    Yay, we are one of the winners! XD

  6. Michelle says:

    When will we get harvest smurf for the island? It would make the big quests so much easier.

  7. Barbara says:

    April 1st at 20
    my village dissappeared, gargamel found it and everything i built in last three months gone
    This is no joke, i had to start over and i am at level 23 building bridgrs to get to my bakery and mines which stayed in place but wood and rocks dissappeared, all houses, upgrades, fields, femced, everything

  8. Boy says:

    800 smurfberries as the prize wow

  9. Ioanna Pilichou says:

    Where exactly do we sent the photo for the island competition?!!

  10. Pitufopitudo says:

    Hi, i went to beelines forum but could not find where to see the photos sent fir the contest, would you mind adding a link o somethingike click here to be redirected. Thanks

  11. danielle says:

    your from philippines too

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