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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The Smurfs village update version 1.2.4 (Brainy update) is live now


The Smurfs village update version 1.2.4 is live now. As it was expected Brainy is the main character in this update, he has now a house in the main village which costs   30 smurfberries. The active part of his hut is making all crops worth more and he can remove all withered crops without paying every time smurfberries.
An other new feature was added in the island is to move the fixed palm trees, as well as you can buy them from the shop, which they cost 10 smurfberries.  Many other decoration items were added like Lifeguard chair which was mentioned earlier and it  costs 40000 gold coins.

More importantly is was reported that the bugs were fixed, and hopefully Tracker smurf’s quest will run smoothly.  Also a new  level is added to make the last level 50. One nice feature was also added in the shop menu which is a yellow that highlights the new added items. But so far no bugs were reported yet, but we will inform you as soon as we get an update.

So what’s  new in this Smurfs village update according to the official Beeline description:

  •  Brainy now has a hut in the village which grants you bonus XP and coins when harvesting crops, and adds the ability to harvest all withered crops at once!
  • Palm trees are now available for purchase on the island!
  • New items are available in the village and the island including the Lifeguard chair, pool noodle, and many more!
  • Level 50 has been added to the game with an unlockable Smurfy statue.
  • Papa Smurf will now remind you of your current quest when you visit the village or island!
  • Various bug fixes
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  1. King Bry Bry says:

    I don't get it…if you buy Brainy's hut, can you actually revive all withered crops at once without spending smurfberries?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, you cannot. What it allows you to do is remove all the withered crops at one time instead of having to tap every single field to remove the dead ones.

  2. Rissipop Smurf says:

    Papa smurf wants me to collect stones for the swoof? How do I complete this task?

  3. mai says:

    Please help me :: i buy a brainy smurf house and i can’t remove all withered crops when i tap on the brainy house .. how i can do it ???

    • Sassete says:

      it only works in the main village and when you tap on the hut you should get an option "remove whithered" tap on that option and it should removeal withered crops

  4. gargamael says:

    Brain's hut for the main village is an excellent buy if you already own farmer and his tractor on the island. The 10% stacks with the 25%! So you are getting a 35% boost on all crops.

  5. Shaun says:

    Can anyone tell me exactly HOW Brainy Smurf is making the crops worth more? I see no change in their value with his built.

  6. Mari says:

    I have brainy and framer smurf and I’m not getting the xp or coins that shows when I harvest and I’m still loosing my withered crops. Does anyone know why???

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Brainy doesn't restore withered crops, you will not have to remove them manually and Farmer's plant all function doesn't show any bonuses.

  7. Zoelsepious says:

    Need help, im at level 31′ but i cant get the quest about 3 life rings by sporty,,any solution Guys? Thks

  8. Susan & daughter says:

    I am on an android platform tablet device. I upgraded to latest version with Brainy icon. I just leveled up to 23 and was waiting to harvest strawberry crop, honeydew crops, and just got quest to send three smurfs to find alchemist surf when the game crashed! I can't even get beyond the main menu now. Nor can I locate any "previous anything" to tap on to recover. Any suggestions? My daughter and I share playing this game and are very unhappy with this current state of affairs.

  9. stephanie says:

    im on level 18 n im trying to place the big bridge onthe left side but its red n not allowing me what should i do?

  10. Wow says:

    I play on a android phone. As soon as i got the brainy smurf update i could not get inside my village. I tried turning it off and on already. Any tips to get to my village.

  11. karla says:

    I have an invisible miner smurf in my island. Which I think is linked to my miner smurf in the main village. How do I get rid of it? its just consuming space in my island.

  12. mamasmurf says:

    Is anyone else having a problem with papa smurf’s game since the new release? Now, no matter which potion I select, I can barely move the arrow no matter how vigorously I “shake” it getting me nowhere near the goal color. Regardless of how close or far from the requested color I am it always gives me the “oops potion ruined” message and kicks me out of the game. I’ve never had this problem before.

  13. Hogatha says:

    If you are on Android, I would recommend not updating yet! Reports of crashing and not being able to get into your village! I updated and got no Brainy specific updates, just a lot of crashing, my Miner Smurf being moved to the island (!), lost Tracker Smurf, and can no longer sign into Beeline and visit neighbors.

    I luckily was able to return to the precious Tracker Smurf edition of the game and got everything except neighbors back. I am not updating until Beeline fixes this, I have way too many smurfberries (MONEY) at stake!

  14. Lou tennanthuey says:

    Can't get my friends to load

  15. visiting says:

    I can´t visit any other village and I have very good internet connection.
    Can anyone tell me what to do???

  16. Evelyn Caruana says:

    Anyone can explain how to use the storage sheds. I read the instructions in Smurds help page but can get it to work.

  17. Evelyn Caruana says:

    I just harvested 10 corn, 10 tomatoes and 10 artichokes like Smurfette requested. I was careful to stagger the crops so that they would all harvest at the same time. I did all this and did not get the 1800xp that Smurfette promised. Been ripped off by Smurfette!

  18. Cams says:

    Is there a problem with the server? Only 4 of my friends are showing up, it won't let me gift them and I can't get my flowers watered : (

  19. Meta says:

    Hi, I think it would be a good idea to have the special items that are released for a specific amount of time that are character specific. For example: Tailor Smurf mannequin, Farmer Smurf water bucket and scarecrow, Baby Smurf boat toy and so on. I can help with some and I'm sure other members will help out.

  20. Levan24 says:

    How do you move palm trees. I’ve and it won’t let me.

  21. We❤smurfett says:

    I am on level 17 and I keep on getting the message a message in a bottle has just washed up on the shore and I click it and go to the beach and there’s no bottle and when I exit it comes up again and I click on it and there’s still no bottle what do I do PLEASE help me!!!… ✨

  22. uri says:

    why my notifications doesnt working? i tarn it on….

  23. Raymond says:

    There is a bug in the new update. I moved some palm trees around. Then I went to the main village. When I went back to the island, there was 2 more palm trees at the cliff! There used to be 3.

  24. jkris says:

    the new brainy smurf in the village does not give any addition XP and does not make the crops worth more! why is that so?

  25. DinaFelice says:

    Anyone else having an issue on the island with Brainy claiming that crops are withered but no crops appear to be withered?

    • Killekillah says:

      Did you look at your palm trees? May they seem empty when you zoom out but by zooming in you see the withered palm fruits. It's a little bit difficult harvest them when zoomed in, but i guess this will stopping brainys complains.

  26. Smurfo Mania says:

    Does anyone know what the character limit is on the ISLAND?

    I wha to buy many smurfs but do t want to reach the limit


  27. LunaMoon says:

    A quest from Sporty Smurf to plant palm oil crop for a shot put, but I don't have the seed, and I can't gift it to my friends as it says I need the seeds to be able to do that!
    Really confusing, any help?
    my game centre account is lunamoon91

    • Marco Smurf says:

      you need to ask you friends to give you seeds, coconut will work. if you need ask friends in this page to give you coconut :

  28. Jann K says:

    Grouchy Smurf is continually asking me to harvest 30 boxes of tulips. I must have done this 10 times over and more now and he is still saying the same thing!!! Anyone else having this problem? It's getting really annoying now!!!

  29. robby says:

    Anyone know when this update will be ready for the kidle fire or where i can download it in order to sideload? Ever since update i have not heen able to visit or gift neighbors. Keeps saying that they have not updated even though it is my version that is backdated.

  30. Druids says:

    I am getting 3 free trees in the new section of the island…

    I moved all my tree to the back left new section. The next time i went to the island 3 trees were back in their original position. I now have about 45 trees every time i move those 3 trees they reappear in the original spots and i just move them again to a new location.

    • April says:

      Same thing is happening to me with two of my trees. I move them and then the next time I open my game, there's a new one in that same spot. I've got more trees than Smurfs now. Too bad we can't sell them.

  31. Schtroumpf Nature says:

    Hi, I updated my Smurf Village App but the icon didnt change. The Icon is still the picture of Tracker from the last update. How do I fix this?

  32. basilosaurus says:

    Ok thanks for completing my trick ! I did not notice it was only with the cliff.

    But it also worked for other palms with me !

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