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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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The Smurfs village version 1.1.7a is live for Android players


  After short wait since the release of iOs version, The smurfs village version 1.1.7a (Thanksgiving update) has been released  for Android users and is live on Googke play. Android players were very exited after they heard  some heads up about the update content  from their iOS companions. This update which introduces and features Grandpa Smurf  in the village is considered as one of the big updates since a long time. The players are now able to flight using hot air ballo0n and go to the mountains where they find Grandpa smurf. Once they reach the mountains, a  new smurf’s  life can be started thee under the guidance of Grandpa smurf.  Grandpa smurf will give new style of quest and the players need to work them out. Since there is no land in the rocky  mountains, most smurfs’ quest will be digging in the  mountain to find mineral resources (crystals) and Grandpa old items (glasses, magnifier, …) , in addition to XP and gold coins  and much more items can be found in the mountains. In this update Beeline has used a new strategy for the first time  by selling items using real money instead of buying smurfs berries and purchase items, however only one item (Handy Smurf’s Resource Machine) is being tested at the moment.

So what’s new in Android Version 1.1.7a according to Beeline

  • Free Space Expansion
  • Find Grandpa Smurf and explore the Mountains
  • Thanks Giving special, celebrate the harvest and add your own banquet to the village
  • Build the first Smurfy Wonder for a special reward
  • Lots of new animated items
  • New decorations
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  1. Nana says:

    Can not complete the dig up a crystal quest since like a month.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is possibly a bug. Please ignore it. If you would like to report it to Beeline on the off chance they aren't aware of it, please open a ticket at:

  2. Elni van Niekerk says:

    I play on Android – Galaxy S2. How do I get the free space expansion? Also after the update my Smurfs get stuck. They stand still in one place and almost 20 of my Smurfs is unavailable even tho they are not harvesting, building or out on a mission! Still cant see my friends (since level one). Please Help

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you have many friends (more than 20), the way the SV FB app sorts names may well be why you don't see your friends. It sorts the ids numerically, and if your first 20 friends don't play the game, you don't see your friends. Many players work around this limitation by creating new FB accounts for gaming; however, since this is a violation of Facebook's TOS, I can't recommend you do that.

      I'm not sure why your smurfs are getting stuck. You can ask Beeline if it is a bug, or if it may be data corruption. Here is their address:

      As far as space expansion goes, the free ones are available as you gain certain levels. You can purchase an expansion with SBs, but you said you wanted the free ones. The free ones are not something you go and choose; you get them when you get to certain levels.

  3. syakimah says:

    Hi… i just build my balloon recently. The problem is, i cannot complete grandpa’s task. Grandpa ask to harvest acorn. I cannot buy the shrub. It keep saying i need another smurf. I already have 6 smurfs on the mountain. Or is it i have to finish building the storage hut first? Please help…

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Grandpa's quest is a bug. There i not a way to complete it until Beeline issues a fix. Unfortunately, they didn't fix it in the update released tonight. We are hoping they fix it in the next update. If you have purchased Grandpa's hut, you could do some random digs. Gems you find while digging should be placed near his hut for daily XP of 25 XP per gem per day.

  4. ahmed says:

    I've updated my Smurfs' Village but the game won't start. Instead a message keeps on popping up saying "Download failed because you may not have purchased this app"

    How can I fix this?

    I have Galaxy S3

    Please help!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try clearing your RAM so you have at least 60% free at the time you download and try again. If that doesnt work, you will need to open a support ticket with beeline at:

  5. Ilshin says:

    I've updated my Smurfs' Village but the game won't start. Instead a message keeps on popping up saying "Download failed because you may not have purchased this app"
    What's with this?
    I thought this app was free.
    How can I fix this?
    Please help!

  6. ivanova says:

    не работает

  7. michael wachendorf says:

    was wondering if anyone knows if the penguin gives XP, and how much. thanks android user

  8. marco says:

    Sono veramente arrabbiato!!! ho un dispositivo android con "Smurf's Village"… il gioco mi piaceva veramente molto, sono arrivato al livello 35, per più volte ho acquistato smurfberries CON SOLDI VERI. Dopo l'aggiornamento di nonno puffo il gioco ha cominciato ad andare in crash, e nemmeno con l'ultimo aggiornamento si è risolta la situazione. Arrivo alla schermata principale, clicco su "gioca" e mi si chiude tutto… stessa cosa se provo a recuperare un vecchio villaggio… si chiude. Ho contattato beeline e m'hanno detto che non sapevano!!! E CHI LO DEVE SAPERE, IO???? Rivoglio tutti i soldi che c'ho speso e via via ne ho spesi! Possibile che non c'è un modo di salvare in file esterni al cellulare i vari progressi?

    I'm really angry! I have an android device with "Smurf's Village" … I really liked the game a lot, I got to level 35, I have often bought smurfberries WITH REAL MONEY. After upgrading Grandpa Smurf the game started to crash, and even with the latest update has resolved the situation. Check the main screen, click on "play" and it closes all … same thing if I try to restore an old village … closes. I contacted beeline and they told me they did not know! AND THOSE WHO SHOULD KNOW, I?? I want all the money spent and I've got away I've spent! Possible that there is a way to save files outside the cell the various progress?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Well, you should certainly feel free to ask Beeline for a refund for your smurfberries if you intend not to play anymore, but be prepared to provide them your receipts from your Google wallet. You can open a ticket with Beeline in order to do that:

  9. anja huybregts says:

    i also waited op Beeline !!!! Now i cann't pla for almost a week.


  10. Bluflame says:

    Yay! The Christmas Update! Oh, wait. I can’t play the game because it crashes every time I try to open it. I tried to ignore the hoards of angry players screaming for beeline developer blood…even after I got the stock reply from beeline support informing me that they, “are aware of the problem,” yet conveniently giving me no ETA on a fix (or at least a workaround). But alas, I have given in to the frustration. So as an act of protest, I’ve decided to submit a new trouble ticket everyday until the problem is resolved. Now I know some of you will say that this may cause beeline support to ignore my issue. To that I say: I have nothing to lose – they already are.

  11. sam says:

    This app is incompatible with your Hutch Motorola MB526.
    Hutch Motorola MB526
    This item is not compatible with your device.

    Help me I want to play this game

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If the app says it isn't compatible with your device, then I think you're stuck. Ask Beeline if they have plans to make it available for your device in the future:

  12. dollyqasem says:

    Hello am using Htc Inspire 4G ,android device am playing smurf’village game the problem is that after this new update(after hallaween update) I can no longer play my Smurfs’ village. The game crashes every time I hit the PLAY button. Rebooting the device did not help. I cannot even recover the saved village, because when I hit the button review village ,,the game crashes as well,should i wait tell the next update maybe it could fix my problem?please help,i sent 1000 ticket to beeline it still doesnt work!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I hope they release a bug fix update. Did you tell Beeline that despite doing what they advised, you still cannot access the game? It might help you get better results when you write to them if you let them know that.

    • anja huybregts says:

      Yes i have een samsung android and i have deseme i con no longer play my smurfs. the game crashes every time when i hit the PLAY button. I nm in level 29 !!! and i also cannot recover the saved village. every times he crashed.

    • Jacob says:

      Try this. It worked for me. You have to play a little bit at the 0 level. Click through all the running from Gargamel stuff. Even after I reloaded the village it showed me at the 0 Level and I just kept playing a little then it restarted and I had everything back.

      there is an easy solution which i found in the previous update forum to this problem.. go to your options menu choose restart village, you start from lvl 1.. play the game for 10 seconds then exit. now go to recover village and you will be able to recover your village to a point before it crashed and will be same lvl again and play the game normally
      but not guarenteed works with everyone, at-least this works for me
      Credits to ewoud

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am at level 42 and have been playing for about a week after the last update. Now all of a sudden I can’t get past the main menu. This happened to my husband a few months back and with every update he still can’t get past the main menu. We are both using Android. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? So far I have tried shutting off the phone, taking the battery out, and attempted to go back a few days but can’t get it to open. It’s really frustrating as I have spent a lot of time and money on Smurfberries. I started playing on another phone and am on level 17 but would really like my old village back. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Have you tried using the data recovery feature?

      • Marta says:

        Does not work too, i'm on the same situation and it crashes out when you try to see your village

        • Sad smurffette says:

          Same here, trying to even preview the recovery will still crash out. It's weird this is really the first time I've ever had an issue w/ this game. I'm hoping once the Android update comes out, it'll be fixed…

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Sorry to hear that things aren't going too well. Have you contacted Beeline? They may have other advice since you're not able to access your backups. Here is the link to their tech support form:

          • Melissa Frith says:

            I just tried to leave a message on Beeline to create a ticket & their web site comes up with an error!!! Same problem as above I have a HTC One X & cannot start my game from the Main Menu & it even kicks me out when trying to restore. Please please have this fixed with the next update…

          • Sad smurfette says:

            I just updated to the christmas edition and it didn't fix the problem. Still crashes whether through the play icon or the recovery option. Already created a ticket w/ beelin, dunno if they'll actually respond. Hope ya'll have better luck!

    • marco says:

      same problem. I contacted beeline but can not solve the problem. I also spent a lot of money

    • Joopster says:

      It happened to me before. Just have to wait for the next update. At least that how it was for me the last time.

  14. Pursuit says:

    My Wife is using the Android Version, and now on the island all her rafts are gone. Is there a fix for this? Or what should she do.

  15. marco says:

    After the update the game does not open more, it crashes to the home screen when I try to restore an old save ends! I'm really angry I was at level 32 and I also spent a lot of real money! I hope that with the next update it will adjust. I contacted support but they told me they do not know what happened (and those who should know? I?). Now who will give back all the money I've spent?

  16. beshergh says:

    the downloading is not working…..can u help me

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You will need to supply more information on why the download isn't working. Are you getting an error message? If so, please tell us what it says so we can better assist you.

  17. maybel says:

    Could anyone send me this apk file to install? Because I'm not able to download this game in standard way. My email:
    Please help me.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The only way to obtain the game is either through Game Center/iTunes or via Google Play. It is not possible to email the files.

      • maybel says:

        It's possible if you make a backup (with andro zip or astro file manager for example) of the game and then you can send through email, bluetooth etc. This is the way to install this game if theoretically "your device is not compatible with this game", but in practice often the game is working.

  18. petervoorzaat says:

    A lot of player have great problems with playing the Android version. In my house two Android devices crash when starting the game, one on level 46. we are frustrated!

    When does Beeline come with a decent solution for alle our problems?

  19. andya says:

    Please help me..

    After I uprage my game to this new version (1.1.7a) I can not opened my game. It just crash immediatly after hitting Play..

    Im using samsung galaxy tab 2.7..

    Thanks for your answer,

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try recovering from the hidden backups. Go to Options, tap Papa's head 16 times, tap Recover Village, and preview the files you see listed before deciding which one to use.

    • Dianne says:

      It happened to me, too :( It was really frustrating. A week later, I "restarted" the game because the recovery option didn't work either. But after "restarting," I was able to recover my entire village but in a lower level. Still, it was great. Hope it works with you too.

  20. samer says:

    i cant complete papa smurf quest mountain rescue pt.1

    (collect 10 wood) , since 3 days i collect the woods give me 6 woods in the time = 18 WOOD ,,, what can i do ???

    I tried to increase the wood beside the timber but it doesn’t work

  21. Liz says:

    How many smurf is required to able to purhase the tree in the mountains as I have 6 smurf but it keep say I required another smurf.. I won’t able to complete grandpa quest nut on arcorn of I can’t buy the tree and grow arcorn… Need some help here pls….

  22. tokie says:

    I was having problems with not being able to go to the mountain with the balloon. I couldn't click on the balloon. To fix i would go to the recover village (hit papa smurf 16times and select recover village) and view village, ride the balloon from this point to get to the mountain. Then return to the original village (not recovered). At this point i will be on my original mountain. Do the same Thing to get off the island. Eventually the balloon reset itself. Note: DO NOT ACCEPT TO RECOVER VILLAGE! PRESS NO.

  23. dave says:

    Hi, I am playing on an Andriod Htc desire s and running version1.0.6.1a and am wondering what the lastest update that my phone can support( bit scared about 1.1.7.a, seems to have many bugs). If anyone out there knows pls let me know.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Your best bet is to ask Beeline about updating your device. Though I’m an Android player, I’m not familiar with every device which runs the Android OS, and there are some nuances between how the OS is implemented for each platform. Here is how to reach them:

      • dave says:

        Thank you Stroumpfette, Have already asked Beeline, but got no response. I thank you for your respopnse and will just hassle the Belline crew till I get an answer.

  24. Mary says:

    Hi guys,

    i need to do a system upgrade on my samaung tablet. can i do this without losing my game? can i transfer the game to my pc via usb? i am at level 34 (98%) and don’t want to lose all my efforts to date.


    • Stroumpfette says:

      I'm not sure how to do this. If you can figure out where the smurf data files are stored, theoretically, you should be able to copy them to somewhere safe, upgrade your device, copy the files back to the upgraded device and reinstall the game. You should certainly ask Beeline about this before you try it. I wouldn't want you to lose your game.

  25. sonne says:

    It's not working in my village. Hope other guys are luckier

  26. Andy says:

    My Android tablet has no internet connection! So how am I supposed to download the update with PC? I google APK blogs but none provide the latest version.

    Google Play forces me to enter via tablet. And so does a APK game blog. This is driving me crazy! And frankly, it feels like discrimination towards tablets which can't connect online!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I suggest you ask Beeline directly. I'm not familiar with any method of downloading that game that does not require the device on which you want to play to the game to be the device connected to the network for downloading the app.

  27. de de says:

    I have already downloaded the latest version . but when i installed, it’s shows that download failed because the resources could not be found. i have a lot of memory space and i uninstall other applications. Please help me. How can i do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Several players are having this problem. Go into your settings and look at how much RAM you have in total vs. how much is currently free. For example, my Android device has 724 MB RAM, and I needed to have at least 50% free before the download could be successful. There is a way on each device (usually through the "Task Manager" to temporarily clear enough resources for the download. It should be labeled something like "clear inactive or background processes."

  28. Fu Tsun says:

    I can't open my game now! The game has never crashed like this before, besides crashing when traveling to the island since the grandpa update. Now a notification came up that smurfs are back from the rafts, and when I opened the game and pressed PLAY, the game crashed. And it keeps crashing.
    I tried to:
    1.Turn the device off and on again
    2.Play the Game without Internet Connection
    3.I have tried to recover my village, and every time i press review village, the game crashes again and goes back to my home menu.

    I can't play it again. I'm at level 45 on andriod.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have done all the tricks I would have suggested. The only thing left to do is contact Beeline and see what advice they have to offer:

    • smurfkat says:

      i had the same problem and managed to get my game back to working again…

      here s a tip .. set time and date on your device to the point where it was stil working..try opening your smurfs it shoud work (u might need to switch off wifi).. restart your deviceand set date and time back to current date..and u shoud be ok with your smurfs village running

      ..hope it helps

      • Stroumpfette says:

        I caution anyone doing this as it could trigger the penalties Beeline coded into the game for players who were cheating their crop cycles by resetting their device clocks. The symptoms of the penalties include: Jokey no longer giving gifts, smurfs disappearing, and other things not functioning properly.

  29. smurfkat says:


    so i m verry happy because i finally got my village running i m lvl 33. Since the last update it was crashing every time i hit the play, but the time traveling trick (that many have been discribing here) did the job.

    But now i have new questions.

    1. i m also stuck with papa smurfs´s quest visit another village.. can t see my friends, and visiting random vilage does not work. I even tried the trick to do it 20 times in a row..but didn t work with my game…. so no update fun for me

    2. i have no land expansion… is it because i have purchased it before i mean the land expanding? or does that only happen after the baloon quest? again no update fun for me

    please answer..thanx a lot

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There are sometimes problems with the system acknowledging that you have visited another village. Ignore the quest for now.

      I’m confused by your question regarding the land expansion. Can you be more specific? Are you talking about the achievements?

  30. mary says:

    Hi guys

    i need to reset my tablet for a system upgrade. will i lose my game (currently on level 34, almost 35) or will my game be saved in the cloud and available after the upgrade.



  31. moon says:

    I can't open this new update. Its make downloading and then download failed. How can I do?? I'm android user…. please fix it!!!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Make sure you have cleared your RAM of unused programs. You can do this via the Task Manager. I needed at least 50% free of the 724MB installed before my download worked. Hope this helps.

  32. syakimah says:

    When can i play my smurf village again?? It does not work since the last update.. please fix it!! I’m an android user..

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Beeline has not given us a date for a fix. They are aware of the issue that many Android players cannot play the game. Feel free to discuss the situation with them directly:

      • Smurfkat says:

        time travel to the point before last update when your game was still ok (u might need to go offline if the game says bad device time when u open it..-)..visit your vilage ..than restart your device..see if the game is stil running..than go back to current should work ..turn wifi back on…

  33. Botte Beer says:

    – the game crashes everytime I go to the island
    – reporter is back! thx for that
    – tracker is still missing
    – I still do not get my friends gifts
    – rafts are still ghosting

    Beeline is aware of issues but have no time to fix. Power down, reboot, restart and try again
    Maybe in the next update …

    great game …

  34. Flavia says:

    where is the free expansion??? I can't see it..

    • smurfkat says:

      same here.. i did purchase som smurfberries before and bought the land expansion for it..i really hope it s not the reason why i have no expansion..coz that would be really nasty of beeline..

  35. momraising5boyz says:

    I also experienced problems after the update. When I hit play the game closed. I have never been one to let anything get the best of me so I clicked the icon again choose options, manage friends and logged in. It may take clicking the icon and play 5 or 6 times but the game finally opens. I can play main village and mountain with no problems. If I go to the island the game closes and it may take 5 or 6 tries but game opens on island. Most of the time the island lags bad but with patience I manage to collect xp , harvest and replant. On return to main village I again get knocked out of my game and 5 or 6 attempts later I am back in. This may not work for all but don't click once and give up.

  36. mary waahila says:

    i did my down load my game has crash i dont know what to do to get it back HELP please


    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try to recover your data via the hidden recovery option. Go to the blue "Play" menu and touch "Options"; then tap Papa's head 16 times until "Recover Village" appears. Touch "Recover Village" and your data files should appear. You are able to preview each file before you commit to overwriting your village with it.

  37. melanie says:

    Please help me, I sent my hot air balloon to the mountain, I build a house, was busy restouring the mill plantet some flowers and the game got stuck. I had to shut down and re startet the game, i came in the village and my balloonis still on the mountain. Now I can't get there anymore beceause I don't have my balloon…. What can I do to get to the mountain, or get my balloon back???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try recovering your game to a point before your balloon got stuck. You would go to your blue PLAY menu and choose "Options." Then tap on Papa's head 16 times until you see "Recover Village" appear. Touch "Recover Village" and your backups should appear on your screen. You can review all the backups and choose the one you want to use to overwrite the data in your village. You will only lose progress made between the time of the backup and the present time, despite what the message says when you are getting ready to accept the overwrite (it implies you will lose all of your progress, but it's only the progress between the time of the backup and the present time). If as a result of having to recover, you lose any Smurfberries purchases, you need to contact Beeline at: and let them know so they can issue a refund for the lost purchases.

      • melanie says:

        Thanks but no thanks, my whol progress is gone, my village is gone and i.m in level 1 now!!!!
        Everything is gone! I was on level 28!!!!

        • Stroumpfette says:

          If you recovered to the backup before your update, that should NOT have happened, Contact Beeline. They are very good about refunding lost smurfberries when the game unexpectedly reverts to level 1.

  38. rendas says:

    I cant open my village.. It's always close when click play.. Can you help me?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Contact Beeline: and let them know what's happening. They should be able to advise you.

      • rendas says:

        It's been more than a week since my smurf can't open. I already contact beeline and they told me gonna fixed this, but nothing happen.. :(

        • ewoudo says:

          to fix this: go to menu choose restart village and play smurfs for a few seconds on lvl 1. then go back to recover village and u should be able to recover your last village and log in again

    • mic says:

      i'm "happy" to see that I'm not the only one who has this problem… i am level 40… :( And it's been almost a week that i couldn't open the game…

  39. baharehbahi says:

    i installed 1.1.7a and when it wants to download it keeps telling me that resources couldn't be found so i want to come back to previous version.will i loose my village if i install the previous version again?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It shouldn't lose your data. To be on the safe side, copy your data to a safe place off your device to be sure.

      • baharehbahi says:

        how can i find my data? where are they?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          To recover your village, you would go to the blue PLAY menu and touch "Options." Then tap Papa's head 16 times and "Recover Village" will appear. Touch "Recover Village" and your data files should appear. You are able to preview each file before you commit to overwrite the current data.

          But, to copy it from your SD card to a safe place, I'm not sure what the file name is called. You can try to look around, but Beeline might be the best to advise you on this:

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