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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Totem pole in the Smufs village


In the recent 1.1.9 update along with Harmony Smurf’s Mini-Game the   M.I.A.B (Message In A Bootle) system bugs were corrected. Players can finally with confidence tackle the message-in-a-bottle quests knowing that they will not disappear the following day. The MIAB system is now working flawlessly the way it was intended. Every single Friday afternoon at 4pm EST a new message in a bottle will appear floating on players’ island shorelines. Since all of the bugs have been fixed associated with this feature users can easily complete bottle tasks and earn their just rewards.

For those not familiar with the MIAB system it was originally designed as a way for players to earn the coveted totem pole. The totem pole is not an item available in the build menu. It has to be constructed by collecting the core pieces. Rewards for successfully accomplishing bottle themed quests usually result in one of these essential pieces. Each week players have an opportunity to collect one of the essential pieces. Once all of the parts have been earned users will automatically have a functional totem pole to control the weather. This unique item possesses the ability to make it rain like a call to the ancient Gods above. It’s very cool.

Message-in-a-bottle quests delegate four different tasks that must be completed within so many hours. These lengthy timed missions can vary from harvesting large number of crops to sending smurfs out on rafting journeys. The sooner they are completed the faster a player will receive their reward. Smurfberries can be used to speed up the process. Although using this option in the past has resulted in the loss of precious berries, the glitches contributing to that problem has been solved. Unfortunately, there will be no refund for players that have lost their Smurfberries when the MIAB system wasn’t working. Players can confidently expedite their bottle tasks using berries if they want to without the fear of the quest randomly switching on them or their totem piece suddenly disappearing.

To make up for the MIAB debacle, Beeline has increased the drop rate for the first totem piece allowing every user who completes their initial bottle quest to snag a totem pole segment as a reward. There’s also an option to instantly complete your totem pole. Once a player’s first piece is placed they can tap on it to prompt a menu with a finish now tab. It costs 100 Smurfberries for each totem part. If a user only has one segment then it will take 300 berries to instantly finish. This feature is handy for those players who have the berries to spare. The MIAB system should be a fun and interesting addition to the game now. It’s time for players to truly rule their villages and make it rain, literally.


With the latest version (Lucky Smurf Island Update, version 1.3.7 on iOS) it is now also possible to win a piece of the totem pole from Lucky Smurf’s Wheel of Fortune (for more information please read the article about Lucky Smurf).

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  1. CNBRico says:

    I no longer have the option to instantly complete thd totem pole and the miab only drops parts for mechanical smurf. After completing the mechanical smurf, will I be able to complete the totem?

  2. Random Person says:

    I had a message in a bottle and I sent one smurf and the bottle disappeared. Will I get my smurf back?Ra

  3. player says:

    my MIAB disappeared out of the blue when I was trying to complete the mission. it happened twice already. I sent out smurfs as directed, it started the count down, but the next time I returned to the game the bottle was gone, and I couldn’t complete my missions. waited till Friday to get a new bottle and tried again, same thing happened…

  4. Edwin says:

    Help, I hv receive message bottle yesterday n I finish 2 of 4 task, n when they ask to harvest 61 crop of tomato for the 3rd task, I plant yesterday night n harvest this morning, no respond at all from message bottle and I found my message bottle disappear again… Did anyone still hv message bottle bugs again like me? Any solution?

  5. haptic says:

    i got MIAB on friday 1st june when doing the 1st task which is send smurf for 1 hour raft…

    after about 1 hours the MIAB is gone but luckly my smurf did not gone….

    lets see if this friday i got a new MIAB

  6. Chikarah says:

    Hi, I recently purchased all the totem pole pieces and I was able to control the weather. A fewdays later the new update came, which I love, but now when I tap on the totem pole the pop up window only shows the bottom piece and won’t let me control the rain. This must be a new flitch, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I hope someone has a solution to this. Thanks.

  7. Michelle says:

    I haven’t been able to collect the third piece of my totem Pole. I’ve done 2 MIB gotten nothing:-(

    • biosong says:

      its not 100% totem piece when you complete MIAB.
      i got 1 on my first and a surf borad-sail on my 2nd.

  8. snorksrock says:

    hi i am on level 31 and just got the village update for this month and on my island i have all the peices to the totem pole and before the update i could control the rain but now after the update it is acting like i dont have all the peices to the totem pole i cant control the rain anymore any ideas

  9. sweetjordy01 says:

    If anyone would like bolts or gifts daily add me! Sweetjordy01

  10. Smurferguam says:

    I received my first totem pole piece a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't received anymore after that. I received 1 piece of the clockwork smurf from the second bottle. I receive my third bottle today, but it disappeared. Is it coming back?

  11. Shannonball4 says:

    I just finished my first set of MIAB quests and I got the first piece of the totem however when I went to place the piece on my island a gift I had received opened up and now my totem piece is no where to be found?!?!?!? Does this mean I lost my first totem piece and I will have to do the quests all over again?!?!?

  12. kevin Leah says:

    Hmm after two weeks of buggy MiaB, where I got nothing, the following two weeks, I got two parts of the totem. But now with the updates, the MiaB quests are all about clockwork Smurf. Will I ever be able to complete the totem pole?

  13. jules says:

    stays the bottle temporally on the shore line

  14. Danica says:

    I cannot build architect's house… It needs handy smurf in the island

  15. Guest ! says:

    Names to add on Gamecenter ?

  16. Tina says:

    I have the totem pole completed….now what. How do I control the rain.

  17. masudasoofi786 says:

    add me if you want bolts masudasoofi786

  18. Curious says:

    I got a notification yesterday (friday) saying there was a message in a bottle waiting for me to open on the island, and when I went to check it out there was nothing there, and still nothing today. I thought all the glitches were supposed to be fixed?

    • Poet says:

      Unfortunately, the development team at Beeline are still working on the numerous bugs plaguing the MIAB quests. So if you are still experiencing them, the only thing you can do is wait.

  19. Karlene says:

    My second bottle arrived, I planted & harvested the crop and the bootle no longer worked. I would go back a few times a day and tap the bottle and a small blue square would appear around the bottle but no task. The bottle disappeared after the require time and the third one has turned up. Slightly frustrated at not being able to complete the task and get the reward.

  20. helene says:

    I have completed 5 Times all the quest of the bottle and I have just one part of the totem. Is that normal?
    I see island with 2 or 3 pieces of totems, and I'm a bit discouraged

  21. Tammy says:

    Received my second bottle. After first quest, it will not let me click on the bottle to get next quest.

  22. Murph the Smurf says:

    My question is more related to the totem & the new update. I have been getting MIAB quests with no real problems & have 2 pieces of the totem = 2 more to go. However in reading about the new update & MIAB tasks about getting pieces to build Clockwork Smurf, does that mean if I update, I won’t get any more totem pieces? just Clockwork Smurf pieces?

  23. Jessica says:

    Please fix the rafts beeline! My four rafts have been missing for over a month. I have the latest updates and NO RAFTS. This is crazy!

    • Brainy says:

      I have 4 ouf 5 disabled for over a month as well. Only 1 left for bottle quest. Everytime I send it out, I am afraid beeline pirate might capture it.. LOL

  24. Fatimah says:

    Im level 31

    In the middle of my quest in the MIAB the new update showed up

    So I updated the game ..

    Now the MIAB is there 24h but with no quests to be done !!

    It just appears like anything eles in the island

    Any solutions?!!!

    • Brainy says:

      a bug in latest update. Thats all we know. Sorry
      Let see if it goes away and new one arrives this friday/saturday depending on where you live.

      • Hebe says:

        I got the same problems also! I'm in level 32 ,I hav received the MIAB on level 31,after I send out my raft 24hour thought ll got another massage but suddenly got bug ! I've got nothing ! Plz tell me what to do….thx…

  25. Smurfpop says:

    I have successfully completed one totem piece. Another three attempts at gaining totem pieces in MIAB have only resulted in other non-totem gifts, even though completed on time. How many times will I have to do this to get the remaining totem pieces?!

  26. Clyde the Penguin says:

    Hi. I have the ipad latest upgrade and a bottle floating in the ocean, but no exclamation mark that I can click on to activate the bottle. No tasks are happening. If I click on the bottle I can activate its blue diamond shape but I can't make it "talk" to me. Any assistance with this is greatly welcome.

  27. jerwin says:

    hi i completed the totem and smurflings dancing its like nightmare before christmas
    bec. i got it after i had a problem opening it for like 1 month

  28. cArrOts says:

    I totally envy all these players who enjoys playing message in a bottle, received totems, sees their smurfs dancing… 2hrs ago i just updated my version to 1.2.0 but till now i haven't seen any of these… help please…

  29. Carrots says:

    i just update my smurf…and still no message in a bottle…therefore no totem… =(

    • Sassete says:

      Wait for the end of this week and se if the bottles appear

      • cArrOts says:

        Hi…still no message in a bottle… no totem… no dancing smurfs… no bolts (i don't have Facebook and im not connected with game center, i don't know how to collect them)

        • Marco Smurf says:

          What device to you have ? The message in the bottle in order to get the Totem was fixed in the last update. The only problem it took a while to appear. Many people got it weeks ago, but other just got the MIAB. usually it appears every Friday if you don't tweak the clock. If you did change the clock it will take longer. Also Make sure you are connected to Internet and Game center of facebook.

    • Pualilia says:

      I didn't get mine today either. It usually arrives around 1pm PST. It is now 5pm and still nothing. The last MIAB didn't allow me complete the last quest although I still had 2 days left on the timer. It just gave me coins and no totem piece.

      • Damla says:

        I have the same problem. Although I am getting each friday afternoon before 1.2.0 update, I didn’t get yesterday.

  30. Nat says:

    Why haven't I gotten my MIAB yet?

    • Babs says:

      I never got my MIAB either, so not happy. I have done all the updates and I play the game on my iPhone. Some people have it and some did not get it like me. This is a real disappointment….

  31. Nishiki says:

    The Totem Pole is pretty funny. I have completed it now and when you make it stop raining, and if some smurfs are near the totem, they will start to dance. ^^

  32. loubear says:

    Is MIB and the totem pole only for apple users not Android?

  33. Guest says:

    My first totem piece arrived now my rafts are broken. All 4 of them aren't available to send out for any part of my next quest. Still broken, I'm at level 44 with the latest update.

    • Brainy says:

      This bug has been around for months. U can either wait for beeline to fix the problem (i think u should not wait because beeline is struggling with this bug) . Or restore to yesterday saved village.

  34. Leah says:

    I'm still having problems 2. I sent out a raft and it's been almost 2 days and it hasn't come back. Getting very frustrated with this.

  35. May says:

    Anyone already completed the 4th pieces of totem Pole? As i waiting this friday to try complete mine 4th misssion.

  36. Baby Smurf says:

    I have reported my Problem to beeline that i havent seen any bottle. The answer from beeline: you must be connected to Facebook or wi-fi to get a bottle. So i will never See a bottle because im Not connected to Facebook, i dont have an Account and dont want it and on friday at 4 im at work and have no wi-fi… So im still frustrated about that!

  37. Gadaleochan says:

    Still have bugs in MIAB. The second quest of my second bottle need me to send the raft for 24 hours. My raft returned but the bottle did not acknowledge it. It did not show I have complete the second task. What happened?

  38. Witchophelia says:

    Is anyone still having problems receiving message in a bottle? I get the notification a bottle has washed up to my island but when I log in there is no bottle…

    • Jte says:

      My MIAB disappeared last week after 1 quest after 1.2 update I get notices saying bottle gas washed up. Bottle is there but no exclamation point over it…hence no quests. No handy shopsmurf, no clock. Submit problems all the time..response we are aware of problem but they offer no help.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        Handy's shop is available when you complete all of his quests. You need to collect pieces for Clockwork in order to get him on the island.

    • GGG says:

      I finally got my bottle! Praise jesus!

  39. Carl says:

    I haven't gotten any MIAB quests at all!! I'm on level 25! Why aren't they coming?!?!

  40. JennyB says:

    I just completed all task for MIAB for the 3rd piece of the totum pole and I got 1000 coins …wha thappened? :(

  41. Anyone else having an issue with smurfs NOT coming back from MIAB quests? If the 4th quest has 4 smurfs doing something, they never return when the quest is complete. I was hoping they would come back when the new MIAB showed. Still short 4 smurfs…

  42. Ollie says:

    I have the latest totem pole quest to send out a raft for 1 hr. well, I have sent out at least 8 rafts & it does NOT acknowledge the quest. The bugs have not been fixed.

  43. LynnSmurf says:

    Hi, Love this website!!
    I'm on an iPad 2 and on Level 27. I didn't have the MIAB at all before the last update and I still don't have it now. Have had a couple of issues with my island like crops withering before time has finished. This has happened before the last update and after. (I don't play with the time). Will I have to wait for another update and hope the MIAB appears? Or is there something else I can do please? Thanks !!!

    • Poet says:

      It's best if you directly report it to Beeline so that they can isolate the issues for you. Waiting for the next update might not necessary fix your issues.

  44. Clare Morgan says:

    Had the same MIAB for weeks, won't go away or renew. Still missing all my rafts, and MIAB wants a raft sending out

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I had the same MIAB also, when the time was up it restarted. Contact Beeline for missing rafts.

    • Juliet says:

      I have exactly the same problem as you Clare. I complained to Beeline and got a reply saying they are 'aware of the problem, their developers are working on it, please be patient'. So basically we are stuck, there is absolutely nothing we can do until they finally get round to sorting it. Frustrating I know! To be honest I am beginning to wonder if the raft bug actually is fixable, it's been so long. I just ignore the MIAB now.

  45. Trey says:

    All this just to make it rain or not rain? To truly control the weather we should be able to put in all seasons and types of weather and maybe even make it nighttime whenever we want. Just a suggestion that beeline should consider

  46. Bryan says:

    Nope, still glitched. I'm on iOS, running 1.1.9, connected to the net all the time, today is Friday–no bottle. In fact, I've never gotten a bottle in this version or the previous one. Hopefully, it'll be fixed for real in 1.2.0.

  47. Jkiss says:

    How can I get rid of the M.I.A.B requests because I completed the Totem Pole 2 weeks ago?

  48. Capo says:

    I would like to get the option to turn of MIAB alerts. Currently I am getting alerts even if I am in the middle of an MIAB quest.

  49. Clumsy says:

    Can you only control the weather on the island? What about the main village?

  50. Courtney says:

    I got the notice that the message in the bottle arrived today around 4 pm est but I went to island and no bottle?

  51. Carolien says:

    I do not agree with you on that. Even if you have all the pieces, it is still entertaining to have quests and you still can collect other presents at the end.

  52. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    The MIAB is not only for totem, it's also entertaining.

  53. Poet says:

    Sadly, the totem pole or bottle quests is heavily bugged, and what we know is the team is working hard to resolve the numerous bugs found ever since this was introduced. You just have to be patient and await the next update.

  54. JennyB says:

    Thanks so much for the info. I did not realize it was set up like that! I love MIAB and am so glad it was added to the island. I look forward to it every Friday.

  55. Win says:

    do u need to log in GC or just connect to wifi?

  56. Poet says:

    Are you referring to getting the totem pole? You don't need a connection to do that.

  57. Carl says:

    K, I have the island, updated the last iOS, and reported to beeline! Yet I still haven't gotten any…why?

  58. Marco Smurf says:

    There is no definite answer to your question, usually if you were tweaking your clock the totem will take longer as it supposed to be. Also make sure to connect to your game center or facebook. Try to to play on Fridays as it was programmed to show up on Friday around 4pm your local time (yet it shows up in different times for different players.)

  59. Carl says:

    Longer meaning a few hours later, later in the week, or weeks later?

  60. Marco Smurf says:

    Again, there in not precise answer but I can let you know that one on my villages took about two weeks to get the MIAB after everybody else, but I was tweaking the clock all the time. It may take less for you, but make sure that you are connected to Internet, basically your GC or facebook.

  61. Breemorgana says:

    Ya I want to finish the totem pole too. I only have 1 piece so far :(
    And now I'm not getting totem pole pieces just clockwork pieces

  62. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    I only have one totem piece too. For me, clockwork pieces are as good as totem pieces.

  63. ImYonn says:

    I have clockwork smurf and totem poles and I used Smurfberries for clockwork and totem!

  64. ImYonn says:

    You meant tap on it, and then tap on tab "make it rain" right? Cuz got confused. :/

  65. Smurf Addict says:

    My M.I.A.B quest dissapears every week in the past 4 weeks since they released this update. And it didn´t use to be like that before. Does everybody know if Beeline is aware of that? Also, the M.I.A.B quest have Blueprint Prizes and not Totem Pole, and I have only one piece of the Totem Pole. Wil I be able to complete it anyday?

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