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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Will the Hedgehog visit our Smurfs villages?


Many critters pets and animals were already introduced to the Smurfs village,  but smurfs really need more animals and pets in the village.  Apart from making the village animated, and they look cute, pets and critters always give XP to allowed you to level up faster. Recently in Japanese Smurfs village version a new animal  was introduced. Guess what? It’s the hedgehog, it looks very cute in the village.  A special edition of the hedgehog  was made available for sale for  just 3 days. The cost   in Japanese version was 40 smurfberries and it gives you 450XP every 12 hours , and it is available in  both  the village and the island.

We don’t have any information about its  availability in the English edition, but we hope it will show up sometime soon in  our Smurfs village .

Credit to Cassis

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  1. anne says:

    I have 20 smurfs on the island. I have 12 gardens. However, everytime I buy extra gardens, they disappear after I log out from the game. Anyone else with this problem?

  2. jerwin says:

    hey i admire cute pets and always japanese gets good pets if every one agrees they can put baby smurfs puppy

  3. Koyena says:

    The porcupine’s available now!!

  4. Hedgehog says:

    Im playin english version and I got the hedgehog!

  5. Itsme says:

    Why are all my Christmas items gone from my inventory in my storage hut???

  6. Tyson says:

    The duck gives 800xp once a day

  7. Trey says:

    Could you please update your animals, critters, and pets page up toward the top with all of these new creatures? It would be nice to know there xp values. Also, I’d like to know. About harmony and slappy

    • Marco Smurf says:

      Hey, Trey, the animal and critters page already updated, the rest in prograss will be online in the next 24 to 36 hours. Thanks

  8. JennyB says:

    Thanks Poet I understand! I did get Mr Duck and he has made a nice addition to my village!

  9. Jenny b says:

    Hey smurfette when do you think we will get the hedgehog? I am so excited!

  10. Pitufopitudo says:

    Hi, does anybody knows if the duck counts like a regular smurf/critter towards your population limit? Thanks

  11. isis says:

    disappointed android user!!!!!! over last few months have spent a fair bit on this game, tired of being treated like second class gamer. Its not just smurfs but even their new game wont be out on android at the same time as Os
    No free smurfberries at easter
    No mole
    No duck
    No MIB
    updates always way later than OS
    Anyone got any other good games similar to recomed please
    so sad as love this game but cheesed off!!!!!

    • Danvas43 says:

      There are plenty of other games but they are not as good as this one. but there are Tiny Village,Tiny Tower,Tapped Out and a new game that just has been released Ice-Age Village. If you do not like any of these games i was happy to help out anyway and in case if you do not like any just buy a IOS DEVICE From Danvas43

  12. Jkiss says:

    The duck isn’t for sale any more on Mainland NOR the Island!!!! I’m glad I bought 30ish earlier!

  13. JackRussell says:

    I see as a special offer there is now a yellow duckling. It says it gives lots of xp once a day. Does anyone happen to know how much? It's a hefty price of 60 smurfberries.

  14. HelpMe says:

    My dam disappeared on the island after I place flowers in front of it. Now I can't harvest my plants nor can i go back on that side of the river, Is this a bug?

  15. Jkiss says:

    Yay!!Yellow duck available now cost 60 sb,and they give 800 xp!!!

  16. Daniela says:

    Yellow duck is available in SV for 60smb. This is very cute. Love it!

  17. There's a new duck available now for a limited time. Even cuter than the mole and hedgehog, so I'm really happy! Everyone should check it out!

  18. Kerode66 says:

    I now have an offer for à cute duck saying it will give me plenty of XP, does anyone know how many?

  19. Misty says:

    Looks like they decided to go for a duck instead.

  20. GOODFRIEND says:

    Hey guys, limited offer for a yellow duck (60 smurfberries)!

  21. Shenkie0180 says:

    I just bought an new animal à Duck! It costs 60 berries and gives 800xp once à day!! I love it

  22. kamushek says:

    Duck showed up instead! For 60 sb promising "a lot of xp". Has anyone got it? Just how much xp is "a lot"?

  23. @tenakira says:

    no mole no hedgehog but a duck…

  24. McOldG says:

    No hedgehog but a YELLOW DUCK. It costs 60sb, but not sure how many xp in return. it only says "give you a lot if xp once a day".

  25. Anne says:

    No hedgehog but à yellow Dick for 60SB.
    Does anyone know how much XP it gives?

    It's very cute, but it costs A LOT of SB!

  26. Jose says:

    Just get offert à DUCK from Beeline for 60 berries!!!!!

  27. basilosaurus says:

    I would really enjoy having Sonic join my village since I added Sonic music to my Island lol.

  28. Smurfbabe says:

    So I want painter smurf to go on sale I only have 24 smurfberries

  29. Clumsy says:

    Aw, s/he's pretty cute. Shame I only have 42 Smurfberries at the moment (which I'm saving for something else), otherwise I'd snap him up if it became available.

    • jackisforever says:

      He is cute but I only have 33 Smurfberries and I want to get painter smurf. I'm hoping and waiting that he goes on sale for half price.

  30. Diogo says:

    How can be possible with the new update the rafts doesnt work? Somebody help me?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Beeline is still working on the raft issue, they only fixed the MIAB in this update(this fix don't work for everyone)

  31. Daiv says:

    Is it just me or does having Hefty smurf no longer reduce the build time on the island?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The time to build it on the building menu isn't halved. When you place the item, the building time is halved because of Hefty.

      • Daiv says:

        You are right, I just noticed that. The time on the build menu was correct before the last update. Anyway, that's a bug we can live with.

        Another bug I have is that one of my smurflings gets stuck running in place when the bonus comes up for their three shanties Only way to fix it is to turn phone off and back on..

  32. GOODFRIEND says:

    This looks really cute, I really hope to see him allong side the mole. Anyways, how come Japan get these first?? Just curious

  33. Henk says:

    Very Nice! But still waiting for the mole to come first!

  34. massi says:

    salve. E possibile avere una risposta in italiano? Mi sono ritrovato dei quadrati di terreni sul mare e sul fiume dell’ isola. Potete fare quqlcosa x eliminarli? E possibile eliminare i tronghi nel villaggio.non riesco ad ingrandire il villaggio. Grazie.

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