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Ver.: 1.5.7iconVer.: 1.4.4a
Size: 352MBSize: 119MB
Levels: 75Levels: 76
Updated on: July 19, 2014Updated on: Jul 17, 2014

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Caveman Smurf Update IconBeeline has once again released a new teaser image for the upcoming update on their Facebook page, this time for the Caveman Smurf Update, which will be iOS version 1.5.7 and Android version 1.4.4.a.

The teaser shows the new character that will be introduced, Caveman Smurf. It has been confirmed that he will be made available on the island.

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special_offer_iconBeeline has just released a teaser on their Facebook page telling people to check their game regularly for special offers during this coming weekend. Apparently there will be special offers for the 4th of July celebrations (American Independence Day).

As of now it is not known what these offers are going to be, they might be limited time sale offers for Smurfberries, discounts on existing items or the special Smurfberry/Resource bundles that come with special items. Read More→

Cowboy Smurf iOS Update iconAfter the Android version of the latest update was released before the last weekend, today the Cowboy Smurf iOS Update followed. The update, which is iOS version 1.5.6, can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

According to the official update description the changes made are in the Cowboy Smurf Android Update are as follows:

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Critter Storage BoosterThe Cowboy Smurf update introduced a XP Booster for the Critter Storage. It is available for 15 Smurfberries on the mainland area.

The XP Booster only works in the area that it has been bought and as it is only available on the mainland it will only work for the mainland critter storage. Read More→

The Starlight TowerAfter the Sphinx was added as the latest wonder in the last update, the Cowboy Smurf Update (which is Android version 1.4.3a and iOS version 1.5.6) came with the next smurfy wonder, the Starlight Tower, for the Swoof Planet.

The Starlight Tower works similar to the Weather Machine, it has to be bought from the build menu for 1500 Coins and can be placed anywhere on the space area.

Upon completion, if the effects are turned on, it can be used to control (i.e. turn on or off) meteor showers on the planet.

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