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Updated on: March 18, 2015Updated on: Mar 18, 2015

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Wolly SmurfBeeline has just released a new teaser of the next update. This time is add Wolly Smurf to the village accompanied by fluffy sheep. As you might know that Wooly is a Smurf who appears in the “Wild And Wooly” episode in the smurfs series. While Smurfs need to make their clothes Wooly provide wool by shearing sheep. Wooly Smurf himself wears a woolen version of a Smurf hat and shears on a belt. Read More→

Smurfy new update out now!

Smurfy new update out now!

Following the android Bugfix update, which was released last week, Beeline has just released similar update for Apple users today after the update was reviewed and approved by apple. Below is the message posted by Beeline on their official Facebook page to announce the update:

Hi Smurfs’ Village Players! Our bug fix update has been approved by Apple, which should now address problems with the Smurfy Wonder Storage. Players can now place the Smurfy Wonder Storage in any area to clear open space in their Main Village, Mountain, Island, or Space villages.

As usual please let us konw what do you think about this Bugfix update.
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wonder_storageBeeline dev team has just released out a quick bugfix update for  The Smurf’s Village game. The update this time was addressed to Android players  (and hopefully will be also released shortly to iOs,  users according to what we have been told). Basically the main point of releasing this bugfix update, is because to fix the wonder storage sack problem which was found on both the mountain as well as in the planet. Read More→

smurf_puzzle_iconPuzzle Smurf is the next Smurf in a line of Smurfs only available for real money. His exclusive offer has just started appearing for many players for a price of 25 USD together with a 350 Smurfberries bundle.

As with previous offers like that, such as Fortune Teller or Thief Smurf, it is likely that the offer will reappear at a later date for a lower price with less Smurfberries (usually 10 USD), so for players willing to wait it might be possible to get Puzzle Smurf for a cheaper price. Read More→

rarity_shopThe Rarity Shop is the latest addition to the game and was introduced with the Valentine’s Day 2015 update.

It is available for XXX Coins on the mainland area and once placed will built instantly.

The Rarity Shop offers items from previous exclusive offers for a fixed price of 1.99 USD.

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