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icon Ver.: 1.19.0 iconVer.: 1.5.8a
Size: 419MBSize: 183MB
Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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SMURFS_village-Neigbors_Map Beeline Studio  is  collecting data about players who are still experiencing issues loading the Friends and Neighbors Map  on Beelines official  Forum
Apparently, Beeline made some sort of change on May 14 that helped with some of the problems, but there are still players on the Android platform, who have not been able to load the map since the Android bug fix update Version went live on May 5. Here is the link to the thread. Read More→

Stage_4_water_parkHelp your smurfs to beat the heat by building this splashy Water Park wonder! It will keep every Smurf cool with slides, a sprinkler, and a water bucket one a fully built! Awards 1 Smurfberry every 7 days when all stages are completed.  Water Park wonder was added in Party Smurf version May 2015.  The Water Park wonder  can be found in the island andits initial prices is s 2500 coins to start and then it requires fdw resources ( i.e. wood, stones , Dye , and stardust)  to build as it is shown the table below. Read More→

Dancer Smurf Dancer Smurf was introduced to the Smurfs village game in the same update with Party Smurf ( version 1.17.0 for iOS and 1.5.8a for Android).   Smurf Dancer is Stationary and he comes with his hut.  At the moment  he is only available on the island  and he does variety of smurf dance moves and makes nearby Smurfs shake their little blue tails. Similarly to the other premium smurfs, Dancer costs 25 Smurfberries and gives you 500 xp when is placed. But what he does? According to Beeline’s official description “Bust a move with Dancer Smurf and his Hut in the Island and unlock different village-wide dance events for your smurfs!” So basically he entertains smurfs close to his hut and get them dancing. Read More→

party smurfParty Smurf which took part in The Smurfs 2 movie is to join the Smurfs village team on your island to host a costume party. Party Smurf   is a premium smurf and was introduce in version 1.17.0 for iOS and 1.5.8a for Android, which was released in May 2015, and he was featured in the game icon. At the moment he is only available on the island, he is a stationary smurf and he comes with his hut but you cant place his Hut unless you unlock the island. If you didn’t unlock the island yet you may get the following message “This item belongs to an area you have not yet unlocked. Keep playing completing quests to unlock more smufy areas”. Read More→

party smurfSooner after the update was released for Android users, Apple store approve the Smurfs village update for Beeline. Apart from introducing two special smurfs in this update  (Party and Dancer Smurfs) the game runs smoothly on most Apple updated iOs devices, yet few glitches and bugs were reported. Gifting friends is still a problem for many players and Beeline is still investigating this matter and trying to collect  data about the problem. Also it looks like there is a glitch with Smurfette’s mini-player in the island. Read More→

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