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Size: 419MBSize: 152MB
Levels: 85Levels: 85
Updated on: Feb 3, 2015Updated on: Feb 3, 2015

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smurf_puzzle_iconPuzzle Smurf is the next Smurf in a line of Smurfs only available for real money. His exclusive offer has just started appearing for many players for a price of 25 USD together with a 350 Smurfberries bundle.

As with previous offers like that, such as Fortune Teller or Thief Smurf, it is likely that the offer will reappear at a later date for a lower price with less Smurfberries (usually 10 USD), so for players willing to wait it might be possible to get Puzzle Smurf for a cheaper price. Read More→

rarity_shopThe Rarity Shop is the latest addition to the game and was introduced with the Valentine’s Day 2015 update.

It is available for XXX Coins on the mainland area and once placed will built instantly.

The Rarity Shop offers items from previous exclusive offers for a fixed price of 1.99 USD.

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wonder_storageHomnibus’ Smurfy Wonder Storage Bag was added to the game with the Valentine’s Day 2015 Update and it does something many players have been asking for – it allows it to store the Smurfy Wonders.

The storage bag requires resources to be build and costs about the same as one stage of the wonders. It can be build in each area, but for it to work in each area it has to be build four times.

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timber_iconWith the Valentine’s Day 2015 Update another Smurf has gotten his own Island Home.

Timber Smurf is the lastest Smurf to join the island and his house is available for 25 Smurfberries.

After his hut has been build Timber Smurfs Island Workshop is open and can be used to build wooden items.

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clockwork_smurfette_iconClockwork Smurfette is the lastest wonder to be added to the island and the first wonder that is also a roaming character.

Her hut is available for 2500 Coins on the island and to build it, just like all other wonders, various stages with resource requirements need to be completed.

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