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Updated on: November 18, 2014Updated on: November 19, 2014

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Archive for Smurfs’ Village Guide

smurflings_iconThe Three Smurflings for the mainland are the Smurfs that will be offered as EOs for real money during the Winter 2014 Update.

The offer has started appearing on players game’s over the weekend and as usual the price is 25 USD for the Smurflings and 350 Smurfberries. Read More→

wonder_festive_treeJust like the last wonders that were added to the game, i.e. the Spooky Mansion and the Cornucopia, the latest wonder is also holiday themed.

The Christmas or Festive Tree Wonder was added to the mainland area with the Winter 2014 Update (iOS version 1.10.0 and Android version 1.6.0.a).

It is available for the mainland area and costs 2500 Coins to place and takes a fixed amount of resources to build. The tree will be decorated differently after Christmas so that there doesn’t have to be a Christmas Tree all year around in player’s villages.

Read More→

engineer_smurf_hut In the update that brought Engineer Smurf to the Mountain village, players were also able to build their own train tracks layout, complete with up to three train stations. The article on Engineer explains how his reward system works , but we’ve received several questions from players who are having difficulty placing their tunnels or the train stations themselves and connecting up all the parts to make a Smurfy transit system.

Below are a few pictures and explanations to hopefully help those who are having trouble.

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Vanity_IconThe next special Smurf to be available only as an exclusive offer is Vanity Smurf in Space. The offer has appeared for many players already for the now regular price of about 25 USD. This marks the first time that a main Smurf character is only available for real money.

As with the other Special Smurf offers such as Thief or Fortune Teller Smurf, the offer will most likely be made again after a while with a lower price of around 10 USD, so players who are willing to wait a bit might be able to get him for a lower price. Read More→

wonder_cornucopia_iconThe latest wonder to be added to the game was the Space Cornucopia. It was added with the Painter Smurf in Space Update (iOS version 1.9.0 and Android version 1.5.0.a).

As with the last wonder, the Spooky Mansion, this has also a seasonal theme, in this case the Cornucopia is related to the Thanksgiving items available with this update. But the Cornucopia will still be available after Thanksgiving.

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