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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Alchemist Smurf


Alchemist Smurf (smurf with stars hat) also walks freely through the village and he lives in Papa Smurfs house and upgrades the potion mixing mini-game of Papa Smurf. He was added in the September 2011 update of the game (app version 1.1.3) and is available from level 23 onwards.

To get Alchemist Smurf Papa Smurf will, sometime after having reached level 23, give the task to send 3 Smurfs out for 24 hours and when they return, Alchemist Smurf will be with them.

Alchemist Smurfs will give you tasks himself, just like Papa Smurf. The first task is to upgrade Papa Smurf’s house. After he gives you the task, just tap on Papa’s house and click on upgrade. The upgrade costs 500 coins and changes his rooftop from red to white with yellow stars and moons (just like Alchemists Hat).

This upgrade does not only change the appearance of Papa’s Hut, however, but also changes his potion mixing game. After the upgrade, it is possible, if the required minimum level has been reached, to mix three new potions (yellow potion for max. 250 XP, green potion for max. 400 XP and orange potion for a maximum of 600 XP). Moreover, just like the golden axe in Miner Smurf’s Mini Game, a new item is available to make the game easier, i.e. make it easier to mix the correct colours. This item is the”Magic Flask” which costs 20 Smurfberries.

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  1. Smurfette123 says:

    Where are acorns located? I need to harvest a shrub for papa smurf and can't seem to find where they are….

  2. Kainat says:

    I am on level 38 and i donot have alchemist smruf nir i have smruf to another ilamd what should i do :(

  3. karen says:

    I am on level 29 but still there is no alchemist smurf. How can i get him? tnx

  4. Chocoholic160 says:

    Hi! My blue arrow is stuck at the top in the potion mixing game and won't move so my potions are always ruined. What is wrong

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you swiping your finger back and forth on the screen?

      • Dominique says:

        Hi! I have the same problem. Swiping my finger or moving the screen, it is not working. It is really stuck. I wrote to beeline about it, i will write again if they give me an answer.

      • Dominique says:

        Hi again! I finally just found the answer in another post!

        "You have to drag the highlighted jar from the shelf into the potion and then shake it. The instructions pop up for like half a second and I had to restart 3 times before I figured out what was going on." (Thanks to Smurfalicious!)

        I tried it and it works!

    • IamAWESOME says:

      This happened to me. I had a quest so you might have a unfinished quest or need to do a quest

  5. Joyce says:

    i'm level 27 and alchemist smurf is asking me to harvest 20 letuces, those are in the summer harvest pack, i thought quests didn't ask for anything smurfberrie cost

  6. Smurfy says:

    How long until another bottle apperz on the iland?

  7. Smufy says:

    How do I get Barber smurf?

  8. raluca says:

    Can you help me find a magnifying glass? I can't tell the caterpillars from the earthworms…what it means? Help please

  9. CrazySmurffer says:

    I have recently reached level 33 and alchemist is asking me to place 3 hanging lanterns so clumsy can be seen. However the only hanging lantern I am seeing isn’t available until level 37. Any hints or tips?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try the festivval lanterns. They are three lanterns suspended between two red and white poles. I think they are in the main build menu.

  10. vfril says:

    I'm on level 23. papa smurf give me a riddle. "i may seem though, i may seem dry, but beneath the surface i make you cry. what am i?( hint: it's a crop)"

    what crop is that? does anyone know?

  11. khan says:

    i m on level 21.. i play on droid but i couldn't find alchemist smurfs hut in my built menu..if its for +21 level even then it should be in menu like other items for ugraded levels can be seen freezed in menu..then y can i see alchemist freezed hut?

  12. Chaindog says:

    I'm on level 38 and Papa smurf has been on geting me too buy lanterns and I bought 18 of them and The one with the stars on his hat he told me to place lanterns around the village so clumsy smurf too see and I did that and I can not get past that part . I can not get the hot airballon . Can anybody help me

  13. Guest says:

    I found out what they mean by “ Hanging Lights". For all of you who have trouble, it's the one that's in level 37. Check if it works. Smurf on

    • Alchemist_Smurf says:

      Thank you for your help, but there problem is not what lanterns they are, but why they are not high enough in level to complete that quest on the level it is given. But again, thank you for your help! *~*

  14. Chang Hua Yun says:

    i'm on level 40. I've had the problem for a long time, please help. my Alchemist smurf asks me to place 3 hanging lanterns around the village.I 've tried to place 2 kinds of hanging lanterns many times,but the quest doen't complete at all. i don't know if i misunderstand hanging lantern and place the wrong one.

  15. mohan says:

    Hi friends I am level 26 but still I am not able to get beach and ship, I am not able to visit island….
    plz help me out.
    I can visit island only when I visit random village of same stage please help me out……….

  16. Sel says:

    İ'm on level 27 and still couldn't find the dreamy smurf to smurf to the new island and couldn't complete papa smurf's quests. What can i do about it ?

  17. G says:

    Alchemist has asked me to place three hanging lanterns, can I clarify which are the hanging lanterns as I though I had placed them after pressing ok on the quest and I haven’t completed the task.

    Many thanks

    • Poet says:

      They are colorful lanterns that cost 1500 coins in the build menu.

      • Laurence says:

        I have the same request from Alchemist . I'm at level 33 and the hanging lanterns are only available at level 37 :(

        • Smurfette says:

          What you are talking about are the lamp posts with a single lamp that is hanging from it and costs 2500 coins, Alchemist wants something that looks like three party lanterns hanging on a laundry line. They are available from level 26 onwards and like Poet says cost 1500 coins

  18. Malin says:

    What i need to cod mix that orange potion?

  19. Barb says:

    Grouchy says "Rhymes with Orange Part 2" Mix Alchemist's orange potion for +xp2300 …… I've mixed the orange potion but must be doing something wrong…this task is still there!!!

  20. Megan says:

    I am on level 51 and grouchy smurf has given me a task called rhymes with orange part to your supposed to make an orange potion witch I have 3 times and the challenge is still there what am I doing wrong

  21. I love smurfs says:

    Hello, I have a riddle from alchemist at level 48.

    “Place three hanging lanterns arround the village”.

    I have placed many of them but nothing :-/

    Also my island has an issue’

    While I’m traveling to go there, my plants start to grow from the beginning. What can I do?

  22. Anita says:

    I am on level 41 with the most recent update to the game. Alchemist Smurf is telling me to place 3 hanging lanterns around the village so that we can see Clumsy coming. I placed 3 of the hanging lanterns that are 2500 gold each (the ones that are to the left of the sandbox (?) and before you get to the chest with the scroll in it in the building tab), but Alchemist is still telling me to place 3 hanging lanterns. What else could he mean by hanging lantern? Thanks

  23. renda says:

    Alchemist said i had to mix an orange portion and i did it, but always wrong. What should i do?

  24. Lone smurf says:

    Dreamy_smurf my alchemist smurf has turned to normal smurf with an egg and when i tap on him he transformes into different smurf and a message pop up and says that tracker smurf is gone to the forest and this is my second smurf that is telling me the same thing the first was in the sanctuary isn't that strange will all my smurfs will get like that?enter my village and you'll see him.once i deleted a house when i was trying a trick to place two mushroom houses in the same time and they deleted a smurf from here started that strange things what i have to do? If i recover my village are you sure that it will work? Because i don't want to it one more time i replayed my game from the begining three times! Reply me fast! Thanks and please!

  25. steve says:

    to harvest a shrub of acorns you need a tree or magic shrub, you gotta take it over a patch of soil or flower bed, tap on it and tap on acorns.

  26. steve says:

    hey all add me as a friend on smurfs village i gift, my game center id is svr387

  27. Edwin says:

    My Alchemist Smurf Quest always return to the first quest… What should I do???

  28. Summergirl says:

    There must be a bug from the latest update in potion mixing game, because all of the sudden no matter what happens, I can't get more than 400 xp. Anyone else having the same problem?

  29. Andy says:

    I’m level 28 and alchemist smurf asks me to mix a green potion but the third mix has only the one arrow so I don’t know how much to mix and the bar is also just one colour. Every attempt ruins. Please help

    • Brainy says:

      Dont know what you are trying to do . I think you are making this complicated. Just shake device or swipe your finger over the screen to line up the arrow. If it asks you add color, just tap on the brightest of the 3 and drag that color to the flask. Thats all

      • Krisztina says:

        How you drag the one of the 3 to the flask witout ruinung it. I always break the flask. Never Succeded. :((((

  30. Nicole says:

    When making a potion (Yellow green or orange), after moving it to the arrow a time or two,I get a solid bar. So on one side the arrow? No matter how hard or fast I shake, it's ruined. There seems to be no way to get to another shade. I am playing the game on the Ipad.

    • Courtney says:

      I'm having this same issue. Someone please help!

      • smurfalicious says:

        I had to figure it out. You have to drag the highlighted jar from the shelf into the potion and then shake it. The instructions pop up for like half a second and I had to restart 3 times before I figured out what was going on.

  31. bader aldousari says:

    How to restore my level on android as same level on iphone ?!! Need help

  32. Guest says:

    Once they asked me to return to my island when I didn’t have it. Because I have push notifications. And then when I went into my village, everything was all green and then it said that Brainy burnt papa smurfs house down and gave me the upgraded papa smurfs hut. Is this a bug?

    P.S. It’s fine now since I had it in my game center.

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