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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Animal Sanctuary tips in the smurfs village


The Animal Sanctuary  was a great addition to  the smurfs village game, which was introduced in  in the last update (version 1.2.6). It helps you to attract animals  like mice, rabbits,  Squirrels  as well as increase the XP earned. The Animal Sanctuary is very cheap it costs only 100 gold coins and you can easily get it from the shop. By placing Animal Sanctuary, you can keep different kinds of animals in it.

– Each animal gives you XPs every 8 hrs. As you have more animals, you will get more XPs.
– Pick a treat to attract animals. You can buy treats either with coins or SBs.
– Buying habitats will increase the number of animals in the Sanctuary.
– If you want different sorts of animals, after attracting with a treat, release that animal if you already have it and do it again.
– You can harvest animal food from bushes you can place in the Sanctuary. The animal food can be used to level up animals to yield more XPs.
– Sometimes you can get to see smurfs patting or feeding the animals.

Credit to Cassis

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am on level 53. I need to get a mouse to level 10. When I go to the animal sanctuary, it shuts down the whole game. Is there a bug?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Yes, some players are having problems with their sanctuary. I hope they can fix it with the next update. Can you try to add a new animal to your sanctuary? Maybe it's a way to get you in without crashing.

  2. Dianna says:

    What happens to the animals once they're realeased from the sanctuary? Do I get more xp if their in the village or in the sancturary? I have over 11 animals all on level 10 so they can't b fed anymore.

    • Smurfette says:

      Nothing, they will just be gone, they won't be in your village and you won't get XP or anything from it. Its like deleting them.

  3. Ayu Pradnyadani says:

    please give me another extra space to buy.. My village is so full

    • Poet says:

      That is not up to us to decide, but Beeline, and whether it's even possible. Try to re-design your village, using the condos to store your huts, and using smaller farm plots.

  4. diana says:

    Ik heb nu 25 dieren en nu wilde ik bij het laatste dier een boomstam kopen en er staat dan dat het max is en kan dus ook niks meer kopen. Heeft iemand dit probleem ook

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Translation: I have 25 animals now and now I wanted to buy at the last animal has a trunk and there is then the max and can therefore nothing to buy. Does anyone have this problem too

      You should be able to delete the habitat you don't want. As of the update in which Grandpa Smurf came to the Mountain, Beeline modified the Sanctuary so that Habitats can be deleted. Go into Move mode and see if you can delete the habitat you no longer want, so you can add one for the type of Animal you want to add.

  5. Sue says:

    My sanctuary is full how do I expand

  6. Anushka says:

    I am on level 29 and i still havent been able to complete the task given by doctor smurf to add another animal in the sanctuary.. I added another mouse but its still not done.. And i released it and got another one, its still not done.. What to do…?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you adding habitats inside the sanctuary and then adding the animal that is sitting on the stump into the sanctuary? Make sure you're following the steps or it won't show as completed.

      • Lucy Gottfried says:

        I did, I added the habitat I don't know how to add the animal that is sitting on the stump. Please help!!

        • Stroumpfette says:

          OK. What you do is now that you added the habitat, exit the sanctuary and then tap on the animal sitting on the stump. You will be prompted to save it. Do NOT release it.

  7. Penguin Fans says:

    I got to level 46 and got another animal in my sanctuary, yet it seems as I leveled up as well as leveled up the animals that the XP started to decrese. Am I doing something wrong? Also, when tried to get the new animal the coin cost was in the 20 thousands…….Why so high?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There is a limit to how many animals the sanctuary can hold. At some point you can only get one at every other time you level up, and yes the coins are expensive.

  8. Alex says:

    How can I move my fox into the sanctuary

    • Smurfette says:

      You can only put animals in the sanctuary that you caught by leaving out treats. If the animal is on the sanctuary stump, click on it and choose to store it. You might have to get habitats for the animal first if you don't have enough. For that just go inside the sanctuary and buy a habitat

  9. Sniggles says:

    I'm on an iPod 4 and whenever I go to the animal sanctuary if crashes i tried deleting games and pictures but its not working some one help plz

  10. John_Reese says:

    You said "If you want different sorts of animals, after attracting with a treat, release that animal if you already have it and do it again." . After we release it, is the game request money for attracting a new one or it just give me a new one?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      For each animal you attract, you must put out treats. So if you attract one animal and you don't like it and you release it, you have to put out more treats and wait the appropriate amount of time to see if what type of animal attracted is the type you want.

    • John_Reese says:

      thank you :)

  11. Casi says:

    How do you expand the animal sanctuary? Right now the expansion area is full of trees & fencing I can't remove!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You cannot expand the space. You can delete habitats, if you're not using them. You need to go into move mode to do that. The fencing and trees are part of the environment and cannot be removed. There is only room for the maximum number of animals in the sanctuary, which I believe is around 24 at present. Your space should not be full.

  12. mika31 says:

    that's all fun and games but I just got me a dragon in my game. he flies around blows bubbles. it only cost me 600 berries

  13. Georgina says:

    I keep getting a mouse to level 10 and its not working what am I doing wrong

    • Stroumpfette says:

      What isn't working? Once the mouse (or other animal) reaches level 10, it awards max xp for that animal. You no longer have to feed it. It earns max xp until you release it. Once you release it, you delete it from the sanctuary and no longer get the xp.

  14. tamooy says:

    I am on level 29, and the smurf keep asking me to add an animal to the sanctuary.. in the i added 4 animals ( 3 mice and 1 chipmunk) + i have 8 animal habitat and in the village i have ( 1 snail, 1 butterfly, 1 puppy, caterpillar,1 squirrel log) and still he ask me to add an animal.. what should i do?????? please help

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Make sure you tap "OK" and not "Not Now" or the quest won't register. If you're still having issues, open a ticket with Beeline at

    • Vap says:

      You need to add it in the village. You should be able to find it through the build menu-smurfs-animals… Scroll down until you see a smurfs head beside it. I waisted loads of coins as well before I found it.

    • MadeByMarian says:

      Click on tree nearby Animal Sanctuary on main island and place here some peanuts or others…

  15. hunter says:

    how do I attract animals?

  16. hunter says:

    how do you add more animals ?

    • Poet says:

      To add more animals, first, within the sanctuary, you need to purchase habitats, either the log, tree stump or trees. After which, you can either use smurfberries and tap the build menu within the sanctuary, or exit the sanctuary and tap on the tree stump to attract critters.

  17. Tink.sf says:

    I had 12 animals and decided to add another. I was getting about 5400 XP – when the 13th animal was added I am suddenly down to 2400 XP. Has anyone else seen this problem?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      This is definitely unusual. We recommend opening a ticket with Beeline Support at

  18. Natasha says:

    I just started the game a few days ago and I only have the squirrel to start and now I want more animals….where do I buy treats? And is the only way to add an animal to the sanctuary to buy it with SB?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Tap on the little tree stunp next to the sanctuary to put out treats to lure animals to your sanctuary. The only treat that does not cost SB is peanuts. Be careful, it gets pretty pricey to feed multiple anmals through to Leve 10.

    • Handy Smurf says:

      Click the stump beside the Animal Sanctuary. Select a treat. The first is the coins treat and the other is SB. Hope this helps!

  19. singahappysong says:

    Need some help with my animal sanctuary please. I have a total of six habitats and have previously attracted an animal for each. The green sign upon entering the sanctuary also shows a total number of 6 animals. But only the same two are ever in! These two have meanwhile been fed to level 10 and I'd like to feed the others for more XP. But they are never in…. where are they?

  20. Lex says:

    I have animal sanctuary and the first and only animal to land on tree stump is bird, and it won't lemme add it. What do I do???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to add a habitat for the bird before you can save it into your sanctuary. So, what you need to do is tap the sanctuary, and a prompt box with "visit animals" will pop up. Tap "visit animalls" and from within the sannctuary, tap the hammer in the lower right of your screen. Pick the tree habitat to add to your sanctuary. Exit the sanctuary and then tap on the bird, tap whatever the promt is to save or add it to the sanctuary. This should solve your issue.

  21. dreamy says:

    How do I complete clumsy smurf’s request to add a mouse to the village? I have added some mice and the request could not complete.

  22. Tishluv says:

    I have a carrot symbol over my tree stump, the game asked for carrots once but then crashed when they were harvested. This Symbol now remains. How do I clear it?


  23. Michi says:

    Is it possible to choose your animal to keep when you put bait? I won't put bait anymore. Soooo expensive.. I'm broke thanks to the bait price!!!! I have put out lots of bait. I want a bird but I only get mouse or squirrel.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      If you use the coins version it isn't very lickely that you will get a bird. I've tried it many times with no succes. If you want to have some more chance try the 5 smurfberry treat.
      You can't choose the animal you want.

    • Dawn says:

      I agree. I tried using the chestnuts (5 SB) last night and got two guinea pigs, a blue bird, and a red bird.

  24. Eragon says:

    Sould i allow automatic updating when playing Smurfs game?
    I am not sure as a lot of peeple have experienced problems since updating the game
    What shall i do?
    My game stopped working before and i had to uninstall it and then reinstalled it
    i lost everything and started again

  25. Becky says:

    There is a carrot hovering above the tree stump next to the animal sanctuary house. What does this mean and what do I do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Beeline added it so people know where to tap when they want to attract a new animal to the sanctuary. Ignore it if you don't want to add animals.

  26. amy says:

    Whay does the flasing carrot above the stump mean?? Its doin my head in now been there for days

  27. Michelle Butts says:

    I have a carrot above the stump next to the animal sanctuary. I have tried planting carrot, put down a carrot cupcake, and tpping on it and nothing has happen. Please help!

  28. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    Beeline is going to fix the deleting of animal habitats in the next update. Also the lanterns you need to place stand between the hay and a bench I think.

  29. sep says:

    All of a sudden, Sanctuary was full and it is impossible to delete habitats so I can't get the bird in. Any advice. Hanging lanterns also not working. Sigh, so sick of bugs.

  30. A.Ayu says:

    I’m on level 30,and already have animal sanctuary.Right next to the anumal sanctuary there’s a small tree that indicate an arrow with a picture of carrot blinking.What’s the meaning of this?Because i already have 8 animals that i get from puting food like peanuts and carrot pie/carrot cake.Why is there a blinking arrow?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Apparently, Beelline thought people were confused as to where a person needs to touch the screen to attract a new animal to the sanctuary. It is not a quest, it is just a marker to let you know where to touch the screen when you decide you want to add another animal to your sanctuary.

      • CACollins77 says:

        I do not like that arrow with the carrot! Please take it out…people will figure it out through the intro guided quests when they purchase the animal sanctuary!

  31. John heden says:

    Had 20 animals in the sanctuary but wanted a bird. So released 3 animals, put some bait and waited. Now I have a burd but can't keep it cos I can't build a birdhouse for it in the sanctuary since I have 20 animalhouses and they cant be deleted.

    Bug 2
    Place 3 hanging lantern. Have place 5+ off every lantern around the village with no luck

    Anyone else with that problem?

  32. Anna says:

    Please help me. I want à bird to My village??

  33. Christee says:

    What is the carrot sign on the animal sanctuary for?

  34. Isha says:

    Why is there a sign with a carrot pointing to the stump by the animal sanctuary? What do I do?

  35. Marie12345678 says:

    Hi, so on the animal sanctuary the tree trunk on the outside has a little tab thing over it and it is pointing a carrot to the tree trunk? What does that mean? I have already tried to harvest carrots and that didn’t work and there is a carrot cake treat but I don’t want to spend smurf berries on it, why dies it mean?

  36. Ifsogirl says:

    Tracker and Marco Smurfs have been AWOL for weeks
    Not all palms plant in the plant all facility
    Rafts have been gone for 9 days and there is no smurfberry option to get them back
    I've released animals from the sanctuary but all habitats state they are full so I cannot delete them to get a different animal
    On a good note, Reporter Smurf has started working properly and Clockwork Smurf has returned… Plus I have finally seen smurfs riding a guinea pig and a rabbit through the village – awesome!

    • Melissa says:

      Same here, haven't seen tracker smurf in weeks! And have less animals than habitats but can't delete any habitats to create a new bird habitat! Very frustrating. BUG

  37. piggly.wiggly says:

    why is the animal sanctuary got a carrot over the stump platform. I tried clicking it and nothing happens. has this happened to anyone else?

  38. Leigh says:

    What does it mean when there’s a little picture of a carrot in like a box moving up and down? How do I make it go I’m confused. Thanks x

  39. mrchiakl says:

    Help! Crops at island replanted. Please fix it. And also can't get the zoom sceen look smaller. Current updated version.

  40. Kg says:

    Why are my smurfs getting stuck in the animal sanctuary? I only have 3 animals yet there are now 5 smurfs in there??? Can I move them out somehow? There not doing anything why are they there? Every time a smurf finishes with a crop it goes in there and is stuck and pretty much useless :( what can I do. I want to play and plant more crops.

    Also where is tracker??? I bought the pot thing and I’ve never even seen him once. It’s been about a month now.

  41. Kat says:

    I'm also a bit confused On how the sanctuary works. My smurfs just keep getting stuck in there why? I can't grow and harvest crops now cause they're stuck in there. Is there a way to move them out. And what's up with Tracker??? I bout the pot thing about a month ago and still have never seen him, not even once :( its getting frustrating cause I want to play but since my damn smurfs are stuck in the sanctuary I can't do anything :(

  42. Tink says:

    As usual, the coding on this part is crap. I placed the tree, and a window came up asking me to buy animals for 100 coins. When I clicked to buy, the game crashed. When I tap on the tree it shows 0/0 animals, so I’m guessing I have 0 animals. I have no idea if it expended 100 coins or not. I forgot to check my total before going into this module.

    So, do I get amother chance to get animals? And, the bigger question, will the game implode when I do this? The kicker is that it updated when I rebooted about ten minutes ago. If I hadn’t already spent about $40 in smurfberries, I would toss the thing in the trash bin.

    I’m on android, samsung captivate glide device.

  43. Aviviviviv says:

    I accidentally deleted the only animal that was in my smurfs village. How do I buy an animal?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Tap the tree stump attached to the animal sanctuary, select a threat and wait. After a few seconds, an animal will appear. Tap it and select keep. Then it will walk in your sanctuary.

  44. Vianca says:

    How can I get another animal? Where can I get it at!? It’s asking me for another one but I can’t find it… Can you please help?!

    Thanx in advance…

  45. Anonosmurf says:

    Has anyone else found the glitch with the sanctuary that allows you to get unlimited free xp every 8 hours at around 200 xp a go.

  46. Enchantress Smurf says:

    Have problem with my smurf's village…. When I place the cupcake or potion on my village, my game shuts down…. please help!

    • Sassete says:

      That is a bug that some players experience, I get it to sometimes too, we can only hope that Beeline fix that issue in the next update

  47. Tazzi35 says:

    I'm on level 34 and I have bought food and shelter in the Animal sanctuary about 2 days ago but can't work out how to bring animals to the sanctuary. What am I supposed to do?

    • Poet says:

      You just have to tap on the stump outside of the Animal Sanctuary, and a menu should pop up, asking you which animal treats you would like to use to attract the critters.

  48. LynnSuzanne says:

    Why does BeeLine release an update so full of bugs? BeeLine is going to lose players if they keep releasing new updates without fixing old bugs. My smurfs keep disappearing (same as previous comments), time stands still, time speeds up, crops don't finish on time, Tracker is long-gone (3 weeks and counting…), MAIB stops after 2 quests, Harmony Smurf's music notes continue to skip beats, Totem pole has never been completed, and I still have a garden stuck to my dam because when I try to remove it, the dam disappears (twice have had to rebuild the dam!).
    But I do have a cute guinea pig running around my village with a smurf riding on its back….

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