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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Animals, Pets and Critters


Like humans Smurfs also keep animals as pets, but their pets are not dogs and cats but rather snails and caterpillars crawling through their villages.The Smurf’s Village game offers different kind of animals to place inside the new village, some of then can only be bought with Smurfberries, but are available from the beginning, because, even tough in the first shop it says they need a certain level to unlock, they are available from level one in the Smurfberry-Shop. All animals can also be bought with Coins, but they are only available in the later levels and might vary in appearance. All of the animals give extra XP as a bonus.

Snails and Caterpillars
The snails and caterpillars bought with Smurfberries are golden and give 300 XP (snail) and 600 XP (caterpillar) per day. Their equivalent coin bought versions are not golden but a pink snail and a green caterpillar. They give slightly less XP per day (250 the snail and 500 the caterpillar). To buy the snail the village has to be on at least level 13, the caterpillar is available on level 18. These critters walk around the village and hence to not take up any space, but they cannot be deleted and will stay permanently.
The butterfly is available at level 27 and is stationary; it just sits on a rock moving his wings. The butterfly bought with Smurfberries has blue-red wings and gives 75 XP and 25 Coins every two hours; the one bought with Coins has green-yellow wings and gives 60 XP and 20 Coins every two hours. The butterfly (both versions) gives 500 additional XP when it is bought and placed in the village.
On level 29 the, again stationary, squirrel living in a stock of a tree is available for purchase with Coins, that one gives 350 XP every 12 hours and is grey, the Smurfberry version is brown and gives 400 XP twice a day. As addition the squirrel gives 1000 XP (Smurfberry version) or 500 XP (Coin version) once it is bought and placed in the village.
The next animal to date is the frog, which becomes available in level 32. There is no difference between the frog bought with Coins and the one with Smurfberries, both look exactly alike and give 200 XP four times a day. The frog is stationary as well, sitting on a stone and catching a fly with his tongue every now and then. When the frog is bought and placed it gives 1000 additional XP.
Another stationary animal, which was added in one of the updates, is the mouse. There are again two versions that can be bought; the first one is the Smurfberry version, that mouse is brown and costs 75 Smurfberries and gives 150 XP every 4 hours. The version bought with coins costs 25000 Coins and gives 150 XP every 4 hours as well. This version is a grey mouse and available from level 34 onwards. When the mouse is bought and placed it gives 1250 additional XP (just once).

The Crab
The Crab is an animal that only has a Smurfberry version, so the crab can, at the moment, not be bought with coins. The Crab costs 50 Smurfberries and was introduced with the "Beach Update" (i.e. version 1.1.1.) as a new beach item, but it can, of course, be placed everywhere in the village, not just on the beach. If the crab is placed, it gives 900 XP once and then 250 XP every 8 hours. This animal is stationary and does not count to the character limit, which means there can be as many crabs in the village as there is space available
The Ladybug (on a leaf)
Just like the Crab the Ladybug is only available for Smurfberries and has no Coin version. It costs 100 Smurfberries and gives 350 XP and 35 Coins every 12 hours as well as 500 XP once after it has been bought and placed inside the village.
The ladybug is also a stationary bug, which means she does not walk around in the village, like for example the snails, and therefore does not count towards the character limit.
The ladybug was first introduced in version 1.1.3 of the app (September 2011 update).
The Bat
The bat is part of the Smurf's Village Halloween 2011 theme (version 1.1.4 of the App, iOS only). It is part of the new "star shop" and can be bought for 60 Smurfberries.
After the bat has been placed in the village it gives 1000 XP for the purchase and then 300 XP every 8 hours.
The bat can only be purchased for a limited time; it can only be bought until the day after Halloween. After that it will no longer be available for purchase.
The Snow Bunny
The Snow Bunny was added with the Christmas 2011 update (version 1.1.45of the App, iOS only). It is a stationary animal and does not walk around in the village. That means the bunny does not count towards the character limit.
It can be bought for 75 Smurfberries from the Smurfberry Shop. Once it has been bought and placed it give 1500 Coins for the purchase (one time only) and then 125 XP every 4 hours.
The Gecko (island only)
The gecko is a stationary animal, meaning that it does not walk around the island and hence does not count towards the character limit. It is only available on the island and there is only a Smurfberry version, which costs 50 Smurfberries.
The Gecko gives 500 XP once when it is bought and placed on the island and after that 150 XP every 4 hours.
The Turtle (island only)
The turtle is also a stationary animal that is limited to the island only. As with the gecko, the turtle does not count towards the island's character limit and can be bought unlimited times.
The Turtle costs 75 Smurfberries and gives XP once it is placed and then 600 XP every 24 hours.
The Jumping Fish (island only)
The fish is a stationary animal, meaning that it does not walk around the island and hence does not count towards the character limit. It is only available on the island and there is only a Smurfberry version, which costs 60 Smurfberries.
The Fish gives 650 XP once when it is bought and placed on the island and after that 220 XP every 6 hours.
The Duck
The duck was introduced to the village after a release of version 1.1.8 of the App, iOS only. It was for sale for limited time only and can be bought for 60 Smurfberries.
After the duck has been placed in the village on in the island it gives 750 XP for the purchase and then 800 XP every 24 hours.


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  1. Sarcastic Smurf says:

    I got a green crab from the naughtie’s knock out game… Is this normal?

  2. Kim Simmons says:

    I am stuck on the part of the mission that says get to barrels of worms when through the whole store and I still cannot find two barrels of worms not even one barrel please help….where do I look

    • Smurfette says:

      Mhm, I cannot remember having gotten a quest like that. Go through the store and look for a little icon of the smurf that gave you the quest, it should be right next to the item you need.
      If you still cannot find it, please let us know the exact wording of the quest and in which area you are getting it.

  3. Dambu says:

    Hie everyone, I took over this game from my son. I have discovered the friendly snail and caterpillar missing from yesterday. How do I get them back. Thanks

  4. Radewyn says:

    I have lost several animals in the sanctuary. The most recent is yesterday. All of a sudden my mouse is disappeared. When I tapped on the animal sanctuary, it says 6 / 7 animals. And the mouse is not even roaming in the village. I had 7 animals yesterday morning and when I count at night, they only 6. As I recall, I have already lost 2-3 animals before about month ago or so. Is it normal? How do I prevent these things from happening again? Please help.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You could try to recover your village to yesterday when you had 7/7, but we're not sure why you're suddenly losing critters in your sanctuary. You will need to open a ticket with Beeline at

  5. Willa says:

    Is the squirrel in a log supposed to give extra xp when placed by Timber's mill? I have two of them I have won from Lucky but they do not highlight green when placed by the mill. (I put them right next to it so they are close enough.) I am only at level 26 though do they only count from level 29 on?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, they don't seem to fall into the highlighted area, but they do give daily XP rewards on their own.

  6. steffismurf says:

    I habe problems with the mouse:
    my village is in level 10. My mouse is fed to level 6. Dr. Smurf tells me to tap the mouse and put it into the sanctuary BUT I cannot tap the mouse. In other words, nothing happens if I tap the mouse. Can anyone hell me?

  7. Margaret says:

    How do you get the critters in space into the Dome?

    • Smurfette says:

      It works just like the other critter storages, click/tap on the dome, then all items except for the critters will be greyed out. Then click on the critter you want to store (don't close the critter storage window until you are done)

  8. Duv says:

    One of my smurf has been asking me to getting a mouse.. Can't figure out how.. I have many animals in the silly sanctuary thing…

  9. weitian says:

    then others animals like baby raccoon must use smurfberries?

  10. rachel says:

    The penguin description says his igloo melts and he gets a new home when the weather gets warm. Does anyone know what his igloo changes into?

  11. Brenda says:

    I wish the duck would come back will he be back anytime soon??

  12. Newbie says:

    Can anyone tell which of the above animals will be counted in maximum of 250 head count?

    • Smurfette says:

      All animals that walk around, i.e. are not stationary. Those are only the snails and the caterpillars and in space the critters that come from the mystery eggs, all other animals are stationary and do not count.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Do the animals die?

  14. Joey says:

    Doctor smurf doesn't stop giving the following sentense; " Let me show you where the cute critters are live".
    I've bin multiple times in the sanctuary, i' tapt everything single animal and their huts. I think i have this problem up to 10 levels richt now. I'am in level 47. Can someone help to solve this problem?

    • Smurfette says:

      There are people whose game go corrupted that have this problem. It is caused by them having two Doctor Smurf. Is that the case with you as well? If you do have two doctors, the only thing you can do is to contact Beeline support, but I do not think there is a solution for this yet.

  15. melanie says:

    Hello, can someone tel me, if i buy the critter storage hut do i still get the xp for every snail or caterpillar that's in it? Thaks

  16. Shelly72 says:

    I am on level 14 on the android version and purchased the butterfly for 60 smurf berries. It is supposed to give 600 xp when placed and 25 coin & 75 xp every two hours. Overnight it doesn't accumulate the coin and xp for however many two intervals have passed. Is that how it is supposed to be? I'm frustrated if it is. I wouldn't have spent smurfberries on something I have to click on every two hours to earn.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      When an item says it generates XP or Coins every so many hours, it means the star or coins will appear above that item at the appropriate interval. In order to collect the rewards, you have to login to the game at those intervals and tap on the coins or stars. This is how all the items in the game work that give certain rewards at different time intervals. You can, of course, recover your game to a time prior to the time you purchased the butterfly if you don't want to use it.

  17. rwbpapa says:


    smurfette asked me to buy a caterillar, but there is no caterpillar… how can I buy it? i can not find it anywhere…

  18. iSayWat says:

    Omg! I know a way to get the bat still! I have NO idea how rare it is, but I just got one from Mystery's game! The final 10 smurfberry box, SO LUCKY!! :0

    Screenshot: Sorry I didn't take one of it coming out of Mystery's game, I didn't know what it was. ):

    • iSayWat says:

      Or, Lucky's game, rather lol. Got the two words mixed up haha.

    • iSayWat says:

      Got another one! Screenshot of getting it from Lucky's game:

      You can also get the red singing bird still, from Lucky's game. So it seems all the limited edition stuff are in there, maybe?

  19. Katrina says:

    Im having an issue with my animals… When I click on doctor smurf it says to tap the mouse to move him to the sanctuary but when I look around my village there’s no mouse anywhere=\ help please!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Is there a mouse sitting on the stump outside the sanctuary? That's where you should look for it. Make sure you have a habitat inside the sanctuary for it to live in before you try to add it, otherwise, you will get a message that there aren't enough habitats in the sanctuary.

      • KLB says:

        I can't find the mouse either. There's a bird sitting on my stump but I can't afford to build its habitat yet. Where's the damn mouse?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          I don't believe the mouse is one you capture in the in the sanctuary. I believe he is something you purchase off the build menu. Try looking in each of the build menus.

  20. Stroumpfette says:

    Your animals give you xp per hour as stated in the article. Once you have fed them to level 10 you no longer have to feed them, but as long as you keep them in the sanctuary and do not release them, you will get the maximum xp per day per animal. I have 8 at level 10 and two close behind, and my xp is something like 2400 eaxh time the star pops up. Personally, I think it is worth it since I didn't spend smurfberries to buy any of the animals except for one, but ultimately, it is up to you if you want to continue with that part of the game or nit.

    • crittersmurf says:

      Oh okay…so they just stay there and earn me xp- does it earn more though, the more animals I have at the highest level?
      I have 7 of 9 at the full level, but it's taking me so long to be able to afford to feed the two stragglers, since one giant bush only feeds a few click before it's used up.
      I'll keep going with this lot then as I earn enough, and then not bother attracting any more.
      Thanks. :)

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Yes is the answer to your question. You can add another tree to grow more food if you would like. Each animal in your sanctuary earns XP based on the level it is in, so the more at level 10, the more you have earning their maximum XP. There is no rush to feed them – the game says to do it every 8 hours, but NOTHING happens if more than 8 hours pass without feeding them.

  21. crittersmurf says:

    **What is the point of the Animal Sanctuary?**

    I can see that it gives me XP when the critters run around, after I tap on the star above it…but do I recevie special rewards for having all 9/9 critters inside, at full 'level' count (9 or 10, I think), so they don't need more feeding?
    If there's nothing to be gained by my spending over 30,000 coins on a bush of food that lasts for a few clicks, I won't bother wasting any more money on it! :-/

  22. Iko says:

    I am asked to buy a squirrel's log I tryed all kind of things I dont no what it could be any help please?

  23. Smurfy!!!!!! 8 says:

    Tracker smurf now keeps changing into different smurfs is this a bug????

  24. Smurfy!!!!!! 8 says:

    Just got new update for iOS but for the animal sactuanary they have a carrot above the treat stump. I tried to give it treats but it is still there what am I supposed to do???

  25. Elena says:

    Do I need to release pets after they reach level 10?

  26. EmeraldEye says:

    I got a red and blue butterfly at Lucky's game, but it just disappeared since I got the eastern cliff… my stair was complete and my butterfly just vanished… I'm mad about this, I want it back!

  27. Nannysmurf1 says:

    Why do all critters cost SMURFBERRIES, SMURFBERRIES, and more SMURFBERRIES, or 1,000,000,000,000 or so coins!? :(

  28. Sue says:

    Can't seem to find the whys and where's to be able to put birds in my habitat .thought I read about it in the up date but can't find it now. Help

    • Poet says:

      First, you need to go into your sanctuary and build a habitat. Then, you go out of the sanctuary, tap on the stump and attract the critter of your choice. Once you got them, select 'Keep' them and you will find the birds or critter in your sanctuary.

  29. Don M. says:

    Does anyone have a gray bar in there Animal Sanctuary?

  30. Astro smurf says:

    Anyone tried the octopus? What do you say?

  31. norina says:

    i purchased 3 gold snails and 3 caterpillars with smurfberries, but i only have one left in my village…..why would this be????

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a recover village button appears. Press it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours press recover.

  32. Mike says:

    I got a white mouse and a hedge hog mole seagull blue crab green crab red crab purple crab orange crab yellow crab a red singing bird , red squirrel worm in three tomatoes , bat , blue butterfly, green one and a pink one , snow bunny , snail, caterpillar grey mouse , pink mouse, grey squirrel , white squirrel

  33. Deus says:

    Please update this list with the limited pets so that we will know which pet is worth our SBs.

  34. hard says:

    What is the pink moving door

  35. nat_smurling says:

    now deir r only 2 chanses to get somting 4 a limited time one 72 hours or 3 days or the second one for only 2 hours

  36. Zing.IV says:

    How do I add a limit animal if I placed one and want more

  37. anja says:

    Is the duck stationary? What about the baby raccoon?

  38. Painter Smurf says:

    Why are critters so expensive in smurfberries? Like if you buy a snail for 50 smurfberries, it only gives 50 extra xp every 24 hrs and it's really the colour that maters. Smurfberries cost a lot of money and now Beeline is encouraging us to buy 40-100 smurfberry items? Better off buying a harvest wagon, plant a lot of golden corn and use that money to buy the coin versions of mice frogs etc. You can save smurfberries until you have 15; it only takes 12-15 levels to do so. You're getting slightly less xp, but you don't use $25 + dollars to get that slight amount of xp. Anyway, this is only my opinion about these smurfberry items. I have 3 snails, 3 caterpillars, 3 butterflies. I think it's enough for someone playing on level 27 51%. I'm only 19 years old and didn't buy a lot of smurfberries. With those smurfberries, i bought smurfette and farmer.

  39. Cams says:

    I'm curious if there's a hack that people have found / created that lets them get unlimited sb? I have a "few" friends who have, by my rough estimate (kid you not) easily over a grand's (US) worth of xp giving critters (not the ones you can buy with coins either)…and that $1200 is being generous at the 2000 for $100.

    • Sassete says:

      Yes there are but honestly I dont think its legally to do it, it can be classified as stealing because you dont pay for your sb

  40. ana says:

    pitufo nervioso o torpe dice que hay que plantar 30 boxes de tulipanes lo hize y no lo acepta que hay que hacer?

  41. PsyChic says:

    How much xp for pig on island?

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