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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Animals, Pets and Critters


Like humans Smurfs also keep animals as pets, but their pets are not dogs and cats but rather snails and caterpillars crawling through their villages.The Smurf’s Village game offers different kind of animals to place inside the new village, some of then can only be bought with Smurfberries, but are available from the beginning, because, even tough in the first shop it says they need a certain level to unlock, they are available from level one in the Smurfberry-Shop. All animals can also be bought with Coins, but they are only available in the later levels and might vary in appearance. All of the animals give extra XP as a bonus.

Snails and Caterpillars
The snails and caterpillars bought with Smurfberries are golden and give 300 XP (snail) and 600 XP (caterpillar) per day. Their equivalent coin bought versions are not golden but a pink snail and a green caterpillar. They give slightly less XP per day (250 the snail and 500 the caterpillar). To buy the snail the village has to be on at least level 13, the caterpillar is available on level 18. These critters walk around the village and hence to not take up any space, but they cannot be deleted and will stay permanently.
The butterfly is available at level 27 and is stationary; it just sits on a rock moving his wings. The butterfly bought with Smurfberries has blue-red wings and gives 75 XP and 25 Coins every two hours; the one bought with Coins has green-yellow wings and gives 60 XP and 20 Coins every two hours. The butterfly (both versions) gives 500 additional XP when it is bought and placed in the village.
On level 29 the, again stationary, squirrel living in a stock of a tree is available for purchase with Coins, that one gives 350 XP every 12 hours and is grey, the Smurfberry version is brown and gives 400 XP twice a day. As addition the squirrel gives 1000 XP (Smurfberry version) or 500 XP (Coin version) once it is bought and placed in the village.
The next animal to date is the frog, which becomes available in level 32. There is no difference between the frog bought with Coins and the one with Smurfberries, both look exactly alike and give 200 XP four times a day. The frog is stationary as well, sitting on a stone and catching a fly with his tongue every now and then. When the frog is bought and placed it gives 1000 additional XP.
Another stationary animal, which was added in one of the updates, is the mouse. There are again two versions that can be bought; the first one is the Smurfberry version, that mouse is brown and costs 75 Smurfberries and gives 150 XP every 4 hours. The version bought with coins costs 25000 Coins and gives 150 XP every 4 hours as well. This version is a grey mouse and available from level 34 onwards. When the mouse is bought and placed it gives 1250 additional XP (just once).

The Crab
The Crab is an animal that only has a Smurfberry version, so the crab can, at the moment, not be bought with coins. The Crab costs 50 Smurfberries and was introduced with the "Beach Update" (i.e. version 1.1.1.) as a new beach item, but it can, of course, be placed everywhere in the village, not just on the beach. If the crab is placed, it gives 900 XP once and then 250 XP every 8 hours. This animal is stationary and does not count to the character limit, which means there can be as many crabs in the village as there is space available
The Ladybug (on a leaf)
Just like the Crab the Ladybug is only available for Smurfberries and has no Coin version. It costs 100 Smurfberries and gives 350 XP and 35 Coins every 12 hours as well as 500 XP once after it has been bought and placed inside the village.
The ladybug is also a stationary bug, which means she does not walk around in the village, like for example the snails, and therefore does not count towards the character limit.
The ladybug was first introduced in version 1.1.3 of the app (September 2011 update).
The Bat
The bat is part of the Smurf's Village Halloween 2011 theme (version 1.1.4 of the App, iOS only). It is part of the new "star shop" and can be bought for 60 Smurfberries.
After the bat has been placed in the village it gives 1000 XP for the purchase and then 300 XP every 8 hours.
The bat can only be purchased for a limited time; it can only be bought until the day after Halloween. After that it will no longer be available for purchase.
The Snow Bunny
The Snow Bunny was added with the Christmas 2011 update (version 1.1.45of the App, iOS only). It is a stationary animal and does not walk around in the village. That means the bunny does not count towards the character limit.
It can be bought for 75 Smurfberries from the Smurfberry Shop. Once it has been bought and placed it give 1500 Coins for the purchase (one time only) and then 125 XP every 4 hours.
The Gecko (island only)
The gecko is a stationary animal, meaning that it does not walk around the island and hence does not count towards the character limit. It is only available on the island and there is only a Smurfberry version, which costs 50 Smurfberries.
The Gecko gives 500 XP once when it is bought and placed on the island and after that 150 XP every 4 hours.
The Turtle (island only)
The turtle is also a stationary animal that is limited to the island only. As with the gecko, the turtle does not count towards the island's character limit and can be bought unlimited times.
The Turtle costs 75 Smurfberries and gives XP once it is placed and then 600 XP every 24 hours.
The Jumping Fish (island only)
The fish is a stationary animal, meaning that it does not walk around the island and hence does not count towards the character limit. It is only available on the island and there is only a Smurfberry version, which costs 60 Smurfberries.
The Fish gives 650 XP once when it is bought and placed on the island and after that 220 XP every 6 hours.
The Duck
The duck was introduced to the village after a release of version 1.1.8 of the App, iOS only. It was for sale for limited time only and can be bought for 60 Smurfberries.
After the duck has been placed in the village on in the island it gives 750 XP for the purchase and then 800 XP every 24 hours.


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  1. jodie says:

    Game still working not crashed or re started but doing quite a few quests that have already been done..some that it says to do and then straight away are complete… now noticed my 2 snails and 2 caterpillers are gone?????????

  2. Mumun says:

    I got a pig and pinguin..hurry up its only limited time only!!! Im in indonesia..

  3. PsyChic says:

    Anyone know how much xp the new limited offer GlugGlu the penguin gives?

  4. domna says:

    What does a flashing snail mean? Is it dying?!

  5. Suitsuiw says:

    New pet: Cute Worm. It cost 55sb, purchase bonus 550xp, gives 50xp every hour. I this cute worm is the highest pet gives xp so far after butterfly.

  6. Tracie says:

    It would be nice to have an island critter that doesn't cost smurfberries.

  7. Suitsuiw says:

    A bit correction of snow bunny. It gives 175 xp, not 125xp as the table stated.

  8. suitsuiw says:

    Does anybody notice the pink red butterflies in the shop? Does anybody knows the duration it gives xp & coin?


  9. Christy says:

    I'm an Android player, and since the last update, there is a cute green worm nesting in 3 red apples appearing as an xp-giver. Can anybody tell me how much xp this worm gives? Many thanks.

  10. masudasoofi786 says:

    add me if you want bolts masudasoofi786

  11. Dyrine says:

    Hi I updated my smurf village app yesterday and now my bottle quest don’t want to work and I have lost my pice to the tole that you can build can somebody help please

  12. Baby Smurf says:

    They have not put the hedgehog on the pet chart. Can you still get it?

    Thanks!! 😀

  13. Dcyt says:

    Yeay!!!! I know!! So happy to see it! 😀

  14. Magenta says:

    Today porcupines were made available! Yay! 😀 i like the limited-time items 😀 it doesn't give as much xp as the duck, but for 450xp it is still worth the sb if you ask me

  15. zaku903 says:

    After upgraded to latest version my caterpillar lost… Any idea to bring it back without buy it again as it is not cheap…

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Try recovering your village till the point you still had him.

    • Hanne says:

      So my caterpillar disappeared, does anyone know what I can do about it? This happend a few weeks ago, so restoring to a point where I still had it, is not an option. Anything else I could try?

      • Stroumpfette says:

        No, if you don't have a backup with it appearing in it, you're out of luck. If you purchased it with SB, it may be your best bet to see if even your oldest backup contains it, since SBs are real money. If you purchased it with coins, your option is to just save up for it again. Usually the hidden backups go back two weeks. It is worth looking to be sure. Do you need the instructions on how to access the files?

  16. jade says:

    I personally don’t think the yellow duck is worth 60 sb (or in real life close to $10) if it doesn’t walk around. Two acorn trees will give you 600 xp and be more interesting than a sitting duck!

    Beeline, make the duck walk around!!!! Lol

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      We are not Beeline so we can't do anything about the stationary duck. I think Beeline is programming stationary critters so people with a 'at character limet' can still buy it. Also the duck is a critter for your special collection, it doesn't matter if it's worth or not, all those sb-critters give your village a special look.

  17. Izz says:

    Does anyone know if the chick walks around? Is getting it really worth 60 sb?

  18. Lazy Smurfette says:

    Just new to posting here but love the site. Very helpful.
    I am noticing that the snail i bought with coins (pink) occasionally flashes between pink and purple. I just wonder if this meant anything in particular?
    Thanks :)

  19. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    How much xp does the turtle and the gecko on the island give?
    I'm planning to buy one of those two but I wonder whose worth more.

    • Sassete says:

      The gecko gives you 150 few times/ day (I think it was 150) and the turtle 600 ones a day

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        I will purchase the turtle as it really looks cool

        • Kyle20 says:

          Gecko gives 150xp every 4 hours. Therefore, 24 hours per day/4 = 6 times a day
          150xp x 6 times a day = 900xp in 24 hours

          Turtle gives 600xp in 24 hours…


  20. TommasoThanksT says:

    I frequently trip from Europe to Asia, and my time zone moves easily 6/7 hours

    Already one time I lost all smurfs, but I'm scared it will happens again

    How to do ?


  21. Aillemia says:

    my caterpillar dissapeared :*( help me !

  22. Kristyle says:

    I purchased a crab on my island near the dock on the beach….I cannot clear the star to get xp….it seems to be stuck…..please advise…..thanks!

    • DKriz says:

      I had the same problem with the 1.1.8 update. Beeline responded to me and said anything to close to either dock can become stuck. Not only can you not get the XP, but you can't move it either.

      However, in 1.1.9 I was able to clear the star and the get XP so it looks like they fixed that.

  23. ilovesmurfette says:

    I am nor using any cheats, but my snails are not giving me any xps at all.. It’s been more than weeks now… I read about the time ceat on this thread,i knew that i adjusted my clock for more than 30 mins for personal reason and is not because of this game.. I’ve put it back to the automatoc time mode on my iphone 4s but it did not make any difference. Help?? :(

    • Poet says:

      One way for you is to recover your village back to the time before you changed your time by using the Papa Smurf option, while the other is to retrieve a copy of your last saved game via Game Center. Are you familiar with the steps?

  24. Neol says:

    Hi there, thx to your post. Is there any cap/max # for any pet? i.e., I got many caterpillers now and would like more. But I am worrying about the new purchased one will replace the old one due to # limit, so it turns to a waste of game money. Is that possible or I can buy as many as I want? Thanks!

  25. shyomis says:

    My Snails n Caterpillars are not giving me xp .. this happen after the update. i already restart my phone many times. so its a game problem. plz help me

  26. Akbar says:

    I need to delete the extra space bought. Pls help.

  27. smurfmom says:

    My caterpillar has stopped giving XP. Any advice. I have not used a "time cheat" nor done anything else unusual. It only gave me points when I purchased it initially about 4 days ago. Restarting my phone hasn't helped (I don't know that it would but figured I'd try). My snail is giving points as normal.

  28. Bryan Savage says:

    That’s really a useful table of pets critters. thank you

  29. Amanda says:

    I bought 2 squirels in the 60 hour sale (1 white and 1 orange/brown) for 25 smurfberries each and they have disappeared (about 2 hours after buying them). Can you tell me why and how i get them back or my 50 smurfberries back please.

  30. Вика says:

    почему мои животные перестали давать мне опыт???

    • @HayaCh2 says:

      Да, я один раз получил этот вопрос, извините, я не могу говорить русский, так что я использую Google, так или иначе, однажды я обманут и он получил очень перепутано, так что …. вы просто ждать в среднем время, и она будет работать и он будет работать, но если вы не обманывает, но я не знаю, я действительно не хочу, чтобы дать вам неверную информацию :)

  31. Ooiiuyyfgghjuuyy says:

    There is now 2bunnies 1for 60smurfberries and one for there a diferrence

  32. Dariga says:

    Can u answer my question pls! What is the difference between rabbit for 75 and 60 smurfberries ?

    • Smurfette says:

      Sorry, but I was on vacation over the holidays and as I answer questions everyday I think it is only fair that I should not have to do that on my vacation. Regarding your question, no there is no difference between the two versions of the rabbit.

  33. Daniel says:

    My snail has stopped giving me xp how can i fix this?

    • Smurfette says:

      This usually happens if you have used the time cheat (i.e. set the time ahead to finish tasks/crops faster). It will return to normal when the time you set the clock ahead to has come in real life.

      • divasmurf says:

        This happened to me too and I have not used a time cheat. My catapillar is still giving XP at the regular time. Any other ideas?

  34. Dariga says:

    Does any difference between 75 and 60 berries rabbits ?

  35. InesP94 says:

    Will the bunny dissapear after the next update? Will I be still able to buy it after the update? And will the red christmas hat leave so it wouldn’t look like a christmas bunny in july for example? Thanks for replying :)

    • Smurfette says:

      I am sure the bunny will not disappear, as a) it costs Smurfberries, and 2) it does not say it is temporary. However, you will most likely not be able to buy it after the timer has run out/Christmas is over. As to how it will look in summer, we can only wait and see, nothing has been announced regarding that.

  36. @elPatalan says:

    Do special smurfs (papa smurf, smurfette, etc.) count for the character limit?

    Thank you

  37. joe says:

    HELP iv got 2 snails and a catapillar but they suddenly went all glitchy and look weird the same thing has happened in the shop any ideas

  38. Patricia MacDougall says:

    I just tried to buy $25. Of smurfberries. It kept telling me check my connection. Then it finally let me buy them. I wanted to buy only one Christmas snow bunny. It gave me two. Can you take one snow bunny away and give me back my 75 smurfberries?

    Smufrberry error refund required

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      We are not the developpers of the game just a fan site to contact them for your issue their email address is :

  39. Shadesha says:

    I was just reading up on the critters and noticed that it says you can’t purchase the butterflies until level 27, and I can see in the flower tab they aren’t available till Level 27. However, in the smurfberry tab there is a butterfly for 60 smurfberries and I’m only Level 21 and it doesn’t say anything about it being available only at level 27. Is it the same butterfly??

    Also what does everyone think is the best return on critters as I am considering purchasing some.

    Cheers :)

    • Smurfette says:

      The butterfly (or other critters) that you buy for Smurfberries can be obtained from level one onwards, even though in the normal shop they have a level restriction. The differences between the Smurfberry and the coins versions are given in the article. The Smurfberry versions are all the same, no matter from which shop you buy them.

      • butterfly kisses says:

        I have VERY definite opinions on this one, as I have NEVER time cheated, and have gone around and around with beeline about some very expensive (Smurfberry) critters and animals that NEVER or RARELY give the XP or coins as described. Again, I DO NOT time cheat as I have too many apps that it would really mess up, plus cheating is cheating. I DO use Smurfberries occasionally to harvest crops faster?! Not sure if that has an effect. I am on level 32 and these have been my experiences. I am going to put the info in chart form so it will be easier to read, and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE replies!! If your data is consistent with my data then we are getting ripped off. All my other Apps, including Smurf Grabber work flawlessly on my iPhone iOS. At first, I thought maybe I needed to pet certain animals that were not responding, then I thought maybe tapping them caused the game to think I’d collected the XP/gc already. Neither touching or not touching had any effect.


        snail 250/300 XP ea 24 hrs. 250/300 XP once every * 3 to 7 days

        Caterpillars 500/600 XP ea 24 hrs. 500/600 XP once every

        *. 5 to 7 days

        Butterflies 75XP/25GC or 60/20.

        * Every 2 hrs. Exactly as stated!!

        Grey Squirrel. 350 XP ea 12 hrs. Exactly as stated!!

        Frog. 200 XP ea 6 hrs. 200 XP every 24-48 hrs

        Mice. 150 XP ea 4 hrs. 150 XP every 24 hrs

        Crab. 250 XP ea 8 hrs. 250 XP every 24 hrs

        Ladybug/Leaf. 350 XP/35GC ea 12 hrs. 350XP/35GC every 3 to * 5 days

        Bat/Snow Bunny. N/A

        Gecko. 150XP ea 4 hrs. 150XP every 24 hrs.

        Turtle. 600XP ea 24 hrs. 600XP every 5 to 7 * days

        Jumping Fish. 220 XP ea 6 hrs. Exactly as stated!!

        Hedgehog. ? 450XP every 3 days

        Duck. 800XP ea 24 hrs. 800XP every 7 days

        As you can see above, I have spent hundreds of dollars on animals and critters without the reward promised. I have kept a close log on these animals and critters and have reported specifics to beeline and Apple/iTunes, each denying responsibility for customer service, and with beeline continuing to send a “form” reply that I must time cheat. I love this game but am almost to my breaking point. Please reply if you have a similiar issue, or did, and know of a fix. Every other aspect of the game works perfectly, experiencing the same known bugs as everyone else. And the fixes and updates. Please speak up. Also, if you want flowers watered, gifts, or bolts, please reply with your Gamecenter name. I’m afraid if I post mine here, my village might be deleted or restarted by one of these companies I’ve lost money to. Thank you.

        • Snescube says:

          I have never encountered any difficulties with pets/critters – They always give out their bonuses at the times they say. I'm not sure what is wrong with your village. I believe that you don't time cheat, and there are no bugs that have caused this with any other players (that I know of) so I don't know why you are experiencing this problem. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas as to how you could fix this problem. I just suggest that you keep pestering Beeline until they take a serious look into this. Good luck, I hope this problem gets resolved.

    • kim says:

      @butterflykisses. I’m not having those problems. My critters are giving do as told they would. Sorry hope yours is fixed by now.

      By the way does anyone know how to get facebook players. I don’t know anyone who plays smurf village (losers) lol but I need to know how or where to find players with facebook so I can FRIEND them for smurf village. I’m using android.

      Thanks all advise is appreciated

  40. Minnie says:

    I am being asked by Papa Smurf to upgrade the Christmas tree, how do I do that?

  41. AnimateTed says:

    How much XP does the snow bunny give?

  42. alice says:

    why did my snail disappeared all of a sudden?

  43. asma says:

    will the bat leave the village after halloween or will it stay ?

  44. Josh says:

    How much xp does the ladybeatle give you?

  45. Ted says:

    I have that much snails & caterpillars (100+ i guess) that i can’t get any more smurfs than 111. “at character limit” as the game says.

    But i cannot delete / give away / set free any of the snails/caterpillars, so therefore i’m stuck with this amount of smurfs ( and gardens/box-gardens / trees), even al level 38 :(

    Hopefully there will be more character limit or an option to get rid of snails/caterpillars in a future update ……

    • Smurfette says:

      The developers have said that there are no immediate plans to increase the maximum number of characters, because all the animations etc. need to much memory on the devices. They are, however, trying to come up with a way to delete the roaming animals, i.e. caterpillars, snails

      • Maybe they could change the moving animals into stationary ones? Like, the caterpillar could have a leaf it lives on and the snail could have a flower it lives on? Then they could remove the walking animation and just have them sit.

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          I like the snails and caterpillars more when they are walking, althrough I can understand that some players would like them to be stationary.

  46. Dymokc says:

    Left out the clever crab (50 smurfberries) that will give you xp three times a day

  47. Larry says:

    My caterpillar and snakes arevnot given XP at all it has been more than 1 week now , does any one know .

    • Smurfette says:

      That happens if you have used the time cheat (i. e. setting the clock ahead) to make your crops ready. They will start giving XP again when the date to which you set your clock ahead has arrived in real time.

  48. Hilde says:

    is it true that too many pets slows down the game?

  49. Cayce says:

    Please change "Mouses" to "Mice".

  50. Justsmurfy says:

    Can you give pets to a friends village?

  51. Sassete says:

    Do you have the effects on ON = day/night mode ?

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