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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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At Character Limit


“At Character Limit” ! If you see this message, you have reached the maximum number of characters that can live in your village. The Smurfs and the roaming critters (i.e. the snail and the caterpillar) count as characters, the stationary Smurfs and the stationary animals (for example the butterflies) do not count for the character limit.

The maximum of characters available is 250. If you have reached this number, building or upgrading a house will not add a new Smurf to your village and you cannot buy a new roaming critter or animal. Because the snails, caterpillars and the Smurfs cannot be deleted at the moment, there is nothing you can do to get rid of that message.

The creators of the game have stated that increasing the character limit is, at the moment, not an option due to the limited memory resources the mobile devices, especially the older devices, offer. They are, however, thinking of a way to make it possible to remove roaming critters so that new Smurfs can be added. There has not been given any timeframe for that, so it is not expected in the next couple of updates and might take a while until that will be possible. This has now been implemented in the form of critter storage.

Please Note:

On the space area, i.e. the Swoof Planet, the character limit works a bit different. As Swoofs are needed to expand the area further, half of the limit (that is 125 characters) are reserved for the Swoofs. That means there are 125 characters left for the Smurfs and the creatures that hatch from mystery eggs combined.

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  1. suze says:

    I have to say I lost my passionate interest in the game when I hit my character limit. I also need more space in the original village. The island is a pain in the neck. I really HATE the island. Can you come up with a speedboat? I would happily just play in my village – but I have no MORE SPACE to beautify or add Smurf houses. It becomes BORING!!! I really loved making the village look great – and now all I can do is quest after quest. Please let me buy more smurfs – have room for more crops… more houses and make the game fun again!!!! The lack of a farmer smurf on the island drives me crazy. Could we look at changing up some of the games… I have given up on some of the games… they need updating – it gets boring hammering stumps into the ground, and making potion etc…. My island is really visually appealing – but I have no room!!!!!

    • Brainy says:

      send your comments to beeline

    • Sassete says:

      It sound like you need or are ready to create a second village and dont buy any snails and caterpillars because those counts as well

      • painter says:

        how do you make two villages?

        • Brainy says:

          You need game center. Create another game center ID for your 2nd village. From game center, tap me at bottom left corner, tap on email, tap logout . Now you see the button Create new account at bottom. When you create another game center id, make sure you create another email account for the new game center id.

          • tomoe1967 says:

            Can I move my existing village to a new game centre id with new email address.
            If I buy Amur errors, will it be enjoyed by 2 villages I have? Must the villages use the same email acc? Thank you very much.

  2. ivz says:

    im at characters limit…i need more smurfss…please work on how to remove the caterpillars and snails pleeaasseeeeee

  3. Is there a limit for the lands used for the roads?? The games crashes every time i to buy and put those colored lands on the village. However if i delete one i'm able to put another land somewhere else. Pls help! My village isn't finished yet and it'll look ugly without those lands. I tried waiting for the next update but nothing happened, the problem didn't go away.

  4. Daniel says:

    How come they haven't fixed the 'time changing' glitch? Needs sorting!!

  5. Kerode66 says:

    Why can't the number showing at the game be the precise figure. I have. 214 smurfs and 22 slug/ snails so I was sure I was still à bit under the limit, but not. To day I reached the top. What's the last once counting? Feeling a bit dissapointed now as I'm at level 40 and really thought I had enough for the next two limits.. Now I can't build any more houses…

  6. loko says:

    this is a room that has no floor no walls no windows and also no door . what is it ??????????

  7. danielle says:

    when will be the launch of the next version of smurfs village for i touch

  8. Painter says:

    I am sorry! 235 Smurfs not 325.

  9. Painter says:

    I have just 325 Smurfs. I don’t have any caterpillars nor snails. But I got the “at character limit”.

  10. LynnSuzanne says:

    I just reached Level 43.
    At Level 20 I learned about the character limit, and I had already bought 40 caterpillars, 6 snails, and some extra Smurfs. But ever since I found out about the 250 limit, I have been VERY CAREFUL to "save" characters so that I can buy three Smurfs per hut for many future levels. Right now I have 234 characters TOTAL, and when I upgraded my new hut today, it says "At Character Limit".
    So I paid 500 coins and 4 Smurfberries, but no new smurfs!
    Anyone know why?
    I'm feeling cheated out of 16 characters, 500 coins, and 4 Smurfberries.

    • Poet says:

      Hi, this simply means you have indeed reached your character limit of 255 characters. In fact, you are aware that caterpillars and snails do count towards the character limit right? One other way to get by this for now, is to build another village from scratch on the new island available..

      • LynnSuzanne says:

        What do you mean "255"? As I said in my post, I have 234 Characters TOTAL. Specifically, I have 188 Smurfs, 40 Caterpillars, and 6 Snails.
        I do not understand your response to my question.
        Here is my question in greater detail:
        I am asking if anyone knows why the game says I am at the Character limit? I am on Level 43 and did Papa Smurfs quests for critters long ago. I have 234 characters total. Any thoughts?

        • Poet says:

          The character limit for the game is set to 255. This means any moving smurfs, caterpillars and snails count towards this 255 limit.

          • LynnSuzanne says:

            Yes, I hope by my posts you can see that I understand which characters count. The part of your comment I did not understand was that you replied to my question by stating "this simply means you are at your character limit of 255", because I clearly said that I am NOT at the 255 number.
            My question, again and in a simpler format is: Why does the game say I am at the limit when I have 234 total moving smurfs, caterpillars, and snails?

          • Poet says:

            I think you don't get what I am trying to say too. I stated you are your character limit of 255, because this 255 includes smurfs, caterpillars and snails. How do you determine you are NOT at that number? The game's settings is such that smurfs, caterpillars and snails count towards the 255 limit. So, while you may think you only have 234 characters, you have actually exceeded that 255 limit.

          • LynnSuzanne says:

            I counted my critters, many times, since Level 20. I have 40 Caterpillars and 6 Snails. I also have 28 Flowerpots (smurfs) and 160 Gardens (smurfs).
            This adds up to 234.
            I'm confused why you keep insisting I have 255?
            I am beginning to think I will not receive a real answer to my question here, because the question exists due to the fact I have 234 characters. But you keep insisting I have 255… so my actual question is not being addressed.
            Let's say you assume I actually know how many characters are walking around my village, and that number is 234….. THEN how would you respond to my question?

          • Poet says:

            I wouldn't presume to know how many characters you actually have, but the fact that you are getting the 'At your character limit' message indicates you have already exceeded the 255 character limit. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you might want to e-mail to Beeline for their opinion. I do not work for Beeline, but simply telling you the limits to the game that they set. Their e-mail is :

          • Bufobil says:

            Something must be wrong with the latest update. I also got the “at character limit” notice after the last update, although I think I m under it. I think if u have too many caterpillars or snails u get the message even if the total number is under the limit.

          • Poet says:

            Caterpillars and snails count towards the character limit, fyi.

    • Kim Zwerver says:

      I know how you feel, I'm at level 47 and I have only 135 smurfs because I didn't know about the limit…
      I've been upgrading my houses with smurfberries for nothing before I realized this…
      I also feel cheated!!!

  11. sleepingdogs says:

    I have not reached character limit, but my huts are showing 42/43. does anyone know how I get this smurf in my village.I have upgraded all my huts, and can put moreon there, so space isn’t an issue. I am on level 22. thanks :)

  12. Cayce says:

    The best way to make sure that y'all don't run out of room to add characters is by deleting some Apps and not buying any animals. Also buying the Village Expansion for 25 Smurfberries will help too.

  13. ppp says:

    When is the next update???

    • Smurfette says:

      The latest version was just released for iOS, there is no information about the Android version yet. The update cycle is usally around every 6 weeks, so the next update would be sometime at the end of march/beginning of april

  14. Sarah says:

    I just updated the game today and I got the boat/ship but I don't see anything else. Like any new items to buy or anything showing the game goes up to 45 levels now.

  15. Smurfy_baby says:

    Thanks Smurfette for the swift reply. Unfortunately, being character limit, it no longer allows me to buy caterpillars or snails. I’m also at level 39 and have done the quests to buy snail and caterpillar. Is this something i need to raise beeline support?

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, in that case please contact Beeline support ( I experimented with the charcter limit on my second village a while ago and I was still able to buy snails/caterpillars even though I could not get more smurfs. But that was a couple of updates ago, so something might also have changed. I am sure Beeline can clarify this, though.

  16. Smurfy_baby says:

    Hi, i have 233 smurfs, 1 caterpillar and 1 snail. I tried to add a smurf by building a house/upgrading but it says i am already character limit. 235 is not equal to 250. What gives?

    • Smurfette says:

      I think some of the characters are reserved for snails or caterpillars, because there are also tasks where you have to get them and if you were able to have 250 smurfs alone you could not complete them. Meaning you can now use the difference to 250 to buy snails/caterpillars but no more smurfs.

  17. ppp says:

    When ɑηϑ what is smurf village next update?

  18. Guest says:

    As an android user i don't see why we should be held back due to a character limit driven by early iPhone users!!! More Smurfs, less iPhones …

    • Smurfette says:

      The Character Limit on Android has been built in as well because the game also runs on older Android phones. It only requires Android 2.2. and Beeline wants it to run on as many devices as possible, both on Apple iOS and Android, so I do not think this will change.

    • cliftonphotographer says:

      Agreed,my tablet has 32GB and I (unlike Apple devices) CAN expand my memory and want my Smurf Village to grow and grow! I'd like to see the ability to add tunnels or bikes and other modes of transport when the village is bigger!

      • Smurfette says:

        We are not talking about the hard drive memory space but the RAM (random access memory) which is used to save the game's data while it is running and older devices, both iOS and Android, do not have enough to show unlimited complex animations etc.

      • IPhoneFTW says:

        hahahha owned n00b… make the difference between ROM and RAM and after that you MAY try to bitch about IPhones..

  19. ppp says:

    Hey, anyone knows how to buy things @ android market?

  20. ppp says:

    @smurfette: What other games u play?

  21. ppp says:

    What is day/date??? Where is the forum

    • Smurfette says:

      There is no date yet, up until now the contest are up for Snoopy's Street Fair and Zombie Cafe. You can find the Forum on the "Forum and Feedback" page on Beeline's Facebook website ( ). They will anounce the contest there

  22. ppp says:

    How do we join the competition??

    • Smurfette says:

      You will have to send in a photo to Beeline (in the past by posting it to their Forum). But the contest has not started yet, a Beeline employee just said that there will be one, we will give the details once they are known.

  23. ppp says:

    Is there any smurf village cometition this Yε a̯͡r ??

    • Smurfette says:

      We do not know. There have been contests when the winner would get Smurfberries but not become a featured village (I guess they have enough at the moment) and considering the success I would say there are probably going to be some this year, but in the end we have to wait and see what Beeline does. If they do, we will definetly publish it to let people know.

    • Smurfette says:

      I just got the news that there will be a Valentine's Day Decorating contest

  24. ppp says:

    @smurfette: can I know ur game center ID? ɑηϑ how u be one of the featured village

    • Smurfette says:

      Sorry, I do not publish my Game Center ID and at the moment do not add new neighbours as I already have too many. If you want to see my village, I am featured village #9 on iOS. Regarding how to become a featured village, Beeline has done village decorating contests in the past where the winner would become featured. The last one was around Halloween 2010, you can read about it here:…

  25. ppp says:

    @smurfette: how do u know all that stuf

  26. Tim says:

    Is there a way to delete some snails or caterpillars in order to add new smurfs? I've reached the limit and it sucks. I understand the server cannot hold over 250 but there needs to be an option to delete characters.

    • Smurfette says:

      No, there is not yet an option for that. Beeline said they are still working on it, but it might be a while until something about the character limit can be done.

  27. LOL says:

    I reached the 250 character limit because I have a lot of caterpillars, but I don't think they are over 100 or 150 …

  28. Doug LBC says:

    Am confused on 250 character limit. Game currently tops out at level 40. If you spend the Smufberries to have three smurfs per house, you have 120 worker smurfs. Add ten or so walk around named smurfs (such as Papa Smurf, Smurfette, etc), two snails, two catapillers, ( coin and smurfberry each) how does someone even get over 150 walking characters?

    Only curious. I’m at the level that I can buy a snail but holding off. (then again I don’t plan on upgrading my houses to three smurfs so I really don’t think I’ll hit the limit, but can’t see how anyone does.

    • Smurfette says:

      The sepcial smurfs (like Smurfette, Papa etc.) do not count towards the character limit. Despite getting about 120 Smurfs via building and upgrading houses, you can also buy a Smurf without a house for 5 Smurfberries from the shop. But most people who have reached the character limti have just bought lots of Snails and Caterpillars. You are right, there are two different versions each, but you can buy as many of them as you want (until the limit of course).

      • Papa Smurf says:

        Don't buy anything but Smurfs, they will generate u far more XP and gold per character per hour by growing crops

        • Lynn says:

          Not if you have a full schedule. Some days I can only play Smurfs once…some days if i’m lucky I can play twice. Golden corn gives lots of coin, but with my limited playing time there are no crops I can plant to get as much XP as one caterpillar (500). Magic Raspberries whither every time I plant them. I’m on Level 37, and it would take weeks to level up if I didn’t have XP from my purchased critters: 50 frogs, 102 butterflies, 20 mice, and 50 caterpillars.

    • Goldy smurf says:

      U need to grow golden corn. I get 10k in gold every 10 hours. That's 2 catapillers each day adds up

  29. Andre Weber says:

    I have the quest where Papa Smurf wants me to harvest ingredients for the salad : Radishes, Crop of Green Peppers and a crop of Lettuce. I did that but he does not end the quest. Anyone else encountered the same problem?

    ps. In the header for Troubleshooting it says : 'Toubleshooting'.

  30. Kathy Hymes says:

    hi, hope I can get an answer. I bought 2 green caterpillars for for 10,000 each and they were on my game. I later got the message "at character limit" and they disappeared. How can I get them back now that I have more land….if that's possible OR is there a way to delete some smurfs and I have too many of them and this would make room for the 2 caterpillars. HOPE THERE IS AN ANSWER. Thanks

    • Smurfette says:

      As the article says, there is no way to get past the Character limit. This has nothing to do with the available space, but the memory space the phones offer. As it is limited Beeline can only allow a specific amount of items /smurfs etc. or the game wouldn't work anymore

  31. nour says:

    im on level 23 and i have 75 smurfs
    but one of my caterpillar disappeared and as will i cant see 3 smurfs but there is something rolling like loading sing when i press on it i can see smurf and after disappear again

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      Did you manipulate the time cheat?
      Try closing the app via multitask bar and if there's still that problem try closing and reopening your device.
      If you are still missing those characters then you should contact Beeline (

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I cant even remember how much money i have spend on this game, in the past 3 days alone ive spent over $150 and ive only have the game for two weeks since i got my iphone. I just wanted to make a unselfish post to say thank you to the people who went through the no doubt countless hours of effort to make this game a FREE download for us. I think its by far one of the best games in the app store and i will keep playing even once i reach my 250 smurf/creature limit. How any one of you can say the game is less fun because you can not get more smufts in beyond me, i dont see why anyone would need more than 250 smurfs anyways its not a large map and it would look way to over crowded. Phones are not pc, if you want a game that takes up more and more memorie with each add in, each smurf etc you should use a pc

    • Kriffel says:

      I have to agree with you. This is one of the few games i have played faithfully and enjoyed. It is the only game I have spent money on. Being such a great game, I will cOntinue to play once I hit my character limit. I’ll just have to devote my time on buying more things than over populating my little smurfs. :-)

  33. kim says:

    how can I break the character limit

  34. - Jon.- says:

    the new update should let you delete critters so then you can add more smurfs. also, smurfberries should be cheaper because i have already spent $25 on the smurfs village and i usually only pay 1 or 2 dollars just for one app!

  35. @Odyllia says:

    There should have been a warning about this. It's not fare not to find out when its too late and not be able to get rid of some critters in order to get more smurfs. I agree with Rdlg, it would be a good compromise to merge the critters and get more extra points!

  36. Rdlg says:

    I have a suggestion.
    Once you reach Character limit, the App should give you the option to consolidate your Caterpillars. Basically make them give you twice the XP points but cut the number you have in half. Everyone wins!
    You can continue purchasing caterpillars and getting new smurfs, and you dont loose the XPs you worked so hard to get

    • Smurfette says:

      You should send your idea to the developers of the game (, then maybe there is a chance they will use it. Beeline has said that they are trying to come up with a way to overcome the character limit (probably via enabling the removal of caterpillars).

  37. john says:

    Can i still buy farmer smurf if I reached character limit?

  38. shar says:

    character limit is BS can i get an update with more characters. starting to get tired of playing when i cant add characters.

    • Smurfette says:

      The developers have said that the character limit is due to the limited memory available on the mobile devices and hence will not be increased in the forseeable future

  39. jode says:

    make it so you can delete snails and caterpillars. please!!! D:

    • Smurfette says:

      We are not the developers of the game, so we can not make that happen, however, the creators said on their Facebook page that they are aware that his is a feature many want and are trying to come up with a way to reduce the number of caterpillars and snails we have.

  40. Mike says:

    This character limit is getting VERY frustratuing – I am in a competition with my boss and he has nearly twice as many smurfs as I do but is 10 levels lower. I have paid for smurfberries and everything and can't seem to get any more smurfs – NOT happy! This ia great way to LOSE customers!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      The character limit has nothing to do with whether you have bought Smurfberries or not, but with your devices capacity to show the high number of animated characters. The mobile devices are not like computers who have nowadays a lot of memory space, on the mobile devices the memory space is rather limited. That is why the creators of the game have said that they cannot incease the character limit in the forseeable future, although it is said that they are working on a way to make it possible to at least delete the animals that count towards that limit.

  41. Natalie says:

    Most of my friends have stopped playing Smurfs for this reason. Gets boring when you are at character limit, becomes less interesting. From the responses, doesn't seem to be in the plans to increase the character limit. Sad.

  42. @cory_neal says:

    Is it possible to increase the character limit if you buy more space for your village???

    • Smurfette says:

      No, the character limit is always the same, no matter how much space you have in your village. The only one who can change it are the developers, and from what they said it seems it is not planned for the near future.

  43. Grumpy says:

    Why am I @ character limit for surfs but not Forrest creatures? I can still buy them but not get anymore smurfs.

    • Smurfette says:

      That is weird, normally you can buy neither if you are at character limit, seems to me like the developers added a minimum number of animals that you can buy and you have not reached that. But exprect to reach the character limit for animals too, if you buy more.

  44. Angel says:

    I can’t add more smurf. I reached max characters will it be fixed in the next update? Game is boring now

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to ask the creators/developers about it, but as far as I am aware (mostly from what they said on their Facebook Page), there are no immediate plans to increase the number of max. characters to more than 250, because it will need to much memory and cause, especially on older devices, a lot of crashes.

      If you want to contact them nonetheless, please use this email address:

  45. Danielle says:

    Papa Smurf wants me to grow some grapes but I do not have it unlocked and I don’t have anymore Smurf berries. My game is at a stand still. Why does he suggest i grow things when I can’t?

    • Smurfette says:

      It is a bug, the producers/developers will fix this in the next update, so you can complete all the tasks again without having to use Smurfberries. Unfortunately, if you do not want to buy the fruit pack, it means you have to wait for the next update to complete that task and get a new one

  46. Angel says:

    I reached the max level and I’m very disappointed. I hope this is solved in the next update. For sure I dint want to restart my game

    • Smurfette says:

      Usually a new update includes one, sometimes two new levels (although there have been updates without new levels). Even though you reached max, the XP you earn will still count.

  47. Marcos says:

    He dejado de jugar the smurf por est situacion, he co

    Prado y. O se me hace justo q algo asi peda suceder,hagan algo porque estoy pensando seriame te rar este juego,tambien es molesto q este el cine y no poder borrarlo

  48. ted says:

    hope that in the future it will be possible to delete snails & caterpillars. Can they be also given away ? (in which case i'll be searching for some friends 😉 )

    • Smurfette says:

      It is not possible to delete Snails, Caterpillars and Smurfs, it was possible to delete houses and hence Smurfs fo a short time but the developers removed it again due to some technical issues and it does not seem likely that they will add it in the future again.

      No, you can not gift creatures

  49. Oyun says:

    I’m level 29 and reach the limit! Hope the limit is gone after the next update.
    Also the smurfscounter is wrong when your higher than 100.
    I consider to stop with the Smurfs. Please change the limit!!!!

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to Email the developers (Beeline-Games) about the character limit. At the moment it can not be increased and there is no other way to do something about it than restarting the game

  50. Steve says:

    would love a higher character limit…..i need more smurfs desperately. could you increase the number in your next update? or is it not possible to do so without restarting our games.

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to Email the developers (Beeline-Games) about the character limit. At the moment it can not be increased and there is no other way to do something about it than restarting the game

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