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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Available Gifts and their values


If you have added neighbours to your village (either via Facebook or Game Center), you can give a gift to each of them every 24 hours and there is a variety of gifts available, all with different values and benefits. The following list should help you to find the perfect gift for your neighbours. Some gifts give a lot of XP, some Coins and some of them are permanent while others, like cakes or potions, are temporary because the Smurfs eat them.

A gift should always be placed in the village after opening the present box, because only then the XP/Coins are given. Once a gift has been placed it can safely be deleted again, the XP/Coins will not be taken away. (For example if you receive a lot of potted plants, you can just keep (or store) as many as you need and delete the others after placing them).

GiftXPCoinsDuration/ Function
Red Potion200Temporary Item
Purple Potion400Temporary Item
Yellow Potion2000Temporary Item
Green Potion3250Temporary Item
Orange Potion5000Temporary Item
Cookie105Temporary Item
Blueberry Cupcake2010Temporary Item
Small Rock100Permanent Item
Blue Flowers (Small)600Permanent Item
Flower Seed00Unlocks the Flower Seed for Neighbours who did not yet get it or do not have Nat Smurfling unlock all Flower Seeds, only needs to be given once
Cherry Cake8040Temporary Item
Blue Flowers (Big)800Permanent Item
Blue Wood Fence050Permanent Item
Blueberry Cake4020Temporary Item
Medium Blue Mushroom3000Permanent Item
Potted Flower400100Permanent Item

Another update of the game (version 1.1.3) added a new indicator, so it will be easier to see who of your friends have not gotten a gift within the last 24 hours. In the neighbours map, there is now a little gift/present box sign next to the village banner of the neighbour. If the gift box is there, you are able to give that friend a gift, if it is not there, you already gave that neighbour a gift and will have to wait a while before you can gift again.

WARNING! In version the orange, yellow and green gift potions have disappeared due to a bug in the update, for more information please click here .

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  1. Anna2 says:

    Can you update this article and add the new items, please?

  2. Susan says:

    How to know which of my friends are sending the gifts ? :)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      First load your friends and neighbors map, and then collect your gifts. Most of the time if you load the map first, the game tells you who left the gift.

  3. AmethystRuby says:

    How often do new gift options get added to the gifting selection? These same ones have been on awhile. A month or so.

    • Smurfette says:

      Not very often, we had the same ones for a couple of years and Beeline added the potter items as new gifts with the previous potter smurf update. But other then that nothing changed for the gifts in years.

  4. Bebe says:

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    And i am satisfied studying your article.

    But wanna commentary on some basic issues, The site style is ideal, the articles

    is truly excellent : D. Good activity, cheers

  5. Bart says:

    I am looking forward if anyone will exchange gifts to me.
    I am on android on level 21. I desperately need a purple potion. I have tried to make it myself but I did it 20 or more times but I never succeed. I hope by exchanging gifts I can get a purple potion sodat The game can move on atherwise I am stuck.My android ID is Thanks in advanced.

  6. Indian Woman says:

    Does anyone know if when I gift stone does it use my stone stored? Does it use my dye or wood stored ? Or is it like bolts unlimited? Thank you.

  7. Kash says:

    The tracker shows no connection despite having an Internet connection
    Please help

  8. jenny says:

    Jokey gave me a gift that looked like a rainbow colored rain drop. Dont know what it is nor can I find it :(

  9. PERSEO says:


    • Michi says:

      Ohh it means that Marco smurf is in that village! View that village and look for Marco. When you see him, tap on him. A message will come out. Just click on the ok button. Go back to your village. The moment you reach there, a gift box will pop out. It is a gift to you from Marco. I think everyday he will be in one of yr friends villages.

  10. Hokage says:

    please can someone tell me how to connect to game center please?
    i am using android.

  11. Brandi says:

    Anyone want to add me as a friend? I will give you daily gifts. Bmferg530. Thanks

  12. Tuckslove says:

    Hi there

    I was wondering about when you receive a gift of palm seed what happens to it & what are you suppose to do with it?

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  13. neko says:

    my island doesnt have palm trees. how can i get brainy to grab whatever up there? there is no upthere.

    • Poet says:

      What device are you playing this game on? If you are not an IOS player, such a glitch might happen.

    • Michi says:

      Click at the roots of the tree. A list will come our just like when you click on a patch to grow crops. Plant something. When you harvest it, quest completez!! Do not harvest the crop early or it will not work.

  14. Smurfy says:

    I wish beeline would include an indicator in the neighborhood map screen to tell you if a particular friend has not updated yet to save time from trying to give a gift. (you can't give a gift if they aren't on the same update version as you.) It's very annoying to have to try to gift them first before being notified that they need to update.

  15. Shigwa says:

    When you have the list of all your friends, only one has a kind of medal. What does that mean?

  16. jennie says:

    HI Im a newbie. I would like to ask if you will know who among your neighbors gave you the gift. Thanks

    • gayle4ce says:

      It will say who gave u the gift-however there are times that it just says " someone left u a gift"

  17. Ana says:

    What are those blue wooden storage looking item on the village? When smurfs come across them it seems to open then shut, as if they’re potable potties..

  18. Skygamer says:

    Gifting – Good practise
    There are 3 options to let your online friends know what gifts you prefer:
    1. Communicate via facebook,
    2. Mention the gifts in the status section of your GC ID or,
    3. Include the gift in your GC ID ie: "Skygamer – potion pls"
    Including the gift request in the GC ID is great because it shows up in the Neighbours map.

  19. XLeanneX says:

    Does anyone know the value of the gifts on the island? Also the new gifts wood, stone & dye? Could you tell me how often they change/update the gifts? Many thanks

    • Brainy says:

      we dont know when they change. Wood, stones, dye have no values. They go into handy/architect resource list for customizing huts.

      • XLeanneX says:

        Thank you Brainy for your reply x could you tell me the value of the gifts on the island? The flower, mushroom etc. are they the same as the village? Thanks again Leanne x

        • Marco Smurf says:

          Leanne, The gifts don't give the same XP in the island, we are going to update this section shortly, so you will see the XP for Both island and main village

  20. Rugged Smurf says:

    I haven't received a gift or watering in over five weeks. I have nearly 50 friends and I was receiving multiple per day and leaving on a daily basis until recently.
    Can you advise how I can rectify this?

    Thanks and keep up the EXCELLENT work!
    Rugged Smurf

    • Poet says:

      Are you still facing this issue? Sometimes, it could be due to friend server issues, and sometimes perhaps your friends are not gifting.

      • Rugged Smurf says:

        Hi Poet
        I am still not receiving gifts or watering. This is week six and I have unlocked the clockwork blueprint.
        Until I start receiving gifts again, it is essentially redundent.
        I have had at least two updates since this issue occurred. I have completed a full back up and reset of my iPad. I have also left smurf village and game centre open together for 12 hours as suggested on another page here.

        Looking through the comments, I can see others are experiencing similar issues.
        Do you have any suggestions?

        Once again, my sincere thanks for your help!
        Rugged Smurf

        • Brainy says:

          Some people have fixed this problem by reinstalling the game. If you are using game center to launch the game, you can reinstall the game without losing your village.
          Do not reinstall the game if you are not using game center because you will lose all game data.

          It's recommended to backup (not sync) your device to itune before reinstalling the app so you can restore back just in case something goes wrong.

          The reinstall should work but I am not responsible if you lose your vilage because you dont do it right. But if you have itune backup, you should have no problem reinstalling.

          • Rugged Smurf says:

            Hi Brainy
            I backed up my iPad and reinstalled the game. This does appear to have solved the problems!
            I have had a few presents already so fingers crossed!

            Thanks for all your help!
            Rugged Smurf

  21. Kathleen says:

    Does anyone know the value of the new gifts in the latest update? Are they temporary?

  22. 7sweet2012 says:

    I have unlocked all flower seeds, but i can't give them my friends(iPhone)

  23. iOS 5 user says:

    Hi since I have updated my smurf village to valentine version, it keeps lagging behind when I scroll/ move about my village. It’s annoying. I am am using ios 5. Please check If this version is compatible to ios 5. Thank you

  24. DKriz says:

    Anyone hear if yellow, green and orange potions will ever be back as gifts? ITs quite a few versions since they disappeared.

  25. Rain says:

    Yea I’ve noticed I can’t give gifts anymore ! I get a message saying only 1 gift every 24 hours even though I haven’t been able give any gift for 4 days now. I don’t know if the watering of my friends plants are affecting my abity to give gifts? But if Beeline are fixing the problem, I just have to wait. Thanks for all your help and tips Smurffete!

    • at du vander deres blomster skulle helst ikke påvirke din evne til at give gaver det har jeg selv ikke oplevet at det skulle have påvirket min gave evne…

      • Sassete says:

        Its better if you write in english so more people can understand. But you dont have to water others plants and give gifts but then you cant expect to get watering or gifts either. You save a lot of money if you have lots of plants that other people are watering instead of delete them and plant new ones.

  26. mikhasmurf says:

    I can't recieve any gift from my fiends. My flowers suddenly can't get watered for at least a week. anybody have the same problems? If I give a gift to my friends, they won't recieve them. is it my application error?

    • Smurfette says:

      At the moment there are still server issues that cause many people to not be able to get gifts and/or water. There is nothing you can do about that, Beeline is working on it.

    • ctomma says:

      I've the same problems. How long we have to wait until beeline to solve out it out?
      they are still working on it….

  27. Smurfette says:

    Hi I love smurfs

  28. Dodosmurf says:

    Hiii smurfette! İ want to make my ground color white but i dont know hw to do it can you help me?

  29. Brick says:

    Hi Smurfette! What about the gum ball gift? (xp and coins). I wished it was a permanent item for my beach but it disappeared immediately! :(

  30. Smurfy fi says:

    My move option button for moving ground is not showing the colour of dirt anymore:(

    Anyone else got same unsmurfy problem?

    • Handy_Smurf says:

      Yes this is very normal, the new update made it that way but if you still want to move the ground pieces it is possible you just really have to look close and click on the item

    • Smurfette says:

      Yep, like Handy said everyone is experiencing it (at least on iOS with the latest version) but a Beeline representitive said on their support forum that it is a glitch, so it should get fixed with one of the upcoming updates.

  31. TheD says:

    Does gift giving cost anything to the giver?

  32. Fabruccio says:

    Today I sent 8 gifts to one only neighbour: each time I get an error while watering his flowers, I hit CANCEL and I'm able to drop another present. The best way to get a timeout error is to water many flowers at once…

    • Smurfette says:

      Yeah, that is a nice trick, I tried it just now, but it does not always work. On half of my neighbours I tried it on it said I can only gift once every 24 hours even though I tapped Cancel. But it worked on some of my neighbours, thanks for sharing.

  33. GBird says:

    My friends villages are not updating on my friends page. Ex: my friend is on level 19 but when I look at her page it shows she is at a level 15.

    • Smurfette says:

      That means your friends village is not updated to the servers. Your friend has to be logged into the service they are using (Facebook or GameCenter) and also be connected to the Internet. Then just playing for a minute or so (place an item, plant some crop etc.) and it should get updated.

  34. Ashley Lowry says:

    Hi, I have looked and looked for Scaredy smurf at night time, but cannot find him. He’s there during the day but once it get dark, I can’t find him! Is he hiding somewhere? Any suggestions?

    • Smurfette says:

      He should be there, if you have Tailor Smurf, turn on his hat mode, then most of the things dissappear and it is easier to find him (if you do not have Tailor Smurf, try the Move Mode, works just as well but you might accidentally move something)

    • Jerome says:

      Hi yes I have the same problem

      But if it’s morning I find him but if it’s night I can’t find him ~~ ;((

      • Smurfette says:

        Use Tailor Smurfs Hat Mode (or the Move Mode if you do not have Tailor) to look for him at night. That should work. Scaredy is hiding very well at night, sometimes even behind buildings/items making him impossible to find in the normal mode.

  35. Tom says:

    tha smurfs symbol has changed in game centre Halloween background do u think we will get update tonight? As the symbol wasn’t like that yesterday …

  36. Woosy says:


    I have 2 questions:

    1. My notification is suddenly gone and after going in the Option to turn off and on again, it still does not work. When I did try it a few times, I went back to Level 1, really gave me a scare.

    Is this something for Beeline ??

    2. Papa Smurf wants a picture of the Village, I went to take a phone house, and save to photo library. How do I take a picture of the Village and how do I give it to Papa Smurf so we can go to another message.

    Thanks so much


    • Smurfette says:

      Did you update your device to iOS 5? Because it totally changes the notification system. Infos here:… Go to settings – notifications on your device and see if you have allowed them for the Smurfs App. About the return to level 1, you should definetly let Beeline know, the more they know about any bugs, the better and sooner they can fix them. To take a picture, go to the build menu and there at the top is a little camera button. Use this and Papa will be satisfied

  37. Sunny says:

    Thanks for this list. But I, like many other players have lost their friends after the last update. Hopefully beeline fixes this bug with the next update. So far no gifts and no surch for Marco :-(

    • Nobody Smurf says:

      I keep losing my friends too, but I find that if I unbanish one friend that I had previously banished, all my friends magically reappear. Hopefully this will work for you too.

  38. Minott12 says:

    Hey Smurfette! The XP/coins you posted for the mushroom and potted flowers are incorrect. The mushroom gives only 300 XP with no coins, and the potted flower gives 400 XP with 100 coins;).

  39. Rugged Smurf says:

    Hi Smurfs
    Just a follow up note. I had not received any gifts or watering for the last two days.
    I backed up the game via GC, deleted it and reinstalled.
    Getting gifts and water again now.
    I hope I don't need to do this on a weekly basis!

    Thanks again for your help!

    Rugged Smurf

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