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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Brainy Burned Down Papa’s House Glitch


Some players may have experienced a major glitch associated with updating their Smurfs’ Village game. This devastating bug completely wipes out the entire village and displays a rather odd message. When re-starting the game, several users have reported a message informing them that Brainy has burned down Papa Smurf’s house or that Smurfette’s house was eaten by a squirrel. Along with the bad news players will notice that all of their decorations, farms, gardens, and the whole Smurfs’ Village that they’ve worked hard to build have disappeared. Smurfs are wandering around an empty field of grass and many players are unable to move or place any objects to rebuild their town.

Beeline is currently working on correcting this issue in future updates but any user experiencing this error are advised to restore their village through the game’s hidden recovery feature. Similar to PCs, the game saves and creates a backup version of your village daily. Once a user has entered the options area, tapping quickly on Papa Smurf’s head icon will activate the hidden recovery system to reboot your village. Re-logging in through Game Center is also an option for returning to the previous saved version of your game.

The Development Team at Beeline is completely aware of this major corruption issue and is willing to assist players however they can to resolve the problem. Apparently, the bug appears when one of the main character’s huts such as Papa Smurf or Smurfette goes missing. The message is not a quest. It’s a light-hearted error message than can be misleading. Most users are able to restore their village through the recovery feature. For those players who find their valuable Smurfberries missing after restoring their game, contacting Beeline support is the best method to receive a berry reimbursement. A great tip to prevent your iOS device from developing major bugs like the Brainy burned down the house glitch is to make a habit of restarting your device weekly.

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  1. gdsjoy says:

    When I try to go to the mountain, Island, or the planet, most of the time it'll close out of the game. I'll try to just restart the game, but that doesn't work. I have to turn the entire iPad off, then back on to be able to go to those places. Do you know of anything to do to fix this?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, there is not a fix for that issue that we are aware of.. You might want to open a ticket with Beeline at so they know there is a problem.

  2. Maci__Micglire says:

    Even if you get the message that Brainy has burned down Papa Smurfs Hut while Papa Smurf was out collecting ingredients for a potion or the Smurfette's hut was eaten by a squirrel will the character still be in your Village or will the character be gone? Did Brainy really burn down Papa Smurfs Hut? Or was Smurfette's hut really eaten by a Squirrel? How do people actually get that message is it just a coincidence? Or maybe just a Bug?

    • Smurfette says:

      It is a bug, when a message like he burned down Papa Smurfs hut appears it is usually followed by data corruption, so if any of this happens to you use the recover feature to restore your village to a backup point before it is too late and you end up loosing your village.

      • Maci__Micglire says:

        Why has there been so much Data Corruption lately? Why are players villages getting completely wiped out after the update I understand that it is a Bug,but I don't understand like why players even have to update their villages.Why did other players have to update their Villages? I had to so I could go to other villages.

        • Smurfette says:

          We don't know what causes the data corruption, but as for the updates, people update their villages because they want the new things that are added with each update. And once a village is updated it is not compatible to older versions of it to prevent bugs etc. occurring. That is why, if you don't update and your neighbours have, you can't visit them

  3. Gamer Smurf says:

    Help! My smurf village is gone, everything is gone! I tried buying a smurf for 5 berries, built the new Papa's Hut, some houses, gardens, timber smurf's, lucky's hut, and the animal sanctuary(There is space at the very bottom of the village and I expanded the village.) Help me fix this problem

  4. Noob man says:

    That happened to me today, i tried deleting it for several times but i only made it worst. Please help me i tried backing it up but only one saved game is in there. Please help me!

  5. Courtney says:

    My won’t work it’ll only get to the orange page then log out plzzzzzzz help me

  6. Appeltje says:

    After the update al my smurfs are gone exept 4 smurfs. The boot is gone and i recieve al the messages from the beginning of the game.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Recover your village: Go to the beginning menu where the play button is. You'll see a button options. Press it and tap on Papa Smurfs head 16 times. A recover village button appears, tap it and you'll see a list of saved villages. Select one, preview it and if it's yours select recover.

    • Maci__Micglire says:

      Have you tried going to the Smurfs Village main menu? If you have not go to the main menu and select options,after that touch Papa Smurfs head like 16 or more times and then select recover village if you don't see the village you were on before the whole game restarted try contacting Beeline.

  7. eddpl says:

    Hello I have install Japanise version i the same time as a 1.2.7 update and I don't have daily offer for a week now. I have iOS 5.0, every day I have new items in japan village but in the old village nothing. What can this be?

  8. Angelbabe says:

    I've downloaded the new download to fix problems but I have discovered that reporter smurf it won't progress to day 2 collecting xp it stays on day one and only let's me collect coin each day. As well as the island crops stop growing.

  9. Angelbabe says:

    I downloaded new update and still having problems with growing crops taking too long on the island anyone else having problems with the fixed update

    • MJC says:

      I'm having this too. Time has passed but crops still show full amount of time left. Both palm crop & regular crops are planted, but yet all smurfs are walking around aimlessly when they should be tending to their crops. No prgress can be made. I planted pineapples on island this morning & they still show 17 hours 55mins left. Yesterday the timers were not going down at all. I had to harvest all palms crops early & restart. Today palm crops have made absolutely no progress. Please help island is useless at the moment.

  10. Anthony says:

    i lost my village data because brainy smurf burned down my village my neat organized level 49 village but the new update let me rebuild my village ONLY ON LEVEL 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tink says:

    I’m glad to know Beeline has figured out game corruption is tied to phone reboots. My game has needed to be restored at least once per week for the lastt month or so, and seemed to be connected to program updates, though I could never confirm that.

    When I recovered my village (android system), all looked ok, though, I wasn’t able to confirm all my smurfberries were correct. I had no idea where in the cycle my smurfberrry bush was, so it is possible to have lost smurfberries. It might be helpful if the smurfberry bush had a status so that if one has to restore the village, it would be fairly easy to see if days remaining or total smurfberries given were a value we could check. I realize this isn’t Beeline, but I’ve been quite annoyed to have to recover my village so often.

    I don’t reboot my phone every day because I need to leave it on 24×7. I will try to reboot more often in the hope that iit will mitigate the need to recover my village. I’m in level 20, and keeping track of what I’ve accomplished on the island and mainland is complicated.

  12. Smitbag says:

    Thanks beeline!! I had my level 51 village wiped and beeline gave me 4500 smurfberries replacing what I had lost!! This made starting from scratch much easier, cheers for the great customer service!!

    • !Jos06! says:

      I would love to know how you got such wonderful service from beeline. I had lost data and smurfberries and had proof of purchase yet they refused to help. I got a response saying they were looking into it and then another saying thanks for my input and that was the end of it, despite the many emails I sent them. I don’t understand how a company offering a product for purchase can ignore a complaint of a loss of their purchased product! It’s completely frustrating! Just wondering how you got your issue resolved, since I’ve been unsuccessful at resolving mine. Thanks!

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        Recover your village: Go to options, tap Papa Smurfs’ head 16 times. A ‘recover village’ button appears. Press it and you’ll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview it, and if it’s yours select ‘recover’.
        If you think your game is corrupted delete and reinstall your game but only when you're sure you can recover with either Gamecenter, i-Tunes or i-Cloud. To do so check this link:…
        If you really can’t do a thing about it contact Beeline at

  13. LooneySmurf says:

    I've found if I close smurfs while on the island, the crops will continue to grow till I return.

  14. ... says:

    The new update is out if u guys didn’t know !

  15. Ariana says:

    I just updated and before doing so, I checked to see what the updates were.
    It listed the fix to the island crop growing problem.
    Having missed a few Message In A Bottle missions, I was happy to see it listed there and upgraded.
    I re-placed my gardens and planted some Peas, left it for about half an hour and came back.. well, it didnt work. Once I made it back to the island, the smurfs were just getting to the peas and still had 3 hours left.
    I dont know how many coins I have wasted on the island crops since the update before this one..

    So, anyway, whats the deal?

  16. Toni8862 says:

    Hi vito You have to tap papa smurfs icon 16 times to activate recovery,

  17. grumpysmurf says:

    For me also. When putting the app in the background or traveling from island to island. Nothing happens with crops. They have not grown a bit. They stand still.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Beeline still needs to fix that but they are going to release a update that should fix most off the bugs but not all.

  18. grumpysmurf says:

    For me also. When putting the app in the background or traveling from island to island. Nothing happens with crops. They have not grown a bit. They stand still.

    So now you must hold the screen open to make sure a crop can grow.

  19. Vito says:

    With the last update (v. 1.2.6), the hidden recovery system in option, not work. :-(

  20. Bamajohnston says:

    What is Beeline doing about the bug that has all of the island smurfs only working while one is visiting the island. When the boat leaves the smurfs quite working. Also sometimes more than one smurf waters a crop. It is taking way to long to earm coins.

  21. Wendy wood says:

    Just looked at my village this morning to see that I have lost over 900,000 coins, how can I get these back also I lost around 60 smurf berries 3 days ago, is there a bug in the system?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tap Papa Smurfs’ head 16 times. A ‘recover village’ button appears. Press it and you’ll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview it, and if it’s yours select ‘recover’.
      If you think your game is corrupted delete and reinstall your game but only when you're sure you can recover with either Gamecenter, i-Tunes or i-Cloud. To do so check this link:…
      If you really can’t do a thing about it contact Beeline at

    • Smurfpop says:

      Me too, half my coins have disappeared too! Will I get them back?

  22. nopporn says:

    I had it 2 times.

  23. dada says:


    Is there a way to transfer my smurf village from Iphone to Android? I am planning to change to SamSung Galaxy and wouldn't want to start from scratch.


    • Poet says:

      I'm afraid not….as IOS devices and Android devices are on two totally different platforms…..there's currently no way to transfer. You will have to start from scratch.

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