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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Catching Animals for the Habitat with Treats


There are two ways of getting animals for the habitat in the smurfs village game. The first is to buy them from the shop from within the sanctuary for Smurfberries. The different animals cost between 25 and 225 Smurfberries each.

The second way to catch animals is done by leaving treats outside the Animal Habitat to bait them to come. There are four different kinds of treats that can be left out and they attract different kinds of animals.

The available treats are:


Up to 20.000 Coins, depending on the number of animals already living inside the habitatDepending on the number of animals already living in the habitat, from 30 seconds up to 24 hours.

5 Smurfberries20 seconds

Carrot Cake
25 Smurfberries10 seconds

Pecan Pie
50 Smurfberries5 seconds

(Please note: At the moment (version 1.2.6 on iOS) there seems to be a bug which causes the animals to be caught within 30 seconds, no matter how long it would take normally with the treat to attract an animal).

To leave out the treats, simply click on the stump next to the animal sanctuary (not on the sanctuary itself) and choose one of the treats.

Once an animal has been attracted it will sit on the stump next to it. To place it inside the habitat simply click on it and choose “Keep”. If “Release” is chosen, the animal will be set free again and a new one can be baited to come.

An animal can only be kept when there is a place available for it inside the habitat (for more information, please read “Animal Houses and the maximum number of animals”).


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  1. Jerseychick says:

    I caught a brown mouse, he is sitting on the stump I’m my village. I tried to release him but that does nothing. I tap the button and nothing happens and the button vanishes. I do not want him in my sanctuary because he earns less XP than other animals. He has been hanging out on the stump since before the latest update. Is anyone else having this issue? Can I release him without first putting him in the sanctuary thus being forced to delete a more valuable animal? When I press keep I am prompted there is no more room, which is true at the moment.

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Yes, others are having the same problem. You can open a ticket with Beeline's customer support, too. What I did: I set a mouse free from my Sanctuary and made room for the new animal on the tree stump.

  2. Emilia says:

    Hello , I caught a blue bird and I was told i have no room and i dont have the habitat for this bird to live in. So i bought the tree and it still wont let me bring the bird into the sanctuary?!!?!? HELP?!
    I also have a mice and a squirel? Does this matter? should i release one of my mice?! thanks 😀

    • Smurfette says:

      If you have bought a tree you have the habitat for the bird. When you click on the sanctuary, what number does it say? (it should be something like 18/20 or something similar). If both numbers are the same then you have maxed out on your animals for the moment. In that case try buying another tree. You could release on of the other animals but if you were able to place the tree you should have space for the bird. Are you sure you bought the tree and not the tree stump? Because only the tree works for the birds.

  3. koaisamazing says:

    How long can an animal stay outside the sanctuary if you caught it with a treat, but no habitat for it? I spent five smurfberries to catch an animal and a guinea pig showed up, bit i i have no habitat for it to live in and when i went to build one it said i had to wait until leave 24 which is 2 levels away.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I had one wait there until I leveled up and could add it to my sanctuary. As long as you don't tap it and release it, it should stay where it is standing on the stump.

  4. Miranda says:

    Hello, I 've got a bird after buying treat, and bought a tree. But I'm unable to put this birdnin the animal sanctuary, because it won't have an habitat. That's the tree, so what to do now?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to enter the sanctuary and purchase the habitat that looks like a tree. You will find it under Structures. You MUST do this from WITHIN the sanctuary. Purchasing a tree outside the sanctuary will not work.

  5. Nicky says:

    I don't understand this game

  6. Mariska says:

    I must tap the mouse, but i have a bird… Everytime i have enough money to buy a tree for the birds, they tell me that i have to waite 2 levels ( on level 10: requiers level 12, when i finally have 12, t'hey say: requiers level 14) and why does the smurf always say tap the mouse while i have a bird?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Is there a mouse sitting on the stump near the Animal Sanctuary? That is the mouse they want you to tap. tap the Animal Sanctuary to enter it. Tap the hammer at the lower right of the screen once you are inside the Animal Sanctuary in order to purchase a habitat for the mouse. You can choose a tree stump, log, or another habitat as long as the description says it is good for a mouse

      The mouse for sale in the main game's build menu under the Flowers tab is not available for purchase until Level 34 and costs 25,000 coins.

    • Prisca says:

      I have this same problem!! Have you managed to solve it yet?

  7. Sue says:

    Been playing smurff game for one year. Still haven't figured out about player pictures. Can you tell me how to learn about them??????

    • Poet says:

      Player pictures simply refer to the icons you can set as your pic that appears on the top left hand corner of your game, next to where your level no is. Just tap on it to change and set the pictures you want.

  8. Lagersmurf says:

    I bought a bird sanctuary by accident – it won't house a mouse. I want to delete it, and replace it with another one (like a tree stump) but it won't let me? I don't want to spend smurfberries for a bird – I have 8 animals already now… I just can't get my last one into the sanctuary! Any ideas?

    • Poet says:

      Currently, you are unable to delete any habitat you have built. If you have already built 20 habitats, you will have to await future updates when they expand the sanctuary.

  9. patricia says:

    which causes the animals to be caught within 30 seconds, no matter how long it would take normally with the treat to attract an animal). Which bug is it?

  10. DD2012 says:

    You loose money if u release a pet and i think the new update keeps the carrot there always, because people are unable to findit without the carrot, just ignore it!

    And YES guys you loose the money if u release a animal!

    Also: you visit the animals and click on one then hit "release" .

    Hope that helped! Goodluck!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I don't have an option to build an animal sanctuary? My brother does, my aunt does, but I don't. Why?

  12. Patsimaria says:

    Up to the tree stamp i have a carrot?! What mean that ? I bought one pet with coins and nothing! I dont have sfberrries to buy a pet!

  13. Amy says:

    It’s frustrating that I can’t choose the animals I want to add to the sanctuary. Considering the cost, I should get to pick my animals. Instead, I have 4 chipmunks that will take forever to save up the money to feed.

    • krucabombamalocasu says:

      EXACTLY!! I would like to have a bird …spent a lot of coins and nothing allways maus, squirrells etc…

      • milos says:

        i have the same provlem . how to have a bird? pls help!

        • Stroumpfette says:

          The way I understand this is that it is random whether the snack you leave out to attract an animal will attract a bird or not, and that the three treats other than peanuts may attract one. Also, it is possible to purchase one from within the sanctuary. The animals are under the "paw" tab, and my store shows birds from 25-100 smurf berries.

          • Smurfy15623 says:

            I want to get the chimpmunk but when i try to get it I got the brown mouse instead (so wired )

          • Smurfette says:

            Which animal you can get depends on the kind of treat that you use and the rest is up to chance. If you are not happy with the mouse and you have the coins (or SB) to spare you can release it and try again.

  14. Kate says:

    How do I complete jockey smurf quest backfired? I have opened two boxes and still have not completed quest.

  15. Apple says:

    What will happend if i release the animal from room?

  16. Julian says:

    If you release an animal do you get money or smurfberries back?

  17. Wkr says:

    I have a carrot icon over the stump near my habitat. What am I supposed to do with that? I don’t have the 25 smurfberries needed to buy the carrot cake, if that’s what it is. I’m not sure because I can’t even try it!

  18. funkyfour says:

    I don't get this animal enclosure thing! I have 8 animals but only 6 habitats within so there doesn't seem to be any correlation between animals and habitats. I keep growing food but it is consumed SO fast as the animals ramp up in levels but the corresponding xp is not nearly worth it IMHO. I have 8/8 animals according to the "entry" page to my enclosure but it let me spend $20k to attract another animal. But I don't know that I'll actually be able to keep it and if I release it, will I get my coins back? I'm so confused! I had stored up over $200k in anticipation of this new update and I'm nearly out of money, have only 2% more xp towards the next level (I'm at 33) and the myriad of other bugs make me want to throw my Android across the room. Also I have a quest from Papa Smurf to visit another village but I don't have any other villages friended (I've tried – has never worked and I really don't want to post a global invitation on FB as I'm not a FB junkee) so I can't clear the quest. Even if I visit a random "featured" village. Can anyone shed any light???

  19. Don_K says:

    Could you post a list which tells us the names of the animals can be caught with the treat?

    (The game only shows us the head of the animal, not its name.)

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You can see a list the animals in the footprint tap in the sanctuary.

      • Don_K says:

        Yes, indeed I can see a list of the animals in the footprint tab in the sanctuary, but that list:
        – does not tell us the name of the animal (if it would, we could look it up on the appropriate page on this site)
        – does not show the head of the animal (if it would, we could find out the max XP/hour for the animals that can be caught with the treat)
        – does not tell us with which treat it can be caught (which is essentially what I was asking).

        Does anybody have a list that tells us which animals can be caught with each treat?

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          You have a list when you tap the threat. If you don't know which animal it is, check the list in the animal sanctuary(footprint tap in the building menu I think.)

  20. Pam Morgan says:

    My smurfs on the island, quit watering and the timer stops when I leave the island. They won't start again unless I stay on the island. What is the problem?

    • Poet says:

      There was a bug with the crop growing when the update for Doctor Smurf came out. However, there was another update that came later to fix this. Have you gotten it?

  21. Mnmimi says:

    Also my smurfs have 2 and 3 to a crop. This just started but I cannot plant all crops as in effect I lost 1/2 my smurfs. Plus the animals are so costly to feed all of mine are level 9 and 1 feeding is 0ver 1400 nuts per times 5 to get to the next level to grow them is 20000 and then it is 5 times that 100000 coins to get an animal fed. It’s a bit crazy. It makes it seem that beeline is forcing sales

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      For the missing smurfs, log out and back in.
      I know the animals are expensive but the only sale you should do is to buy the harvest wagon for golden corn.

  22. Alicia Legorreta says:

    Hi, I have a question, I have 13 animals in the sanctuary, from level 5 to 10, as I have given them treats I expect to earn xp from them and I don't see the bonus xp added or shown, can you help me understand? Thank's for your attention. Regards Alicia

  23. Carmen says:

    Crops are not growing when game is off. Strawberries that should only take an hour are taking 10 or more. It makes it impossible to complete growing tasks. We have tried to cancel out the crops and try again, that doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

  24. Sp0kn4 says:

    Hi ever since the new update with the DR. And reporter and so on both my husband and I have been having many issues with our islands. Crops are not growing when game is off. Strawberries that should only take an hour are taking 10 or more. It makes it impossible to complete growing tasks. We have tried to cancel out the crops and try again, that doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

  25. Carmen says:

    How do I place the bait to catch animals?

    • Sassete says:

      Tap on the stomp that is outside the sanctuary and you get four different options of treats you can buy, Tyr with the paenuts first because you can buy them for coins

  26. michelle says:

    i love my smurf game but i have children the 24.99 i spend on sb here n there can be an outfit here n there im just saying they should give a little bit more than what they do or cut the TIME short

  27. Sharon says:

    Why my friend able to buy the treat – peanut and she got the Red Squirrel and Grey Squirrel? While I always get the Brown Squirrel or Brown Mouse only?

  28. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    You have to tap the tree stump and select a food.

  29. djkisssmurf says:

    I miss in this info that when you release an animal your coins or SBs are gone……

  30. torpycheck says:

    Let's say I pay 12800 to attract a new animal. If I don't like it and release it, do I have to buy some new treats again, or can I keep attracting another one with the same treat within the time period indicated?

  31. Anna says:

    where you can buy the treats for catching the animals that are free outside the animal sanctuary? I don't find them!


  32. Viola says:

    Will coins or smurfberries be deducted if I choose to release the animal?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      No, it won't.

      • Sunburned Smurf says:

        I just tried it and it didn't give me back my SBs or Coins back if you release the animal.

        • SushiSmurf says:

          Yes same thing happened to me. This appears to be a bug. Last night, my coins were not deducted when I released the animals (coins were deducted only when I chose to Keep the animal). Today, I released animals but they took my coins and SBs.

      • Smurfyfriend says:

        Yes, it takes your coins. For example I spent $10,800 coins for peanuts and got a brown mouse, I released it, and my coins were gone. I clicked the peanuts again and it wanted $12,800 for peanuts. So not only will it take your coins when you choose to release, it will also increase your coins for another animal.

    • dpsmurf says:

      Yes!!! I lost 800 coins and not only that, I have to pay the next higher level of coins for the next animal!!!

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