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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Christmas update



was version:1.01
main pdates were:

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  1. Tamara says:

    I was looking through random villages and saw this very huge Christmas tree?! How were they able to do that?

  2. flavia says:

    How do I build a house for Smurfette???

  3. Emma says:

    When will the christmas theme stop?

    • Smurfette says:

      With the next update, though it seams that the snow will stay for another update. The next one is the Valentine's Day version, so it will come sometime before that day.

  4. Blair says:

    Whats a snowsmurf and how do i get one?

  5. Canpat73 says:

    I am with u on that! I am done with Christmas and would like to see the snow GONE GONE GONE!

  6. Rach says:

    How do I undo Christmas. It was fun but Christmas is over now. Do we have to wait until the next update?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Christmas items will be removed with the next update, but you can just delete the trees and christmas decorations if you want to get rid of them. The snow might be removed with the next update, but it might also stay until the end of winter.

  7. Haley says:

    I bought the Christmas Tree for 750 coins and have been tapping the bottom to upgrade it and the upgrade box is not showing up. It just makes a rustling sound. I really don't know what else to do since I can't bypass the quest and I can't complete the quest.

  8. 3losha says:

    Grouchy's Christmas tree is the one that you had to place as part of the Christmas storyline. It's the only Christmas tree that was added in the update that you can only purchase once.

    Once you find it, zoom in on it and tap on the wooden base of the Christmas Tree. It's a bit tricky to hit, but when you get it right a side window will pop up with an upgrade option. (It's a similar window to upgrading a house.)

    Once you do the upgrade, your Christmas tree will now flash it's lights and have a big star on the top of it for all to see. :)

  9. Puffetta says:

    Hello! In the description of the latest update is said that there are new presents to Give our friends? Where are they? Is it possible giving as present Also personal items, coins or smurfberries ? It would be a nice present for friends too far away…

    • Smurfette says:

      No, you can only give the gifts from the gift menu, nothing else. The description said for a short while new items, but was soo changed to new wrapping paper. That was a mistake, there are no new gifts, but the gifts come in new wrapping paper when you open them.

  10. JoEy says:

    How do I add more space after Level 26? I have already added the stairs on the right side & have the beach. I don't have enough smurfberries to buy space yet. The Christmas updateentionwd you could add more space, how do I do it?

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Is the Christmas update available for android games, or just apple? I can't find it anywhere in the android market. Id really like the christmas things!

  12. Shawna says:

    Papa Smurf is asking me to grow crops of lettuce, radishes, and green peppers. I have done this numerous times and he won’t complete the quest! Is there any way around this?

  13. Smurfaholic says:

    Hello, since the Christmas upgrade, when I visit my friends village I can see past the tree trunks where the new land expansion is. My friends have already completed the tasks and expanded their land, but when I visit them I don't see it? Will this be fixed soon?

    • Smurfette says:

      Probably not until the next update and that is not expected until some time in January. With all the other issues like Marco and Grouchy going missing and gifting/watering not working to well, I think this issue is not that high on Beeline's to do list at the moment.

  14. Ema says:

    Why does it stop snowing? When I first updated to the latest version it snowed all the time. Now it only snows at random times for a few minutes.

    • Smurfette says:

      It has always stopped snowing since the update, maybe it was coincidence that when you opened the game at the beginning it always snowed. As long as you have the Effects turned on it will switch between snowing and not (just like in real life, it does not always snow). You can start the snow up again by going either to the neighbours map or the main menu and then back to your village. Then it will start snowing again.

  15. sven says:

    keep clicking on the christmas three to update

    blijf op de kerstboom klikken tot je de update ziet

  16. Draco_Malfoyfan says:

    How do you build a snowman? I cant figure it out.

  17. suping says:

    How do i upgrade that freaking christmas tree? I tried tapping on the bottom and buy tons of xmas tree but nothing works!

  18. ^_^ says:

    Thanx for the Answers !!!

  19. cher says:

    is christmas theme available on samsung galaxy phones?

  20. Rachel says:

    I am on level 30. Grouchy is still gone. I have expanded my village and have done everything Papa Smurf asked us to do. I know from the comments I have read that beeline will fix the problem. Do you know when it will be fix? I miss Grouchy!

  21. Robert says:

    I lost Grumpy Smurf… After he returns from the woods and get the extra space… I haven’t seen him since

  22. smurf says:

    keep clicking on the christmas tree until you get the 'upgrade tree for 250'….

  23. Alix says:

    How can I delete my Christmas tree ??

  24. Sonali says:

    Hi, hv updated and managed to get the extra space. Am on level 40. What do I do ? Any idea when beeline will increase levels. Rgds, Sonu

  25. dona says:

    how can i get smurfette's house with no berries?

  26. Charms says:

    How can I get back Marco Smurf. I can’t find him after the upgrade, I love Marco


  27. Mimine says:

    What can I harvest who rhyme with “tease”? I try every fruit like blueberries or strawberries. Help me please!

  28. octavio says:

    whre is the magic shurb, i can´t see . thanksss

    • Marco Smurf says:

      They are just a normal trees such as acorns pears etc…. They are available in the shop for either coins or smurfberries!! They cost 750 coins
      Please make sure that you have enough smurfs to plot them
      Click the base of the tree in order to upgrade. Sometimes it requires several tries. If you zoom in it will definitely helps.

  29. Michelle says:

    I deleted the Christmas tree that cost 750 coins accidentally.. So what should I do now?

  30. Silke says:

    I also want to know how to upgrade the christmas tree, but I already placed the christmas tree for 750 coins.
    Please help me how to upgrade the christmas tree.

  31. shezza says:

    where do i find the magic shrubs ??

  32. Daniela says:

    i'm using the ipad to play smurfs village and i can't find where upgrade the chritmas tree.

  33. Hoe can i upgrade THE christmas tree? Please help me! I don't understand hoe to do that! I have Al ready a lot of christmas trees plant

  34. Levi says:

    Papa smuft asks Grouchy to bake a blueberry cake. Ia went to cake shop and baked blueberry cakes several times but nothing happened. Can’t find Grouchy either. Can u help? Is this part of the Christmas quests? Seems like I have done most of what is mentioned above but still not asked to send 5 smut into forest for timber. What is happening? (I’m on level 27)

    • Smurfette says:

      After the timber quest you will get the land expansion. Regarding the Cake, are you sure you baked the correct one (and not for example blueberrie cookies or something like that), it has to be exactly what he asked for and you have to place it in the village once you are done. Regarding Grouchy, this has happened to many people since the update, there is nothing you can do about it at the moment, it seems Beeline has to fix this.

      • Andrea says:

        I can’t seem to bake Smurfette her blueberry birthday cake – level 15. Can you help. I have planted the roses, and made sure I was baking the right cake….? You seem to be very informative on Smurfette issues. Thank you

  35. Fifi says:

    I WANT MORE SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleace :)

    • There are many ways where you can get more space. In this update you can get more space for free after papa smurf has sent 5 smurfs into the forest for 72 hours. Otherwise you could just buy more space for 25 smurfberries

  36. Mimine says:

    I have read your answer about the update of the christmas tree. I understand how but i can buy just one christmas tree to 750$ and i have buy it since few days. What can I do now??

  37. pamela says:

    please someone can help me. because papa smurfs is asking for Christmas tree upgrade but i don't know how i can upgrade that:S
    pleaaaaseeeeeeeee someone help me:'(

  38. Yannie says:

    How do we upgrade the Christmas tree?

  39. Aleksanda says:

    Do you know how to build a snowman? Papa Smurf keep asking me to do this, but I can’t find it in options.

  40. Crackerlim says:

    How to place a magic shrub?

  41. ChantelleRose88 says:

    I am on level 40 do u know when there will be more levels added?

  42. Manoosh says:

    Hello, i want to ask how to upgrade a christmase tree !?
    I'm searching every where in the village even though i plant alot of christmase trees but there isn't any upgrade!
    Papa smurf keep asking upgrade christmase tree! How?
    Plz help me

    • Smurfette says:

      You can update the christmas tree by tapping on it at the bottom of the tree. You can only update the tree that costs 750 Coins

      • Beshers says:

        This doesnt work for me. I definately have the right tree but when I tap at the bottom nothing happens. Help?!

        • Smurfette says:

          You have the wrong tree, the fact that you think you deleted it (your other post) shows that it was the wrong one. You can not delete the tree that costs 750 Coins. Look closely in your village, it must be somewhere there. it is the only tree that has Christmas lights.

    • Patricia says:

      To upgrade a tree zoom at the bottom of the tree and you will find the option

  43. courtney says:

    how many quests are there until you get the free expansion?? right now i am waiting for grouchy to get back from his 24 hour trip into the forest! I really need the expansion because I cant fit anything else into my village and i dont have enough smurfberries to buy an expansion :(

  44. bob says:

    papa smurf brainy smurf and smurfette rnt dressing up anymore wat happend

  45. savvas says:

    Papa smurf ask me to upgrade the Christmas tree. How can i do this?

  46. Luna says:

    anybody know how ro upgrade the christmas tree

  47. Jen says:

    It said in the new christmas update that at level 26 you could add more space some how. I'm at level 31 can I still do that (besides the smurfberries)

  48. Smurfs fan says:

    2011 Christmas version available now for download! Supercute with snow.

  49. Kim says:

    Okay, Ty. I hope it come around again at Halloween!

  50. Kim says:

    Can you download the seasonal smurfs like Christmas if you missed it?

    • Smurfette says:

      No, you can't. You can install an older version of the game via iTunes if you still have the original file, but if you do not have the file, you can not just download it from somewhere because it is connected to your itunes account, that means the app must originally have been downloaded from your account and iTunes does not offer the function to download older versions, just the current one

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