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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Clumsy Smurf’s Hut and Mini-Game


With version 1.2.5 (on iOS, it will most likely come to Android in version 1.1.3.a) Clumsy Smurf has gotten his own house on the mainland village. In order to place Clumsy Smurf’s house it is required to already have Clumsy in the village, that makes the minimum level for getting his house level 20.

Clumsy Smurf’s Hut costs 30 Smurfberries and comes with its own mini-game that can be played every couple of hours.

When playing Clumsy’s game the smurf will walk around the village and repair mushroom houses. The next mushroom house that he is about to fix is indicated by a little toolbox appearing next to it. But being Clumsy as always he falls down several times during this task. The goal is to follow Clumsy and tap on him when he falls down, you will see a red exclamation mark on top of him indicating that he falls down and you need to tap him (see image on the right). For every time he is tapped while still lying on the ground 235 XP will be awarded. Depending on how good the player has done, another 500 XP or 250 XP will be rewarded when the game is over.

There is no time limit for the game, Clumsy will go to five mushroom houses in total, depending on at which end of the village they are the game can take quite a while to be completed.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Clumsy smurf is not very fun

  2. justAniGame says:

    how good is this game? is it worth the SBs versus XP it helps in earning?

    • Smurfette says:

      The game is okay, but after a while I think it gets boring. Compared to other games the XP is also okay, not the best and not the worst. But if you do want XP I would go with other things first, like Brainy Smurfs Hut on the mainland, it adds bonus XP to all crops.

      • justAniGame says:

        Thanks Smurfette, any suggestions on which smurfs to worth a buy with SBs. Some particular order of purchase could be of great help.. I like XP and coins rather then pure aesthetics…

        • Smurfette says:

          In the end it is your decision and also depends on your setup. I like Farmer best but not for the XP but rather how easy he makes harvesting and collecting. For that same reason I think that Fireman is the best for me, because with him I collect regularly from the items I have in my village which I would not bother with otherwise. But he is only good if you have lots of items that give XP like butterflies.

          XP wise I like the diving game a lot (the red reef for which you need marina) and Miner's Mine. That is why I got the golden axe it helps get more XP. Once you have collected 50 boots from Lazy he will give out a bonus of 500XP everytime you play, which is 500 XP every 6 hours, that is quite good. But until you reach the 50 boots his bonus is not that great.

    • Anonymous Smurf says:

      It is a good way to get xp but it will not count as a mini game :-( and is BORING

  3. Lindsey says:

    I purchased the clumsy hut mini game. When I play the game clumsy smurf just walks in place in front of his hut and the explanation point I read about never happens. So I never get any Xp for it. Only way to stop this is push the red back arrow and I asks me if I want to stop playing the mini game. How can I fix this so this game works? It cost me 30 smurfberries and I've tried toplay twice and no Xp

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Does he walk around the village during the game? And if so, does he fall down? Even if you don't see the exclamation mark, when he falls is the time to tap him, and you should see the XP you earned for that fall.

      • ESK says:

        Hi, mine does the same either runs in one spot without moving or now he keeps falling on his own without me tapping him. There is no toolbox or exclamation mark anywhere.

        • Marina_Smurf says:

          You should see a bouncing toolbox above Clumsy's hut when the game is ready to play (once per day) Tap his hut and start the game. Play it with sounds on, because a melody starts and you can hear Clumsy say "Ouch" everytime he falls. I guess the game needs some of the normal Smurf houses placed all around your village. If all of your houses are in condos Clumsy won't be able to find his toolbox infront of some of the houses. His game is harder to play in a fully expanded village, because the way from one hut/toolbox to the next one might be too long for the game.
          Oh, while playing the game you only need to tap Clumsy, when he is falling down by himself. You want to help him stand up, not to make him fall down during the game.

  4. e1allen2 says:

    At level 57 and it's 285 per fall.

  5. Er Er says:

    I needed one more mini-game to complete the 7 different mini-games and i could not decide which game
    Clumsy Hut, Painter, Harmony or Fishing…
    What is your opinion?

    • Volpi says:

      I bought Clumsy because I needed one more mini-game to complete the 7 different mini-games and it is not counting it. so dont buy Clumys:(

    • James says:

      Fishing is good – at first you don't earn many points from it but after you have caught 50 boots you get a minimum 500XP every game.

      It seems Clumsy doesn't count; Painter is not worth many points.

    • Savage Source says:

      Neither of them. Try Gutsy if you still not bought him because it's worth to buy him or someone else. Clumsy giving you very small amount of exp, painter too, Harmony gives the most number but still not enough, Lazy's fishing game is awful because first you have to earn fishing medals in order to earn bigger exp.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree Gutsy can get you around 800 coins per game and if you get his golden gloves he can get smurf berries.

  6. Er Er says:

    I needed one more mini-game to complete the 7 different mini-games and i could not decide which game;
    Clumsy's hut game, Lazy Hut Fishing game, Harmont hut or Painter hut game!
    Does anyone advice me stg?

    • Pinkypye says:

      Clumsy or harmony-those give the most xp. Lazy only gives you, on average, 10-40 xp, and painter 20-45 xp (I think). Harmony gives you (maximum) 700, clumsy, I'm not sure, but judging by above, i'd say he's pretty darn good.

      • Pinkypye says:

        Update:Clumsy's range is 250-1000. Btw, if you have 50 smurfberries to blow, get miner smurf's hut and the golden pickaxe. I usually get between 750-3000 xp (most of the time 1000-2500). Same numbers for gold with those two additions. If you don't have enough, get the axe. This will DOUBLE your score. Sorry, way off track. Let me smurf up now.

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Depending on what level you are on, Clumsy gives 125-150 each time he falls and you tap him, plus another 250/500/700/1000 when he reaches his house. The second number is variable. I usually get 2,400 or more in each turn.

  7. harrison says:

    how do you get clumsy please tell me

  8. charlie says:

    I think slumsy smurf is really funny

  9. SFR says:

    Why doesn't Clumsy Smurfs game count towards the Odd Job Smurf Goals? I bought him because I needed one more mini-game to complete the 7 different mini-games and it is not counting it.

  10. Dforbes says:

    Found a bug in clumsys game with IOS… You can play his game as long as you want. Start game and continue until it looks like he's heading back to his hut. Quickly close the game before he reaches his hut and when you restart the game you will be able to play again.

  11. Bebm says:

    When playing clumsy's game, he will walk across the village and disappear out of view on the bottom of the screen. Does anyone else have this issue?

    • geoff says:

      Yes, I have the same issue. I have five expansions on the main area and am at level 39 at present. I keek an eye on the toolboxes to give an idea as to where he will reappear.

  12. @e1allen2 says:

    Am at level 51. The number of trips can range between 10-18 per game.

    And the reward is 255 xp per trip and the end can range between 250-750 xp.

  13. Christy says:

    After I installed the update with clumsy's hut, I have had a problem with my crops withering well before they should. For example, the other day I planted honeydew. Within 1-2 hours later, they had grown and withered. This is happening on my mainland and my island, with my crops, palms, shrubs, and flowers. Tonight I installed the upgrade with the doctor, reporter, etc. The withering problem was not fixed, and now reporter smurf says there is a problem with my clock settings or there is no Internet connection. I have an Internet connection and my date and time settings on my iPad are correct. Any idea what's going on and how I can fix the problem?

  14. Keuka's Mom says:

    Help! What happened to Clumsy in the update? This morning he got 4 of his tool boxes, then he started walking slowly, with a red ! the whole time, and didn't respond in any way to any tapping, and kept walking for about 15 minutes before I gave up and exited his game with no reward. He was picking up tool boxes in gardens, not by huts. He picked up well over a dozen boxes. This afternoon he again had 4 of his 5 boxes done, then just laid down by one, stood up and moved slowly, without any ! and again wandered around seemingly indefinitely picking up boxes from gardens, with no response to taps.

    • Hong says:

      I have the same issue too.

    • Bunny7433 says:

      I have the same problem. For me it occurs once in a while though. Like for every 8-10 times I play the game, one game play glitches like that. Did you send a ticket to Beeline? I'm planning on sending one.

  15. Ivy says:

    Unrelated question, when I visit other villages I notice some people has a gargamel doll and different items I've never seen for sale. How do they get the items?

  16. endymmion says:

    Ok, so here’s the thing my computer got a virus so it had to be cleaned, and now I re-instaled the smurf game from the beeline program, and I’m not getting smurfberries on each new level as I did before, the game started from the beginning but the berries are gone, can someone explain to me why?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I don't know why but try to recover.
      Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a recover village button appears. Tap it and you'll see a list off saved villages, select one, preview and if it's yours recover. If it doesn't work contact Beeline at

      • endymmion says:

        Oh thank you, didn’t know about that option, thank you very much, did it, but it led me back to the beginning so I’ll just do it all over, and I was so happy with my Smurfette’s villa and the island almost there….sigh! :))) Thank you for the tips dreamy will try it in the future if anything goes wrong. 😀

    • Jennifer says:

      How are you playing this on your computer?

  17. Max says:

    Hello there!

    For everyone who is wondering why the end of mini game bonus changes, its because with time, the damage on clumsy’s hut gets worse, if only one plank has fallen down, you’ll get 250xp, if two planks have fallen, you’ll get 500xp, if 3 fall, you’ll get 750, and if all four fall and the chimney breaks, you’ll get the max 1000xp. More things break with more time so if you wait a bit longer, you’ll have a bigger reward.

    Thanks, Max

  18. LynnSuzanne says:

    It's a good thing BeeLine keeps giving more XP as levels increase, because the amount of XP to level up gets crazy. I'm on Level 51. I think it requires more than 51,000 XP for each 1% gain at this level! When I play Clumsy's game, I have been able to tap on him anywhere from 12-14 times each game, and he gives 255 XP each time. When he returns to his hut, I usually get 500 XP, but I have also gotten 250 and 750. So the max I've gotten at one time, playing Clumsy's game, is 4,325 XP! But to put that into perspective, it takes 51,000 XP to gain just 1%. BeeLine devs are geniuses. They've got me hooked on repeatedly tapping this little screen every day. That in itself is kinda crazy :)

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The max amount off xp you can get from Clumsy when returning to his hut is 1000.

      • LynnSuzanne says:

        I've never gotten more than 750 when Clumsy returned to his hut. But during the game time that he is running around my village, I count the times I tap on him. The highest has been 14 times, at 255 xp each time (3,570). Plus the amount of xp added at the end of his run when he returns to his hut (I've gotten 250, 500, and 750 at the end). This game gives a lot of xp.

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          The last added xp depends on how often you've waited. I think you can play his game every 6 hours and for each 6 hours that have passed without playing it you get 250 xp with the max being 1000

  19. Panda says:

    I realized that v r allowed to play clumsy's game 4 times every 24 hrs & each time when clumsy returns to his hut d xp is 250xp. If v missed d 4 times of playing clumsy in 24hrs then when clumsy returns it's 4 x 250 xp = 1000xp, missed 3 times, 3 x 250xp = 750xp, missed 2 times, 2 x 250xp = 500xp n don't miss then it will be 1x 250xp =250xp. Cool….it compensates d xp when v missed playing his game. The returning xp does not vary according to d times that v tap on him when he trips. Tried it…I tap on him almost 13 to 14 times n still got 250xp.

  20. Tammy010 says:

    I can't decide whether to buy clumsy smurf or harmony smurf with my 30 smurfberries. Thoughts?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Personally I like Harmony more but Clumsy gives more xp.

      • suze says:

        My kids love Harmony smurf – it takes a while to get the knack – but it's cheery!
        … but if it's xp you want then clumsy is your guy! The downside is that it's quite long….drives me a bit mad to be honest – and I want to ignore him because I really don't have time for it… but the lure of xp does make me do it…
        I save up and buy mice and logs with the squirrel (you can use berries too… much quicker and more painless way of accruing xp – might be something to look into.
        You may get way more reward for your thirty berries spent this way….:)

    • Clumbsy says:

      I would go with clumbsy since you don't have to voyage to the island so frequently. Also, I couldn't play t the harmony game very well without the additional 15 ab trumpet.

    • Lone smurf says:

      Clumsy gives you more xp than harmony but harmony is good too beacaue you can put instruments near his hut and they will increase the amount of xp given by the game but the choice is yours

    • Not achance says:

      I would go with harmony because you already have clumsy but not harmony it's just a hut

  21. iona244 says:

    my sister have an Iphone, and i have an android, we are trying to become friends, but it's impossible to find us.. waht's the problem? it's because we have diferents phones?
    thank you so much for your help

  22. RJR says:

    I have only had my clumsy hut a day and not sure if there is a glitch… If I click the hut it doesnt tell me how many hours until I can play again like the other mini games and it hasn’t got a play button. I have played the game once when the hut was first built and that is all. I have had the hut about 10 hours – how long is there in between each game? I could do without another argument with beeline to get berries back etc…

    • RJR says:

      Ignore that – the little tool box symbol has just come up and it played fine. I am on level 20 and get 100 xp per fall with 250 at the end…

    • Poet says:

      I believe it's built that way and not a glitch. Whenever you see a toolbox icon hovering above his hut, it is an indication that you can play his game again.

  23. baderbaroudy says:

    I try to enter my smurfs village app it said loading and then it leaves my smurf village app,what should I do?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      First try airplane mode. If it doesn't work delete and re-install the app but only when you're sure your village is connected with Gamecenter( so you can recover) or when you have a reliable back-up on your pc.

    • Cams says:

      Happens to me now & then, I have to power-cycle the phone & it fixes it.

  24. NinjaRiah79 says:

    I’ve enjoyed chasing the little guy around the village. I receive 245xp on each tap (average about 9-11 per round) and usually get 250xp upon completion. I’ve gotten 500xp a few times and just tonight, I got 750xp.

    That’s about 3000xp per round, not bad…

    I’m on level 50…

  25. Emily says:

    I'm on level 23 and the smurfs have to rebuild their village and my game won't let me put anything down, and it keeps handing me Achmaist house, but it won't let me put it down! It won't let me put anything down!! HELP!! I miss my smurfs village!!!! D:

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tab Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a button recover village appears. Tab it and you will see a list off saved villages, select one, preview and if it's yours recover. If it doesn't work contact Beeline at

  26. Guest says:

    Papa Smurf wants me to buy lanterns. I bought 27 of them, but the quest still isn't ready yet. How many lanterns do I have to buy?

  27. masenko says:

    Anyone knows if smurf grabber is abandoned or no? Im thinking in delete the application but……

    • Trey says:

      Already deleted it. Never updated and nearly impossible to send something to your actual village besides a dirt path or flowers. Smurfs grabber was a fail on Beelines part

  28. Liam says:

    I've just reached level 38 and Papa Smurf asked me to harvest 4 different crops at the same time, he is asking for melons, but i dont have the wagon that unlocks them, i have some berries but i dont want spend them on that, what can i do?

    Does it mean i will not get past that task? Are they really going to make me spend my berries on something i dont want?

  29. mrc.simon says:

    The xp does varies from level to level. For the future I bet that all the special smurfs will have their own huts. I’m still waiting for some more and harder quests, like plant 1000 honeydews :P. A good day everyone!

  30. Fem says:

    When I got Clumsy’s hut, I was at level 41 and got 205xp each time I tapped him, I am now at level 42 and get 210xp, so 5xp per level.

    I’ve gotten 500, 750 and 1000xp when he returned, it looks like you get 1000 when he trips over 10 times, but it only happened once so far, so I’m not sure.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Clumsy's xp bonus increases with each level (+5) and I've got 750 xp at the end but it doesn't happen that often.

  31. Tif says:

    I am on 36 and I think it does b/c I get 180 xp as well.

  32. Helen says:

    I'm on level 50 and I get 250xp each tap. When I was at level 49, it was 235xp each tap so yes. Level matters

  33. patsmurfy says:

    I get 195 on level 39, 20 times this morning. I didn’t notice the end of game bonus

  34. Clumsyfan says:

    I receive 130 xp, level 26

  35. The Smurf Pope says:

    Thanks for the Smurfy article! I had it backwards (trying to knock him down on his way) and got frustrated. Now I know how to play the Clumsy game.

  36. Lola says:

    I have not yet received the SB offer! All of my friends have, more than once! I'm at level 51 and connected to internet with wifi, I'm able to give and receive gifts so is not a connection problem … Any tips?

  37. Foxy says:

    Im playing smurf on the iPad 2 and it was fine last night but when I started playing again today my island is in a really really slow motion but the village is fine tho?
    Can anyone help please?
    Updated to the 1.2.5 version but nothing changed and tried deleting it and downloading it again but nothing has changed!!!
    Please HELP!

  38. Panda says:

    I received 180xp only from each tap not 235xp. I'm on level 36. Does it vary according to level?

  39. Panda says:

    I only receive 180xp each tap & I’m on level 36. Does d xp varies according to level?

  40. smurfylvr says:

    Im only getting 115 xp when I tap on him.

  41. NattaCo says:

    I've been able to tap Clumsy up to 14 times during his game earning 255xp each time. A friend had said he received 1,000xp once when Clumsy returned to his hut at the end of a mini-game.

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