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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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There are two forms of currency within the game, Smurfberries and Coins. Coins can basically be earned by planting crops and playing the mini-games that come with the special Smurfs. Every crop has to be bought with Coins (except Sarsaparilla, which costs 1 Smurfberry), but in return does not only give XP, but also Coins once it has been harvested. The Coins can then be used to buy new crops or other items.
The second form is a premium currency called Smurfberries, they can be used to instantly build items or harvest crops without having to wait the normal time until they are finished as well as buy items that are otherwise not available for Coins (like Smurfette). There is only a limited amount of Smurfberries that one can get for free, to get more Smurfberries they have to be bought as in-app purchase, the price ranges from 4,99 $ for 50 up to 99$ for 2000 Smurfberries (3,99 up to 79,99 in EUR). At the beginning of the game the user gets three Smurfberries as a present from Jokey for free and even though Jokey gives one present per day from that moment on, it is very rarely that he gives away a Smurfberry. Another way to get Smurfberries without having to pay for them is to level up, for the first ten levels every time a new level is reached one Smurfberry is added to the user’s current amount of Smurfberries, for the next ten levels two Smurfberries are added and from level 20 onward every new level comes with three free Smurfberries.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hey, does anyone know if there is a listing of how many SmurfBerries that each Smurfy Wonder grants? Thanks

    • Poet says:

      Most of the smurfy wonders grant a smurfberry weekly upon completion of all 5 stages. The only exceptions are the Space Aquarium on the Swoof Planet and King Smurf’s castle. These two give 2 smurfberries weekly.

  2. Tammy says:

    I just logged on to my smurfs and realized that all of my coins are missing! How do I get them back? I didn't buy anything recently so I know I didn't accidentally spent it…. What do I do??

  3. Esraa says:

    So how do we get free smurfbarries

  4. Wong th says:

    I was just bought a special offer that give a smurfberries and bat ( Halloween special ), my credit card account successfully charged, also there was an email confirmation from apple store, but the item I bought didn't appear at my smurf village and my smurfberries at my village also didn't change. What should I do, this is the second time I get this problem. For the first time I didn't make any report at all. Please somebody help me. Thank you

  5. GiftySmurfette says:

    Maybe beeline can make an offer to make the special huts can be bought with coins. If I want to talk about it, where should I wite the suggestion?

  6. Amber says:

    Is there a limit on the number of coins you can have?

  7. gaby says:

    My app freezes every time I'm trying to use my smurfberries. Help how to fix????

  8. Smurfer_60 says:

    Why after level 60, there are no free smurfberries, it should give 3 smurfberries after each level up

  9. Our kouts says:

    How can I use on ITunes paysafe card for buying smurfberries ???

    • Smurfette says:

      It is not directly possibly as far as I know. There are websites out there that sell iTunes Codes where you can pay via PaySafe card, that would be one way to do it, but make sure you are using a legitimate website because there is a lot of fraud out there too.

  10. simberleigh Turnbo says:

    I just tried to customize a hut and it cost 10smurfberries then on top of that I needed to have so much wood and so much rock. Well I didn't have that much rock. It didnt show that unneeded the rock and wood till after I clicked buy now my smurfberries are gone what do I do??

  11. petooth says:

    How can i buy some smurfberry for my android, but my location is in indonesia…
    Please help… :)

    • Sassete says:

      Sorry I dont understand what happens when you try to buy smurf berrys and do you live in indonesia ? it should not matter where you live

  12. Fatima says:

    Why does it say (please update yor account settings it's about to expire ) when I want to buy smurfberries

  13. Fatima says:

    If I have $30 dollars in my ITunes account and buy smurfberries for $10 dollars does it come out of my debit card or my iTunes account plzzzzzz help me !

  14. Kristina says:

    Was checking the items in the Customizations section and by mistake clicked on something and they took away 25 of my smurfberries. Any way I can re-do that and et my sb back?

    • Poet says:

      The only way is to either try to seek a refund from Beeline, or reset your game to an earlier time before this happened.

  15. BarverSmurf says:

    Quick question, I have an iTunes gift card and I was wondering if I purchase some smurfberries will they come off the card or not? Thanks

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, if you have redeemed your gift card on your account all purchases that you make (whether for Smurfsvillage or something else) will first come off the gift card. If the purchase is higher than your balance only then will the rest be taken from your credit card (or the purchase will be declined if you have not given your credit card information to your itunes account).

      • BarberSmurf says:

        Thank you, I was just asking because a friend of mine bought some for £17.49, because she had a gift card, but it came off her credit card instead. But all seems fine now- woohoo!

  16. Sweetdread1 says:

    I think Beeline should makes some of the items cost berries or coins. For example if an item costs four berries it should also cost 100 coins, that way players have the option of either paying with berries or coins.VAlmost everything costs berries, it's ridiculous. Beeline should also consider more options to earn berries and make berries available as gifts. Beeline might also want to consider offering sales. For example one day all huts should be 50% off, another day farming equipment should be on sale, and another furniture should be on sale.

  17. Kayla says:

    Is there not a lamp post that cost coins? The only one listed is for smurfberries and papa smurf wants me to buy one!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It was omitted in error from the current release when they redid the menu system. We are expecting Beeline to add it into the menus within the next release or the one after that. For now, if you don't want to purchase the one for SB, you should ignore Papa's quest.

  18. marisca says:

    The farmer needs crops called maize. What is that?

  19. marisca says:

    The farmers need crops called maize. What crops are they?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Maize is corn. Please in the future do not submit duplicate comments/ questions. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

    • RANDOM GUY says:

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      This article is about the cereal grain primarily known as corn in North America. For other uses, see Maize (disambiguation).
      "Corn" redirects here. For other uses, see Corn (disambiguation).

    • caitybird1998 says:

      It's corn. I thought it was hard to figure out myself. Then I found a cheat sheet to all 3 riddles. It's on the beeline website.

  20. Amane125 says:

    I want to buy smurfberries from shop unfortunately I can't. It said that cannot retrieve purchase data. Check your connection and try again. Please help and I want to buy exclusive offers.

    • Sassete says:

      One of our admins have the same problem and he found out a solution but it only works temporary. What he do whenever he want to purchase smurfberries is to go settings, then store, then at my apple id, i log out and log in….it brings up the smurfberry menu temporary for about a minute…so during that one minute, I quickly make my purchases, but after that, I will once again face the 'Unable to retrieve purchase data' error.

  21. Abbey-Kate Hood says:

    I can not purchase the 50 smurfberries for 4.99 every other one works fine but this one doesn’t even respond please help :(

  22. BBSmurf says:

    ANy one notice the on island there are glitches with smurfs and all my smurfs walk backwards and I went to harvest my plot (tomatoes 8hr) 5min after they harvested and they all withered? Any answers to my issues?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Which version of the game are you running, and under which OS, Android or iOS? On Android Version 1.2.3 I'm not seeing what you describe, but sometimes the different devices have different things that go wrong. You may want to open a support ticket with Beeline at

  23. hussain says:

    How can I buy smurfberry from shop while I cannot buy . When I go to smurfberry shop it says : cannot retrieve purchase data. Check your connection and try again. What to do please help I want to buy smurfberry.

    Thanks alot

    • Poet says:

      This is an issue a lot of players are facing. Currently, there's no official word from Beeline regarding this. I'm getting this error too.

  24. hussain says:

    I want to buy smurfberry from the shop but I cant because it says that refresh your connection. How suppose I do do this ?

  25. evouki says:

    can i buy smurfberies with paysafe card??

    • Smurfette says:

      Not directly, neither iTunes nor the Google Play Store accept paysafe cards, but sometimes you can buy gift cards for these stores online from various sources that accept paysafe cards as a payement method. However, you often end up paying a bit more then buying the gift cards directly

  26. Grandma says:

    Thank you Beeline for the free smurberries as a Christmas gift. Except they keep coming! My grandsons find this hilarious! But, it's almost impossible to play any games or plant crops, etc. because the "gift" stops all activity. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to stop the "gift?"

  27. hapsari says:

    want to asking, what its the meaning of scavenger hunt "earn 12 xp in papa smurf game" i dont understand about that,, thanksyou

    • Poet says:

      Is Tracker Smurf's checklist asking you to earn 12 xp in Papa Smurf's potion game? If so, tap on Papa Smurf's hut and play his potions game and choose one that will earn you at least 12 xp.

  28. momma smurf 32 says:

    Why is it when i purchase smurfberries my credit card is charged but i never receive the berries? I keep thinking this time it will work….nope! About 30 in the hole now.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Contact Beeline. They need to know you didn't get your smurfberries. also, make sure you have a stable network connection. That could be keeping you from receiving the smurfberries.

    • salva says:

      its happed to me also that go wrong ?

  29. Blah says:

    I have not seen Marco in months huh? Plus give me a few ways to earn smurberrys for free? Can we purchase with coins in next update?

  30. Gene Kotlarek says:

    Another robbery in smurf village today, purchased 150 sb for 9.99, taken out of bank accout within 5 minutes, no SB's !

  31. Zita says:

    Dear All,
    About a month ago my rafts disappeared and I did not get back them. I thought they will come back after updating the new version… Do you know any solution for this issue?
    Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards,

  32. barbara says:

    I was in level 43 and yesterday I did harvest all on my island and harvest all palms. My island had been in slow motion for days already so those two things made it really slow. next thing I was congratulationed for reaching level 44, and 45, and 46 until I was in level 53. My coins went up in the billions. Later that day when I sailed back to the island, the boat stopped for a while. After reaching the island I found out that I lost all my smurfberries. I did get an extra billion coins. the amount overlaps the smurfberry room in the status bar. I still get congratulations for reaching level 54, but stay in level 53. How can I fix this?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You could restore your data from before the acceleration of levels started. You would go to your blue play menu and touch "Options." Then tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times until "restore village" appears. Touch "restore village" and you will see a list of your backups. You will have an opportunity to review each file before deciding which one to use. I'm guessing your data got corrupted and that that's what caused the odd results.

  33. epic killer says:

    how do you get smurf berries please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Steph says:

    I only have 9 smurfberries and sometimes Jokey gives me a smurfberry and I get some when i level up but it's like 8 levels before I can buy something worth 30 smurfberries! What can I do to earn more XP and Smurfberries?

  35. I always thought commenting was stupid, but for this blog i shall

    give it a go. Im loving it!

  36. Patty says:

    Is there a way to transfer smurfberries? My friend has like 40 and doesn’t want to play anymore. How can I get her smurfberries?? Please help! Thanks

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I don't think so. Your friend can ask Beeline if she can transfer them to your account, but I have no idea what they will say. Here's their address:

  37. Sin city says:

    I want my smurf berrys

  38. dani1401 says:

    I want to buy 3 bushes of SB but it keeps telling me that I don't have internet for one month now,but I do have internet and I did buy before some SB,I had the same prob again and I contacted chat itunes store, But now I cant find it, they helped me in 5 mins.
    pls help
    Thanks in advance

  39. Smart_smurfling says:

    Can you get a smurfberry bush with an iTunes card

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