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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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There are two forms of currency within the game, Smurfberries and Coins. Coins can basically be earned by planting crops and playing the mini-games that come with the special Smurfs. Every crop has to be bought with Coins (except Sarsaparilla, which costs 1 Smurfberry), but in return does not only give XP, but also Coins once it has been harvested. The Coins can then be used to buy new crops or other items.
The second form is a premium currency called Smurfberries, they can be used to instantly build items or harvest crops without having to wait the normal time until they are finished as well as buy items that are otherwise not available for Coins (like Smurfette). There is only a limited amount of Smurfberries that one can get for free, to get more Smurfberries they have to be bought as in-app purchase, the price ranges from 4,99 $ for 50 up to 99$ for 2000 Smurfberries (3,99 up to 79,99 in EUR). At the beginning of the game the user gets three Smurfberries as a present from Jokey for free and even though Jokey gives one present per day from that moment on, it is very rarely that he gives away a Smurfberry. Another way to get Smurfberries without having to pay for them is to level up, for the first ten levels every time a new level is reached one Smurfberry is added to the user’s current amount of Smurfberries, for the next ten levels two Smurfberries are added and from level 20 onward every new level comes with three free Smurfberries.

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  1. Ade says:

    I’ve never been able to purchase smurfberries. I play the game on my ipad and everytime I try to purchase smurfberries fron the shop it sayd “cannot retrieve purchase data. Check your connection and try again”. There’s nothing wrong with my connection. I’ve bought games from the app store and even the smurf cheat app. Pls I need assistance. Thanks.

    • Brainy says:

      sorry we can't help with smurfberries purchase issue because we dont know anything about it. You are not the first one having this problem.. Others have reported to beeline and beeline told them to talk to itune. Itune people dont know it either.

  2. Winawati Lili says:

    On May 26, I bought berries worth $ 9,9, using my credit card. When I made the transaction, I experienced some problems with my internet connection. I got the bill today, but I never received the berries I purchased. Would you please make some checkings on my transaction ? Thank you for your assistance and looking forward to your reply soon.

    Winawati Lili /

  3. Olivia says:

    Hi I was just wondering how do you get a beach I haven’t added any land because I don’t know what it looks like plus I don’t want to buy the wrong thing that I don’t want. I am play this on my I pod. Plz help me I’m a huge fan of this game


    • Brainy says:

      To get the beach, you have to build the bridge that connects to left side village. If your level is 16 or higher, you can build the bridge.

  4. Random Person says:

    Why does smurfberries cost money and not coins?

  5. Random Person says:

    Why does smurfberries cost REAL money? Why can they make it easier by doing coins instead?

  6. M. McCarthy says:

    My son went to purchase beach grass with coins, and 25 Smurfberries disappeared from his account. I have tried customer service. They asked me to send proof, which I did. Three weeks later and despite my replying back to the customer service email, I still do not have my Smurfberries back. If it were one or two I wouldn't care, but 25!!! How do I get them to respond?

    • Sassete says:

      Try to go in on this site instead and se if that help <a href="” target=”_blank”> and send them a message there to otherwise the only thing that you can do is to try to email them again

    • Smurfing all the way says:

      Is this for Apple or Android? I know in Android (not sure about Apple), you can click Papa Smurf's head under settings and a recovery option will pop up. You can revert back to a certain date, prior to the glitch of ocurse, to see if that'll give you back your berries. I lost half my village before from a glitched and reverting back restored it all! Good luck.

    • 7mood says:

      My village

  7. Lulu says:

    I think this is a problem with my apple ID account, I keep getting this message even when I try to log to game center!! But definitely I was playing my smurfs.

  8. Baek Doo San says:


    Pardon my English as I am not American.

    This trick involves backup/restore and Jokey Smurf.

    First let the game save itself (everyday at about 1:00am I think). If you see Jokey with "!" mark on it. DO NOT click him yet. Wait until next day morning.

    Once it is the next day. Start the game as usual, after entering the main game screen, wait a minute or so. Then find Jokey (should have "!" on it) and click him.

    If Joey doesn't give out Smurfberry, do the "Restore Trick" (Options – Tap Oapa's Hat 16 times)

    After restoring, you should again see Jokey with "!" mark on him. Click him again to see if he gives out Smurfberry.

    Repeat the above trick until you get the Smurfberry. I estimate the probability of getting Smurfberry is about 1 in 20, but starting 1.1.9 this probability seems to have decreased to 1 in 40 (or less) because Jokey starts giving out logs and dyes.

    Admin: I have tried to submit this in the "Contact Us" page, but it always says "Failed to send your message".


  9. Lulu says:

    Why do I keep having this message: " this is not a test user account . Creat a new account in the sandbox environment"

    Any help?????

  10. Lulu says:

    I tried to buy a bushel is SB's=10 $, but when I want to confirm burchase, a message appears saying " this is not test user account, try to creat an account in sandbox environment??? Any clue ? I don't get it

    • Sassete says:

      Dont know how to solve this you maybe need to look that you put in the right password otherwise you need to check in the account settings. Is there problems to buy other things on the phone like apps or does that work

  11. FolkLor22 says:

    When I try to purchase Smurfberries I get an error message "Cannot retrieve purchase data. check your connection and try again." I am connected, not using 3G and I have the latest updates on both my iPhone 3GS and my Mac. please help, I really want to buy something that's limited time.

    • Poet says:

      This could be due to server issues. Happens sometimes. You just have to try again at a later time.

      • megamanhxh says:

        you are wrong, on my country, it happen always ways and never open ..

        my country is Bahrain

        and I have the same issue … I'm using IPad 2 with latest iOS version with latest smurf village version …

        could you now explain the reasons ???

        • Brainy says:

          you need to contact beeline or apple itune.

        • Lulwa says:

          You are right I have same issue … I am living in Bahrain too but this is not an issue because my sister is buying almost everyday …. Also I have sent an email to beeling support and they advice that this issue can't be fixed by them and I need to contact iTunes :'(

  12. truc says:

    i have 27.11 dola on itune. i want to buy 24.99 dola smurfberries why they ask my credit

  13. smurf-a-tron says:

    how many smurfberrys can you get for free???
    please let me know.

  14. Marco smurf says:

    You can get smurfberries from Jokey smurf

  15. BTRaven13 says:

    After leveling up I had 3 smurfberries taken away. Can I fix this?

    • SweetieSmurfer says:

      I'm not sure because usually you get 4 smurfberries when you level up- you should contact Beeline.

  16. jo says:

    I ve sent a message on get satisfaction, will see what happen. Mawybe a new update will work. 10ks 4 now

  17. jo says:

    Can’ download new version on htc, says not compatible. Even on market dissppeared. Any help please? 10ks

  18. bex says:

    my iPod won't let me purchase smurfberries it just keeps popping up saying tat i need to purchase the app before i can purchase smurfberries but yet I'm on level 15 and have had this app and been updating it for ages now

    • Brainy says:

      Message is misleading. Basically what it is saying is U have to use the same apple id that was used to download the game.

    • Emma says:

      that happened to me too because i downloaded it a fter my brother so i bought (for free) again and it worked

    • lolypop says:

      what can i do i only have 14 smurfberries

      • Brainy says:

        I get some free smurfberries for each level up. To get more smurfberries, u have to buy them with real money. U can play the game without spending money but it's very slow and u dont have the special characters in your village.

        That's how beeline makes money to pay for game developers and running the game. It's your choice to spend money or not.

  19. princofwar says:

    i have many frinds they can see me but i dont and when they send me some gift i cant see them
    plz plz help

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Are you connected to FB or Game Center? Otherwise you are experiencing a bug and you should contact Beeline.

  20. Dan says:

    can one give smurf berries away>

  21. Sky Gamer says:

    Free smurfberrie! Thanks Beeline.
    There was a +[smurfberry] symbol under the + Invite friends in the Neighbouring Villages map. When I clicked the link to the Beeline facebook page, a smurfberry was added to my smurfberries. I chose not share my facebook details with the Beeline site at this time.

  22. Want berries back! says:

    I just bought something for 300 coins and when it was placed my 300 coins left as well as 25 smurfberries! The item wasn't even in the smurfberry section. What the heck!???!!

  23. Smurf says:

    After I made a potion in Papa Smurf's lab, Gargamel stole one of my Smurfberries! PLEASE FIX!

  24. peggy says:

    I didn't receive any easter smurfberries that made me so sad!

  25. Sas says:

    I just got three smurfberries for free! Yippee!

    I did not level up. I am 75% in to level 26.

    Thnx Beeline!

  26. Sandra Perera says:


    I had 17 smurfberries when I logged on and then suddenly I was left with seven.I didn’t purchase anything either.What happened?Am confused.

  27. Tachanmimi says:

    Hello..I’m using iPad n please help me, I can’t buy the smurfberry it’s said that cannot retrieve purchase data, check your connection n try again?

    What does it mean? I’m the beginner in using iPad, please somebody help me thanks…

    • Poet says:

      There could be some connectivity issues and sometimes, the smurfberry store may be unavailable. It happens to me sometimes too. Just keep trying periodically.

  28. Smurfette says:

    i had about 10 smurfberries , when i went on the next mornig papa smurf said oh no gargamel took your smurfberries

  29. Smurfette says:

    i had about 10 smurfberries when i lost half of them, papa smurf said that gargamel had taken them but this hasnt happened to my sister why?

  30. Rizalll says:

    iPad suck, buy ah andrologi device… Rooting it. Use game cih! Works on every game… Soooooo throw ur iPad out from now

  31. Sassete says:

    Try to contact Beeline and se if they can help you otherwise if you turn the game back before this happend u will lose some days work but it s maybe worth it

  32. Jos de Bie says:

    I play Smurfs village on an iPad for quite a while now (level 40). I recently bought an Asus Prime (android) and installed Smurfs village there too.
    Wanted to buy some smurfberries and I noticed there's quite a price difference.
    On an iPad you pay 3.99 for a bucket and 7,99 for a bushel
    On my prime it says 4,99 for a bucket and 9,99 for a bushel.
    Why is that?

    • Brainy says:

      I read somewhere on beeline getsatisfaction about android is not as profitable as apple. You can email beeline support and ask them
      Or post it to

  33. Gummi Bears says:

    Please add a UNDO button for when you purchase them on accident.

  34. Xxlinaaa says:


    I had 15 smurfberries, but I have wasted them by accidentally clicking on things. I didn’t want to open the bakery for example. Can I get those berries back somehow?


  35. Alj says:

    i bought smurfberries and didnt get any. I reported it already to beeline support and got their electronic reply, but still no smurfberry

  36. Thierry Verstraete says:

    Our 6-year old son is a huge fan of Smurf's Village and plays the game every day on his iPad. He is on the very latest release that is availabe through the AppStore. This morning, just after playing the potionmix game in papa smurf's house…he stated confidently that he lost 30 smurfberries. His smurfberry count has indeed gone from 91 to 61.

    Questions…can I consult the smurfberry spend history somewhere? This to rule that he not spent it inadvertantly on an actual item from the smurf catalog? If not, can I consult a known issues db? Or even better, contact customer support of the developer house to obtain information?

    This may sounds a lot to ask for a mere 30 smurfberries…but our 6 year old son earns his smurfberries while helping us with small tasks in the household. It is important to him that this smurfberry debit is explained.

    Appreciate the feedback!

  37. Hannah says:

    Hi, I was placing a log in my smurfville but when I place it it said plus 10 xp minus 10 coins but it also said minus 20 smurfberries… I don't know what I did or if it was a malfunction or not… Please Help!!!

  38. Shelbayah says:

    hello dear,

    i have problem with smurfberry shop when i am trying to tap any one to buy smufrberry from the game i got this error message

    activity smurfs' village (in application smurfs' village) is not responding.

    and three buttons will show under that [force close] or [wait] or [report]

    what shall i do to solve this problem i need to buy smurfberry but i can't !!

    FYI my mobile is Sony Ericsscon Xperia Arc S
    My android Version is 2.3.4

    thanks in advance & appreciate your support on this.

  39. Ashley says:

    Can i purchase smurfberries without having to do it through my Ipod? I don't have a wifi connection, so I'm wondering if it can be done directly through itunes or another source.

  40. Abby says:

    Yes go to iTunes or AppStore on the bottom of the page that says featured go to that page scroll to the bottom then click redeem enter your code and then go to the smurfberrie store and c.omfirm your purchase

  41. rex says:

    i love the smurfs and i hate smurffte and i dont now y i hate her ha ha ha ha haaay

  42. muile says:

    smurfette just wanna say that i respect your patience, you awnser every question 3x without yelling at them! congratz

  43. i wish where was a way to get smurfberrys for coins

    • Smurfette says:

      Beeline has said that this will not happen as it would be too easy to cheat and get large amounts of coins and hence unlimited Smurfberries

      • Emble says:

        That’s a shame! I wish there was some sort of conversion rate like every 100,000 coins could buy one smurfberry – it would be really helpful for those who just don’t have the money to buy them with real money :)

        • Brainy says:

          Beeline is in the game business so they need to make a profit and money to pay for development and well as running the game server.
          You dont need all those special characters to play the game. I wish the sb were cheaper so more people would buy them.

          Beeline would be out of business if they allow coins to sb conversion. It's easy to generate coins because I am sitting on 3.4 millions right now and growing if I keep planting golden corns.
          One time I had 7+millions coins but spent it on couple hundred butterflies.

    • Abby says:

      Don't we all

  44. Pitufopitudo says:

    Hi, if my settings are set to require a password every time i make a purchase, if i try to buy smurfberries will i require to enter my password? I know it sounds obvious but I need somebody to confirm it. Thanks.

    • Smurfette says:

      Yes, if you set it to always require a password it should ask you for Smurfberry purchases as well. If you want to be absolutly sure, please contact Beeline ( with your phone model and operating system

    • Gummi Bears says:

      Yes. I just bought some today. I have the restrictions on so you have to enter your password before you will be charged. Rest assured, you will be okay!

  45. Dia DeMentis says:

    I tried to purchase Smurfberries but I get a message saying "cannot retrieve purchase data". I do have in-app purchases enabled on my iPod. I know I've been able to get to the purchase screen before, I remember seeing it, but I don't know when it stopped working. I've turned my iPod off and restarted it, triple-checked the in-app purchases in my settings, and still no option to purchase. Any suggestions?

  46. Aillemia says:

    Why do we have to pay for smurfette? Why? WHY? Smurfette relly should be paid for coins, not through smurfberrries :(

  47. Just me says:

    i bought smurf berries with a prepaid credit card but i didnt receive my berries.

    What to do?

  48. Stefanie Baggott says:

    I tried to buy smurfberries using a Mastercard gift card, as you suggested, in the smurfberry shop and it rejected my card. How do I use a MC giftcard to purchase smurfberries?

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to enter your mastercard information in your android market account as the payment method and then it should work. What kind of error message do you get? If it does not work, you might want to contact the Android Market Support, they are best suited to help with payment problems.

  49. Is it possible to buy Smurfberries with PayPal or iDeal since I don't have an credit card… Because I really want the special smurfs in my village :( (I play the game on Android)

  50. thanh truc says:

    can i buy smurfberries from itune gift card?

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