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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Customization of Mushroom Houses using blueprints


Version 1.2.0 (iOS) and 1.0.8 a (Android) added Handy Smurf’s Shop and Architect Smurf which comes with the ability to customize mushroom houses. For more information on how to upgrade Handy Smurf’s House with his Shop and how to get Architect Smurf on the island please read the articles on Handy and Architect.

The first thing needed for the customizations are blueprints for them. They will each unlock once special customization and can either be bought with Smurfberries or gotten as a gift from Marco/Jokey Smurf, via a blueprint raft expedition or as rewards from message in a bottle quests. However, it is very rare to get one of the blueprints, so if you are, for example trying to get one via a blueprint raft expedition, be prepared to do a lot of them before a Smurf will bring back one of the blueprints.

Once a blueprint has been unlocked, depending on the customization, it is also needed to have a certain amount of either dye, stone or wood (or a variation of all three).

All three items can be given as a gift to neighbours on the island and the mainland,  they can be bought for Smurfberries from Architect or Handy Smurf’s Shop or found on a raft expedition for the item (each expedition is 24 hours long and brings the item back twice, i.e. a 24 hour dye expedition brings back 2x dye for use on the customizations). Wood and Stone are also given every time Miner Smurf (Stone) and Timber Smurf (Wood) give their special XP. Miner Smurf gives 9x stone and Timber Smurf gives 12x wood.

At the moment the following blueprints are available:

BlueprintHow to get itSmurfberry PriceCost for Use

Wooden Shed
--30x Wood

Arched Doorway
--20x Wood

Wooden Balcony
Jokey's Gift Box20 SB50x Wood

Spotted Roof
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels25 SB80x Wood, 50x Stone, 20x Dye

Heart Roof
Needs Architect Smurf-120x Wood, 75x Stone, 30x Dye

Mushroom Shed
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB50x Wood, 10x Stone, 20x Dye

Mushroom Doorway
Jokey's Gift Box10 SB40x Wood, 8x Dye

Mushroom Chimney
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels15 SB130x Stone, 16x Dye

Mushroom Balcony
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest20 SB80x Wood, 20x Stone, 30x Dye

Straw Shed
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB45x Wood, 8x Dye

Straw Doorway
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition10 SB30x Wood, 4x Dye

Straw Balcony
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest20 SB75x Wood, 12x Dye

Brick Chimney
--120x Stone, 12x Dye

Stone Chimney
--80x Stone
Seashell Doorway (Island only)--30 Wood, 25 Stone, 14 Dye
Seashell Balcony
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest25 SB70 Wood, 40 Stone, 35 Dye
Seashell Chimney
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest20 SB20 Wood, 160 Stone, 26 Dye
Seashell Shed
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition20 SB60 Wood, 20 Stone, 15 Dye
Rustic Wagon
--60 Wood
Rustic Door
--35 Wood, 10 Stone
Rustic Chimney
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB20 Wood, 75 Stone
Rustic Balcony
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB65 Wood, 30 Dye
Royal Purple Chimney
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB20 Wood, 135 Stone, 25 Dye
Royal Purple Shed
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB45 Wood, 30 Dye
Royal Purple Door
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest10 SB45 Wood, 20 Stone
Royal Purple Balcony
Blueprint Raft Expedition20 SB80 Wood, 35 Dye
Stone Cottage Doorway
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels10 SB40 Stone
Stone Cottage Balcony
Jokey's Gift Box15 SB60 Wood, 20 Stone, 5 Dye
Stone Cottage Chimney
Marco Smurf can find this blueprint on his travels15 SB20 Wood, 130 Stone
Stone Cottage Shed
Jokey's Gift Box15 SB10 Wood, 50 Stone
Jungle Doorway
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB30 Wood, 10 Stone, 5 Dye
Jungle Balcony
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB65 Wood, 5 Dye

Jungle Chimney
(Island only)
Reward for a Message in a Bottle quest15 SB20 Wood, 145 Stone, 8 Dye
Jungle Shed
(Island only)
Blueprint Raft Expedition15 SB50 Wood, 15 Dye

Wooden Balcony (Mountain only)
--80 Wood, 60 Stone, 15 Dye

Wooden Doorway (Mountain only)
--40 Wood, 40 Stone, 5 Dye

Wooden Shed (Mountain only)
--140 Wood, 140 Stone, 30 Dye

Wooden Window (Mountain only)
--20 Stone, 5 Dye

Wooden Chimney (Mountain only)
--140 Wood, 80 Stone, 20 Dye

Tree Bark Balcony (Mountain only)
-20 SB96 Wood, 72 Stone, 18 Dye

Tree Bark Doorway (Mountain only)
-15 SB48 Wood, 48 Stone, 6 Dye

Tree Bark Shed (Mountain only)
-25 SB168 Wood, 168 Stone, 36 Dye

Tree Bark Window (Mountain only)
-10 SB24 Stone, 6 Dye

Tree Bark Chimney (Mountain only)
-20 SB168 Wood, 96 Stone, 24 Dye

Birthday Chimney
-5 SB

140 Wood, 80 Stone, 20 Dye

Birthday Door
-5 SB5000 Coins

Birthday Window
-1000 Coins2500 Coins

Birthday Roof
-10 SB140 Wood, 140 Stone, 30 Dye

Clicking on Architect Smurf’s Mushroom House and then choosing “Architect Shop” on the island and the same for Handy Smurf’s Mushroom house on the mainland will open the customization shop.

After that, just choose and tap on a blueprint and choose an existing mushroom house to customize it. If there are not enough supplies to build one of the customizations they blueprints will not be accessible.

Only “normal” mushroom houses can be changed, the special houses that belong to the special smurfs cannot be customized with one of the above blueprints.

If Painter Smurf has been bought, the colour of the rooftops of the customized houses can still be changed.

It is, at the moment, not possible to delete customizations, though choosing the same kind of blueprint will reset the previous one (i.e. if a brick chimney is applied on a mushroom house that has already a stone chimney customization, the stone chimney will be removed with the brick one, but it is not possible to completely delete the customized chimneys).

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  1. RiQaY says:

    Timber Smurf gives 12 Wood and there is the wood chopper to increase the amount given and Miner smurf gives 9 Stone and has the Rock Crusher but is there any other ways to get more? Other than the rafts, digging, LuckySmurf and Pirate Smurf? and Dye from all those and Baber Smurf as well as gifts from friends?

    • Poet says:

      With the latest update, if you acquire the statutes through Hominbus's Tome, you can get more wood, stone and dye from them as well. Additionally, if you have the all the railway stations on the Mountain, they grant you wood, stone and dye too.

  2. guest says:

    If you undo a customized hut do you get the resources back?

  3. EMBUG and Mommy says:

    I cannot get outhouses. I'm BEYOND frustrated. I've spent a small fortune on the game. I've purchased all blueprints. Hands shop…no outhouse. I've tried structures, customizations, wasted four more berries. No outhouse. I'm at a loss. Nothing posted works. iPad player level 38

    • Smurfette says:

      The outhouses are in decoration -> furniture of the build menu. If you can't find them yet, maybe you are not yet on the level when they unlock.

  4. badz says:

    Add a chimney on level 42? How can i do first attempt didn not work

    • Poet says:

      What did you exactly do? Did you go to 'customize hut' and then select a blueprint design that has a chimney to it? The simple act of adding one to any of the mushroom houses should trigger completion of the quest.

  5. liv88 says:

    When will this page be updated?? Lot of blueprints are missing!

  6. Smurf007 says:

    How can I find the customization for a balcony on the side of the mushroom house? I can see it in neighbour villages and it doesn't depend on the level. I have clockworksmurf and i am still in level 46, apple player.
    Is there anyone who can give my the answer? Thanks!

  7. Beeline says:

    Everyone has the blueprint that I did not have

  8. Joanne says:

    Papa quest requires " to visit another village", I've visited numerous neighbour's village, random villages but still the quest is not completed. It's already 1 week till no not completed. Please help!!

  9. Dingdongbell says:

    I really need some HELP! On my smurfs' island, 4 out of 5 rafts were locked for a few months and cannot go out for any voyages! Please tell me what to do, thx!

    • badz says:

      Hi. Does your problem resolved already? Because i only have 2 rafts, before i have 4.i dont know also what to do

  10. Dingdongbell says:

    I really need some HELP! On my smurfs' island, 4 out of 5 rafts were locked for a few months, and cannot go out for any voyages! What can I do now?

  11. Jacqueline Wilson says:

    i get always the same blueprint from marco as a gift! I think there is a bug…

  12. Smurfettashomegirl says:


    I’ve been playing for 2 years now, spent a lot of money on this game, and one time when I was updating I lost connection when updating through wifi, and now when trying to update it only says ‘done’ or ‘retry’ because it can’t update?! I can’t connect to my computer because my mum crashed it, and I don’t know what’ll happen if I delete it because I’ll lose everything! I’ve worked very hard, and I haven’t been able to update for the last two updates.

    Please help! ! !

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Normally you can update with the app-store. You should contact Apple.

      • Smurfettashomegirl says:

        I’ve tried with the app store, but it says ‘installing’ so I can’t actually click update, and when I can it doesn’t even ask for my password or email. I’m stumped.

        I’ve contacted apple, and they were supposed to ring me back because te manager was helping me, but I just don’t know what to do……!!! If I update my iPhones software do you think that could help?

        I’ve re set my phone when it’s connecte to wifi.

        Nothing is working, and it’s actually very upsetting.

  13. Cams says:

    Twice now I've received notifications about having a message in a bottle but there's nothing there when I go into the game ??

  14. Ishtar5500 says:

    Every time I get a message in a bottle after I start doing what she ask the bottle (in the sea) gets lost, so it is no use. What can I do?

  15. chris says:

    can any one tell me why my message in a bottle keeps disappearing its happened 3 times while in the middle of tasks

  16. Anja says:

    I have a problem with customization of houses. I am Android user at level 37.
    I already have customized some houses with wooden sheds, stone chimneys or heart roof without problems! But yesterday and today I customized houses with wooden balcony and arched doorway and the customization doesn't stop. After the time is over and the 100% are reached the remaining time changes to 1193046 hours and 28 minutes and the progress is over 100%! I can only stop this by using 1 SB! WHAT CAN I DO!? Has anyone the same problem?

  17. adds says:

    I can never get any of the blueprints, I know it says that you have to send a lot but this is getting ridiculous, I've got 4 rafts and have sent each one of them for over more than 5 times. I'm getting very furious, it's timewasting!!!

    • Heihots says:

      I have the same problem. I can never get any of the blueprints, I know it says that you have to send a lot but this is getting ridiculous, I've got 4 rafts and have sent each one of them for over more than 5 times.

  18. dedale421 says:

    i have a bug with a papa quest (harvest salad ingredient at level 38). He requires me : "Harvest a crop of radishes, a crop of green peppers and a corp of lettuce" But i tried several times and he never valided the quest. It makes almost 2 levels that I havent a new quest from papa. What can i do?
    thans for you're help.

  19. jules says:

    i lost my blueprint of the wooden balcony after I update the sports update
    I payed smurfberries for this blueprint do you now if I get this blueprint back by the next update

  20. Joe says:

    I have a Golden Crab, Is it normal to get it and does anyone have it?

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