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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Doctor Smurf


Doctor Smurf and his Animal Sanctuary become available from level 9 onwards on the mainland. To obtain Doctor Smurf, simply buy his animal habitat from the build menu and place it in the village. The habitat itself is available for only 100 Coins.

Doctor Smurf is not a stationary smurf, which means he will walk around the village. His animal sanctuary enables animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs etc. to come to the village and live there.


The animals will live inside the habitat, but they sometimes come out and walk around the village.

The Smurfs interact with the animals on occasion, such as petting them, feeding them or even riding on their backs around the village.


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  1. Louisi13smurf says:

    Hi i have a question about the animal satiantuary. Recently every time y touch the sanctuary and the animals go out and give xp it there is a sign -1 coin. Is that normal?

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Are you on iOS or Android? The animal is supposed to show 5 XP. Maybe you should open a ticket with customer support

  2. Poet says:

    It all depends on what you need. Since bulk of the game is about planting and harvesting crops, I would recommend you to get Farmer Smurf as he enables the plant all and harvest all features, which is very useful for your gameplay.

  3. bruh says:

    Porque nao concigo realizar a missao adicione um animal no santuario me ajudem por favor

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Translation: Why not concigo accomplish the mission add an animal sanctuary in please help me

      Tap on the treestump next to the sanctuary and buy peanuts. Go inside the Sanctuary and buy a home for your animal (treestump, hole or log), wait until the animal arrives at the treestump, tap it and add it to your sanctuary.

  4. I am having a problem. Doctor smurf gave a quest to add another animal to the santuary and I did but the he didnt say the quest is over.

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      You need to put peanuts on the treestump next to the sanctuary. Inside the Sanctuary you have to buy a new home for the animal, a log, a treestump or a hole. Wait until the next animal sits on the treestump and add it to your sanctuary. If the quest still isn't solved you'll need to open a ticket with Beeline's support.

  5. yolollo says:

    Where do i get the treats for an aninal to come into the sanctuary? !??! Please help me

  6. justAniGame says:

    Doctor smurf is not doing anything apart from roaming around.. .Beeline should think about making this smurf a little more SMURFY!… Smurffy !!!

  7. Juzailah says:

    Papa smurf need a fast mouse from the animal sanctuary, but type of mouse? Grey? White? Please help

  8. confused says:

    I am having a problem. Doctor smurf gave a quest to add another animal to the santuary and I did but the he didnt say the quest is over.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Did you tap OK before you added the animal? What is the exact wording of the quest?

      • Ilka says:

        Add an animal to the sanctuary.
        The animal sanctuary will be nice and warm.
        Bring another animal into the Animal Sanctuary.

      • confused says:

        Yes, I have.
        The exact wording is
        Add another aminal to the santuary
        The animal sanctuary will be nice and watm
        Bring another animal into the sanctuary

        • Smurfette says:

          I know there are people who can not complete the quest and that is because their data got corrupted and they ended up with two Doctor Smurfs in their village. Have a look, do you have a second doctor walking around as well? If so I do not know the solution, there is not really a fix, you need to contact Beeline support about it. If you do not have a second doctor just leaving treats out until you catch a new animal and then adding it to the sanctuary should usually work.

    • Brenda says:

      Tap the birds the is outside the sanctuary intop of the tree it going to ask you if you game to keep it say yes and then is goin to tell you to a gavit to this animal after you add the tree do it again tap the birds

    • Lala lollipop says:

      Yeah beacuse you need to tap him

  9. Ejwilkie says:

    Noticed in the sanctuary that the background is blocky and plus up! Also there are exclamation marks that give you quests if you touch them! There are no smurfs though at first I though I was in the main village and the background was playing up but some quests work and others don't has anyone else had this issue?

  10. Harley says:

    Hi, I was just playing Smurfs Village then and noticed something strange. One of my animals is a black squirrel and the animals usually come out and play but only one at a time. But instead there were 2 black squirrels out at the same time AND I only actually have one black squirrel. Should I worry about this messing up my game or would it only be a minor bug?

    Thanks :)

    • Poet says:

      I believe those are just animated effects and has nothing to do with how many animals you have purchased. So, not to worry.

  11. Kiwichickadee says:

    Does anyone know if the blue bird leaves the sanctuary? I bought him with real money and he's in the sanctuary but doesn't go into the village. My animals and green bird do and I,assumed he would too

  12. Kiwichickadee says:

    Does anyone know if the blue bird leaves the sanctuary? I bought him with real money and he's in the sanctuary but doesn't go into the village. My animals and green bird do and I,assumed he would too, otherwise I,wouldn't have bought him.

  13. Smurf says:

    My animal sanctuary gives me 1000xp every 8 hours :) I have all level 6 animals including 2 white mice one gray mouse, a gray squirrel and a red guinea pig

  14. Poudoutou says:

    I see from these posts that doc smurf is supposed to give out quests..I am almost to level 19 and he has yet to give me a single this a glitch?

  15. Chuuu says:

    Hi! There’s a quest from Dr Smurf to add another animal to the sanctuary . Out of stupidity, I spent 25 smurfberries to buy a squirrel and yet the quest is not completed ! Any idea why? Thanks !

  16. Hailazakis says:

    What is required!!!What do I do please???     add an animal to the sanctuary
    the animal sanctuary wail by nice and warm
    bring another animal into the animal sanctuary

  17. Smart Smurf says:

    How do you finish the tuturoial for the animal sanctuary? My dr smurf is constantly saying welcome little mouse and I'm supposed to click the mouse, yet I never see a mouse. It's always a bird on the stump and I never get the option when I click on the stump to choose which animal like I've heard some people say. Do I have to buy a mouse first? I'm so confused I just want to get this animal sanctuary going.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you trying to fulfill a particular quest? There is a quest where you're asked to place a mouse. It is a mouse that you purchase from the build menu, not something you have to attract to the sanctuary. Please let us know your level and the exact quest or message you are seeing on your screen.

    • TimberSmurf says:

      Buy a home for it for 1000 coins. And it's meant to be a mouse.

  18. rdwan smurf says:

    I found a good glich when u plant food for animals open the smurfberry stuf menu and click the bird and 500sb nothing will happen then close the shop and the food get ready

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