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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Earning Bolts for Clockwork Smurf


A major addition to the recent Smurfs’ Village update is Clockwork Smurf. Once Architect Smurf has been purchased players will get a quest to find Handy’s special blueprint. This blueprint contains instructions for building Clockwork Smurf. This edition to the island not only looks cool but features special quests. In order to build this mechanical smurf players have to collect the pieces. Pieces can be collected through completing message-in-a-bottle quests each week or by gathering bolts to form parts. Message-in-a-bottle or MIAB tasks wash ashore every Friday. They usually involve planting 45 tomato crops or sending smurfs out to voyage on rafts for an allotted amount of time. When all five objectives have been completed occasionally instead of a totem pole piece a player will receive a random part for Clockwork Smurf. There’s a total of 10 pieces necessary to assemble this new character.

Players can collect bolts through two different methods. The first is primarily for the berry rich. If you have the SBs to spare it’s possible to quickly purchase all of the required parts. It costs 25 Smurfberries or more to purchase each piece.  For players that don’t want to use all their Smurfberries for Clockwork they can rely on the kindness of strangers to help them out. Collecting bolts through friends is the fastest method to accumulating enough parts. All you need is some friends. Unfortunately, depending on where your pals are in the game they might not be able to help you out. To send bolts as a gift to your neighbor they have to be working on their blueprint as well. If they have not already updated their game to the most recent version and started the quest, it’s not possible to send them bolts and they may not be aware you’re in need of them.

A great strategy is to post that you’re in need of bolts as your current Game Center status. Others will see it and be more likely to give appropriately. To change your status simply log into the Game Center on your iOS device and tap on the status box to edit it. Be sure to return the favor give friends bolts daily to aid them in their construction endeavors too. Collecting all the necessary pieces for Clockwork Smurf is a long tedious process. It’s important to tap into all of your resources including generous neighbors. Be sure to return the favor and give bolts out generously as well.

It can take anywhere from a week or two to an entire month to accumulate enough parts to construct Clockwork Smurf.  A little patience and a lot of strategy is the best method to accomplishing this lengthy quest. The list displayed below displays the number of bolts required for each individual part.

  • 1st Part = 10 Bolts
  • 2nd Part = 10 Bolts
  • 3rd Part = 20 Bolts
  • 4th Part = 30 Bolts
  • 5th Part = 40 Bolts
  • 6th Part = 50 Bolts
  • 7th Part = 60 Bolts
  • 8th Part = 70 Bolts
  • 9th Part = 80 Bolts
  • 10th Part = 90 Bolts

Total bolts needed for Clockwork = 460 Bolts

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  1. Jop says:

    please send me bolts!!!!!!!!!

  2. Icebeekman says:

    I only have one friend and I don’t know how to add friends so if anyone needs bolts add me and I will figure out how to add u and I’ll send u bolts or what ever u need thank you

  3. Swifty Em says:

    Is anyone else needing bolts for the clockwork blueprint still? If so add me on Game Center ( Swifty Em ) and we can help each other out (-:

    • Amanda says:

      hello, im also working on the clockwork blueprint, would there be a chance for you to add me so we could help each other out? my game center on iPhone is Manda_Panda97 I will help you out in any other way! thank you

    • Joey says:

      I've sent both of you an invitation in game center. My game Center name is joey_simmerman. I'm still nog ready with the clockwork blueprint. I would like to help you with bolts.
      Antoine else who likes to be connected, just put me in your game Center list of friends

  4. Jeff says:

    What's the benefit of clockwork smurf? Thanks.

  5. Michael says:

    Anyone still need bolts? – please add michael020388 and we'll send to each other

  6. mizz-ox says:

    In desparate need of friends and bolts :') please add me mizz_ox i'm happy to send things back!

  7. kostoglot says:

    need bolts )
    ready to give them back
    nick kostoglot

  8. Gazzel says:

    Please add me my Game Center name is Anneche07

  9. Anne says:

    Has anyone else had this problem (I'm on android)?: I earn parts for Handy's Special Blueprint (Clockwork Smurf) through completing goals or by finding parts with the raft, but they never show up as progress on the blueprint (it still says I have 0 parts). I've contacted support and they've just replied with a vague "Thank you for letting us know, we'll inform our developers of this bug". If you have had this happen, did you get it sorted out and, if so, how?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I haven't heard of this issue until reading your comment. I am the Admin on this site for the Android environment. I haven't had it occur on either platform on which I have played the game. It is possible that Beeline truly doesn't know what is causing the issue. If they tell you the developers are taking a look at it, that is most likely the case – that the developers need to look at it to see what might be going wrong.

  10. Mjpanp says:

    I'll give bolts for bolts add me on game center MJPANP

  11. Alex says:

    Hi please add me gc LWICA0708

  12. Super wyeth says:

    Help! Need bolts, il give you in return…please add me super wyeth

  13. Alexandre says:

    Add me for daily gifts of bolts. I'll send you but please send aswell:) my ID is: BONAFIDE7.

    Thanks guys:)

  14. Maria says:

    GC name – dancepartayy please add me

  15. maemidude says:

    also need bolts add me up: maemidude

  16. James says:

    Just started clockwork and need lots of bolts. I gift daily. GC id is "The Spaz-Man (bolts pls)" without quotation marks.

  17. Ellwin says:

    I'm on the bolts quest. Add me in GC for daily bolt gifts. Ellwin.

  18. Hugo says:

    I just need one bolt to finish it. Can anyone help? hugomaga
    Add me

  19. A GROUCHY SMURF says:

    Add me on GC! A GROUCHY SMURF :)

  20. Mark says:

    May I have bolts too? Mr Wobb1ing

  21. Michelle says:

    In need of bolts & dye. On GC i'm "mrsbest514"

  22. Roeier says:

    I get THE special glitch!!!!!

  23. Dima says:

    Add me and sent me bolts and I will sent it back in name in game centre : taker.taker

  24. Annoeska says:

    Plz add me, i need bolts

    I send you bolts or wathever you want back!. Xx

    Annoeska19. Thankyouu

  25. sast44 says:

    Please add me I need bolts :-)


  26. Neeka M says:

    I need one more bolt to complete Clockwork! Please add me {~POOKEI~}

  27. tsurumichan says:

    new version! upload asap! cannot send gifts without it

  28. Poppimeshi says:

    Add me for bolt to bolt

    GC: popimeshi

  29. slickmann1 says:

    I will give you LOTS of bolts and my FB page is Arlis Hopson Jr

  30. Bell_Vue says:

    Pleace, send me bolts :)

    Game center: Bell_Vue

  31. Benjamin says:

    Gcid benjardila

  32. Alyssa says:

    Add me!! My game center ID is lyssa918, I need bolts and will return bolts!

  33. Michaelene425 says:

    Michaelene425 add me I'll give gift!

  34. borikaaa says:

    hello! please add me Game Center: borikaaa
    I need bolts. Thank you <3

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Please do not submit duplicate requests all a few minutes apart from each other. Each comment must be approved by a volunteer moderator before it can appear in the comment stream. Submitting duplicaates slows our response to everyone. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

  35. mmssily says:

    Send me bolts please, I will send you, too!
    GC ID: mmssily

  36. Tanya says:

    add me Game Center ID PrincessRose22 need bolts. Thanks

  37. Okyale says:

    Need bolts. Will gift back daily. Add me!

    G.C. : Okyale

    • Okyale says:

      Hi all, I'm finally done with the quest, but I would still be happy to receive any friend requests. I will gift bolts daily or whatever you may need on a daily basis, in return I would love to receive stone, wood, or dye. Thanks!

      My new G.C. : Okyale (S/W/D please)

  38. yeloboi96 says:

    GCID: yeloboi96
    I'm absolutely willing to gift everyday if you are willing as well. I am in need of bolts. Please add me. Happy Smurfing

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