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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Land Expansion Overview


expansion_paidAfter some time the village gets rather crowded with all the Smurfs living and working there, that is why the game offers a few ways to expand the village. Three of this expansion can be bought with Coins; one has to be bought with Smurfberries.


Mainland Expansions

Land on the right side of the riverexpansion_small_bridge

As soon as level 5 is reached, Papa Smurfs gives the task to build a small bridge across the river on the right side of the village, once the bridge has been finished (it takes 120 hours) the Smurfs can cross the river so that the land on the right side can be cultivated.


expansion_big_bridgeLand expansion to the left side of the river

The second expansion is to the left side of the village, in level 16 the big bridge is unlocked and can be build across the left river, so that the land on the left side can be accessed.

Cliffside expansionexpansion_stone_bridge

The next free expansion can be gained in level 22 when it unlocks the staircases, after placing them at the cliff top on the far right side of the village the Smurfs can use them to climb up the cliff.

The Beach

expansion_beachThe beach section is another free (that is it can be obtained without the use of Smurfberries) land expansion that was added in version 1.1.1 of the app (and slightly modified in version 1.1.2). The beach is located at the far left side of the village and comes with special “summer” items to be placed on the beach (such as bath towels, etc.).
Despite the sand the beach is a normal land expansion, which means it can be used for all items, like the gardens, etc. and not only the beach accessoires

Expansion to the East of the Cliff

The Christmas 2011 version of the game (version 1.1.5 (iOS) and version 1.0.3 (Android)) has added a new free land expansion to the village.

This expansion is free, that means no Smurfberries are required to access the land. The Expansion is to the East of the Cliff Side and increases the space of the whole cliff side. Therefore, to get the expansion access to the cliff is required, that means the stone steps need to be placed at the cliff so the Smurfs can access it.

The Expansion itself is only available from level 26 onwards, before that the land is blocked by a timber and wood. After completing the current tasks from Papa Smurf (like, for example the Christmas quests) Papa will send out 5 Smurfs for 72 hours to search for supplies for Timber’s Mill.

Once the Smurfs return, it is possible to upgrade his Mill (by taping on) and Timber can clear the wood preventing you to access the new space.

expansion_paidThere are also expansions that give 25% more land to the, it can be bought in the Smurfberry-Shop for 25 Smurfberries.

As of now Explorer on the Island Update (version 1.6.0 on iOS and 1.4.7.a on Android) the paid expansions can now be bought a total of 6 times. The first four expansions cost 25 Smurfberries each, while the last two cost 50 Smurfberries each.


Island Expansions

The island can be reached via Dreamy Smurfs ship from level 22 onwards. For more information please read out articles about “The Island” or “How to find Dreamy Smurf and How to get to the Island “.

Expansion to the west on the island (dam)

expansion_damTo get an expansion to the west on the island, a dam has to be build on the island to stop the water and make it possible for the smurfs to access that land.

The dam can be build on level 24 and costs 8000 Coins. It takes 168 hours to build. The dam can only be placed at a specific spot. After choosing the dam from the build menu, look for a shadow of it and built it at the exact same spot.

2nd Expansion to the west on the island (Clifftop Expansion)

expansion_island_cliffFrom level 28 onwards, it is possible to build stone steps on the island’s left side to make it so that the smurfs can access the land on top of the cliff.

To build the stone steps, the dam expansion needs to be completed first. After that, and if the required level has been reached, the stone steps come available from the first shop in the build menu.

There are two kinds of stone steps, the big ones, which can only be placed at one certain spot at the top of the cliff, and the small ones, for which there are up to three places (if all south expansions have been bought) where they can be placed. Both versions of the steps cost 10.000 Coins and take 120 hours to build (60 hours if Hefty Smurf is on the mainland).

3rd Expansion to the west on the island (Rope Bridge Expansion)


Mountain Expansions

The Mountains can be reached once the Hot Air Balloon has been placed at level 25.

The Hot Air Balloon, and with it the mountain expansion, is free and does not cost Smurfberries nor Coins. For more information, please read the article about the mountains or the hot air balloon.

1st Mountain Stairs Expansion to the right side

expansion_mountain_stairsThe Smurfette Mountain Update (version 1.3.4 on iOS and 1.2.2a on Android) included an expansion for the mountain.

There are wooden stairs available in the build menu for 500 Coins. They need to be placed on the right side (a shadow indicates where to place them with two available spots where the stairs can be put) and it takes 48 hours (24 hours with Hefty Smurf in the mainland) to complete.

When the stairs have finished building the Smurfs can reach the higher plateau on the mountain. This space also includes the Watchtower, which works like the Old Windmill.

 2nd and 3rd Mountain Stairs Expansion to the right side

The Lucky Smurf Island Update (version 1.3.7 on iOS) included a second expansion for the mountains.

Buying wooden stairs and placing them at the edge of the screen on the right side will once again expand the available space. This expansion is available for 500 Coins and it takes 48 hours to build the stairs (24 hours if Hefty Smurf is on the mainland).

With the fourth mountain wonder (Miner’s Mining Machine) a 3rd land expansion became available. It is once again realized by placing wooden stairs at the edge of the right side of the screen.

It is now possible to place six wooden stairs in total in the mountains. There are predefined places where to put them (a green shadow of the stairs when placing them will indicate the spots where to put them).

Mountain Winter Expansion (4th Wooden Stairs Expansion)

The Thanksgiving 2013/Nanny Smurf Update (version 1.4.6 on iOS, 1.3.3a on Android) included a fourth cliff top expansion for the mountains.

The wooden stairs from the Structures section in the build menu can once again be placed at the edge of the screen, i.e. the cliff of the third expansion, to get access to a fourth cliff top. This area is now so high up in the mountains, that it is covered in snow.

This snow is, unlike when the mainland is covered with snow during winter, permanent and will not be removed.

This means that there are now a total of eight spots available where it is possible to place the wooden stairs. As usual, the winter expansion also includes a new wonder, the mountain chalet.

 5th Mountain Stairs Expansion

The 5th and last mountain stairs expansion was added with the King Smurf update.

It is also a winter expansion, meaning that there will be snow all year long in that area. This expansion contains King Smurf’s castle (see the article “King Smurf’s Castle” for more information).

The expansion is a bit smaller and has only about 2/3 of the space of the other mountain expansions. It has been confirmed by Beeline that this will be the last mountain expansion.

expansion_paidJust like on the mainland there are also paid expansions available for the mountain area. Each expansion gives about 25% additional space (in relation to the original space, not the already expanded space).

As of the “Explorer on the Island” Update (iOS version 1.6.0. and Android version 1.4.7.a) there are a total of three paid expansions available.

On the mountain each expansion costs 25 Smurfberries.

Space Expansions

The Swoofs Planet is a new area/expansion to the village. It can be reached by building a rocket. The rocket is available from the build menu for 2000 coins and requires the village to be at least on level 22.

As it is already known from reaching the preexisting areas (island and mountain), the spaceship cannot just be build, but there is a series of quests from Papa Smurf that have to be completed first.

Just like the other areas, there are also expansions available on the Swoofs Planet but they work a bit differently then in all of the other areas. They require the completion of a star constellation, a set amount of Swoofs and stardust. To read more about how this kind of land expansions work please see the article “Expanding the available land in space“.

There are, however, also “normal” expansions available in space that work similar to the expansions in the other areas.

1st Eastern Space Expansion


The first of these expansions is obtained by placing a metal bridge across the lava river on the right side of the planet. Once the bridge has been build (it takes 48 hours without Hefty Smurfs time reduction) a new area containing the first space wonder will become available.

 2nd Eastern Space Expansion

The second expansion to the east of the Swoof Planet that does not require the completion of the constellation was made available with the Baker Smurf Update (iOS Version 1.5.0 and Android version 1.3.5.a) and is obtained by placing a metal or a cookie bridge across the lava river on the right side of the planet. Once the bridge has been build (it takes 48 hours without Hefty Smurfs time reduction) a new area containing the second space wonder, the cake tower, will become available.

 3rd Eastern Space Expansion

The third expansion to the east of the Swoof Planet that does not require the completion of the constellation was made available with the Pirate Smurf Update (iOS Version 1.5.1 and Android version 1.3.7.a) and is obtained by placing a metal or a cookie bridge across the lava river on the right side of the planet. Once the bridge has been build (it takes 48 hours without Hefty Smurfs time reduction) a new area containing the third space wonder, the aquarium, will become available.


Expansions Overview and required levels

The table below shows each expansion in the Smurfs village game and the required level needs to be achieved  (credit to our friend L. Campbell):

Bridge to right5
Bridge to left16
Cliff expansion22
Space expansion22
Expansion past logs26
Island Cliff expansion28

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I would like to expand my main village again but its asking for 50 Berrys and not 25…is this correct?

  2. Um Essa says:

    Hi good afternoon I'm Um Essa, I've been in the end of level 38 and I won't to finish my goal but there is stele ask me to expand space for one time … How can I do it ?

  3. autonat says:

    how do I complete smurfulation boom? Do I have to use smurfberries for extra space??Because I have used bridges, stairs etc and I still have 0/1 in this quest..

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes, the Smurfutation boom requires players purchase the expansions with SB in order to get credit. The unpaid automatic expansions that come with leveling up are not included.

  4. Smurfette says:

    How do I het the pirate ship and what is the message in a bottle and rafting goals?
    How do you get smurfs to swoon?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to cimplete papa's quests to get the ship. When you get to the island, you will see how the message in a bottle works. Smurfs swoon when the little heart 8s above Smurfette's head and you tap it when other smurfs are near her.on the island itxworks the same way but with Sassette.

  5. erlyn says:

    Good noon here at Qatar. Missing my country philippines, since im not in my country, I left my credit card. And I only have Bdo atm card…I want to buy smurfberries to level up my game.Im in level 19, cant buy stuff. The payment method doesn’t work I on me. What can I do? Thanks. ..I can’t get any credit card because im here for long vacation in foreign country. Can you tell me the other option? Please help thanks. …Please reply

    • Smurfette says:

      You can buy a gift card, but they are tied to your countries iTunes Account, so you either have to buy a gift code over the internet (for example ebay) for your country or create a new iTunes Account for the country you are in and use that for the purchase of the Smurfberries. You can also try and see if you can get a prepaid credit card or a gift credit card (such as visa gift card), some countries sell them in stores and such

  6. Gregory says:

    The paid land expansions are advertised as adding 30 % more land at the bottom of the village, but this is simply NOT true.
    If we take, as a unit, the size of the smallest static elements (for example the small flowers or the small mushrooms), the initial village has a height of 22 (= the maximum number of these small elements that can be put above each other).
    The first update adds a height of 6 units, which is an increase of 28 % size.
    The second update adds the *same* height of 6 units, which is an increase of 22 % size.
    The third update again adds the *same* height of 6 units, which is an increase of 18 % size.
    The fourth update again adds the *same* height of 6 units, which is an increase of 15 % size.
    The fifth update (the most expensive on the mainland, for 50 smurfberries!) still adds the *same* height of 6 units, which is an increase of only 13 %!
    So in total, after five updates (and spending 150 smurfberries…), instead of having a village that has 3.7 times the size of the original one, the village is only 2.4 times larger than the original one…

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Thanks for the calculating but in my opinion you should be happy that Beeline adds more space instead of complaining you should recieve a whole lot more than they say.

    • Gregory says:

      Did you really read my comment?

      What I explain is precisely that we get a lot *less* than what they say.

      They say “adds 30 % more space” to the village, and it’s not what you get: you only get *a bit* more space. If your boss tells you that you’ll get 30 % more salary if you do something, you probably don’t understand “a bit more salary which represents 30 % of the salary I got when I started my first job”…

      Actually I did not do the calculations for the first four extensions. The last extension costs 50 sb, so I did a few calculations to understand why it costs so much and to see whether it was really worth the price. I concluded that the price increase was due to the fact that I would get, relatively to the first update, about 3 times more space. And I was disappointed to see that I only got a tiny space.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        The price difference was added because it was very hard for the devellopment team to even add more space. I can understand that you're disappointed that the extra space isn't as much as you hoped for but I doubt you can even see your smurfs when your village is 3.7 times larger than the original one 😉

        • Smurf lover says:

          Still false advertising though!

        • Helen says:

          One can simply move the area they are seeing to see another area. I mean no disrespect but to double the smurfberry cost to 50 is simple greed. Beeline is a business that is not hurting financially. I am all for capitalism but I am no fool. I used to enjoy this game immensely but am sick of the constant glitches and the price increases.

          • Smurfette says:

            It took a long time before Beeline was able to add more land to the mainland via those two expansions and we were told that because it was so difficult to make it work that is why it is double the price. But I agree with you, its really very expansive, which is why I personally have not yet bought them.

    • GiftySmurfette says:

      It's better to make another expansion than the "less" more space that you think, and maybe you shouldn't expand more and more if that just adds space a bit.
      P.S. That's why you shouldn't waste smurfberries.

  7. Keristi says:

    Hi I am on Level 43 and Grandpa Smurf has told me to build the stairs for further expansion, but for the life of me, the stairs will not go green when I place them on the right spot so I can never tick to begin the build….what am I doing wrong?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Make sure you don't have anything like crystals or huts against the wall of the mountain. Move everything away from it, and try again. There are two places it will fit.

  8. lorenz says:

    im level 34 but i dont have island. what shall i do please help me.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Have you been completing Papa Smurf's quests? You may need to contact Beeline via their support portal for help with this issue at

  9. Cclay45 says:

    I want to expand to the left river, but when I bought the bridge, no matter where I put it, it said can not place object. I know this must be a bug because it lets me buy it all the time. It’s also not giving me my coins back after I cancel buying the bridge! Help? Thanks

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It turns green when you have it in the right place, but it fits in only two places. find the smallest distance across the river. If you still can't get it to work, contact Beeline at

      • Qzerp says:

        You may have placed an item too close to the spot the bridge goes. Try moving everything over before placing the bridge.

    • kyle says:

      Buy the long bridge

  10. Fami says:

    I am at level 45 and need to upgrade timber smurfs hut inorder to move the logs and expand to the east of the cliff.

    When I click on upgrade it says I have to find materials to upgrade.

    I have so far not got any quest to find the material. Is there any other way of getting the material that does not involve waiting another 20 levels to get a quest.


    • Daffy says:

      I am at level 28, and completed all of Papa Smurf's quests as I can recall. Current quest is to gather resources for the space program, yet my east side is still blocked by the logs, and The Timber Mill upgrade that costs 7500 coins is still locked.

      • Stroumpfette says:

        The one critical quest you must complete to upgrade the Timber mill and be able to expand to the east is Papa's quest that sends 5 smurfs out to look for supplies for Timber's mill. The quest lasts 72 hours. If you had completed this quest, you would be able to access the upgrade and east cliff. If you believe you have already completed this quest and are still having issues, please open a ticket with Beeline at

  11. Dorna says:

    I am at level 26 and i expand my space but i dont have some goals !!! It’s not load :(

  12. Schu2 says:

    I don't have a cliff on the mainland! I can't place the stairs to expand! What should I do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The cliff is to the far right of the village. It doesn't look very much like a cliff, though. It is past where the border of logs used to be on the right.

  13. Lynnacious Smurf says:

    Hi! I am noticing something on my island – often my smurfs will go down beyond the bottom of the screen where you can't view

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes, this is a bug of which Beeline is aware. We are hopeful it will be fixed in the next update.

      • Wendy says:

        I had the same problem and bought an expansion.
        The smurfs keep doing this, and I have spend my berries for something that I didn't really want, but annoyed me tremendously.
        I now feel a cheated!

  14. Lynnacious Smurf says:

    Hi! I am noticing something on my island – often my smurfs will go down beyond the bottom of the screen where you can't view, and don't come back up for quite some time. When completing a task for Papa or another smurf, I will have to reboot the game and hope they are in the area where I can see them to tap on them.
    I am playing on my ipad, on level 39. I have not done any expansions on the island that cost SBs.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Thanks :)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes. It is a bug. We provided an answer to your other comment on this same issue.

      • Lynnacious Smurf says:

        Cool – thanks for the quick response. Sorry for posting twice – I was on an iffy wifi connection and thought my comment didn't go through the first time.
        Thanks again :)

  15. Matthew says:

    I just started playing the game two weeks ago. My version must be different them the older ones. I have access to more limited time items and the quest to get the island is reduced by more then half. Each of the above quests takes 12 hours, or less!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      How is this possible?

      • Matthew says:

        I don't know, but I can show you screen shots. I can buy as many treasure chests as I want. (Which is perfect for raising animals and harvesting Magic Raspberries.) I have 4 currently. 😀 The island quest started on Friday and I had the island by Sunday night. I was also around level 22/23 when this started. Maybe this spead up the time.

  16. Pmartt says:

    I despertly need more space. I bought all expension land options. But I' m running out of space. Beeline please help.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      We aren't Beeline, we're a fan site. Your land expansion problem should be solved the next update (Beeline has added a land expansion to the south which will likely cost sb's)

  17. Chelsea says:

    How do you remove the logs on the far right side of the main map!?

  18. Sai Jai says:

    Island Expansion: do we know if Beeline will be expanding further West on the island? After the stone steps are placed, players may notice the rift on far side of the cliff expansion. Will players be able to add bridge to expand space? That would be great!

    • Poet says:

      At this point, we do not know anything for sure, but Beeline promises more expansions for the game in future updates. So, it's only a matter of time!

  19. francine says:

    Comece a construir uma escada até o precipício, para que possamos expandir a aldeia. escolher as escadas, a partir do menu de construção e colocá-los ao lado do penhasco.

    Alguem pode me dizer que escada eh essa? Como faço? Por favor, ajudem! É aquela escada de pedra utilizada para a passagem do barro? Estou no nivel 28 e nao sei onde é esse penhasco, aparece um tronco enorme… Nao cabe uma escada de pedra ali…

    • Stroumpfette says:


      Start building a ladder to the cliff, so we can expand the village. choose the stairs from the building menu and place them alongside the cliff. Can someone tell me what this ladder eh? How do I? Please help! Is that stone stairway used for the passage of clay? I'm at level 28 and do not know where is this cliff, there is a huge trunk … Not a stone stairway lies there

      The cliff is the brown edge at the right of your main village area. it is a jagged edge of dirt in between the grassy areas. You are to select the three stone steps for 5000 coins from your main build menu and place them along the jagged edge of dirt. The stairs will turn to a green background when you have them in the correct spot. They are to the right of the shrub for 10 SB and to the left of the blue flag for 3 SB.

      Also, in the future, please submit your comments in English as it will allow us to better answer your questions. We appreciate your cooperation with this request.

  20. Smurfette says:

    Only the paid expansions for 25 SB count for this goal. You can read about it in this article:…

    It is not a bug, it has always been that way and it is only worth it if you would've expanded your village anyways.

  21. Bunny7433 says:

    Might be a dumb question. But when you pay for land expansion, does it expand everywhere? Like in the main village you pay for the expansion, so does it expand only the main or does the island and mountain expand as well?

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to pay for each section individually, the paid expansion is available four times each on the island and mainland and as of now once on the mountain.

  22. smurf says:

    i have a question at level 24 " papa smursf second riddle – This is a room that has no floor,no walls,ni windows,and also no door.What is it?

  23. Jimmy Koreander says:

    I'm on V1.3.4 and currently at level max. I'm recently trying to finish the quest regarding reaching 7 land expansions. I've purchased 2 additional expansions for the village and I've noticed that when placing items like cobble stones (to create streets/paths), the items can be placed but remain invisible. The gold that is required to purchase these items is being deducted and XP that can be gained is actually gained. But they items themselves remain invisible. Items like fences and stone walls can be placed and are visible. It seems that this issue is only related to items that can be used for e.g. creating streets/paths, but also the sand tiles that can be used to create the Zen park. Any other people here facing the same issue?

    • Smurfette says:

      There is a limit how many paths you can place, the issue you are having means you have reached it. The zen gardens also count towards this limit. Beeline is planning on increasing the limit, but there has no word on when this will happen .

      Also, please do not post questions several times about the same issue, it makes our work as moderators harder and reduces the time we can spend to actually answer questions.

      • Jimmy Koreander says:

        Hi Smurfette,

        I think you are right as when I move some paths from one place to a new place located in the recently purchased land expansions, the items are actually visible. What annoys me though is that instead of giving a warning or error, it just keeps on deducting gold from my total balance without being able to use the purchased items. I hope BeeLine will include a fix in the next update.

        As for the multiple posts, I'm sorry for that. I was informed by this sites administrator that there was a delay in placing comments, hence my multiple posts.

        Keep up the good work!

        • Smurfette says:

          Although I agree with you and think it would be better if Beeline added a warning this has been going on for a while and people have been asking for over a year for Beeline to increase the limit and, even though they said they will eventually do it, it has not happened yet. So I guess the chances of there being a warning anytime soon are rather slim.

          And if I am honest I think it is better if they use the time to fix some of the other (bigger) bugs, like the zoom issue on the island, first.

          • @TheHanzilla says:

            The path limit actually did increase in the last update. It used it be 1,000 and increased 10% to 1,100. I've been at path limit for at least 10 months and was quite disappointed that the Zen tiles and borders are considered paths.

          • Smurfette says:

            I thought so too, but according to Beeline's support community there have not been any changes made to the path limit yet

          • @TheHanzilla says:

            All I know is that for months I could not add any more paths. After this last update, I was able to add 100 more. Perhaps they unintentionally altered the limit? An additional increase would be welcomed!

  24. michelle says:

    reached level 25 want to buy the hot air balloon says not available yet please help…

  25. Pinched says:

    I actually did not buy aw candy cane but it appeared out of nowhere!
    I need to know why?

  26. Janice says:

    when is the next update? :O and please expand the iland :C

  27. greg says:

    When can you move the logs all the way to the right and when can you upgrade timber smurfs hut

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You will be able to upgrade Timber’s hut during Level 26. I’m not sure I understand the other part of your question. Are you asking about land expansions?

  28. Chris452 says:

    I'm on level 30 and have expanded up the steps on the cliff and got the Large log removed also, I have built right up to the edge but suddenly the log has reappeared straight through my houses and will not let me go over there, I have my timber smurf over there and cannot colect wood.
    Please help

    • Sassete says:

      Try to recover yourvillage to an date before the logs caame back and se if that works otherwisei think that you need to contact beeline and se if they can help you

  29. Baeddan says:

    I am level 43 and have no space left on my mountain! I have so many houses and gems and crystals that there is almost no room left for digging. You don't even have an option to expand the space with smurfberries! Is there going to be more room or an expansion coming in the next update???

  30. June says:

    I am on level 16 and papa smurf tells me put a big bridge but when I try to put it somewhere it does not work! Please help.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I believe the big bridge expands the village on the left river. You just have to play around to see where the bridge fits across the river.

    • Jenny says:

      If Smurfette's advice still didn't work, make sure you move around some of the already-set bushes or flowers, which may be blocking the bridge's way and then go by Smurfette's advice. I had the same problem but it worked, I'm at level 26 now!

  31. Kara says:

    I am currently on level 26, but when I click on my hot air balloon, it says I cannot put another one in my village, but I have one currently?! Am I just not seeing it yet? Help please!gyn2

    • Smurfette says:

      You have to finish Papa Smurf's quests to build the ballon. If you already have placed on then you can not place another one, it should be somewhere in your village.

  32. geo says:

    hi IAm at level 21

    I had the island already but now I can’t get to it anymore… I just updated the thanksgiving pack but it still doesnt work… how can i get to my island again… ???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Which operating system are you using (iOS or Android)? You could try recovering your data from a backup to see if that helps. Go to your blue play menu and touch "options." Tap Papa's head 16 times until you see "recover village" appear. Tap "recover village." You should see a list of your backups. Choose one where you can see the island. (Each backup allows you to preview it before committing it to overwrite your village.) I hope this helps.

  33. Ahmad says:

    How do i get the island and the beach?

  34. Deadcaleb3 says:

    I'm out of room on my island u guys really need to make a mountain or cliff space to the right or something because I'm lvl 39 and I have no space

    • Poet says:

      An island expansion was added in the last update. Perhaps you need to be more patient and not add too much stuff. That said, the coming update has a hint of new land. So, let's see what Beeline has in store for us.

  35. la rubia says:

    estoy en el nivel 28 y quiero saber como hago un tunel que me estan pidiendo en la aldea

    • Fran says:

      Tunel? A mi nunca me ha pedido un tunel. Qué pone exactamente?

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Please submit your comments in English. I'm not sure if the translator gave me a correct translation. It saod you asked about a tunnel. There is not a tunnel that I am aware of.

  36. Loona123 says:

    I am very anoid, since the last update my island is not worth a thing , my smurfs stop working as soon as i leave the island, the time stops running for the crops , bananas have been growing for more than 6 get the bottle quest finished i am forced to use berries. In the village suddenly some of my smurfs are missing, they come back, o.k. But i can not plant crops all at once! I just had a present from beeline ( 5 berries) to celebrate the i phone 5 ……..they do not mean that do they??? I have tried to contact beeline since the 12.9.12 it is now 21.9.12 …still no answer. They just leave you alone with your problem. Now they send berries for the i phone . Are they trying to take the micky out on me ? If they dont answer soon and shut off the problems , i will quit this game ! I EXPECT some sort of something as a sorry , i have spent money for this game

    • Gigi says:

      It might be the phone that you are using. I have an Android phone from 2011 and it all works well which leads me to believe it is not a software problem.

      • Stroumpfette says:

        No, it was definitely a software issue which Beeline addressed in an update prior to Halloween. Some people are still experiencing issues with crop timers. It is buggy, and Beeline has more work to do in this area

    • whyme says:

      Yes, I grew like tomatoes on mainland and island about the same time, when tomatoes were done on mainland it was still 7h to go! (version 1.3.5, mar01)

  37. smurfmaster says:

    Is it necessary to buy the bridge from the shop for the leftward expansion across the left river (I'm at level 16, so the bridge just became available)? I've put a bridge across it, which I acquired through the SmurfGrabber game, but the area does not expand.

  38. chris says:

    i had bought the land expansion with smurfberry, and the only place that i can add/biuld is on that land expansion. i try to build the bridge, but the river is starts in the middle n goin down. the top part of the screen will not allow me to do anythin at all… wat could b the problem?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I don't know what the problem is but try to recover your village and buy the expansion again. Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a recover village button appears. Press it and you'll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours recover.

  39. Serena says:

    When i try to move the bridge to left side with provide enough space (in blue spot) but come out an message "you can't remove your last bridge on this river", any one can advise how should i do

  40. Jody says:

    ok so i am only level 12 and all of a sudden I am getting a notification saying that a message in a bottle washed up on shore on smurf island and what could it be….how do i shut this off cause it chimes in every time i leave the program on my iPhone

  41. Nabhan says:

    I reached level 50 what is next?

  42. Snugl3bug7 says:

    Im on level 27 and i bought the step to expand the other side of the island and one of my step is already build and i cant still go to the other side…….i wonderi if i have to build all 3 of them in order for me to get to the other side? But the weird thing is that this mornin i was able to cross to the other side but then i couldn…..plz tell me a solution anyone…

  43. One says:

    How to place a bridge as papa smurf ask to do on level 15, after the smurf get separate? There Ia a clue but still cannot placed the bridge. Please help.

  44. Fugu says:

    U can't get the cliff side expansion

  45. Julie says:

    I need more space in the village is time to beeline add some extra sale space!!!!

  46. Pulse York says:

    In dire need of another south expansion on the village! It's been soooo long since the last one :-( Every update I get so excited… and then, crushed. Hurry up!!!

    GC: PulseAD

  47. Reagan says:

    I'm on level 23, and Papa Smurf is telling me to build the staircase to expand to the east cliff, but I can't see the cliff at all! It's just blank space there. Anybody know what the problem is or how to fix it? Thanks.

  48. Gargamel's cat says:


  49. confused says:

    I'm at level 26. The game told me to upgrade timber smurfs hut but every time I try it says level 26 required. How do I fix it?

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