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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Farmer Smurf


Farmer Smurf is again a stationary Smurf, staying in front of his house all the time. He does not come with his own mini-game, but he can help harvest the crops faster when they are done as well as increase their value.

He can be bought for 25 Smurfberries and if his hut is placed close to a garden, he raises the amount of XP and Coins given by crops planted there by 25%. He can do this for up to eight gardens if they are placed close to him or touch his mushroom. To see which gardens are affected, touching Farmer turns them green.

Once Farmer has been touched, a window on the right side appears that has a “Harvest All Crops” button at the end. If this button is pressed, all crops that are ready get harvested instantly and the according number of XPs and Coins is added to the user’s status. This is especially helpful if a village has progressed and hence has a lot of gardens, because it saves time otherwise needed to harvest every single crop individually.

 Farmer smurf (plant all)

A function that many fans of the game have been asking for was added in version 1.1.2 of the app. It is now possible to upgrade Farmer Smurfs hut so that on top of his “Harvest All” function it is also possible to plant a specific crop on all available fields with one click. Like the “Harvest All” feature this can save you a lot of time if you have many gardens in your village.

To enable this function Farmer’s Hut has to be upgraded for 15 Smurfberries, just tap on his house and then on the “Upgrade” button in the window that pops up on the right side. As soon as the upgrade is completed this function can be used and Farmer’s Hut gets a black weather station on top of his thatched roof as a visualisation of that upgrade.

To use this feature, just tap on the house and click on the “Plant All Crops” button. A sidebar with all the available crops will appear. The numbers shown there (i.e. the price, the number of XP and Coins gained) are accumulated, that means they are the totals for all the crops that will be planted by tapping on them, not just for the one individual crop that is shown in the normal mode.

If this function is used, the chosen crop will be planted on every garden and the number of crops is only limited by the amount of available Smurfs and free gardens.

* Special trick for extra XP from Farmer Smurf ! Read below.

It is possible to arrange the gardens in the village in squares of eight with a hole in the middle that can accommodate Farmers Mushroom (see the image below). That way, if all crops are harvested individually and Farmer is placed in the centre of the eight gardens to be harvested, then moved to the next square of gardens before harvest the crops, he can increase the number of XPs and Coins given for every crop in the village by 25%.

With Beeline’s latest release of the watering can for Farmer Smurf on 27 March 2012, when placed correctly, up to 22 crops can receive the bonus, at a cost of 15 smurfberries.

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  1. Catia says:


    Hmm… What food starts with "e"?

    Harvest a crop that starts with "e".

  2. Lynn says:

    I'm just noticing that my crops are not worth what they are supposed to be worth after harvesting i.e. golden corn says 165 coins and 45 xp but after harvesting I only get 30 coins & 155 xp. I have farmer which is supposed to provide 25% more for my crops set up around him but I'm only getting that percentage off of the reduced total. does the value get divided by the number of crops? Is there anyone else experiencing this?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Farmer only increases the value on 8 of your farm plots, or 22 if you have his watering can placed next to his hut. The ones affected with the increase turn dark green if you tap Farmer's hut. This article suggests a couple of ways to arrange your fields so that you can maximize his effect, but you have to move him each time in order for it to work:…

      • Lynn says:

        I have them arranged already in four different areas and I move farmer & plant separately but I still don't receive the amount of coins and xp that it states after I harvest them. I'm only getting 30 coins per crop for golden corn and that's a long time to wait for only 30 coins per crop. Could this be a glitch?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          According to the XP table, 30 coins and 155 XP per crop is for regular corn, and 165 coins and 44 XP per crop is for golden corn. Is it possible you are planting regular corn instead of golden corn?

  3. Bube says:


    My bf just took farmer smurf paying 25 SB now the planting options are not available only to harvest.
    I bought it a year ago and didnt need to upgrade farmer smurf to be able to plant all.

    How is this possible, will beeline do it automaticlly? Isnt it weird that some get it for free and others pay 15 SB extra?!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The way it is supposed to work is that Harvest All is included when you purchase Farmer, but to get Plant All, he needs to be upgraded. I have seen reports that some players have not needed to upgrade him – I'm not sure if it is a glitch or not. I have posted a question for Beeline. When I hear back, I'll let you know what I find out.

      • Bube says:

        Thank you Stoumpfette

        • A Nonny Mouse says:

          There's definitely a glitch there somewhere.. I play on the iPad, my wife on her iPhone.. we both bought Farmer Smurf hut and clicked "No" to the upgrade (didn't want to buy the smurfberries needed), and when we came back the next day the upgrade was done (for free!).

          Not that I'm complaining.

  4. stelios says:

    hi i bought nad i have upgrade farmer smurf but it gives me bonus for 8 crops only not for 22. what can i do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      you need the special watering can to get the bonus for 22. upgrading Farmer only allows bonus on 8 crops. It is working properly. Look in the SB or Star build menu to find the watering can, and place it next to Farmer. It is labeled as the watering can to place next to Farmer.

      • Tom says:

        cant find the watering can anywhere in any menu!!!
        iOS latest Smurf vilage 137 i think

        • Stroumpfette says:

          I answered your original post as follows: "Tap on the new Star menu for Featured Items. It is pretty far down the list. I suggest taping on each picture until you find the one labeled "Watering Can." It costs 15 Smurfberries. The "smurfy cupid statue is right above it.""

          Please in the future, submit your comment only once. Doing so facilitates our response. We appreciate your cooperation.

          • Tom says:

            Let's get this VERY STRAIGHT!
            in featured menu I have only 20 items
            1.extra murf
            2.extra space
            3.smurfberry bush
            4.shrub harvester
   garden bird-bluejay
            6.lawn garden bird n songbird
            7.lawn garden bird n canary
            8.floting paper lantern
            9.traffic cone
            11-14..orchids 4 times
            15.zen garden fortain
            16.rock stack
   light 4 times

            As you can see thats all I have in that menu! so your answer wasnt right!
            Any new idea whats going on with that water can???its NOWHERE in any menu!!

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Yelling at the volunteer admins is not acceptable, and continuing yelling will result in being barred from this system. This is a fan site run by volunteers and not affiliated with Beeline.

            We are all learning the menus together, and since I’m the Android admin, it is quite possible our menus may not be in sync if you’re playing on iOS. In my Featured items menu, there are 48 additional items, including as the 32nd item past your #20 (making it the 52nd item in my menu) is the watering can. These are my items past your number 20. 21.Otter, 22. Trophy, 23. Sandhut, 24.Owlet, 25. Thanksgiving Pack Turkey Statue, 26.Cornucopia, 27. Bat, 28. Porcupine, 29. Mole, 30-33. Crabs, 34. Rose Archway, 35. Bird in nest, 36. Yellow Duck, 37. Male Sewing Dummy, 38. Female Sewing Dummy, 39. Building Blocks, 40-43. Squirrel Logs, 44-47. Mouse, 48. Swing, 49.Sled, 50. Smurf Cupid Statue, 51. Icecream Cart, 52. Watering Can, 53. Seagul, 54, Baby Racoon, 55. Log Bed, 56. Umbrella Bed, 57. Octopus, 58. Stone Statue Smurfette, 59. Toy Sub, 60. Swings, 61. Fountain, 62. Slide, 63. Cannon Stove, 64. Igloo with Penguin, 65. Toy Train, 66. Hammock, 67. Waving Santa, 68. Flytrap.

            If you can find the things listed in another menu, that is probably where the watering can is as well. My answer is correct for the Android menus in Version 1.2.5a. which is equivalent to the current iOS Version If your menus aren’t the same, or there are things missing on the list I just provided, it is possible there is something wrong with the iOS menus, or there is something wrong with your system. I am unable to consult an iOS admin at this time, assuming you are on an iOS system.

            Your best bet would be to open a ticket with Beeline at

          • Tom says:


          • Stroumpfette says:

            I have heard back on my inquiry. The watering can was apparently offered to iOS players via the 8-hour sales that would be offered from time-to-time. This is why that particular item is not in the iOS menu. Apparently, Beeline has decided to incorporate it, and other former sale items, in the iOS menus which will be rolled out over future updates.

          • Tom says:

            good job! Thanks mate!

  5. tine says:

    When I bought Farmer Smurf, there was an option to upgrade with 15 smurfberries so I could use the Plant All option but after a few days, the option just disappeared and upon checking Farmer Smurf's roof, the black rooster sign was already there and the Plant All option too so I didn't have to upgrade at all.

  6. dollyqasem says:

    I’ve purchased the farmer smurf and when i bought it i had the (all plant) bottom without upgrade it!what i mean is i do not have the upgrade bottom is that normal?? Am using android

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I am not aware of being able to Plant All and Harvest All with Farmer Smurf without having to upgrade. I remember hearing talk that Beeline was thinking of changing how much he cost, but I am not aware that they effected any changes.

    • hommy says:

      same thing happened to me hahaha its smurfy

  7. dollyqasem says:

    Hello am using android device,and i’ve purchased the farmer smurf and i used to have buttom the (harvest all) then after a while i have the second buttom (plant all) and i didnt upgrade it with the 15 smurfberries its just appears ,when i plant all the crops it keeps costing with the orginal price?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I’m a bit unsure of what you are asking. When you do plant all, the cost to plant as well as XP and coins you will earn are for the total number of fields. So to verify the data for a single field divide by the number of fields you are planting.

  8. dollyqasem says:

    Am using android,i’ve purchased the farmer smurf,and i have the harvest all function ,and i didnt have the plant all function it worth 15 smurfsberries ,then after a while the plant all function was available to me i didnt upgrade the farmer smurf

  9. Sassete Smurfling says:

    Hi, I love playing smurfs, but I cannot find the watering can mentioned in the farmer smurf description on this page, I have checked my whole menu. Could you help me find it or explain why it is not on there anymore?? I am on level 24 and I would really like to make Farmer Smurf worthwhile.
    Thnx, have a smurfy day

  10. Bella says:

    When I tap "Harvest all crops" on the farmer smurf, nothing happen. Please advise on this matter. Thank you!

  11. Hbeum says:

    Same problem.farmer smurfshut disappeared, thought maybe i had accidently removed it. Bought him again. Had to pay with smurfberries, including upgrade. Then Noticed 2 pieces
    Land also gone. Mine disappeared, but reappeared by itself ( 2 days rebuild). Now natsmurfling has disappeared. How do i solve problem and get refund.? Problems all started since latest christmas upgrade.
    Also have problems with hanging balloon, usually when trackersmurf comes. Help!!!!!

    • Sassete says:

      its a bug with sweepy smurf he clean away other things then the piles of dirt what you can do is to recover your game to an date before al the things disappeard or contact Beeline for refund.

  12. LeBelge. says:

    I’ve had Farmer Smurf for a while now. A couple days ago it just disappeared. My wife seems to have the same problem, only in her game it isn’t limited to Farmer Smurf (the Pet Tree, various animals, … all disappeared). We play on our iPhones 4S and have the latest version. Anyone any suggestions/solutions? Do I need repurchase Farmer Smurf? How to contact Beeline ?

  13. jules says:

    does anybody now if beeline has plans to bring new crops to the village

  14. Omaima says:

    My farmer smuref disappear, I recover my village and I got it back, but I wants to know what coz that, coz when I recover the village I lost 3 smurefberre. :(

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You will have to take that up with Beeline directly. This is a fan site not affiliated with Beeline. You can open a ticket at

  15. grrr says:

    can you get the update to “plant all crops” without spending 15 Smurfberries ???

  16. Fahad says:

    My farmer smurf also disppier!!!! I bought him again & he disspier again & I bought him dormthe 3th time & the same happened!!!!!! common whats that?!
    Also the Cleaner smurf his hunt disspier but he still clean the village, I bought his hunt & it gone again :(
    What is happening guys?!
    our money goes in the sea?!!!!!!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Actually, you need to read this article about the big Sweepy bug and restore your village to when Farmer was there (before you purchased him two more times).… Follow the instructions in the article to recover your original village and to contact Beeline if you lost smurfberries. We caution the use of Sweepy until Beeline issues a bug fix update.

      • Fahad says:

        Thanx u very much ;)) walla u r very kind person lve u ;)) my money xome back & everything is cool again ;))) will not use the new smurf to clean dirt again untile further notes from the game new update, guys & girls use this tip from the lovely Stroumpfette to regain ur money & iteams. Thanx again dear

  17. Willy says:

    Farmer house and the fishing game is gone!! Why? It disapear after the last Christmas upgrade

  18. PapaSmurf says:

    First Nat Smurfling goes missing, which made mr reset losing 24 hour and earned smurfberries. Now farmer smurf is gone with just his watering can remaining. Now they want me to buy a cute train "only" 100 smurfberries. Why? I"m tired of tiered pricing and bugs.

  19. Audrey says:


    I downloaded the latest version of the smurf village lat week and my farmer smurf has simply disappeared. I had also upgraded it. How can I get it back?

  20. Charlotte says:

    My farmer smurf has disappeared! Do I have to buy it again?! I need it!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You should try to recover your village data from a backup. Go to the blue Play menu and tap Options. Tap Papa's head 16 times. Tap Recover Village. Preview your files until you find one with Farmer. Overwrite the village with that file.

      • Teeker Kaj says:

        Hi there. I had the same problem. I went to the blue PLAY menu and tapped OPTIONS. I tapped Papa's head 16 times and there was no Recover Village that popped up. I can't preview any files. What do you advise?

        • Stroumpfette says:

          It has to be 16 times. The menu option replaces the "contact support" one. Tap a couple of extra times. It will show up.

  21. Angelica Sawyer says:

    What is going on with this? Farmer smurf had disappeared and I have spent solo much money on smurf berries I should not have to buy him again…. Can someone tell me a way to get him back without having to recover the game because I have already did a lot of things sine the last saved village and I don't wanna have to start over … I either want farmer back or a refund of berries to buy him again.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The only way to get him back is by recovering. If Sweepy swept him away, please be advised there is a major bug with sweepy. Beeline has advised not playing his game until it is fixed.

  22. Shappy says:

    I've lost farmer smurf three times now since the last update – I thought I had accidentally deleted him until this most recent disappearance but is it actually a bug? If so I will be expecting a refund of my 50 smurf berries I've spent this week replacing it!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes, contact Beeline to arrange for a refund. Have you tried to recover him from a backup, and is Sweepy the one who caused him to disappear? Here is Beeline's address:

  23. Sanne says:

    My farmer smurfs hut just disappeard. U wanted to plant some golden potatoes, but then it shut it self down. When i opend the village again farmer’s hut was gone. :S

    Can anybody help me? I payd 25 smurfberries for that, i’m not gonna do that again!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to recover your village to a backup where the farmer is still there. Go to the blue Play menu and tap Options. Tap Papa's head 16 times until you see Recover Village appear. Tap Recover Village. Preview the files to find one with Farmer in his spot. Commit to that version. You will only lose progress from the time of the backup forward.

  24. demetra says:

    Is the watercan still on sale?I cant seem to find it in my menu, does it require a certain level?i'm on 27

  25. Yan says:

    My farmer smurf is gone? What's going on? Please return it back.. I'm panic now. I don't want to waste my berries…

  26. Victoria says:

    I purchased Farmer Smurf with the Smurfberries that I bought. I also upgraded his hit so I could use all the features. Today I was on after the Christmas update and he disappeared. The storage hut disappeared too. Now both are available for me to purchase with smurfberries again. I already paid for them though. Any idea on what to do? Thanks.

    • Smurfette says:

      It is probably due to a bug with Sweepy Smurf, clicking on the dirt piles removes items/huts. Use the recover feature to restore your village, you can find information on it in our troubleshooting section.

    • Sls1716 says:

      I had farmer disappear also. Already paid the smurf berries to replace him, then to upgrade him AGAIN!!!!! Seems this is something that people should be made aware of that could possibly happen. Am not happy!!!!!! Games are advertised at the beginning, seems a warning might be useful instead.

  27. shirley says:

    Which one I should buy ? Hefty smurf or Farmer Smurf ?
    or I should keep collecting my smurfberries ?

    • Poet says:

      Get Farmer Smurf. It would be very worthwhile in the long run, saving time and effort for you in planting and harvesting crops.

  28. gargamael says:

    Does farmer smurf's 25% stack with the 10% bonus from brainy smurf's hut for the main village?

  29. tyemilo says:

    Guess what when I got farmer he came with the uprade so I didnt have to spend 15 smurfberries!

  30. savannah smiles says:

    I got farmer Smurf but he don’t give me the plant all option why is that?

  31. Natalie says:

    So I bought farmer yesterday and when i went to use It , it said to upgrade for 15 smurfberries. And the other option was harvest all. Is this a glitch or do i have to upgrade with the 15 berries just to use farmer ? Is thats the case then they need to change the price from 25 berries to purchase to 40 berries

  32. Smurfy says:

    When planting i get two smurfs watering the same land so at the end i dont have enough smurfs to plant all the land plots!!!!

    Please fix this bug!!!!

  33. Lisa says:

    Which is the best investment; Farmer smurf or Brainy smurf’s hut? With Farmer smurf I can plant all and harvest all and get 8 plots with extra XP but Brainy gives all my plots extra XP and no wither. Any suggestions on which to purchase?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Farmer is much better than Baby but when you've got some more sb later you can buy Baby to complete your village.

      • Lisa says:

        Did you mean Brainy or Baby? I can afford both Farmer and Brainy Smurfs huts, I just want to get the most for my SBs. I will get Baby another time, right now I’m focused on getting the most XP from my crops. Thanks for your help!

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          My apologies for the misunderstanding. If you can afford both I suggest you to actually buy both. I think they're a very good combination.

      • Boesjy says:

        I thinks the question was farmer or Brainy, not baby :-) Sth I would like to know as well.

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          Ohh, yes sorry, my apologies. If you have a whole lot off gardens I suggest you to buy Farmer but when you think you can manage to harvest manually and you want a nice bonus I suggest you to buy Brainy. Those 2 are actually a great combination if you can buy both.

  34. Jess says:

    I have recently bought farmer smurf and I have arranged the 8 soil patches around his mushroom house like the picture showed up above^ and it's still not letting me get extra xp I'm getting really annoyed now I'm level 23 and I want either my money back or my smurfberries or for someone to show because I've done it and still not working!,

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!


  35. Killekillah says:

    I think, it's a glitch: just a few hours after buying farmer smurf, i deleted the village. After restarting the game through gamecenter, it was upgraded to "plant all" function without spending SB. :))

  36. Serena says:

    I facing a problem of purchase farmer smurf, as I have 23 smurfberries and now farmer smurf is going on promotion for 20 smurfberries, however there's an error saying that I didn't have enough berries. Any one can advise?

  37. smurfy says:

    how can i get the watering can to increase crop bonuses on farmer smurf? or is it a special placement of the crops?

  38. Bryan says:

    Hi anybody have problems purchasing farmer smurf? I have 24 smurfberries and now farmer smurf is going on promotion for 20 smurfberries, however there's an error saying that I didn't have enough berries… what the hell is going on?

  39. Jennifer says:

    My farmer isn't giving me the extra coins it should. It's giving me what I would get without him. Any suggestions?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      in order to get extra bonuses you need to re-arrange you plots in a specific way (surround them around farmer hut) so you will get extra 25% bonus. I hope that I answered your question

  40. Kennedy Materne says:

    How do I get 30 smurfberries to get smurfette but I have miner,vanity ,scaredy,handy,baker,brainy,jokey,papa smurf and the regular smurfs.Tell me what to do people please I really need to.

  41. GixxerChic says:

    Yesterday my Farmer was giving extra XP to the 8 plots around him, nothing moved but now he's only giving to 7 ?

  42. ellie says:

    i have a question: whenever i tap on farmer smurf and do plant all i see that the blueberries are free but give 28 coins and alot of xp, then when i plant the blueberries and harvest them they still give me 1 coin and 1 xp. is this just a bug because i am REALLY curious about this. also i am on level 16 at the moment.

    • Brainy says:

      Plant all gives you the TOTAL value . For your case, you have 28 plots so you will get 28 coins

    • Jenny says:

      My guess is that you have 28 crops available to plant. The "plant all" feature tells how much it will cost and how much you will get for all the crops together planted at that time– not each crop separately. If you had 16 crops available because 12 of your crops were being used, it would tell you the profit would be 16.

  43. tamara says:

    Fifth time in 3 days I recovered my village because Farmer smurf disappeard! Sometimes when happens, then the game crashed. Anyway before to recover my village I turn off my device but after farmer mushroom is not appeared. It’s a bug?

    Anyway, the game crashed many many time in a day. It’s also a bug?

    Thanks for the answer.

  44. gwilku says:

    I got my Farmer Smurf upgraded a few day ago… For free – is it an error and I should feel,lucky or does everyone have that?

    • magdalennka says:

      I have the same – do you still have like that? Is it error?

    • Tmeb says:

      Happened to me too yesterday….

    • Smurfingallday says:

      I hope mine gets the free upgrade! I just purchased farmer smurf this morning but I hate having to arrange my plots separately by 8s. It's going to kill a lot of space. Does the next upgrade allow for the 22 plots or just the 'plant all' feature? Or both? It's a lot of upgrades and smurf berries :/ I kind of regret buying him now.

      • Brainy says:

        You have to buy plant all for 15sb . Only 8 plots for bonus xp. There was a limited item green watering can that allows 22 plots bonus xp.

  45. divasmurf says:

    I have two mystery fields I could use some help with. One is an empty field that is invisible. I can move it, but can't put anything on top of it, and can't plant anything in it. I also can't delete it or put it in storage. Any ideas?

    I also have a plot that appears in Nat's garden every week or so. It shows up on top of a flower box and the fence around it. It is a field of tomatoes, ready to harvest. I harvest them, then try to move the garden but it deletes my flower box and the fence. I have had this happen about 4 times. I still have all the fields and they work like normal. But I'd love to not lose my flower boxes…

    • Brainy says:

      I've never heard of this game glitch. YOu might want to post to beeline official page

  46. Meta says:

    It would be very accommodating if there is a smurf like that on the island and have plant all/harvest all option.

    • Poet says:

      We are all waiting for that to come.

      • CrazyAuntie says:

        I think it's out already. Just noticed that my icon changed from sporty to smurfett. On the island there is a farmer smurf tractor. It appears that we can, but the help menu keeps crashing my game so I can't read anything about it. Also there is no post about this along with a land expansion that just appeared as well. Any thoughts on this? It's cool but no info.

    • Jacob says:

      I am at level 23 and after placing Architect Smurf, painter smurf and upgrading Farmer, i got a yellow "orb" (glowing ball) on the island that only appears at night (you can still click on it during the day but you have to know where its at) but if you click on it, it acts just like Farmer smurf on the main land. Im not sure if this is a bug or what.

      When this happened, i also got a similar yellow orb on the main land that acts like Architect smurf on the island.

  47. saadia says:

    hi i want game

  48. Dcyt says:

    Which one is a better investment, smurfette or farmer smurf?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      without doubt farmer

      • Dcyt says:

        But I heard that smurfette give out tasks like Papa Smurf all the time…. Is that true? That means in the long run she will give me for eg tasks that generate up to 2000xp like Papa Smurfs task?

        Really appreciate your help Marco Smurf (and welcome to my village! Happy to have you/your twin brother 😉 )

    • Kennedy Materne says:

      Maybe smurfette because she is nice and you should get baby smurf too he is good if you have him then never mind.

  49. Shirley says:

    How come you've got so many smurfberries?
    Did you pay for those?

  50. Manny says:

    Farmer smurf dissapeard! And now i cant harvest my cuccumbers.. the timer is stuck! I can remove them tough… and one crop is stuck inside another crop!

    If i recover the game.. i lose my 50 smurfberries which i bought 2 hours ago

    Please someone help.

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