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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Feeding the animals and advancing their level to get higher XP rewards


Every 8 hours the animal sanctuary in the smurfs village  gives an XP reward whose amount is depending on the number of animals living inside the habitat and their current level. To see how much XP the habitat is rewarding at the moment, simply click on it and a window will pop open and show the current XP reward, the number of animals inside the sanctuary as well as the available food.

Every new animal, whether it has been bought with Smurfberries or caught by leaving out treats for it, starts at level 1. To advance an animal to the next level, it has to be fed four times. Each new level the amount of food needed to feed the animal increases.

The following list shows the amounts of food which are needed to advance the animals  either per one feeding, to the next level (i.e. per four feedings) or the total amount of food needed to reach a certain level:

LevelOne FeedingTotal to next levelAccumulated amount of food needed to get to next level
Level 11x Food5x Food5x Food
Level 22x Food10x Food15x Food
Level 34x Food20x Food35x Food
Level 48x Food40x Food75x Food
Level 516x Food80x Food155x Food
Level 648x Food240x Food395x Food
Level 7144x Food720x Food1115x Food
Level 8432x Food2160x Food3275x Food
Level 91296x Food6480x Food9755x Food
Level 10MaxMaxMax

To feed an animal, simply click on it within the animal sanctuary (it does not work when the animal is walking around the The main smurfs village mainland ) and a window with basic information about the animal will pop open(see the image above). Click the “Feed” button on the bottom to give the animal food.


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  1. RayneStorm99 says:

    It would be nice if when we visit our friends villages we can click on their animal sanctuary and see how they are set up and what animals they have. One of my most favourite things in the smurfs is my animals <3 sooo cute I love them. Maybe update with more like pet turtles and hedgehogs!!! 😀 that would be great!

  2. DonLevano says:

    Can anyone help with this?… No matter how many times I buy/feed an animal, I cannot get my animal sanctuary to give out more than 10’000 xp!. For example: my animal sanctuary was giving me a total of 9808 xp every 8 hours, then I spent 5 smurfberries on some acorns and got a red guinea pig which I fed until it was at its maximum level 10, then when I exited the sanctuary, clicked it once, it read a total of 10208 xp, but when it comes time to get the xp (8 hours later) it has gone back down to 9824 xp.. This happens every time and I have wasted loads of gold and smurfberries on it.. Does anyone know why this happens? Is it just my smurf village or does anyone have this problem?

    • @TheHanzilla says:

      Mine gives 13,120, so there is not a 10,000 xp ceiling or anything. Perhaps you released an animal by accident? Max animals is 25, check to see that you are housing 25/25.

      • DonLevano says:

        Ok, that’s good to know there isn’t a 10’000 xp barrier… No I hadn’t released any animals by accident, it just happened.. Thanks for the reply Hanzilla – I’ll keep at it :)

  3. Natasha says:

    How do I buy more food?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you are asking about buying food to feed the animals in the sanctuary, tap on the tree and choose how much to grow. You can add more shrubberies/trees upon which to grow food as well. If you are asking about putting out food to lure animals, tap on or above the tree stump next to the sanctuary and you can choose peanuts for coins and other treats for SB.

  4. Iogik83 says:

    Hi there, I am level 48 and I have noticed that many items (including the animal sanctuary that was providing 11k XP) has disappeared. Most unhappy as we PAY for this game to be played. Please advise what to do.

    • NimaSheibani says:

      Do you recently purchased SWEEPY Smurf ? if yes try to recover your village from the last successful save game when you have the sanctury and AVoid Sweepy

  5. shaundizi says:

    I cant feed my animals. I click on the tree stimp it lives in, an all that pops up is population 1. Someone please help this is so frustrating.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to touch the animal you wish to feed. Please read the article on this page. It explains clearly how to accomplish this task.

      • shaundizi says:

        I have read it, when i go to the animals sanctuary, all i see is the tree stumps, when i click on them its says population 1

        • Stroumpfette says:

          In order to feed the ANIMAl, tap on the ANIMAL, not the habitat. If you haven't added any animals, you must first lure an animal to the sanctuary in order to feed it. Tap on the carrot which hovers over the stump and choose which lure you want to use. Peanuts are cheapv all other lures cost smirfberries. There are several articles on how the animal sanctuary works. They are listed on the left side of your screen.

          • shaundizi says:

            Okay you can just stop replying, I have read the articles, an i have animals, but i can’t see them all i see us their tree stumps they live in! If the articles were helping i wouldn’t be on here asking for help, and you’re no help

          • Marco Smurf says:

            shaundizi Please visit this page and let us know if this what you are looking for , if you have any ideas let us know so we can add them in the page . thanks…

          • cvflame says:

            Hi shaundizi,
            All the animal houses (such as the tree stump) will show "Population 1" regardless if there is an animal using it. Unfortunately this can't be used as a guide to know if the game thinks you have captured an animal or not.
            From your description, it sounds like the game doesn't think you have an animal captured, otherwise the animal "should" always be running around inside the sanctuary.
            One way to check this is:
            – Go outside your sanctuary and click to capture another animal.
            – When the list of treats to attracting animals shows up, check the time required for using peanuts.
            – If the time shows about 30 seconds, this means that you have no animals in the sanctuary and you need to try to catch one.

            I hope this helps.

  6. Confuse Smurf #2 says:

    I am looking forward for some authorized smurf to answer the CONFUSED SMURF'S question regarding the releasing of animals in the animal sanctuary. Does it make the wait time for a new animal on peanuts less again? as well as its cost. 😉

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I think if you release one it will count up towards it since you've accepted the animal in the sanctuary.

    • Cocky Smurf says:

      When you release an animal from the Sanctuary, it will reduce the amount of time and cost needed to attract another animal using peanuts. For example, I just released a Gray Squirrel and it reduced the time and cost to attrack an animal using peanuts from 12 hrs @ 3200 gold to 8hrs @ 1600 gold.

      So if you've got some animals you want to release but you are concerned about costs, don't worry! The cost and wait time drops. =)

  7. suz says:

    What does the floating carrot on a stump picture mean?

  8. Mandy says:

    I am on level 29 & my animals have disappeared and my boat. I’m not sure if they are supposed to.

  9. Confused Smurf says:

    Has anyone released an animal? Does it make the wait time for a new animal on peanuts less again?

  10. Lisa says:

    I can’t figure out how to get food to feed the animals. #help:)

  11. melissascraptastic says:

    I'm sorry, I'm stuck on stupid because I still don't understand this whole thing with the animals

  12. Rachel says:

    Is this on android or just ios?

  13. NattaCo says:

    In another post someone had mentioned a animal passing Smurfs and getting XP, and how to do it again. It seems that when you collect from Habitat, one of the animals runs out and when passing Smurfs for a period after your collection, you get additional XP. Not sure how long it lasts though, I may have collected from about 10 smurfs in addition to the Habitat.

  14. Yippiex314 says:

    Please provide à list of xp for each animal/ level

  15. nat_smurling says:

    i want a chinchila

    • DaintyD23 says:

      Me too! I want one of each so when I catch a repeat of an animal, I immediately release so putting out a new treat doesn't cost so much.

  16. anuszkens says:

    I have my chipmunk on level 4, and having to feed it 8 FOOD each time, i should be able to get to level 4 with 32 food. I had 32 food exctly, but there's still one more 'feed' left which means each animal has to be fed 5 times to level up!

    • Smurfette says:

      You are correct, even though Doctor Smurf says somewhere at the beginning the animal needs to be fed four times, it actually takes 5 feeds to reach the next levels. I updated the numbers, thanks for pointing it out.

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