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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Fireman Smurf


smurf_firemanThe 2013 Easter Update (Fireman Smurf, version 1.3.6 on iOS) has added Fireman Smurf to the mainland.

Fireman is available for 35 Smurfberries and is mainly stationary (that means he does not walk around the village in normal mode).

Fireman Smurf works as an XP and Coin collector. With all the various items available that give out XP bonuses it can take quite a while to collect all of them regularly. After Fireman Smurf has been placed in the village he will collect all of this at once.

Fireman Smurf collects XP from all the animals (stationary and roaming) and other items that give out XP. He does not collect XP from the special Smurf houses (like Vanity or Miner) or from the special Smurfs (like Baby Smurf, Smurfette). He also does not collect XP from the Dragon Costume walking around the village (that was a special offer).


Each time you want to have Fireman collect XP/Coins for you, follow this process:

To collect XP from Fireman simply click on his house and choose an option. After that there is a sfireman_optionshort animation of Fireman Smurf driving around in the village with his fire truck and collecting XP/Coins. Clicking on the big red arrow at the bottom right corner can skip the animation. After that the XP and Coins can be collected from Fireman Smurfs house.

There are different options for his XP collection available. At the bottom is a zero Smurfberry option that makes Fireman collect all XP and Coins to 100% without giving out an additional bonus. That means he can be used to collect all XP/Coins without the need to spend more Smurfberries

For up to 5 Smurfberries Fireman will give out bonus XP on whatever he collects. For 5 Smurfberries he gives 5% Bonus, that means he collects 105% of the XP. This bonus is only for the current collection and the Smurfberries have to be paid for it each time. That means it should only be used when there is a higher number of available XP that he can collect because the price does not change even if he only collects 100 XP.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I purchased fireman smurf on the mountain and have used him for months…he just disappeared. ..when I look to see if I can buy him again it says already purchased. ..

  2. Susy Smurf says:

    Does Fireman collect from Nat´s trees in the mountain? I am thinking of buying him, but only if he collects from the trees, if not, for me it is not worth it in the mountain…. Thanks!

  3. Lorraine says:

    It seems fireman now also collects xp fm those special smurfs no matter it's in the village or @the mountain. Am I the only one having this experience?

  4. Bren says:

    I just bought the firehouse Dalmatian 3 times. It takes my smurfberries but doesn't give me the Dalmatian. Anyone else have that problem?

    • Smurfette says:

      The Dalmatian is just added to the game after you buy it, it walks around the village, try looking for it in path moving mode, it should be there (three times now probably)

  5. Karen says:

    Will there ever be a Fireman Smurf in Space? This would be huge help.

  6. little g says:

    is there any smurf with functions like fireman smurf that can help dig treasure in the mountain?
    you know, it's very time consuming to collect each treasure and dig it each time…

  7. Chritiarn says:

    What does it mean with "save 10 berries"

    • Smurfette says:

      It means fireman on the mainland costs 35 Smurfberries, but if you get him in the other areas, you pay 10 Smurfberries less, i.e. he costs 25 Smurfberries in the other areas. But you still have to get him on mainland first before you can buy him for the other areas.

  8. We need Fireman on the space!!!!!

  9. Swampfroggy says:

    I know when fireman first came out you could get him on Planet Swoof. Now it seems you can't. With all the trees and critters it's necessary or at least a must have. Please add to Planet Swoof!

  10. justAniGame says:

    I have recently purchased Fireman, I have noticed one thing it stores all the XP with it untill we tap on its hut. So, I thought of a Tip: using him in conjunction with trackers XP game. Till we reach highest multiplier in trackers game, we keep storing xp with fireman, and once it is at highest level we claim it…. can someone suggest if this seems to be a good idea. For Testing this, I am meanwhile waiting for Monday to Tracker XP game. Regards :)

    • Smurfette says:

      Well it kind of works, but you can only do it once, i.e. you cannot use Fireman again until you collect the XP from the last collection (because both requires tapping him)

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