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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Grouchy Smurf


Grouchy Smurf appears rather late during the game, at around level 15. Papa Smurf again gives the task to search the forest and after that is completed Grouchy is found and returns to the village. To get Grouchy Smurf it is important to regularly do Papa’s quests, especially the ones given right after a new level has been reached, otherwise he will not give the order to search for Grouchy until all of his previous tasks, which should have been done before he asks to find Grouchy, have been completed.

Grouchy Smurf gives 100 XP per day; he is ready to give the bonus XP as soon as a thundercloud appears above his head, taping him then instantly gives the XP.

Like Jokey Smurf, Grouchy does not have his own mushroom house and he is not stationary, he walks around the village with the other Smurfs.

When a new level is reached, Grouchy always has some tasks of his own, which, like Papa Smurf’s quest, give extra XP once completed. Unlike Papa, however, Grouchy runs out of tasks after a while and does not give new quests until the next level is reached. A yellow “!” above his head indicates that Grouchy has a task that needs to be completed.

Missing Grouchy after Christmas Quest:

This issue has been fixed for iOS users with the update That probably means it will be fixed for Android users with the next update as well.

Grouchy’s “Harvest 30 Tulips” quest in Smurfs’ Village

Many Smurfs village players are struggling to complete Grouchy’s quest  “Harvest 30 Tulips” , it looks like a buggy quest but in fact is quite tricky and you can overcome it easily, find out the solution for this quest on this page.

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  1. Karesia says:

    Hello, what the Grouchy Smurf's new event after you buy his hut?

    • Handy Smurf says:

      It is a game in which you have to find rain clouds in the village. If you can find all of them you will get a reward.

  2. Savage Source says:

    Oh my god! Grouchy update on the Easter Update. My fav smurf is Grouchy.

  3. Reuben says:

    Hi colleagues, its great post regarding tutoringand completely explained, keeep

    it up all the time.

  4. Timber Smurf says:

    Guys, It's me! I forgot my password.

  5. Brenda Ralph says:

    I cannot get reporter smurf to tweet anymore? I have checked all settings with game, twitter, & syncing. Anyone else having this problem? I'm missing out on getting extra goodies. :(

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You're not doing anything wrong. Since the last update, Beeline has acknowledged there is a problem with tweets, but they have not given any information on when that particular issue will be fixed. You can open a ticket with them at http;//

    • Maci__Micglire says:

      I am having the same problem. Sometimes he will tweet sometimes he won't tweet. Mainly Reporter Smurf says "Tweet Failed please Make sure that you are connected to the internet or that you have not already tweeted." Other times (when I am lucky) Reporter Smurf Will say "Tweet Successful! Congratulations!!" I think it is a Bug when he says "Tweet Failed."

  6. bigdaddy says:

    how to make Grouchy cross his arms 2 times

  7. kent says:

    how do I make Grouchy cross his arms 2 times

  8. Kac says:

    Make Grouchy Cross his arms, co to znamená prosíííím..

  9. TimberSmurf says:

    Hi. My Grouchy is Walking backwards. Please tell me why.

  10. Jadzeea says:

    Grouchy gave me a quest to harvest 30 tulips. I only have 3 flower boxes (not that into the flowers) I have planted, harvested, removed and replanted them 3 times for a total of 9 tulips. First he showed none of them, then he showed 3 and now it is back to 0. Does anyone know what's up with this!? Is there a way to skip a quest or anything?

  11. TimberSmurf says:

    I HATE BETTER! Wait, no i don't.

  12. sinta says:

    my Grouchy Smurf and Scaredy Smurf disappeared after i ..mysmurf village to marina smurf village what should i do…???
    its so frustrating…should i recover my village..
    is that okay for recovery …will it effect some thing bad like my village become missing more smurf..???
    plissssss help me…

    • Sassete says:

      Yes you can recover your village if you find an date so far back it was a long time ago the marina update was and you lose a lots of progress otherwise try to contact beeline and se if they can help you

    • TimberSmurf says:

      Tricky. Smurfberries are better from the start. So try again with it. Good luck!

  13. says:

    How can i pass Jokey smurf’s riddle? He said “Prove to Grouchy that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Open 1 of Jokey’s boxes.” How is it done?

  14. jehan says:

    I see that many players have my problem with Grouchy's task ( harvest 30 boxes of tulip ). Somebody suggests to harvest them at the same time but when I tried to buy more flower boxes to do that I was told that I need another smurf !! does it mean that I have to wait 25 levels ( I have only 5 boxes ) to finish the task?? not logic!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, what you need to do is delete as many fields as you plan to replace with flower boxes. then purchase the flower boxes and grow the tulips. When you have finished the quest, delete the flower boxes and purchase new fields. You must delete the fields and later flowerboxes. Do not place them in the storage shed as they will still be counted by the game and will not allow you to buy your flower boxes.

  15. Beki says:

    Hi i am on level 20 and grouchy has the task of building a pink bench but there doesn't seem to be one in the menu….there is a pink picnic table?? is this what they mean?

  16. mary says:

    i am on level 37 and gouchy says to plant 2 flower boxes. does this mean to buy 2 new boxes or just plant some flowers? i have tried planting flowers twice, but it didn’t work.


  17. Jan says:

    Grouchy tells me to plant 2 flower boxes I only have 1 box so I have grown them twice but the quest is not complete any ideas?

  18. lucik says:

    hi i have a problem with grouchy task , he ask me for growing 2 flowers for his bed. i planted lot of flowers, but he still is asking for them, nobody has same problem? what can i do?

  19. Tgirl says:


    I have a problem with the quest op grouchy "I HATE mosquitoes! Let's place a frog!"
    I have placed 10 frogs and the quest is still not completed, HEEEEELP!

  20. Mary says:

    Hi guys,

    Grouchy is asking me to plant 30 tulips. No prob with that. Prob is that I plant pink tulips which are supposed to take 4 hours to grow. When planted, time shows 4 hours, however when my smurf starts working on them, the time shows 8 hours till harvest. Any idea why this happens? I haven’t used any time cheats or anything like that.


  21. mary says:

    Hi guys,

    am having an issue with grouchy’s plant 30 tulips quest. i know this will take a little while – i only have 1 flower box – but i plant pink tulips which take 4 hours but when i check to see the time left it states there are 6-7 hours left. anyone know why this is so?


  22. tk's village says:

    Grouchy's quest to grow 2 flower boxes will not complete. I have added two new flower boxes and grown and harvested flowers, but Grouchy's quest will not complete. Help!

  23. Sar says:

    Since the latest Halloween Update, grouchy asked me to 'grow 2 flower pots'.I've grown over 30 different kinds and still quest doesnt complete…has anyone else had this problem?

  24. ruthabigael says:

    i did grouchy task to play mini game orange potion.. i did that for 4-5 times and placed the potion, but his “!” still there not “complete” what happened??

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is a bug, and Beeline is aware of it. Ignore it. Eventually, you will get a new quest.

    • zakiyah26 says:

      it's a bug, upgrade your smurf village version, and try to complete the task again, then you will get another task from grouchy, i've tried it, and it works

  25. zxc1234 says:

    hi , grouchy smurfs has asked me to havest 30 boxes of tulips , I have done so many times however it seems that I have not complete his task. can anyone help me ?

  26. amc says:

    Hi, Grouchy has asked me to make the orange potion in papa smurfs game and alechemist asked me at the exact same time, I played the game and alechemist smurf accepted the potion but grouchy didn't – so I've played the game again (3 times now) and grouchy wont accept it he still has the '!' above his head – any ideas? I've emailed beeline and they were no help at all!

  27. sharon says:

    im having problems with grouchy quest (rhymes with orange part 2) mix alchemist's orange potion. play the orange potion in papa smurf's potion mixing game. me and my sister both play papa smurf mixxing game and and we did the orange potion and the quest didnt compete help plz.
    thank u

  28. Help Me Please says:

    The solutions posted here to solve the "Open a Jokey gift to prove Grouchy he doesn't need to be afraid" quest aren't working for me because every time I tap the Exclamation point above Jokey's head, I get the quest, not a gift!

    • Poet says:

      You need to find Marco, collect his gift first, then you collect Jokey's gift.

      • iris says:

        Im having d same prob..
        Did tried as u says to find d marco but nothing happened.
        Tried to tap on marco still d same. D was nothing happened.
        Do i need to wait till 'd indication' on marco's head appear to show there is a gift for him?

        D other tips that i read is ask to keep tapping on Jockey for abt two days.
        Also did that but nothing happened…
        Please help….huwaaaaaa..

  29. Kris says:

    I am told to open gift for grouchy but nothing happens when I hit jokey and he has exclamation mark over him. Any thoughts?

    • Poet says:

      Find and collect gift from Marco first, before you tap on Jokey to collect his daily gift.

    • TimberSmurf says:

      Make sure it's a BOMB.

    • Alchemist_Smurf says:

      When Jokey said to show Grouchy "there's nothing to be afraid of", he was bieng sarcastic, so you need him to give you a box that explodes (funny you'd actually want that), and that should trigger Grouchy's reaction, and therefore, the quest.

  30. klara says:

    My Grouchy smurf disappeared after I update my smurf village to new version. What happened?

    • Poet says:

      If you really can't find him after a week, try reporting this to Beeline at or wait for the next update.

  31. W. Buckle says:

    Since the resent update when I plant on the island and leave upon my return the time has stood still eg honeydue 24 hours return 5 hours later it's till 23.59 min. Also grouchy still wants me to plant 30 crops of tulips which I have done 3 fold. Oh and I'm still waiting for bolts as I still cannot received gifts. Not a happy bunny. Not sure I want to play any more too many problem which take the fun out of it.

    • Sassete says:

      Yes there are a bug with the ceops on the island and you are not alone hopefully Beeline fix this problem in the next update

    • Dragnz says:

      I have had exactly the same problems as you only my time keeps restarting on tne island crops sometimes 3 and 4 times. I have been planting tulips for grouchy for about 5 weeks now, well over the 30 and there have been 2 updates since then but nothing has been fixed.

    • Anna says:

      MINE IS DOING THE EXACT SAME – ive planted about 100 and still havnt completed -.- and i cant recieve gifst either!!! my magical rapseries did the same as your honeydue too!! all those problems happen to me too!

  32. Tangle says:

    Hello, I am on level 34 on Android, up to date version. I have a problem with a grouchy task 30 tulip boxes, I’ve planted god knows how many but still the mission will not complete. Any ideas what to do? Also I think this is a comman fault but still needs addressed, I keep getting the withered crops message in the main village, can this be fixed?

  33. Susie says:

    I’m level 35 and for a long time, Grouchy has told me to plant and harvest 30 boxes of tulips. I must have done that 100 times now, but nothing happens. How can i fix it?

    • Poet says:

      Are you doing it right? You need to harvest all 30 tulips at the same time…not at different times.

      • Anna says:

        but that's a waste of money -.-

        • blueitiger says:

          I'm on level 38 & I've been having the same problem – I swore I've planted hundreds of flower boxes but thought I must be doing something wrong or going crazy :) and to hear I have to plant them all together is just crap….we had a quest previously that was similar to this & we didn't have to plant all the flowers together. I only have 2 flower boxes as I prefer planting crops & the fruit shrubs-you get a lot more benefit from those than flowers that just end up dying. The smurfs village is my favourite iphone game but I'm really not impressed with this….what difference or harm would it make if we planted them one at a time just as long as we did the 30 in total??

      • bilbo8 says:

        I am having same problem as Susie. You can't plant 30 boxes at one time of tulips if you only have 9 planter boxes.

  34. Vicky Verstappen says:

    I plantend several timeovaler than 30 boxes of different kind of tulips but still Grouchy does not complete the question of Growing 30 boxers of tulips. That is not fair. Help me out. It is the 4 th time something workshop not correctly.

  35. Ani says:

    Hi, my Grouchy smurf has a task for me to ” Plant 30 boxes of tulips!” I’ve planted allready about 60 boxes in the same colour and it doesn’t work. Help please!

  36. Allison says:

    On level 44 grouchy asks to plant 30 tulips it’s taking ages I mean ages !!! Is there a faster way eg once crop is grown delete then replant ? That’s sort of what I’m doing but not much is happening!!! Please help!!!:-)

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