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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Growing Crops


Experience Points are primarily earned by planting, growing and then harvesting crops. Every crop that has been planted gives a specific amount of XP as soon as it has been harvested.
Crops can take up to 24 hours before they are ready to harvest and they can also wilt. After a crop is done it must be harvested within the same time frame that was needed to grow it, otherwise it will wilt (i.e. if a crop takes six hours to grow, it will wilt after another six hours). The only exception to that rule are the blueberries, they wilt after five minutes, even so they only need 30 seconds to grow.
This is very important to know, because that way the user can plant his crops according to his schedule, for instances, while sleeping at night it is better to plant crops that take longer before they are done, so that they can be harvested in the morning, instead of having to remove the wilted crops without receiving any XP or Coins. If a harvest has nonetheless wilted, the crops can be restored to health by spending one Smurfberry (see below for more information on Smurfberries).
The following is a list of all available crops, their growing time, costs, earnings and most importantly their affectivity (XP gain per hour, not included is planting and harvesting time).
To harvest one of those crops, just tap on the garden and choose the crop by taping on it.

CropLevelDurationCosts (Coins)XP/hCoinsCoins/hCoin Earnings*
Blueberries030 sec.Free1202240240
Raspberries35 min.29689672
Strawberries41 hour645242418
Potatoes524 hours156.3602.51.875
Watermelon512 hours1210486.53
Golden CornRequires harvest wagon10 hours114.416516.515.4
Carrots85 hours918367.25.4
Tomatoes78 hours1113.1425.233.875
Peas83 hours10254013.310
Blackberries930 min.460163224
Pumpkin1018 hours1210482.72
Sarsaparilla1124 hours(1 SB)20.81004.24.2
Brussels Sprout122 hours825381910
Artichokes139 hours81.3320.40.3
Blackcurrants1440 min.12901522.54.5
Onions1512 hours2414.6332.750.75
Cucumbers1615 min.8100114412
Corn189 hours2317.24552.4
Golden Potatoes2024 hours501.32008.36.3
Magical Raspberries245 hours100508517-3
Magical Blueberries261 hours601105555-5
Radishes11 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)6 hours715.8274.53.3
Lettuce19 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)16 hours1810603.82.6
Green Peppers37 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)5 min.5120910848
Grapes17 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)4 hours822.5307.55.5
Pineapples27 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)18 hours4011.1854.72.5
Cantaloupes32 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)8 hours2217.5465.83
Eggplant19 (Island only)16 hours219.6533.32
Honeydew19 (Island only)24 hours327.9763.21.9
Magic Honeydew38 (Island only)24 hours8002524010-23.3
Mulberries25 (Mountain only)5 hours20010017021.3-6
Goji Berries27 (Mountain only)1 hour120220116116-4
Rice30 (Mountain only)18 hours8022.71709.45
Tea35 (Mountain only)8 hours44359211.56
Coffee40 (Mountain only)15 minutes20801664-16
Bubbles22 (Swoof Planet only)3 hours6033.37023.33.3
Star Fruit22 (Swoof Planet only)15 minutes156018312
Candy Corn24 (Swoof Planet only)1 hour30453555
Swoofberries26 (Swoof Planet only)5 hours1507012024-6
Moon Cheese28 (Swoof Planet only)9 hours458.990105
Jelly Beans30 (Swoof Planet only)16 hours7011.3603.8-0.7
Marshmallows32 (Swoof Planet only)24 hours90041.2850-50-2.08
Cotton Candy34 (Swoof Planet only)10 hours9050150606

* Earnings/h – Costs/h

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  1. mgibby says:

    I’ve upgraded my flower box smurf. I don’t recall his name. Gives me the option to plant all and the price for example 480 gold for roses with a 4080 xp reward. When I purchase it always costs a lot less and never get the high xp! ?? Am I supposed to do something different? Thanks!

    • Sassete says:

      No the amount of xp that you see when you choose plant al is the amount of xp you get when you harvest a couple or al your flower boxes not one

  2. Brandon says:

    For over a month now I have garden plots that move below my screen. I have Farmer Smurf and use him to plant/harvest my crops. The missing plots were not an issue with Farmer Smurf because my smurfs would go to the "missing" plots and do their job. My problems came up when I had crops wither. I cannot click on the plots to move them or remove the withered crops. Every now and again the garden plots will appear in random places towards the bottom of my screen with either potato or a pumpkin (always one of these two) being grown and attended to by a smurf. I don't grow these crops unless Papa Smurf tells me to do so, so this is odd. I cannot buy flower boxes or trees with this happening because the game recognizes my withered crops. The same thing happens on the island. Every now and again a garden plot will be floating out in the ocean, but nothing is planted on the garden plots on the island.

    • Brainy says:

      You should have restored the game when you first saw the problem. You let it go on for over a month so it's too late to restore your village by tapping on papa smurf head 16 times. This is why i always tell people to restore the village right away and lose a little progress instead of waiting for beeline to fix the problem which beeline may not fix because it doesn't happen to everybody.

      • Brandon says:

        Thanks for the reply Brainy. Good to know for future problems. It's only 3 plots on the main land and 5 on the island, so it's not the end of the world for me. Still having fun with it.

      • Christian says:

        Some of my benches have turned into land. A bench disappears and there is a piece of land where the bench was. I haven't been sure about this for a long time, now I have seen it twice recently (once on the main land, once on the island) and am sure. A very disturbing bug. Level 33, 94 smurfs on the main land, right now 4 smurfs are away, all other 90 smurfs busy, but there are 12 fields of empty land. They must be former benches or other decorations…

  3. jenn tozzi says:

    I wanted to know if I remove a crop field can I instead plant a flower bed? I wouldn't want to pull out a field if I just lose it. Thanks!

    • Poet says:

      If you remove one crop field, you would have to spend coins to buy it again.

      • jenn tozzi says:

        thanks for the quick reply, I don't mind spending the coins on the new field as long as that is all I have to do, It would suck to rip the field out & then not be able to replace it with a tree/bush or flowers until I get a new smurf

  4. Pursuit says:

    I am not sure if this is the right place or not, but my wife is having serious issues with her Smurf VIlliange for her Tablet.

    On the Island

    1) Brainy says that crops have withered but there is nothing there.
    2) The Rafts have all disappeared, but not smurfs were sent out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Brainy says:

      Brainy withered crop is a bug and I had it on both android and apple villages. I paid 1sb to shut him up. You can ignore this bug since it's harmless. The rarfs issue is much more serious and beeline hasn't fixed this problem for almost 2 months. I have 4/5 rafts are disabled. If you are on android, you can fix this problem by buying the raft house again. The raft house icon in the build menu says "already placed" and disabled. But if you keep tapping on it, it will let you buy the raft house again. Just place the new raft house over the existing one and you are set. This trick only works on android. There is no workaround for apple.

  5. Irene says:

    It’s telling me to grow a crop of palm tree.. But I can’t find any palm tree. Where can I find it? And how do I grow a palm tree?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Palm trees are the decorative trees on the island.
      Tab the bottom off palm trees on the island.
      Then you can select a crop. If you tab it again you can see how long it takes and harvest it earlier.

  6. Vickie says:

    I have planted 11 flower boxes, and a new plot of land ea. time I go to new level. Now Smurfette is tellinig me to plant 20 flower boxes. I have the 11 I planted before, it won't let me buy the boxes, says need another smurf. What do I have to do? I tried to delete a plot of land, but it won't delete. How do I finish this quest?

  7. Lyn says:

    I have figured out my “missing” garden patch problem. I didn’t know the flower boxes count towards the garden patch count. xD

  8. Lyn says:

    I have a missing garden patch. I have 32 smurfs but only 31 garden patches. I tried to purchase another garden patch but it says I need another smurf. It’s the same thing with the flower boxes. I have only one flower box but it says I need another smurf. D;

    • Vickie says:

      I have to dothe quest to plant 20 flower boxes. It won't let you buy 20 flower boxes. What do I have to do to buy flower boxes for the quest?

      • Poet says:

        What do you mean it wouldn't let you buy 20 flower boxes? Do you have enough free smurfs for buying the flower boxes? One smurf equals to one flower box, just like the plot for crops.

  9. smurfmia says:

    i love this game so much and i have one question.Why when you want to buy a land writes,,you need another smurf,,.Why i must have same number of smurfs and lands?thanks, your site is the best!!!

    • Marco Smurf says:

      yes that’s right you need to have more smurfs than a the lands, or at least the number of land have to be equal to the number of smurfs

  10. Kerstin says:

    Hello experienced players!

    Can somebody tell me whether it is worth buying harvest wagon or storing hut? I do not have a lot of SB and try to invest them well

    Thanks in advance!


  11. Bruno says:

    How to by an architect????
    Can you help ?

  12. ilsescully says:

    why is sasparilla misspelled as sarsaparilla?

  13. smurfythumbs says:

    a qn re the harvest wagon
    does it unlock the corm for all the plots of land that i have or only 1 plot
    asking this as i visited featured villages and some of them have
    so mant harvest wagons..
    wondering if it is worth the investment since sb are so precious and hard to accmulate

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      There was a time when you need to get a statue for unlocking golden corn. Then you could buy the harvest wagon with gold.

  14. maaike says:

    One of my crop fields has been moved under the black bottom line of my screen. It took me a while t find where it was, but when I plant I can see the smurf go there and come back, but I can not see the field. When I choose the move option I can not see the field either. How can I get the field back in my screen?

  15. Sas says:

    Same problem here. It did nog change with the latest (music) upgrade. Now it has cost me Smurfberries to get the quest of the bottle that washed ashore.

  16. Melisa alkan says:

    On island i have 4 smurfs looking for mulching mixture or something like that since last week.One day I go down to 30 hours and the next day starts from 42 again.Then goes down to 29 and then back to 47 or so. will they ever come back ?

  17. bill says:

    i planted 20 crops of potatoes and harvested them but did not show as complete from papa smurf anybody else having this problem

    • Emmet-19 says:

      I experienced this when I selected Golden Potatoes to grow. The next dayI grew regular tatters and the quest was complete.

  18. asurdo says:

    why the crops are withered before its fully grown in the island

  19. Smurfette says:

    when i plant brussel sprouts or tomatoes they are not directly on the the crop. how can i fix this?

  20. baloo1953 says:

    That makes two times that my plants "honneydew" are rotten after 23:55 instead of 24.
    That you ever had?

  21. SunnyLove222 says:

    Hello there! I've been viewing the news on this site for a while, and the articles have helped me a lot. However, for the past week or so, I've been experiencing a problem with my crops. Each time I plant a crop, four of the crops appear (but only one is "planted"). For example, each time I plant a crop of peas, four stalks appear. When they are ready to be harvested, I press the one I planted, and all four vanish. This is very confusing, because the four (which appear in a square) either appear on top of other sqaures or in the grass. It's also somewhat of a pain to harvest all of them, since you don't know which one is the glitchy illusion and which one is the real crop. I was initally going to wait until the next update to see if it fixed itself, but I decided to ask around, just in case game was corrupted/needed to be recovered from an earlier point in the game. Thank you for your help!

    • Brainy says:

      If you wait until next update to recover then you wont have any good level to recover to because the game saves a "checkpoint" once a day and it keeps about 10 days.
      The more you wait, the more progress you will lose unless you stop now and dont play until next update.

      • SunnyLove222 says:

        I thoroughly understand this, and thank you for telling me — if no one can help me, I will reset my game to far back. But the reason I posted was because I wanted an answer about the crops — do you know what's wrong with my crops? I would like to know if anyone else is having this problem, and if it can be fixed without having to reset my game back to a few weeks ago.

        • Poet says:

          what exactly is wrong with your crops?

          • SunnyLove222 says:

            Well, each time I put a crop to plant, four appear instead of one. I tried to explain as clearly as I possibly could in my other comment — to better show what I mean, please type the following URLs into the browser-bar:
            This a crop of two tomatoes, ready to be harvested:

            This one is a crop of eight or nine peas, before the Smurfs come to tend to it:

          • Brainy says:

            village has glitches. See backup/recovery page on how to restore your village.

          • SunnyLove222 says:

            Thank you Brainy and Poet, you've both helped me a lot. Sadly, I must bother you two again. I tried restoring my village, and it seems that I've had the glitch farther than I can remember. I restored my village to how it was on March 8th, and it's still glitching up. So that means I cannot get rid of this puzzling problem by restoring my village — all the good data files are gone. I regret waiting so long to find a solution. Is there any other way to get my crops back to normal? Deleting crops is out of the question — I've added and removed crops and that doesn't work. Has anyone seen any type of glitch similar to this? I was wondering if this might be fixed the next time Beeline releases an update, but it appears that it's been happening since a little after the Island Update…

          • Poet says:

            Dear Sunny,

            Looking at your pictures, it really stumps me as I have never come across such an issue nor seen one. I suspect your app might be corrupted. Do you log onto the game center everytime you play the game? If you do, restoring your last good saved game via game center might help. If not, do you have a good saved copy synced to your itunes? If so, try and restore that copy. I would not advise you to try the Papa Smurf option since it's been quite a while since this issue happened and restoring those saved games on your phone might not help. Do you roughly recall when was your last good saved game? If you can give a specific date, or perhaps at least, a week range, you can try to seek Beeline's assistance in restoring your game to that point. Of course, this may mean you have to start backwards, but it might be your only solution left to a good saved game. Their e-mail is : Do hope it helps.

          • SunnyLove222 says:

            Thank you Poet — unfortunately, I don't have any good copies in iTunes or Game Center. My system is quite old — five or six years old. It's an iPod Touch 2G, with iOS lower than 3.2, so I don't have Game Center, and I've never synced a saved copy. Timelines are running together in my mind, it seems — I'm trying to remember what my village was like on my birthday, February 22. I slightly remember growing brussel sprouts, but other than that, I'm stumped. I forgot to add that it only happens to crops that grow on stalks, such as tomatoes and peas. Watermelons and such, which grow on the ground, are not affected. I'm slightly sad to say this, but just to be safe since I can't remember the date, do you think it's worth deleting my village and reinstalling? Or do you think I should wait until the next update to see if it fixes itself before acting to delete?

          • Poet says:

            Hi Sunny,

            I think you should make it a practice to backup your copy now and then, so as to prevent such situations from happening. For your case though, if you have nothing to lose from your current game, perhaps you could try re-installing the game. However, you could also try the option I recommended you to contact Beeline for assistance, as they are the best place for you to retrieve your last good copy,if possible. Why not give it a shot?

          • Brainy says:

            Your problem is unique and I haven't heard of this. Restarting the game from level 1 might not be a good idea if you consider these

            1) If your level is above 25. Takes a long time to get there.

            2) Your device is old and not using game center. Without game center, you can't take your village with you when you get another device. How long do you think you are going to play on your old device. This leads to the 3rd

            3) The game is getting harder and harder to run on older devices because beeline is adding new stuff in each update.

          • SunnyLove222 says:

            Poet and Brainy,
            Thank you for all of your outstanding assistance. Here are a few of my answers that I would like to state:
            1) I don't think that I want to bother Beeline. On Valentine's Day, I deleted my Smurf's Village by mistake. I had to restart, and at the time, I went up about ten levels in one week. During that same week, the glitch started up. If I restore my game to when it was still good, I think that I would be at a very early point, a similar point at which I'd be on if I simply restarted my game and played for a half-hour.
            2) I'm going to have my device for a very long time, but I think I might be able to hook it up to my computer and update it to a higher iOS.
            3) I've rearranged my crops so that it's easier to see how they're laid out, and 90% of the time, I think I'll be able to tell which ones are the glitch and which one is real. It only affects crops such as peas and tomatoes, not crops like Watermelons and Blackcurrants, so I think that I might be able to keep track of them now. I don't believe that it's worth restarting my game unless bigger problems arise.

          • SunnyLove222 says:

            So that brings me to my conclusion: I will keep my current game and village unless something worse happens. I've fixed my crops the best I can — the glitch is still there, but it's not bothersome, and that's what I think brought me to my decision.

            One more thing before I finish up, though. Is it alright if I become a member on here? I would like to be a help to others, so even if I didn't get my problem completely solved, others can get their problems fixed.

            Thank you again for being so patience and giving my problem your attention! I hope you both have great days, and I look forward to becoming a member.

          • lousmurf says:

            hi the proble is not unique. ! i have the same problem since i bought farner smurf in sale…. and it happends when i choose more than 2 corps that peoeple have to wait more than 1 hour to harvested

          • SunnyLove222 says:

            (My other half of the comment [I had to split it into two] doesn't seem to be appearing.. oh well, we'll see if it shows up tomorrow.)

            Good to know that I'm not alone! I don't have Farmer Smurf, though.

  22. Laura says:

    And we're do I find acorns

  23. Poi says:

    Having new crop patches appear at random on the island, rather than being able to buy up to the number of smurfs. Does the island work differently to the mainland?

  24. salem says:

    I have 14 Smurfs on island. But I can have only 8 gardens. The message said I need another smurf. I don’t understand. Thank you for help.

  25. leena says:

    How can I plant crops woth more money and xp. When I press on farmers smurf's option" plant all crops", the table comes with crops cost lot of money but same time worth more money and xp. But I can't get them to plant that way. Can you help me

    • Brainy says:

      The option plant all just plants all crops for you so you dont have to tap on each plot to plant. When you tap on plant all, it shows you the "total cost", "total xp" and "total coins earn" for ALL plots if you plant that crop.
      Only 8 plots around farmer hut gives you bonus xp and coins. That's all

      For high xp crops, plant magic berries during the day if your level allows you. Then you have to plant high coins crops (tomatoes, corns) at night to make up coins lost for planting magic berries.

  26. Bryan Willy son says:

    What is Maize?

  27. Tony says:

    Papa Smurf’s most recent task is to grow and harvest ten crops of magical raspberries. I did this last night (70 crops) but the task has not shown as completed. Any idea what I need to do?

    • Court says:

      Mine is doing the same thing papa smurf asks me to grow 6 batches of golden patatoes and every time I harvest them its not complete :( I have tried pretty much everything
      Help !

      • Sassete says:

        Court- papa smurf maybe ask for a higher number? You have to make at least as much as he asks for. Also, are you sure he did not ask for a different crops, like ordinary potatoes? And Click "Ok" on Papa's task, not "Not Now" or Cancel, because then it does not get registered as completed.

  28. Amanda says:

    I know it says that magic rasbeeries give 250xp and magical bilberries only give 110xp but when I harvest the blueberries I always move up a percent on the game and yet I don't when I harvest the rasbeeries. How is that possible? And it's not because I'm close to gaining that percent when I do the blueberries and not rasbeeries.

    • Poet says:

      Amanda, while magical raspberries give 250xp, it is every 5 hours, while magical blueberries gives 110 xp per crop hourly. If you divide it, magical raspberries only give 50 xp hourly. That is why you gain xp faster by planting magical blueberries.

  29. Smith says:

    Need to plant artichotes by grouchy smurf!! And to pick up a gift from jokey! HELP!!!

    • Poet says:

      If after waiting for more than 24 hours and you tap Jokey Smurf and get nothing, you could be among the many experiencing the latest series of bugs…We are waiting for Beeline to confirm on this. Alternatively, it has been said if you locate Marco Smurf and collect a gift from him, the Jokey bug will be resolved. Have you tried it?

  30. sharon says:

    scence the update my crop r showing like they are in 3d how can i fix it because it mess me up it look like i aready planted stuff there . HELP PLEASE!!!

  31. katie says:

    What do magic raspberries do? do they do anythink special? as i started to build the dam on the island sunday atfernoon and it stated it would take 168 hours at the same time i planted magic raspberries.And come monday morning the dam had built its self?????? can anyone help me out with this weirdness???????????????

    • Brainy says:

      That's is weird. Magic raspberries is just a high xp crop, that's all. Even with hefty on the main land, the dam still takes around 84h to complete. I guess you are lucky 😉

  32. Susie says:

    Is it possible to plant like 10 crops at a time? Rather than having to click on each plot, and then each crop to plant say, onions, 15 times.. Not really an issue, but wanted to know if there was a quicker way?

    • Brainy says:

      On the main land, you can buy farmer hut so that you can do "plant all" and "harvest all" . However, this is not possible on the Island.
      You can read more about Farmer hut on the main page.

  33. Rich says:

    I’ve had something really ODD happen with smurfs and growing crops – it’s not even a bug or glitch, and as far as I can tell it desn’t (I don’t think) negatively effect the game.

    If I’m growing crops and I’m out of the game, I’ll fire it up and come into the scene with smurfs at or near their crops. Most of the time, the smurfs won’t be just doing the watering animation – they’ll have the little hourglass over their heads (all of ’em) and be sometimes a fair distance from the crop itself, and as soon as the game starts it’s like I’m catching the goofing off and they all run back to their crops and keep watering! 😉

    It doesn’t delay the crop growing time, and it’s actually kind of funny to watch as they all hustle back to their crops and act like nothing was amiss…

    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this oddity?

    • Brainy says:

      Yes. We've seen this behavior many times. Sometimes we see smurfs water nothing, walking backward like moonwalk, floating across the screen … :-)

      • Rich says:

        Haha I've never seen them moonwalk, but I have seen them watering the lawn sometimes. But you answered my question that it's not just me – thanks!

  34. Sissel says:

    I just got the Island like yesterday, and I can't place any gardens on it….
    It says "need another smurf" and even though I both bought and upgraded a new house it still doesn't work, any ideas on how to solve it?

  35. Smurfette says:

    There are some issues with the latest update and for some people the crops on the island and/or mainland grow and wither faster. You can not do anything about it at the moment, Beeline is still working on a fix

    • Tammy says:

      I had the same problem with other crops. How do you restore them when they are on the island?

    • Mark says:

      Thank you! I haven't been growing crops lately because I'm throwing coins away when they wither. I assumed it's because I was traveling back and forth between the island and mainland and thought that it took 24 hours to sail to the island, which always made my crops wither, but that wouldn't be fair! It's nice when I send a smurf rafting for 24 hours and he's done in 2 minutes, but very upsetting for my crops! I'll just have to wait until the next update then and hopefully they'll have it fixed.

      • Poet says:

        From what I gather, it's safe to assume this is an island bug….which I am sure Beeline will address in subsequent updates.

  36. Charlotte says:

    I want to grow corn but Im not sure what the harvest wagon is. There is something that looks like a wagon in the build menu but I dont want to waste money if its just decoration. I wasted $600 on the shovel thinking it would be useful in some way. Sry for the rant. Where is the harvest wagon?

    • Smurfette says:

      The harvest wagon is this little wagon with fruits in it. You can find it in the Smurfberry Shop and it costs 15 Smurfberries. But you do not need it to grow corn, you only need it to grow golden corn, the normal corn unlocks for free.

  37. guest says:

    Hello. I love your chart over growth, but ether you have upgraded some of the items, or the calculations are off. Could you please update it please?

    • Smurfette says:

      I'll have a look at the chart next week when I have the time and change it if I find mistakes.

      • Ezzie says:

        Thanks for the schedule Smurfette! I agree with guest. It problably has to do with the effective results per hour (so crops worth minus costs, divided by the number of hours (or minutes) it takes for it to grow). The results in this schedule don't take this into account yet. I would be really handy to have that! Thanks, cheers :)

        • Smurfette says:

          I have redone the numbers and also added the earnings – costs column. It will be published when we update our guide next time, which will be sometime after the coming Valentine' update. Then it should be better to get the most effective crops.

  38. guest says:

    Hello Smurfette and all you programmers and inovaters. Thanks for a great game.

    Iv peen playing this game a lot the past few days, and one thing struck me, it takes to long to plant crops. I have seen farmer smurf, which is great. But I hate scrolling down the list to find my crops all the time. I think a great addition would be that the most used crops are moved up, so like the first 5-7 slots on the crop list are sorted after use. If thats hard you could make it so the users can sort them manualy, but I think a short list of automatic sorts would be best for you and uss.
    Also if there was a possebility to change the whole list between level(as now) and growing time, that would help alot finding the right crop when you have a certain amount of time away from the game.

    • Smurfette says:

      I like that idea of sorting the crops by time or by most used. However, as we are only a guide to the game and not the developers, we can not change that, so I would suggest you contact Beeline with your idea. You can either post it on the Feedback and Forums section of their Facebook Website ( ) which is frequently visited by their developers or email them at

  39. stephane says:

    I've got a crop holding me from building a bridge beside the narrowest part of the river. Can I move/destroy it ?

  40. Confused says:

    Since the latest update, my crops don't grow properly. They don't start counting down (time-wise) when I plant them. When I next visit my village, THEN the crops start to grow. I've been growing onions for a day now. They only count down when I'm actually in the app.

    Is this a bug other people have been experiencing or is my app just messed up?

    • Smurfette says:

      That is weird. Try restarting your device, that usually helps with issues like that.

      • Ready to harvest says:

        I have been searching all over for a comment like this….

        Today, I planted several crops of carrots (5 hrs grow time) at around 5 pm. I checked back around midnight and it gave 4+ hours remaining.

        I also thought I had noticed something odd about the countdown for the (left river) bridge I am building.

        The only things I can think of is that I let my phone run out of charge often (bad, I know) and that I have been turning "effects" off and on because I hate the night mode.

        I have never messed with the time on my phone, etc.

        • Smurfette says:

          It should not have someting to do with truning effects on. What you experienced is known as a "time warp" it can happen in both directions, i.e. crops growing faster and slower. It should not happen often, I would advice to restart your device, after that everything should be normal again, but if you continue to have this issue, please contact Beeline (

  41. Alex Kid says:

    Grow and harvest mai3e . What is mai3e ?

  42. vba says:

    papasmurf ask me to grow a crop of golden potatoes, but i cant find it, please help me :(

    • Smurfette says:

      They are in the list of the normal crops that you can plant, just scroll down until you find them, they look like potatoes, just a bit more golden (because they give lots of XP).

  43. Laura says:

    I plant 12 crops of blackberries but papa smurf keeps telling me I need to plant more

    • Smurfette says:

      Has he maybe ask for a higher number? You have to make at least as much as he asks for. Also, are you sure he did not ask for a different crops, like Blackcurrants? And Click "Ok" on Papa's task, not "Not Now" or Cancel, because then it does not get registered as completed.

  44. Nancy says:

    How do you plant the magical shrub?

  45. biba says:

    I'll be away for several day with no wi-fi; is it possible to put a village on hold/freeze???

    • Smurfette says:

      No, but you can just not plant anything if you do not want/can not play the game. Other than that, the game also works without Internet Connection.

      • Lara says:

        Just be sure to get back in contact with the web before you sync? I seemed to loose some time when I synced before connecting back to the web.

  46. alina says:

    the alchemist smurf ask me to harvest a shrub of acorn. what is this? where can I find it?

  47. GCnLC says:

    The table is incorrect for coins / hour as it doesnt take into account the cost – can the table be updated?

    • Smurfette says:

      The coins / hour is related to what the crops give back, so it is correct, but you are right, it would probably be good to also have a colum that shows the gain in relation to the cost. We might add that with the next update of our guide if there is time.

  48. Claudia says:

    How many xp's does it take to advance to the next level?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      the amount of the XP required for each level changes from one level to an other, for example for the higher levels in order to acheive 1% in the satatus bar you need :
      lvl 27=5987xp
      lvl 28=6586xp
      lvl 29=7245xp
      lvl 30=7969xp
      lvl 31=8766xp
      lvl 32=9642xp
      lvl 33=10607xp
      lvl 34=11667xp
      lvl 35=12834'xp
      lvl 36=14117xp
      lvl 37=15528xp

      • Dee says:

        After looking at this it looks like it will be too hard and cost a lot of money to continue with this game, it seems to be costing me quite a bit of money already and i'm only at level 14!

  49. rob butcher says:

    want to float an idea to make the game more educational / challenging. if we grow the same crop continually we still get the same money and XP,…which is unrealistic. rellay we should suffer loss of money and XP due to soil fertiltity exhaustion and pests (especially if growing all the same crop (monocultures). so at higher levels could these penalties not be introduced, say a decrease in coins and XP of 10% per time growing the same monoculture and a further 10% loss if no fallow period or legume crop (clover, peanuts, soya)
    papa or brainy smurf could warn you and suggest you grow a differrent crop like legum inbetween, send your smurfs on quests to find mulch or make compost etc, and plant say flowers inbetween rows to reduce pests…. or you could say buy chemical fertliser and pesticide. the later could be green option for coins, but with some reduced yield still, or agrochemicals for no loss of yield but for smurfberrries to discourage you.
    ok … any keen support or not. i KNOW this is not the developers page, this is fishing among players to see if its liked before i go to developers page :-)

  50. Melisa says:

    my smurfville is asking me to grow lettuce. I CANT FIN DIT>>> HELP!!!!

  51. Smurfette says:

    Go to the move mode, select a crop patch and either delete or store it. Then buy a flower boy from the shop. If you need instructions on how to delete/store items, they can be found here:…

  52. Boris says:

    If you need a flower box, but you need an extra smurf to buy one, you can also remove a plot of land.
    Try to move it, and then select the red button. Afterwards you have a spare smurf and you can buy the flower box.

  53. Sassete says:

    You can grow acorns on the trees that you buy in the shop for 2500 coins.

  54. Nicole says:

    You need to buy a tree you press on it and then you can grow acorns

  55. Stroumpfette says:

    Please submit your question in English, amd we will be happy to help.

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