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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Growing Crops


Experience Points are primarily earned by planting, growing and then harvesting crops. Every crop that has been planted gives a specific amount of XP as soon as it has been harvested.
Crops can take up to 24 hours before they are ready to harvest and they can also wilt. After a crop is done it must be harvested within the same time frame that was needed to grow it, otherwise it will wilt (i.e. if a crop takes six hours to grow, it will wilt after another six hours). The only exception to that rule are the blueberries, they wilt after five minutes, even so they only need 30 seconds to grow.
This is very important to know, because that way the user can plant his crops according to his schedule, for instances, while sleeping at night it is better to plant crops that take longer before they are done, so that they can be harvested in the morning, instead of having to remove the wilted crops without receiving any XP or Coins. If a harvest has nonetheless wilted, the crops can be restored to health by spending one Smurfberry (see below for more information on Smurfberries).
The following is a list of all available crops, their growing time, costs, earnings and most importantly their affectivity (XP gain per hour, not included is planting and harvesting time).
To harvest one of those crops, just tap on the garden and choose the crop by taping on it.

CropLevelDurationCosts (Coins)XP/hCoinsCoins/hCoin Earnings*
Blueberries030 sec.Free1202240240
Raspberries35 min.29689672
Strawberries41 hour645242418
Potatoes524 hours156.3602.51.875
Watermelon512 hours1210486.53
Golden CornRequires harvest wagon10 hours114.416516.515.4
Carrots85 hours918367.25.4
Tomatoes78 hours1113.1425.233.875
Peas83 hours10254013.310
Blackberries930 min.460163224
Pumpkin1018 hours1210482.72
Sarsaparilla1124 hours(1 SB)20.81004.24.2
Brussels Sprout122 hours825381910
Artichokes139 hours81.3320.40.3
Blackcurrants1440 min.12901522.54.5
Onions1512 hours2414.6332.750.75
Cucumbers1615 min.8100114412
Corn189 hours2317.24552.4
Golden Potatoes2024 hours501.32008.36.3
Magical Raspberries245 hours100508517-3
Magical Blueberries261 hours601105555-5
Radishes11 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)6 hours715.8274.53.3
Lettuce19 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)16 hours1810603.82.6
Green Peppers37 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)5 min.5120910848
Grapes17 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)4 hours822.5307.55.5
Pineapples27 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)18 hours4011.1854.72.5
Cantaloupes32 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)8 hours2217.5465.83
Eggplant19 (Island only)16 hours219.6533.32
Honeydew19 (Island only)24 hours327.9763.21.9
Magic Honeydew38 (Island only)24 hours8002524010-23.3
Mulberries25 (Mountain only)5 hours20010017021.3-6
Goji Berries27 (Mountain only)1 hour120220116116-4
Rice30 (Mountain only)18 hours8022.71709.45
Tea35 (Mountain only)8 hours44359211.56
Coffee40 (Mountain only)15 minutes20801664-16
Bubbles22 (Swoof Planet only)3 hours6033.37023.33.3
Star Fruit22 (Swoof Planet only)15 minutes156018312
Candy Corn24 (Swoof Planet only)1 hour30453555
Swoofberries26 (Swoof Planet only)5 hours1507012024-6
Moon Cheese28 (Swoof Planet only)9 hours458.990105
Jelly Beans30 (Swoof Planet only)16 hours7011.3603.8-0.7
Marshmallows32 (Swoof Planet only)24 hours90041.2850-50-2.08
Cotton Candy34 (Swoof Planet only)10 hours9050150606

* Earnings/h – Costs/h

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  1. Cupcake says:

    I've got 31 smurfs but only 30 fields for crops and i can't buy another field, why?

    • Cuddles says:

      I had the same problem, turns out that the flower box thing (where you plant flowers for exp) counts as a farming patch. If you remove it, you should be able to create another farming patch.

  2. @SebasRinox says:

    Hi all.. i'm having great trouble getting the four crops task from papa smurf, i cant get it, i had get up 2 levels and cant get it done… help me please

    • Poet says:

      Could you be more specific? What exactly does Papa Smurf want you to do? Which crops does he want you to grow?

  3. Bart says:

    How much more time does the smurfy scarecrow allow before crops wither? Is it worth 15 smurfberries?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      He doubles the amount of time a crop will take to wither, but he only affects a small number of fields (4 or 5) and he can be purchased only once.

  4. Rana says:

    Where can I find a crop of brussels

  5. Tara says:

    I'm at level 23 and have been having problems recently with tasks from Papa Smurf. On the island his quest is for me to grow and harvest 19 crops of peas. I have been doing that for days now and the task is never completed. At the main village Papa smurf wants a crop of blackberries grown and again no matter how many plants I crop it is never complete. Is this a glitch or is there something that I'm doing wrong?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you planting them one by one or all at one time?

      • Tara says:

        For the crops of peas task, I only have 14 plots available on the island so I was planting all 14 at once and then when they were grown I planted the remaining 5. I have also tried just planting one crop at a time. For the blackberries I have tried planting just one or planting many at once to no avail. It has been over a month, and no matter how much I plant it still says that the task isn't done.

        • Stroumpfette says:

          It might be looking for you to plant them all at once, or it could be a bug that Beeline is aware of. You might want to open a support ticket with Beeline to see what advice they have for you.

          • Tara says:

            I just opened a support ticket. Hopefully they will be able to figure out the problem or I'll have to quit playing a game I really enjoy. Thank you for the advice.

          • Hechimmie says:

            I have the same problem at the moment with the peas. Was your problem solved?

  6. Amf says:

    Why are my crops withering so quickly? If I am not back as soon as they are ready, they wither. Happening on the island also. Getting really annoyed!! Is there a bug and when is it going to be fixed?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I'm not aware of a bug that causes premature withering. You could open a ticket with Beeline if you like:

  7. della says:

    why are my crops disappearing? is this a bug? I'm on level 27 and this is getting frustrating – almost ready to quit the game. :o(

    • Marco Smurf says:

      I think this is bug, try to reboot your phone or tablet, if you don't see them again, you may recover your game back. In order to recover it you can use the tips under troubleshooting section on your right hand side in this website

  8. len says:

    need palm seed, pls help!!!

  9. Michelle says:

    I am only on level; 22 and was told to grow 10 eggplants, I had done 9 but had to wait for smurfs to get back before I could do the 10th. Last night it had a couple of hours to go before being ready to harvest but this morning all my crops on the island withered and it had only been a few hours, they took 16 hours to grow!! is this a bug or are the rules different on the island?? I thought they only withered if you left them as long again as it took them to grow, Now I have a another 16 hour wait :(

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Plants wither at different rates depending on how long they take to grow, but they never stay good for the length of time equivalent to the time it took them to grow once they are ready for harvest.

  10. felisha says:

    My crops keep on disappearing once in a while. I'll plant some carrots and when I exit and go back they're all gone.

  11. Mart50 says:

    Papa smurf just asked me to plant maize? What's that? Pls help.

  12. cindy says:

    I want to add a patch of land so I can harvest more crops. I was told to upgrade and I got a smurf but no land

  13. jiji says:

    please , how can I harvest acorns ?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You must plant them on a shrubbery. So what you need to do is first add a shrubbery – it looks like a tree. Once you have added the tree, then you will be able to tap on it and see the menu appear that allows you to plant acorns.

      Please also submit your questions/comments only once. Doing so multiple times slows down our response as each comment must be approved by the moderators before it appears. Thanks very much for your cooperation.

  14. jiji says:

    how I harvest a shrub of acorns for Papa Smurf?

  15. glocloe says:

    Anyone having problems with growing Magic Honeydew on the Island? Smurf quest keeps asking me to grow magic honeydew but I already planted way more….

  16. rainbow says:

    Thanks for the information I was worried that my tomatoes will die while I’m asleep. Now I can go to sleep without worrying to much

  17. Smurfy Friend says:

    Why are my crops not ready at or around the same time? The timing for the crops is so bad that I am planting three different crops at different times just waiting for the original crop to finish. This is really frustrating!!! Is it only me or is this another bug. It only happened since the last update and it is affecting one area which is next to the cliff on the mainland. The area between the two streams are okay.

    • Smurfy Friend says:

      It is now fixed. I had to move the whole field of 21 crops to another location as the original location was too near the trees besides the cliff. It's funny that they were doing okay until this last update.

  18. Smurfmandy says:

    They ask me: harvest 1 pear

    Where can i find them?

    Can somebody help me with this extercice?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Pears are not available until Level 25. It is a bug that Beeline is aware of. Please ignore the quest until you reach Level 25.

    • Michelle says:

      If its Jokey he asks for pears but actually means potato's (which it actually says if you click back on him to see the quest.) he will re[peat the same quest in part 2 about 2 days later.

  19. שצןר says:

    How do I grow mentioned in the smurfs village

  20. jordan says:

    Jokey asked me to plant a crop of pears and I can't find them. I looked on the island and looked to see if they were in the fruit pack and I can't find them. Please help.

    • Poet says:

      Pears is a crop found only in the shrubs menu. Have you bought any magic shrubs yet? They should be available in your main village's build menu for 2500 coins.

  21. jordan says:

    Jokey is telling me to harvest pears and I can’t find them. I tried seeing if they were on the island and I looked to see if I could buy something. I need help!

    • Poet says:

      They are not on the island, but in the main village, available in the shrubs menu. They are actually trees you can plant and harvest fruits from.

  22. suthasinee says:

    Jokey smurf asks me to crop a pear, I can't find it. Where can I get it to my garden? Help me please. Thank you! (I'm at level 24.)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The pears are not available until Level 25. Beeline is aware of the issue but does not have a time frame for resolution. For now, ignore it, and plant pears on the trees when you move up to Level 25.

  23. john says:

    hi i am level 18 and papa smurf has asked me to plant 17 crops of corn but i need the harvest wagon and the harvest wagon cost 12 smurf berries and i only have 2 so if there is an easier way to get smurf berries please tell me i really need them.

  24. Matt H says:

    how do you get magic shrubs?

  25. GlowC says:

    Hi, there. I'm at level 18 and Jokey Smurf asked to grow 40 potato crops. I have got only 30 plots.
    My querries are….
    a) must i buy additional 10 plots to complete the quest, or…
    b) could i get my existing 30 crops done first, then another 10 thereafter., without adding new plots due to space constraint.

    • Mario says:

      you can grow 30 first then 10… or 15 first then another 25.. it really doesn't matter as long as you get to plant AND harvest 40 in total

  26. Liz says:

    Why does my friend get 12045 coins and 3212 xp for golden corn and I only get 165 coins and 44 xp?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you're using the Farmer Smurf "plant all" and "harvest all" feature, the system adds up the xp and coin for all the fields you intend to plant. Your friend must be planting 73 fields at once. 165 coins and 44 xp are the amounts you get for ONE field of golden corn.

  27. glocloe says:

    I got harvest wagon from Lucky but cannot find Golden Corn from the crop menu, how come???

  28. joe says:

    after the new update, 2-3 of my smurfs are plowing the same crop! this is crazy!

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Log out and back in, that should fix it. Also Beeline is going to release a update that will fix most off the bugs but not all.

  29. Julia says:

    My crops won't grow at the SS Island II after the latest update to iOS version 1.2.6. Is this a new bug?
    I can grow crops normally at the Main Island though. Please help~

    Fyi, I am now at Level 37.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Many people have already reported that bug. I don't know if there's any solution at the moment.

      • MMW says:

        I found that the crops on the island only grow if the game is running, regardless of whether you are playing the game on the island or mainland. The crops on the mainland still grow whether the game is running or not.

    • DERRICK YAP says:

      Me too….

    • Tim says:

      I am having same issue….the smurfs stop farming as soon as I leave the island. they continue to farm as long as i have the screen open, but not when I turn the app off. My main island is fine as well.

  30. Luca says:

    Please, I need help!

    I can’t build any other fields even if I have 5 free smurfs! I have advanced to the next level (29), I have bought another house, but says that I need an other smurf, but I have a lot of smurfs free!!! It’s the same with the flowers and the trees…I have also tried to remove one field, and now I can’t replace it and I have an other smurf with nothing to do!

    I don’t know what happens!!

    Sorry for the english 😉 Thanks

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I don't know why that happens but you might want to contact Beeline at

    • mon says:

      Same thing is happening to me… I have 15 smurfs doing nothing and still it says “all of your smurfs are busy”.
      I am on level 30.

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        Beeline is going to release a update that will fix most off the bugs but not all.
        You can also contact Beeline at if want to get it fixed but can take some time before they answer.

    • Cpcii says:

      I have flung if you have flower boxes, you can't build new farms for available smurfs. You can only have 1farm or plant box or tree per smurf, delete a flower box and you can add more farms.

  31. Irene says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve bought a new mushroom for having another smurf in the main village. The problem is that I can’t buy a new pot, crop or tree…I don’t understand why…Can you help me please?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Did the smurf already appeared?

    • CrazyAuntie says:

      Question, when you got your new hut, did you upgrade immediately so you can buy 2 plots but just got 1 plot & then it said you need another smurf when in fact you should be able to get 2 plots? This is what happened to me in the main village. So on the island, I bought a new hut but this time I bought the plot first, then upgraded it & then bought another plot. I'm going to try that same technique in the main village on the next level & see if it works then too.

  32. Kib42 says:

    I like these tables. Would it be more helpful to look at net coins per hour? For example, if Cucumbers costs 5 and produce 7 coins every 15 min, you’re only really gaining 2 coins per 15 min or 8 per hour, instead of 28 per hour. They’re great for experience, but maybe not so much for coins…. or am I looking at this wrong? Makes my head spin thinking about it!

    • XCL says:

      You're correct. The coins/h column is useless without including the initial cost of each crop. For instance, Magical Blueberries have a negative return of -5 coins/h. They should be at the bottom of the list…

  33. mamasmurf1 says:

    Does anyone else keep losing garden plots on the island? I keep buying new ones but the disappear every time I leave the island and come back. Because of this I repeatedly get a message from Brainy to grow more crops. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

    • Sassete says:

      You dont write if you play on android or apple but I suppose that you play on android and I dont think there is so much you can do, try to contact beeline and se if they can help you <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    • Flo says:

      I do !
      It's just a bug
      The weirdest thing is that they reappear a couple of days later in the most astonishing places (like in the middle of the sea or under a house)

  34. linz says:

    How many crops is a batch? Papa Smurf asked me to plant 6 batches of golden potatoes…how many do I need to plant to complete the task?

  35. krucabombamalocasu says:

    Hello. I'm on 35 level. After last update I lost my FRUITI FUN PUC and i cant plant any fruits! Why?

  36. Annebe says:

    I was planting brussel sprouts in all my plots, and one of them (I don't know where I put my finger !) took me 800 coins and it is written that it takes 24h to grow, but there is no picture of what is growing. What can it be ?? 800 coins is very much for a crop and I don't see any of them costing so much. Surprise or bug ?

    • Brainy says:

      sounds like game glitch. Close the game completely or just Reboot your device to clear up the game memory

      • Annebe says:

        I've already done this, but my "surprise-plant" is still growing ! There are only 4 hours left, so I'll tell you what finally appeared… I hope it would be valuable, for the 800 coins it costed me !! (800 is not so much when you're at level 30, but I had to start all again from the beginning after changing my phone, so now, 800 is quite a lot for me !)

      • Annebe says:

        I eventually harvested my "hollow plant" and… there was still no picture, so I don't know what it was, but it gave me 240 coins and 600 XP. Very odd phenomenon !

  37. dddd says:

    I purchased a crop pack that i didnt want to because it never asked me if i wanted to purchase it! i lost 4,000 coins that i did not want to buy.

  38. My Smurf says:

    Papa smurf ask me harvest a palm tree, but i can’t find it. Where is it?


    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      When you use the plant all function, you the TOTAL amount you pay, the TOTAL amount off xp and the TOTAL amount off coins. NOT the individual prices 😉

  40. roy says:

    Does anyone else have a bug in a crop plot: I have in the far right main village that randomly a free plot appears. Last time it appeared in the middle of miner smurf rocks growing a watermelon. After removing it the rocks were lost and I cannot place any new rocks on that part :S

  41. YIP says:

    Harvest a one word crop that rhymes with 'new' ??
    What ??

  42. Sai says:

    Harvest wagon is no longer available to buy, I haven't to get it to plant some golden corns 'cause I'm short of money. Does anyone knows if this is a bug or if it's only available from time to time?


  43. Muggeltier says:

    Hey, does anybody know where I can find the Fruity Fun Crop Pack? Thx

  44. adam says:

    Hi. Everytime i open the SV app, i always get the message from brainy about my plants have wilted, but none are. I realized that one plot or maybe more have gone below the screen and i am unable to reach it. Unless i purchase to extend the screen down by 30%. Has anyone experienced this? Is there anyway to get that plot back in the screen without having to make that purchase. Thanks…

  45. Alejandro says:

    Brainy keeps telling me my crops have withered, but all my gardens are OK. This has happened to me before and the reason was that a “phantom” garden appeared at the bottom-right (south-east?) of the village. Getting to move it was hard, because it was barely visible. But now I don’t see any of this “phantom” gardens. Does anyone have a similar problem?

  46. liz says:

    i have a problem. im on level 22 and papa smurf has ask to plant a magic shrub but i cant it! could some one please help!!

  47. Kerstin says:

    Did somebody have had crops which whithered before the time they even need to grow?

    I planted 40 crops of corn last night at 11 pm and they were whithered at 7.30 this morning already!

    Thanks for advice

  48. Kerstin says:

    Did somebody have had crops which whithered before the time given?

    I planted 40 crops of corn last night (11 pm) and they were gone at 7.30 this morning ……same with my flowers which are always watered by my nice friends.

    Thanks for advice!

    • Brainy says:

      Kerstin. Is this a repost ? I cant tell. Thats still an open problem i saw at beeline getsatisfaction page.

      • Kerstin says:

        Thanks Brainy, I did not mean to post twice…I just could not tell if the first post went through. My connection did not work well this morning , out time.

        Well, hope it does not happen more often…..

        • Brainy says:

          No problem Kerstin :-) I was reading a bunch of posts from top down and I thought I read your post already. The current commenting system is terrible and we are working on a better "Forum" base website but I dont know when the webpage owner will make it live. We are still having problem with the theme, colors .. etc.

  49. martin86 says:

    Hello, I have problem, sometimes some crops are "moving" on the edge of map, and when it whither, i cant collect it, because I cant tap in that place, and with every starting game, I have this annoying message from brainy. that my crops whither. What can I do?

  50. TLH says:

    Why when I plant 11 crops of magic raspberries and my xp never went up? How many xp does it take to move up 1% in my xp? Thanks! :)

    • Emily says:

      If u plant pumpkins which are worth 180 xp it takes two of those for 1% and a hint if u fill ur garden patches with pumpkin and go in ur device settings and bump it up 1 day n then go back to ur village the pumpkins will be fully grown but befor u do it again go back to the actual date b/c it won’t let u exceed 1 day and pumpkins are the fastest way to level up

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