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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Growing Crops


Experience Points are primarily earned by planting, growing and then harvesting crops. Every crop that has been planted gives a specific amount of XP as soon as it has been harvested.
Crops can take up to 24 hours before they are ready to harvest and they can also wilt. After a crop is done it must be harvested within the same time frame that was needed to grow it, otherwise it will wilt (i.e. if a crop takes six hours to grow, it will wilt after another six hours). The only exception to that rule are the blueberries, they wilt after five minutes, even so they only need 30 seconds to grow.
This is very important to know, because that way the user can plant his crops according to his schedule, for instances, while sleeping at night it is better to plant crops that take longer before they are done, so that they can be harvested in the morning, instead of having to remove the wilted crops without receiving any XP or Coins. If a harvest has nonetheless wilted, the crops can be restored to health by spending one Smurfberry (see below for more information on Smurfberries).
The following is a list of all available crops, their growing time, costs, earnings and most importantly their affectivity (XP gain per hour, not included is planting and harvesting time).
To harvest one of those crops, just tap on the garden and choose the crop by taping on it.

CropLevelDurationCosts (Coins)XP/hCoinsCoins/hCoin Earnings*
Blueberries030 sec.Free1202240240
Raspberries35 min.29689672
Strawberries41 hour645242418
Potatoes524 hours156.3602.51.875
Watermelon512 hours1210486.53
Golden CornRequires harvest wagon10 hours114.416516.515.4
Carrots85 hours918367.25.4
Tomatoes78 hours1113.1425.233.875
Peas83 hours10254013.310
Blackberries930 min.460163224
Pumpkin1018 hours1210482.72
Sarsaparilla1124 hours(1 SB)20.81004.24.2
Brussels Sprout122 hours825381910
Artichokes139 hours81.3320.40.3
Blackcurrants1440 min.12901522.54.5
Onions1512 hours2414.6332.750.75
Cucumbers1615 min.8100114412
Corn189 hours2317.24552.4
Golden Potatoes2024 hours501.32008.36.3
Magical Raspberries245 hours100508517-3
Magical Blueberries261 hours601105555-5
Radishes11 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)6 hours715.8274.53.3
Lettuce19 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)16 hours1810603.82.6
Green Peppers37 (requires Summer Salad Crop Pack first)5 min.5120910848
Grapes17 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)4 hours822.5307.55.5
Pineapples27 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)18 hours4011.1854.72.5
Cantaloupes32 (requires Fruity Fun Crop Pack first)8 hours2217.5465.83
Eggplant19 (Island only)16 hours219.6533.32
Honeydew19 (Island only)24 hours327.9763.21.9
Magic Honeydew38 (Island only)24 hours8002524010-23.3
Mulberries25 (Mountain only)5 hours20010017021.3-6
Goji Berries27 (Mountain only)1 hour120220116116-4
Rice30 (Mountain only)18 hours8022.71709.45
Tea35 (Mountain only)8 hours44359211.56
Coffee40 (Mountain only)15 minutes20801664-16
Bubbles22 (Swoof Planet only)3 hours6033.37023.33.3
Star Fruit22 (Swoof Planet only)15 minutes156018312
Candy Corn24 (Swoof Planet only)1 hour30453555
Swoofberries26 (Swoof Planet only)5 hours1507012024-6
Moon Cheese28 (Swoof Planet only)9 hours458.990105
Jelly Beans30 (Swoof Planet only)16 hours7011.3603.8-0.7
Marshmallows32 (Swoof Planet only)24 hours90041.2850-50-2.08
Cotton Candy34 (Swoof Planet only)10 hours9050150606

* Earnings/h – Costs/h

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  1. Mathawas says:

    How do you get to grow chili peppers on the island. It tells me I need "la jardiniere"( I run the French version) ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Poet says:

      Chilli peppers is a special crop only available if you have bought the garden shop. The garden shop is an exclusive offer.

  2. Curious Smurf says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes for cauliflower to wilt after it's grown? Seems to be less than the 8 hours it takes to grow.

    • Smurfette says:

      There are players reporting that the crops unlocked by the garden shop are wilting faster, so it looks like a bug. I don't have the shop, so I can't check what the actual wilting time is

  3. Harry1o8 says:

    How do I buy the garden shop I have quest to grow coliflower but I can't grow it with out the garden shop please help

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It's an Exclusive Offer. That Papa is asking for you to grow it when you don't have it is a bug. Report it to Beeline at

  4. Catie says:

    how do i drop a crop?????

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not really sure what you mean. Is this a quest? If so it probably means you need to grow a certain crop. If you don't now what kind, please tell us what exactly the quest is saying.
      Also there is a music sheet for Harmony Smurf on the island called "Plant da Crop", so if you have Harmony's island hut it also might be referring to that

  5. Rachel says:

    I may have posted this before but, I can't find it anywhere on here. I plant crops on the island and leave the game. When I come back to harvest, they're all gone. No, one else has the code to my I-pad now and I'm positive I planted crops. This has happened dozens of times and through at least three different up dates. Have you heard of this from anyone else?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Either you or someone else posted about this about a week ago. I can't remember if it was you or not, but if this is happening, it is not normal for your game. You can either try to recover your game using the hidden recovery feature to a date/time prior to when this problem started, or you can open a ticket with Beeline at It sounds like it could be data corruption of some sort or other.

  6. Amy Alm says:

    harvest prize winning sugarbeets, it says i have 1 out of 2 but i dont know how i got the first one, and the hint says drop when harvesting…. drop what?

  7. Astrid says:

    Has anyone experienced the following glitch: If you plant some crops and you immediately close the game, there is a high chance that the crop will not be there anymore. For example, if I plant golden corn at 9:00 am and I immediately close the game, then if I return at 7:00 pm to harvest, there will be nothing to harvest

    • sara says:

      I have a few times I have learned to actually let the smurfs start planting before you close the game or there is an excellent chance the crop will not be there to harvest

  8. Random smurf says:

    For some reason I'm getting 10% bonus for each crop I harvest, 35% bonus for gardens near farmer smurf. I don't have Brainy's hut and it seems to only be affecting my mainland crops. I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if Beeline is doing this on purpose or if it''s a good bug.

  9. Tanatboy says:

    When we have crops growing in every location, a smurf doesn't leave the tractor after the crops are planted, therefore one crop doesn't grow… Could you please comment if someone have the same bug?

  10. Hamza says:

    When I harvested some crops of radishes, I got 29 coins instead of 27. why?

    • Smurfette says:

      It might have been a bonus, do you have Brainy on the mainland? Or where the crops close to Farmer Smurf?

  11. seahawk smurf says:

    I just harvested watermelons and it gave me 52 coins and 132 xp, I don't have farmer and only brainys hut on island. Not sure if its a glitch but it good!

  12. Nille says:

    Why do i get 10% xtra coins and xp form my corps in the village. What could be the reason? I dont have brainys hut.

    • Poet says:

      Did you happen to have bought the xp accelerator? That gives you an either 5 or 10% in yout overall xp collections, though not the coins part. And if you have Farmer Smurf, nearby crops do earn more xp and coins.

      • Nille says:

        I dont have farmer and i dont have the accelerator… I have brainy on the island, the havrets wagon in the village and magician in the village…
        Im considering buying brainy in the village. Will it make eny sense, when i already get the 10% extra.

        • Poet says:

          If you are certain that you already have 10% more in your xp and coin collections in your village, then the only reason for you to get Brainy's hut in the village is to have the option to remove withered crops with one tap. It's weird that you already have the bonus if you don't have farmer smurf, or the xp accelerator as those are the only other things I know of that can give you this additional bonus.

  13. Barb says:

    I am not getting notifications for the island and my plants are withering too soon. For example, if I plant tomatoes at 11 pm and then go into the game at 8 am, they are already withered. They're supposed to last for the same amount of time it takes to grow them but this isn't happening. This has been going on since the winter update and the Valentine update did not fix it. This is occuring on the iOS – no problem with Android.

  14. SmurfVillager says:

    There seems to be a problem with growing crops, or digging, after the last sSt valentines upgrade. If you have crops growing on the island, the mountain, the village or the planet, but you are elsewhere, the clock on the crops stops and does not resume until you are back in that area. The same is happening with excavations on the mountain and the planet. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Help, Beeline! Please fix this.

    • Smurfette says:

      This is a known bug that Beeline will fixed in the next update. For now the solution is to completely close the game (i.e. do not let it run in the background when you are not playing). If you do that the timers will work again on all area's

  15. Dawn Keckley says:

    This is great, but the coins per hour should be presented in net coins per hour — factoring in how much you had to spend on the crop in the first place.

    • Smurfette says:

      Actually we already had this calculated a long time ago, looks like it was forgotten when we published the changes. I updated the table, it now shows both coin earnings and coin costs per hour.

  16. John says:

    How do I get more surf berries without actually buying them?

  17. Conan says:

    I noticed that the reward for my crops have been changed.
    For example, the raspberry now coast 2 coins and gives you 8 coins.
    Is this part of the last update?

  18. Laura says:

    I keep planting crops in my village and when I go back onto the game about 20 of them will disappear. It only leaves about 10 still planted. It's not because they are withering they just disappear.

  19. Tabatha says:

    So my crops tell me they cost ex-500 coins and I will receive 1200xp yet I do not get that xp amount and the crop does not cost that much. I bought farmer smudges thinking my crop value and xp would increase so why hasn't it? Also I opened my game one day and bought the advertised smurfberries that come with a free resource machine which I didn't receive…anyone else have either of these problems?

    • Smurfette says:

      If you use Farmer Smurfs Plant All it shows you the cost and XP for all crops that will be planted, it is a total. When planting/harvesting the crops the XP is collected individually, if you add them up they give the numbers Farmer's Plant All window shows. You get extra XP from the crops close to Farmer, please read our article about Farmer Smurf for more information.

  20. Fion says:

    I am in Level 27. What does E-crop mean on the Island?

  21. Mohammed manas says:

    Wats the mean by E CROP ?????

  22. Deedee says:

    Does the magic honeydew withered differently? When it withered, I can't find the plant, and I can't plant the plot of farm using the tractor. Also, Brainy keep on telling me I have withered plants. The problem only solved once I restored the plants using smurfberry. Is this how the game goes or is it a bug? Thanks!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      That doesn't sound right. Make sure you don't have any bananas or other palm crop withered that you have forgotten about. Brainy will tell you about those, too.

  23. Preet says:

    How do I harvest pumpkins for grandpa smurf on the mountain.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Purchase fields from the Smurfs/Farming tab and plant crops just as you do on the mainland. You have to plant and harvest each field manually. Hoping Beeline introduces plant all and harvest all in an upcoming release.

  24. Kevin says:

    Help please!!!
    I'm stuck in a Papa Smurfs Task it said 'Four different types of plant crops' harvesting onions, melons, pumpkins and lettuce at a time. I have done it a lot of times but it don't succes :( Please tell me how to do it right!!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You need to plant them in the order listed and then harvest them when they are ready. If you have done this correctly, the quest should clear.

  25. Mbasappa says:

    I have farmer Smurf. I am in level 28, ipad ios upto date version,When I choose plant all crops option for smita…per crop costing show as
    60 coins
    5 minutes
    240 coins
    480 Xp

    But when I actuall plant and harvest my crop I do not either give more or get more. I still get
    5 minutes
    4 xp
    8 coins

    How can I get more benefit. I have lots and lots of coins

    • Stroumpfette says:

      When you plant all, the fiigures you see are for the total number of fields you plant, not the per crop amount. divide the figure you see by the mumber of fields you plant. It equals the single field crop amount of xp and coins.

  26. 12345 says:

    Papa smurf's quest keeps saying to grow and harvest a crop of potatoes so greedy smurf can make some vitamins. I have done so twice and it keeps saying to do the same thing.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Are you growing the right potatoes? There are golden and regular potatoes. Make sure you are growing the type the quest is asking for.

  27. Vlvv says:

    Can i trade in my farm plots for flower pots without losing a smurf?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Yes. You will have to delete the farm plots, purchase flower boxes, and then repurchase the farm plots. The smurf count is tied to the mushroom huts, not the farm plots.

  28. manoj patel says:

    harvest a word crop that rhymes with new

  29. Smurfy Friend says:

    Why are some of my smurfs frozen when others are busy watering the crops? It usually happens when after planting the crops I do other things such as picking up XPs or coins or playing mini-games. To fix this, I click on the crop, that i think they should be watering, in the 'move' mode to make them start watering the crops again. I also notice when visiting neighbors they may have a few frozen ones, too. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem or am I the only one seeing this. It has been happening for some time now.

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