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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Growing Food for the animals


In the smufs village animal sanctuary , it takes 9755 amounts of food to advance one animal to the maximum level of 10. This means there is a need for a lot of food.

To get the food it can either be bought with Smurfberries (400x Food for 25 Smurfberries) or grown in the animal sanctuary.

At the bottom left corner within the sanctuary there is a garden where little bushes can be placed (available for 40 Coins from the build menu) that can be used to grow food.
Growing food on them works just as with magic shrubs, simply click on the bush and choose an amount of food to grow.

Just like the Magic Shrubs it seems food on these bushes will also not wither, no matter how long since it has been finished. To harvest the food simply click on the tree when the harvest sign is visible, indicating that the food is ready.
The animal sanctuary will not show a sign when in the main smurfs village indicating that the food has finished growing. We do not know if this is a bug and will be changed in the future or if it is intended, as the food does not wither. Either way, at the moment, there is no indication to when the food is ready when not being inside the animal sanctuary.

The following amounts of food are available:


Small Pile of Food
5 Coins30 seconds15 Coins120

Big Pile of Food
30 Coins5 minutes56 Coins60

Bowl of Food
210 Coins1 hour307 Coins30

Jar of Food
1050 Coins6 hours1507 Coins25

Bucket of Food
2560 Coins8 hours3208 Coins40

Basket of Food
5400 Coins12 hours6009 Coins50

Barrel of Food
11200 Coins16 hours112010 Coins70

Sack of Food
37440 Coins24 hours312012 Coins130


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  1. LoveMySmurfs says:

    what do the smurfs do in the animal kingdom? I have 11 and can't figure it out!

    • Smurfette says:

      You mean the sanctuary? The Smurfs in there don't really do anything except interact with the animals. I think they are supposed to be taking care of the animals in there.

  2. Anne says:

    Releasing the animals is actually getting rid of them. If you release them they won't ever come back to the animal sanctuary.

  3. Johnnydives says:

    The amount of coins it takes for the XP reward factor makes me go no near the animal sanctuary. I have 8 animals all maxed out on there level 10s and its cost me a fortune to get them there and all I get is 2385xp every 24hrs. Love the game but expensive way of finding out of what a pointless part of the game in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand I love the new hot air balloon level and have built my windmill already with just digging alone. Love Smurf village just the animal sancturay sucks.

  4. Blah says:

    Maybe you could suggest 1 free coin for spending 5 coins on treat or make the treat a bit more with like making 1 piece 1 buck or like blueberry for free! Also at level 24 I can only have 3 trees please talk to beeline about this or get gifts from friends with 10 or so treats in it?

  5. Barbara says:

    How can I get more of the trees. It says I'm maxed at 4 trees for the animals food

  6. Suze says:

    It's a big yawn trying to get the funds together for this animal sanctuary. the birds are too late for me…I'm not releasing animals I paid smurfberries for and have been feeding around the clock at great expense. I am just plugging away at it for the xp I will gain… But once they are all at level 10 I hope to never have to bother with it again. It's not been any fun – just a real grind for an average xp reward for the energy and cost required. I like the butterfly concept!

  7. alaltit says:

    Help! What is a hanging lantern? Is this the one that costs 2500 each? I have purchased 3 and positioned them all over the village and it does not seem to work. any tips?

    • Poet says:

      Hi, it should cost only 1500 coins each. For me, the quest was completed when I placed 2 of them in the village.

      • alaltit says:

        Thanks a lot. By the way, is there a specific order in Papa Smurf's quest re: radish, green peppers and lettuce. Do I need to harvest after each other or is a delay between the vegies allowed?

  8. marlen says:

    I purchased some smurfberries a dew days ago and they still havent popped up. I dont know whats wrong

  9. Sue says:

    Still have a problem with papas last quest. Had it for 4or5days does anyone else have trouble getting 18 stone??????

  10. Killekillah says:

    Beeline, if you read this, would you have been thinking about gifting food for friends? 50 per gift? It would be very nice, anyway.

  11. Witch says:

    I'm with most of the posts above… it has cost me far to much gold to grow food for the animals in the sanctuary. In only a few days I was down almost 300,000 coins. I never really look at what things cost in coins since I always have so much, and yes I know that is my problem not the games but that being said I don't see the value in it. Plus I'm not sure if I'm missing something but once they have been released they show in my village for a day or two and then they are gone forever so what did I do all of that for? I was thinking that they would stick around in my village. Anyhow I'll stick to the butterflies from now on since I'm at the max for other critters… happy smurfing everyone.

  12. @Zendish says:

    Maybe it cost a lot, but They have added some new things that cost coins instead of berries, Thank you:-)

  13. Jarasmon says:

    Be careful if you want to accelerate fast growing by using smurfberries. For example, when you tap on the shrub which grow sack of food, it will say the number sb to use depend on the time to finish, like 1 sb. Then, you tap yes, the game will deduct 5 sb everytime.

  14. Gdi15 says:

    Me Too!!!! I lost nearly 300,000 coins and couldn't work out how. I've put it down to the animals – and they are so not worth it!

  15. Idnas says:

    In the last two days since the update my coins have been massively deleted by buying food for the animals. It doesn't tell you how many coins they are going to cost you. Net result for me, I have lost 480,000 coins! Not worth it

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Yes it costs a lot.

    • RCCarzRock says:

      For that same 480,000 coins, you could buy 48 butterflies, each of which pay back 20 coins and 60 xp every 2hrs. That comes to 960 coins and 2,880 xp every 2hrs. Over 8 hrs, the return is 3,840 coins and 11,520 xp.

      Idnas, what return is your 480,000 coin investment bringing you in xp every 8 hrs?

      I think I'm done with the animals and returning to my goal of 1,000 butterflies. I like the sound of that getting me 20,000 coins and 60,000 xp every 2 hrs!

      • Nima says:

        I almost have over 3000 butterflies, the problem with them is your speed will reduice massively and collecting them in every 2 hours will get so borring, but on the other hand they are a massive XP and COIN generator, I LOVE them :))

  16. Smurfy says:

    Basket of food is 50/hour instead of 40.

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