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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Handy Smurf’s Resource Machine


With the 2012 Thanksgiving Update (Grandpa Smurf & Mountain Update, version 1.2.9 on iOS) another way to gather supplies/resources was added. Handy Smurfs Resource machine is only available in the mountains and work similar to the Smurfberry Bush. It costs 9,99 USD and cannot be bought with Smurfberries and will give out 2300 supplies over a period of 15 days.
Moreover, Handy Smurf’s Blueprints which are used to customize mushroom houses (see the article “Customization of Mushroom Houses using Blueprints” for more information) will be unlocked immediately, without the need to buy them either via Smurfberries or collect them from Jokey/Marco (mainland) or Blueprint Raft Quests/Messages in a Bottle (Island).

For the same amount of money it is possible to buy 125 Smurfberries. Getting 2300 resources would cost 100 Smurfberries (2x 1150 resources for 50 Smurfberries each), which means the resource machine is only worth it for people who would have at least spend 25 Smurfberries to unlock blueprints, otherwise it would be more cost-effective to simply buy the Smurfberries and with that the supplies from Handy Smurf’s Shop.

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  1. ayepiye says:

    i bought 72 smurftberries offer with a resource machine for 9.99 but i got only smurftberries didn't have resource machine .What can i do ?

    • Smurfette says:

      Contact Beeline support so they can resend you the machine. You can reach them at

      Also, please do not double post, we had about 5 posts from you with basically the same question, each post is moderated and reviewed before answered and this just makes our job harder. I have delete all of your other posts.

  2. Nana says:

    I purched the machine with smurfberries and received resoursces regularly. Now I have to purchase the machine again? No! Wrong, wrong wrong. Shame on you Beeline! Refund my berries and give me the option to delete the machine or do the right thing and give us back what your first offer was.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      First, you may not be aware that this is a fan site not affiliated with Beeline. You are always welcome to submit your feedback to Beeline directly at
      Second, I am confused by your complaint. The resource machine gives resources for 15 days and after that becomes a decoration. There is an option to recharge the resource machine if you desire. Tap on it, and you should see an option to have it start up again for 15 more days. The cost to do this is a bit discounted from the price you paid to buy it for the first time.

      • Paulie Smurf says:

        That's precisely the problem; it stops working, stops giving resources! And if you want more, if you want the machine to produce resources again, you have to pay to "Repair" (recharge) it which costs real money. What an absolute rip off! I agree with Nana. Shame on Beeline.

    • Susie Slacker says:

      No!!! Not at all! That's what you signed up for when you want it. It is a huge bang for your buck! There is no reason to be upset! It wouldn't be fair if it gave it to you all of the time.

  3. marlana says:

    What happens to the resource machine after 15 days? Do u pay to keep it or does it disappear?

  4. GGabe says:

    what happens if u miss a "harvest" do you lose the opportunity to get those resources

    • Sassete says:

      No I guess it is like the smurf berry bush you get 15 times to collect you dont need to do it 15 days in a row its the times you collect that counts

  5. Lost at Sea says:

    I lost two of my rafts a few months ago and against my better judgment purchased the remaining three which in order to complete my quests. Now all of my rafts are out at sea and have not returned. How am I supposed to accomplish any of my quests, especially my message in a bottle quests??????

  6. Rwhit says:

    Need some friends… My kids won’t help me anymore :) I play daily. Game Center name is RMWHIT

  7. Shirl says:

    Does the resource machine unlock the clockwork blueprint as well?
    I thought it unlocks all the blue prints in the main village and on the island?
    So now i cant send my rafts out to find blueprints and my bottle quests just give me random stuff as gifts?
    Do i really have to spend another 250 sb to finish my clockwork blueprint?
    Please help

    • Sassete says:

      I dont think it unlocks clockworks blueprints only the huts blueprints so try to be patient and collect bolts from friends instead of waisting sb on clockwork

  8. DJ e 71 says:

    Does the Resource Machine unlock all blueprints, in the village and on the island? Does anyone know, I want to know if I should get it.

  9. Smurfs fan says:

    For those who got ripped off their resources by beeline like me (I had more than 3000 wood, and almost 3000 stone and dye only through collecting in the village and exchanging gifts with friends). Here is a solution for you: Reset your game to before the update! Your resources will be back. Use the resourses and only then go back to the windmil!

    I am still looking for one blueprint before I can do that, use my resources, but I have reset my game aready. Sure I lost progress, but it was better than to loose all my resources which I had collected for more than half a year!
    Does someone know if the resource price for the windmil will stay as high as it now is, or will it decrease if I spend my resources? Otherwise I will never finish it :(

    • Smurfs fan says:

      Ok, I have the answer to my question as I tested it after saving my village to iTunes.
      So, it seems that what counts is the amount of resources that you have at the moment when you first go to the mountain and find Granpa’s googles. ###, this means that all my resources will be wasted even after I used them to upgrade my houses (which I commonly wanted to do). I am very upset and mad!
      I now had to re-set my village to 1 week ago when the update came out. I did the quests to go to the mountain, but I did not dig for the googles! DONT DO THAT if you have many resources. Just leave it be and don’t dig for anything! Only after you have used your resources or you will have to collect ridiculous amounts even after using them all up.. man, yes I am upset. I have purchased quite many smufberries, probably for 100€ and this is what they do to people who are loyal and even buy lots of sumrfberries…. No need to mention that during last week I finally had a totem pole piece in the message in a bottle + I found a blueprint when out on a raft and got one smurfberry from Jokey. All that is now gone!!! I am very upset but I guess it’s better than loosing serveral thousand resources. I will write an email to beeline about this. I am very upset!

  10. Smurfs Fan says:

    Does anyone know if the moss log which can be purchased for smurfberries, gives extra wood when collecting from timber smurf`I saw a picture here where the wood symbol that is also shown for timber when it's time to collect wood and xp, was over the moss log. In my smurf shop it says it grands only extra xp. If I remember right it cost 12 SB. Would be nice if you could help out!

  11. Yoshi at says:

    Please i dont understand for whatis that machine ?, give smurfsberries or money??

  12. hype- stone says:

    the epitome of beelines greed is the 40,000 gold for 250 SB, that is just funny right there, i can make that in one day planting golden corn, what are they smoking?

  13. Laura says:

    I have collected more than 10 pieces of wood for Papa Smurf's request. However it still does not give me credit for the wood. Is there something else I am supposed to do with the wood so that I can continue with the next quest?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      you can gather wood either from Timber Smurf, as gifts from friends, as rewards from Lucky Smurf, from a Wood Raft Voyage or by buying them for Smurfberries. try it again it may work this time

  14. Smart_smurfling says:

    In 2 days in level 30 I went up from 1 % to 47.

  15. dewy says:

    I just reached level 30 and am unable to place a new mushroom hut on the mainland, village or mountain. Anyone else having the same problems?

  16. Hazem says:

    Hi, add me on IOS:

    Game center: DYE PLEASE


  17. papi.smurf says:

    Pass. No need of a expensive deco.

  18. AbbyB24 says:

    I bought the resource machine, but i accidentally placed it in the main village, not on the mountain… It works- I received supplies and unlocked the blueprints, but, I can't see it! I know it's there because it actually gave me resources. It is just invisible. Is there any way to move it to the mountain, or at least make it visible in the main village?

  19. Saint- says:

    Step 1: Invest a lot in butterflies. I already got 2k butterflies so it gives me 40k every 2 hours.

    Step 2: Dig a lot in the mountain, 200 per dig doesnt hurt you anymore because ur butterflies is giving u a lot of gold, You can get 10 wood,dye or stone per dig, u can also get 3 smurfberries per dig.

    Then boom, i am now on step 2 in building my windmill and still got 400 woods, 350stones, and 150 dyes.

    • Smart_smurfling says:

      What's that for

    • Clumsy says:

      Trouble is, you've still got to pay a lot of money for those butterflies in the first place, unless I'm missing another way of getting them besides Lucky. A great tactic if you're at max or near max level though.

      I've been having terrible luck digging, I'm extremely lucky if I can even get 1 stone let alone 10!

      • Saint- says:

        Yes, at 10,000 coins, butterflies are really expensive. But compared to other items, they are the only ones that gives decent coins fast enough. Actually i started buying butterflies as early as i can buy them. Become aside from getting coins, they also give decent exp. And surprisingly, butterflies allowed me to lvl fast that i no longer rely on farms to lvl.

        • Clumsy says:

          Really? Roughly how long does it take you to level? You've got me curious now. I'm in the 40s, and it usually takes me a week and a half, but I'd like to speed it up so I can focus on decorating my village properly 😛

          • Saint- says:

            It really depends on how many times you can check on your village, since the butterflies gives off 20gold/60exp every hour. Considering the crops that gives off good exp at the expense of loosing gold, like magic blueberries which gives 110exp/hr, 4 butterflies actually gives u 240 exp/ 2hrs and the good thing is that instead of loosing gold, u are actually gaining 80 gold.

            One other thing that is good with butterflies is that, they dont occupy a lot of space. I actually cluster them up, and one space of a farm = 9 butterflies. 9 butterflies = 180gold/540exp which i doubt no crop could give you as much gold/exp than those. I could remember on my 40s, i usually lvl every 3-4days but then again, i manage to check my village every 2 hrs most of the time and i invested heavily on butterflies so there are a lot of them to make a difference.

            The only downside is that butteflies are really expensive, so whenever you got extra gold to spare, investing it on butterflies is the best in my opinion.

            And also, the good thing about the game is that even when you are at max level, it still actually saves the exp that u gained. So every update, i automatically level since the butterflies are giving me that much exp that the update could not keep up.

    • Nima says:

      I am using exactly same strategy, I have 3500 butterflies and just rely on their XP and coin, they generate money and XP so fast and easy.
      Now I have over 14M coins and I just dig and dig in the mountain … I believe if you wanna have a long planning for your game start to plant Golden Corn and buy Butterfly with the money, in few months you will be in max lvl all the time and full with coins.

      • Nickslippens says:

        Whats your game center account! I’m a daily player i’m at level 28 and if you see my village you think (profanity deleted by moderator) IS THIS GUY ON LEVEL 40 OR SOMETHING!? my gamecenter is nickslippens 😉

  20. Sue says:

    We need an exchange time! My storage is getting full and I have a bunch of gargamel dolls , most of them got ton from lucky and like the sail boat you can't even stand them up!!!!!! What a rip off

    • Clumsy says:

      That would be brilliant – I have a couple of sought after items that I don't really want/need in my village, I'd love to exchange them (especially for a couple of the Gargamel dolls).

      Someone needs to send this off to Beeline!

  21. alex says:

    I´m on level 38and Papa Smurf its asking me to harvest onions ,melons,pumpkins and lettuce at the same time I am doing it but once I pick them up nothing happens ,my game its stucked in this chore ,does anybody knows what its happening ? some help would be really appreciated

    • Poet says:

      You need to plant and harvest them in the right order. Meaning, start with the crop that takes the longest to harvest first, right until the crop that is the fastest. Once all crops are ready, harvest them all together and the quest should be completed.

  22. Ines says:

    If you buy it, and the 15 days are over, does it disappear?

  23. Esther Liu says:

    Well, this is indeed very very attractive to me as it can unlock all the blueprints. I still have 20 more blueprints to unlock, that worth 330 smurfberries. Will gotto pay $24.99 for 350 sb to unlock all at once. But now i'll just need to pay $9.99 for the resource machine to unlock all blue prints, and resources on top of that. Ho ho ho… merry christmas!!

  24. At what level do you get the beach

  25. Jonah says:

    Help. Papa Smurfs 4 crop quest. I grew them and harvested them together. Not a peep from him. Did it again, same result. Any thoughts? Thanks

  26. AnJi says:

    Anyone know why my Smurfs are walking "out of the game" in the South and walk "under the frame" of the iPad taking shortcuts across the rivers and onto the cliff? Sometimes Papa Smurf or XP bearing snail/caterpillar become invisible for minutes or more by walking "off screen". Disturbing. And "take picture" does still not work in iOS 6.

  27. Kellie says:

    I purchased smurgberries for $13.99US which was a promo offer that came up when enttering the game a few weeks ago and i still dont have them. I tried to e-mail beeline but have had no response, any advice?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      They should normally respond. I suggest you to search your mail again, and for missing smurfberries you need proof of your purchase.

  28. Grote Viespeuk says:

    Add me on Gamescenter. Grote Viespeuk

    Gift daily if you do too!

  29. Shiggy says:

    Can someone help?
    I have updated my game but I do not see an option for the purchasing of this item. I also don't have an option for this mountain expansion. I am on level 49 and I see that this expansion should be available at level 25. What is going on?

  30. Sophie says:

    Hi there, i allways could see other featured villages, since long time i can only see two, why is that?

  31. hype- stone says:

    damn it looks cooler in real life, my friends have it, rich people!

  32. Katharine says:

    I have searched every where, you seem like experts, I'm on level 22, I would like to increase my land onto the cliff but I have placed rocks in front of it and can't move them. Any ideas? K

  33. Tom Morrow says:

    What happens when more blueprints are released? And with what resources will be used to upgrade the houses when all my resources will be used to upgrade the windmill?

  34. Pez says:

    Beeline is charging 8 smurfberries for a #### beach towel, does not surprise me they what 10 dollars for a neat little handy gadget.

  35. Tanaka21 says:

    Can't buy smurfberries since 1.2.8 update. Can't get resource machine either. Any idea?

    • Smurfy King says:

      I shall prefer to buy a smurfberry bush instead. But, if that dosen't work, that sure is odd. You would require contact to beeline and smurfberries shall be given to you if you bought them.

  36. Add on gamecenter if you want to exchange resources guys. name: galadrieltlm

  37. Karolina13 says:

    This is room that has no floor no walls no windows and also no door what is it? …PLEASE HELP! long I do not know what to do, I tried to put a lot of things, but nothing .. :(

  38. terencetrent says:

    thats unfair :(<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

  39. Jack Russell says:

    If I read this correctly, it unlocks all the remaining blueprints? If so, then this could potentially be a worthwhile expense. Add up the smurfberry cost of all your remaining blueprints (for me 100+) and the resources, and this might be worth it for some people.

    • FuTsuan says:

      Yes. If you want all blueprints immediately,you can buy it.
      But I want to know if more blueprints are released,I can also get it unlocked?
      Like clockwork smurf,we can get source from friends.

  40. kleiner hai says:

    a reasonable price is 49 cents

  41. Jokey Smurf says:

    I really don't like how they con people into buying this by draining the resources on the first step of the windmill :/

    There really was no need to steal such a high % to start off with.

    • Raynne says:

      I think it looks at how much you have. For my husband, it took 2000 wood and high amounts of rock & dye. I don’t have that much, so it’s only asking for 300 wood & lower amounts of rock & dye. What’s up with that anyway?

    • RR_Smurf says:

      I agree, as much as I get the kick out of the new area taking 90% of my dye and I still only have half the wood & stone needed. Pretty rotten of them to sham everyone to try to spend money. Too bad for them I'm patient and can wait them out.

  42. Mad says:

    Ripoff. Sell a ton of smurfberries then make them a non-currency for this?

  43. Smart_smurfling says:

    Watta rip of 10 bucks

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