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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Harmony’s Instruments


Although the trumpet is Harmony Smurf’s main instrument he has been notorious for experimenting with different sounds. In the classic episode “Smurphony in C” when Papa Smurf conducts a music session without him the smurfs decide that Harmony’s musical gift might not be suited for the trumpet. He’s always terribly off-key. The entire gang encourages him to test out a variety of instruments to see if his calling could be somewhere else. Fellow smurfs like Smurfette and Hefty give Harmony an assortment of instruments ranging from the harp to the triangle. The episode ends with the smurfs giving up and allowing Harmony to play in their symphony off-key. They all place corks in their ears to avoid hearing the jarring sound of his horn.

Beeline has tried to implement Harmony’s misadventures from the animated series with musical instruments into the Smurfs’ Village game. In Harmony Smurf’s Melody Match-up game players get an opportunity to change his reputation of being out of tune by tapping along to various melodies. Users can play foot tapping Smurfling Beat to a Starfish Wish and more to earn bonus XP. Each song features the sound of a different instrument similar to the series. When players tap in tune they receive a Smurftastic rating and a decent amount of experience points.

Special instruments like the guitar and drums can be purchased and placed next to Harmony’s Hut to boost XP earning potential. There’s no set limit of how many can be used. Players are allowed to buy multiple guitars and drums to position near the hut. Setting one guitar will only provide a player with about 7 or 8 additional experience points added to their score. It’s best to buy several guitars or drums to really benefit from the bonus. Most likely Beeline will be adding more instruments in the build menu for players to add to Harmony’s repertoire in the future. Until then players can have fun Smurfecting their musical skills with these two items.

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  1. gabika says:

    Can anyone tell me what items can be found during the raft voyages? The best item i have found was the hammoch what would have actually costs me 12 smurfberries.Can i find items above my current level (40)?

  2. Levan24 says:

    Miab is very frustrating. I’ve completed it every week and so far still no completed totem. It keeps giving me green pieces of furniture. I have 8 pieces now

    • Trey says:

      Same happens to me. I’ve been working on this totem since it came out and am only half way through the totem pole. It’s been a couple of months now. I’m also waiting to get my first blueprint on the island. I’ve sent tons of blueprint voyages out with no luck and the Miab is supposed to give you the third. This games taking too long to progress

  3. Trey says:

    That may be true, but I finished my clockwork a couple days ago and finished the Miab today and of course got another green chair. The week before I did get a clockwork piece but have only gotten chairs for several weeks previous. It would be nice if beeline would stop dragging out the totem pole and success of finding a blue print

  4. Sassete says:

    well some players get green things and others are lucky to get the pieces to the totem pole its only luck I guess

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