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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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How to Build a Dam on Your Smurfs Village Island


Although Beeline’s recent update 1.1.8 features fresh new content and items, its additional bugs can be a hassle. Players that are level 24 or higher with an island will receive a new quest from Papa Smurf to build a dam. This quest is associated with an annoying bug that will remove your dam after it’s built if not placed correctly. Many players have lost their dam along with their coins or invested Smurfberries due to this minor glitch. Currently, Beeline is working on finding the solution to the ‘disappearing dam’ dilemma but until it’s resolved players have to be careful when tackling this quest.

The dam quest is part of the update’s free land expansion for the island. Once completed players will have double the space. Unfortunately like in life, nothing is really free. Constructing your dam can be costly and equally time consuming if not done correctly. If you swipe your screen to the left a river flowing right through your island is visible.  Handy Smurf will randomly stumble across plans for an old dam and Papa Smurf will delegate a special quest to build the new dam on the river.

Building a dam seems like an easy task but due to the glitch if any decoration items, rocks, mushroom houses, or crops are near the river once built the dam will automatically disappear. So, before you tap into the building menu to purchase and place the dam clear out the area near your river. It will save you a lot of grief later on down the line. Go into the build menu, tap the move icon, and begin clearing the land around the river. You’ll want at least half an inch of space going down the banks. It’s essential that nothing is placed at the opening of the river where the dam will be placed. If it is, you’ll lose your dam.

Once cleared, players can go into the build menu and select the dam. It costs 8,000 coins. Move the item over the river until an outline of where the object is supposed to go appears. Simply tap to place it. The dam takes about 168 hours for the Smurfs to build. Players with extra berries to blow can speed up the construction process for 29 Smurfberries. For those who have Hefty Smurf back in their main village, the time for construction is reduced to about 84 hours and can be speed up by using 15 smurfberries.  Since the dam is somewhat unreliable, I don’t recommend using your SBs. Many of the users that had problems keeping their dam that used that technique ended up losing all of their Smurfberries. It’s not really worth it unless you absolutely have no patience, but be warned. It’s a risky investment.

Some users started experiencing problems after they successfully built their dam and began placing items on their new isle.  It’s still unknown why the dam disappears and until the bug is resolved it’s best to avoid placing items that you may need to access in that area. Try to keep your crops, functional decorative items, and any other item that you wouldn’t want to lose on the right side of your island. Check our bug solutions page for updates on what errors have been fixed.

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  1. B - says:

    Once you've expanded on your land area, is there anyway that you can decrease it again if you don't want it so big?

    • Smurfette says:

      No, the only thing you can do is, if it was not so long ago that you expanded, to restore your game from a backup point before you had expanded. But you will also loose all progress from that point onwards

  2. Tammy says:

    Why isn't a dam even in my purchase section?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It will not appear in your Structures sub-menu until you are at the appropriate level in which you can place it on your island.

  3. Gace says:

    It's weird that after building a dam you still have a river but smurf can still go and back as usual.

  4. Crystal says:

    I’ve placed my dam but no smurfs came running to starts

    Building it. Is that normal? Usually when something

    Builds a smurf runs oner and starts hammering.

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  6. Nannysmurf1 says:

    Iz the dam issue fixed?!

  7. Ani says:

    After the completion of my damn being built, I noticed everyday in the water 35 coins that I can collect. I just don’t know where these coins are coming from…is it another glitch?

  8. Maria says:

    Has the disappearing Dam glitch been fixed? I just updated my game to version 1.2.2 and bought the dam. Once it’s been completed and hopefully doesn’t vanish, can I then place stuff on the west side as long as it isn’t near the Dam?

  9. miya says:

    Where di i find sand sculpture in the island?

  10. Aaron says:

    I haven't got the dam even in the shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lik says:

    I have done a recover cos' my dam has disapered. It works great, but since that all of my 4 rafts never came back… I am on android, hamony smurf update. thanks for an answer

  12. Denver says:

    I lost my dam by placing an object near it, and i tried to put dam but it doesnt work, unable to place new object.. Whats should i do? Pls help?..

  13. Niro Kande says:

    I lost my dam three times, whats happening?

  14. Hello Smurf says:


    With update 1.1.9 is it safe to put stuff on the other side of the dam? I need more space! Not to be rude, but, when are you going to update this website? And what's the NEW land expansion on the mainland everyone's talking about?

  15. Hello Smurf says:


    Is it safe to put stuff on the other side of the dam with update 1.1.9? I’m running out of space on the island! Not to be rude, but, when are you going to update this website?

  16. X-caper says:

    How can you dam up the shore anyway, in real life this would just flood the island!!! Water flows off the land, not up onto it. Smurfs really do live in a magical place!

  17. ooly! says:

    I placed a crab next to the dam, and now I can't collect any xp & can't move the crab… :-(

    • Poet says:

      Perhaps you can try restoring your game to an earlier time before you placed the crab?

      • ooly! says:

        Well…. I restored the game and now the crab, that was a voyage gift, is gone. All three of my rafts have also disappeared. :-(

        Oh well. It’s Easter weekend! I refuse to be sad when I’ve been so blessed! :-)

        Happy Easter everyone!!!

    • subtub says:

      I placed a sand sculpture in the front of the dam and can´t also get the xp reward. I hope, this will be fixed by the next update.
      I hope, you´ll getting your rafts back!!

  18. JenC says:

    It won't let me build a hut because I need a bridge. I have no idea where to build one and when I rry it won't let me place it. Any help is appreciated!

    • Poet says:

      You have to place Dreamy's hut at the exact location near his ship. It's identified by a ghostline along the shore.

  19. Rhiya says:

    They are right. placing items near the dam makes it disappear. I just lost my dam because of placing a patch of land (garden where you grow crops), hence lost my dam. But im glad to have moved all the stuff from left side of river to the right on time. So didnt lose anything but I do have to rebuild the dam, which is pain… 7 more days to go.

  20. Rihama says:

    Bought the dam and it turned out a tsunami hit it :( its totally gone and i lost 8000 plus all the houses that were placed on the extended island. Please FIX the bug soooon Beeline.

  21. Kyle20 says:

    I built the dam for 8000 coins. At the same time when I placed it, it took my smurfberries together!!!! Help!!! I want my smurfberries back!!!!!

  22. René says:

    Android just updated!!! I am building the dam at this moment, tons of extra stuf,

    Only one glitch…. the background on my main Island has shifted one block to the left and one block up. now all of my roads are wrong and out of line.

  23. I've lost my damn dam twice now. I was an idiot & moved all of my Smurf huts west of the old river & placed my crops over the ugly dry river scar that now splits my island. I've tried contacting Beeline several times, but get no response. Guess I'll build another dam. Third time's a charm, right?

  24. René says:

    Do you get a dam in Android? I am level 25 and get a lot of quests but no dam and I am running out of space on my Island

    • Brainy says:

      No dam in android at this time. Android needs an update.

      • René says:

        Any idea when de Android version gets an update? Likes the game so far, but I need the extra space on my Island. With nine houses, Braineys house, slouchys house and 21 fields it is pretty crowded. I dont want to spent smurfberries on expending the Island.

  25. Cathelijne says:

    Hello, I seemed to have lost 2 smurfs on the Island?! The counter says 14 but I just have 12.

    • Sassete says:

      This is bug that have happend to other players to and it seems like the smurfs come back after a while for the other players.

    • DKriz says:

      Dont fret! I'm missing 6!
      Actually all hell has broken loose since my dam disappeared. Freezes and crashes while traveling between the villages, missing smurfs…. With all the issues I've seen people having over the last 6 months, I really had it good… hardly any issues myself. That all changed when my dam disappeared. Hopefully when it's done rebuilding, the software will go back to not being confused.

  26. Firas Foto says:

    i'm at 41th level. why i haven't island???????

  27. jerwin videz says:

    hey i have a gift in the land expansion island and its not seen

  28. Jason says:

    Finally got the message in a bottle on my island. Definitely more bugs with this release. The quests completed themselves and the last one to send a smurf to get ingredients for a pie for 30 hours I payed a smurf berry to finish. Came up that I had a gift and when I went to place it disappeared. What a joke!!! Couldn't even tell what the prize was… Beeline has serious issues with the island!!

  29. NKULatino says:

    Once the Dam is built… What's the recommendation on building near it and near the river? Will the river disappear because of the Dam? I have to wait 164 hours for it to finish, would like to know what I can do with new decorations/ houses/ gardens once its built to keep the Dam around.

    • Brainy says:

      i have stuff near the dam without any problem. But if dont feel comfortable, keep the stuff away from the dam.
      Btw, if u see any problem, u can recover to previously saved level right away to avoid losing more than a day of progress.

  30. Lindsay says:

    Well if it were only as small as a few crops disappearing….I can’t even get into my village now…it just circles me back to my home screen instead of opening the app…I have contacted beeline a couple of times and received no response. Help!

    • Sassete says:

      It can take some time for Beeline to answer your questions. The last time sent them an email it took over a week to get a answer.

  31. pamela says:

    the smurf who give the gifts are asking me collect a package from jokey? what is that?

    • Tauvik says:

      And the gift you need is a gift from Jokey (with the present in his hands). He gives one each 24 hour. A gift from Marco smurf (visiting friends cities on level 16 and above) is possible aswell 😉

  32. Andreca says:

    I don't even have the dam as a purchase option. How can I fix this?

  33. Richard says:

    When you say to clear the area around the dam do you mean the whole length of the river or just the dam area?

    I have started to build the dam but have built all the way down on the left hand side. Will it be ok to move now prior to the dam finishing?

    Do you advise me to move them until the dam has been built and then replace them? Also should I avoid building on the new land until the bug is fixed?


    • Poet says:

      If you can already place the dam to be built and it is in progress, then you are fine. Some players couldn't even start to build their dam due to other objects crowding the area.

      • Richard says:

        Thanks I will leave my houses etc where they are then along the side of the river.

        The dam area is clear and I only have 60 hours to wait now!

        • Mika says:

          My dam was fine, but if it was ready i bought a stone and put it near the dam and the dam was Lost. I recovered the village and it was Fine again. I dont place anything near the dam again.

          • Sassete says:

            Thats a good ide, this bug have happend to other players to and its not fun when it happens.

  34. lucyloo17 says:

    I am level 37 and do not have the island or dreamy smurf. how do i get them??

  35. Monika says:

    I cant place my dam at all. Even i place it properly its lighted with red – incorrect. Why?

  36. Evi says:

    Hello! I have to say that since the island update smurfs became really annoying! First of all, 2 days ago, i send out a raft for 5 minutes and still it is not came back! Also sometimes my crops on the island winter without a reason, and finally the game is soooo slow! I dont know what to do. i am playing this game for too long and this is the first time that i am facing these problems and as i read above i am not the only one! Beeline has to do something about!

    • Jason says:

      Ive been missing a raft since the island first appeared. Several emails to Beeline have gone unanswered or "if it's not back, then we're working on it. Whomever is in charge of quality control and bug testing really needs to concentrate on addressing these issues BEFORE releasing new updates. It never occurred to them to have items placed where the dam goes to see what would happen?!? I'd rather have less space/items than the myriad bugs that plague this aspect of the game.

  37. Dariga says:

    Lost my dam this morning :(
    And lost berries and another 8000… For building dam again….
    Hoping that with the next update you will consider refund to people their smurf berries and money…. Otherwise becoming very disappointing to play this game….
    Still waiting for bottle with tasks… So far nothing making me happy in the island right now!

    • Mika says:

      Why didn't you use the recover villiage Button in the Optionsschein Menu by tappig 16 Times on Papa Smurf? Choose the One when everything was fine. You may Loose some Progress but not the money and Smurfberrys…

      • Dariga says:

        I did try… Believe me…. I opened previous day saved file… But I found about this option when I already started to build the second dam…. I was just disappointed that this kind of crashes happens with almost every update… And every time update is coming I feel both happiness and fear that something is not gonna work :)

  38. Payton says:

    A few days ago I had built the dam but there was a glitch in my time (I did not do the time cheat) and it was built with 24 hours! However I read about you saying that if items are around the dam the game could glitch and I'll loose the dam. So I went to move the items away from my dam and then it disappeared. I had huts and everything on the other side and now they are all gone! it's as if I had never built the dam. Will Beeline fix this glitch in time or do I have to do everything all over again?

  39. La madame du lac says:

    I'm on level 33, I notice when I visite other island that are level 30 or less, they have Items like straw umbrella or the hut. these items are available only on level 39 and 42, and cannot be bought with sbs. Can you explain me please.

  40. hype- says:

    in real life building a dam would flood the whole island, because all rivers flow INTO the ocean, not from the ocean… not very realistic beeline, i would have rather had another bridge

    • Brainy says:

      agree !! I thought the concept was odd too but smurfs are not real anyway. May be ocean flows into the river in smurf world LOL

      • Hannah says:

        Well, in the cartoons, the smurfs are constantly working on a dam. I think they've been trying to include it for a while, and Beeline couldn't wait any longer, so they put it on the island.

        I hope the next update includes a clockwork smurf! :)

        (PS, Beeline replied with help and my game is now fixed!)
        Thanks beeline!

    • Daiv says:

      Hype, your argument is pretty foolish. Not only because realism is hardly an issue on a fantasy game like the Smurfs, but even if it were, you are incorrect because the island is not in the OCEAN, but is in a pond or at best a lake. In such cases, there could very easily be a small trickle of water inland. If the smurf island was in fact in the ocean, the tide would be a far bigger problem than the "river'. But there is no tide to worry about because it is NOT the ocean, nor is it REAL LIFE. So perhaps you ought to find something else to do with your time than hate on Beeline for creating a fun game for everyone.

      • hype- says:

        ok not all parts of the world have tide problems, there are places like hudson bay and the british isles that have substantial tide and there are places that have very little tide

        how many ponds or lakes have palm trees growing on the beeches? plus there are SEA shells you can buy to place on the beeches let alone other salt water shells like the one for sale for 1 sb… need i go on? it is clearly an ocean….

        this is not hate, it is simply critique to improve the layout of the village, which is something beeline often does to fix the look of the village ie changing the shape of the beach, adding different trees, adding seasonal snow… etc

        • Daiv says:

          Hype, you can go on and on if you want to. My point is this is a fantasy game, not real life. There is no place in the real world where there is such a low tide that it would not swamp a dock that is only a few inches high. The waves alone would pound the smurf-sized raft house to pieces in an afternoon. Yes there are palm trees and sea stars, etc. – all conveniently scaled to smurf size if you notice. My point is that it is just a fantasy game and none of that matters. The direction of flow on the river makes no difference. If everything was accurate to real life, you are still stuck with the very not real smurfs. Glad to hear you say your aren't hating on Beeline because your first post sounded pretty negative for no reason.

          • hype- says:

            i guess i was trying to say its just more aesthetically pleasing that's all

            don"t worry its hard to judge attitude, tone, sarcasm etc on the internet….

          • Hi hi hi says:

            :))))) Beeline has made an obvious and stupid mistake with this dam, why not to admit this? Fantasy game does not mean, that it must be unreal in a stupid way. And it is definitely a sea or ocean in the game.

            This dam in a wrong place looks very disturbing for me, because it is just so stupid. Maybe better to remove it completely? Especially because a dried out rivers looks ugly too…

          • Maci__Micglire says:

            Wouldn't a bridge build slower than the dam? Or would the dam build slower than the bridge? I don't know because I'm only on level 20 just got to level 20.

  41. Nobody Smurf says:

    It seems the dam is affected by Hefty Smurf; mine only took 83 hours to build.

    • Mika says:

      Yes in the built Menu it shows the full Time, but if you buy it and you have Hefty Smurf, the Time reduce also on the Island…

  42. Liza says:

    i'm at 21th level. why i haven't island?

  43. Dymokc says:

    Is moving the items after I place the dam (not yet finished building) alright?

  44. Karolina says:

    I placed my dam before I got the quest. Will it still go throught when its fully build?

    • Poet says:

      I believe so…..let us know if it doesn't.

      • V... says:

        IMHO the same as with other items, like stairs and bridge — you can build (start building) before quest. You just then get next step in quest immediately.
        I've experienced this with stairs — level 20-smth quest with Handy and Brainy going West/East delayed by 1.5 level due to Iceland quests.

  45. Amanda says:

    How long is 168 hours in days?

  46. Lik says:

    thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

  47. Lik says:

    how to delete the first one house raft?

  48. Lik says:

    it works! thanks again

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