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icon Ver.: 1.19.0 iconVer.: 1.5.8a
Size: 419MBSize: 183MB
Levels: 89Levels: 89
Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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  1. Smurf says:

    Can i have booth versions of the game on one device?

  2. smurf village says:

    There's not version for ipod?

  3. Oliver says:

    Why is there still a problem with my village….I can't get gifts from a friend, and he can't not water my flowers, so I can complete grumpy' s mission. And I have problems with grow all my palms on the island, because when I click and select grow all palms, I always have to click on 12 of my palms manual, because its not incl. in "grow all palms"….. Can somebody answer all my problems and help me solve them.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      There's a friend server outage I think.
      If you mean Grouchy's 'harvest 30 tulips quest' you have to harvest 30 tulips at the same time.
      Try to move some of your palms to a different location.

  4. basilosaurus says:

    Hey guys does this work with the English App? I really enjoyed the app in English but now that it is in French is does not feel the same. Could I use this trick to get the app in English ? Or is there another way that I do not know of getting it ?

  5. Vito says:

    Can you share the trick or the video link, please?

    Thank you!

  6. Azraël69 says:

    My girlfriend is japanese and she has both the versions installed whitout any problems.

  7. Dcyt says:


    Can you please tellme the name of the Smurf which has a black tie and a white hat that looks similar to Marco smurf but a bit smaller? I am on level 30 and havn’t bought tailor smurf so all my smurf should look exactly the same. Thanks in advance! Addicted to this game! ^^

  8. Smurfmonkey says:

    My phone is not jail broken and this is not a hard hack. This game is badly programmed and has many glitches. Most if them are against the player but some work in you favour

  9. smurfmonkey says:

    I haven’t got a jail broken phone. But there is a floor with the berry buying system. And a smaller one with the sanctuary that allows you to keep getting xp by tricking it into repeating. I have tried to post a video via the Facebook my smurf village site. It does not involve any hacking. The game is just badly programmed and very glitchy. It just happens to be in our favour this time. And in my option it make up for months of glitchy updates and disappearing items.

  10. Smurfmonkey says:

    Hi there

    The latest version of smurfy village is very buggy but not all of them are bad. I have found 2 new ones. One allows you to get unlimited xp at around 200xp a time and the other allows you to get free smurfy berries. I have videos of both if you are interested. But I am a little reluctant to pass on the berry one at the moment as I’am still using in and don’t want them to patch it yet.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      If you can buy smurfberries for free your device is jailbroken and there is a risk that a whole lot off things will go wrong more often. If those errors happen you shouldn't expect any help from Beeline or from me if you're cheating.

      • Smurfo Mania says:

        While smurfmonkey might indeed be cheating, let all be honest and admit that the real wrong doers are beeline by charging 100+ smurfberres (ten dollars or more) for some obscure dolphins, rabbits, or other next to useless animals.

        I recognize of course that I don’t have to buy those, but having spent well over $150 on this game, I feel that often beeline over charges for many of those items .

    • Marusca_20 says:

      Tell us more about those free smurfberries, please.

    • Vito says:

      You can tell me this trick, please?
      Send me the video link, please.
      This is my e-mail: vitopc @ yahoo .com

      Thank you!

    • curious smurf says:

      Hello, I need help here, why there is no scarecrow in store? I played my friend's galaxy tab, and i saw the scarecrow sold in the store but when i open mine, I can't find it.. I'm playing on iPod..and I've updated to the latest version..

  11. Clumsy says:

    I think I'll try this. And just to confirm, there's no known problems having both games running on the same iPhone?

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