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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Hut Customization Tips & Tricks


There are two smurfs that handle all of the remodeling duties in the villages. At level 11 Handy Smurf will open his shop doors for users who want to add a different color or style to their smurfs humble abode. For players that have unlocked their island at level 20 Architect Smurf will appear to help carry out customization options on the isles. They both give users the same styles to use to redesign their villages. Specific resources are necessary to buy customization features in the game. Dye, wood, stone, and even brick may be required to purchase these add-ons. Players can collect these supplies from friends or buy them using Smurfberries. It can cost anywhere from 5 to 50 SBs for a supply pack. The more resources a user has the easier it is to remodel your village.

There are a variety of designs to choose from. Players can give their ordinary mushroom hut homes a retro spotted or feminine heart style roof top. Add a wooden sheds, arched doorways, and stone chimneys to current huts. Sending smurfs out on rafts, performing message-in-a-bottle quests, and occasionally as a gift from Jokey players will receive special blueprints for new designs. Tapping on an individual hut will prompt the customization tab or users can tap directly on Architect Smurf for access to the color options. Blue, red, white, pink, yellow, brown, and lavender are just a handful of the colors available. Each bottle costs a certain amount of dye to use. A quick tap on the bottle and then the hut of your choosing automatically changes the shade. Since it only changes one mushroom hut at a time players will need a significant amount of dye and resources to remodel all of their huts.

One of the best ways to gather supplies is through gifting. Three available gifts have been added to the friend gifting list when players visit their villages. One stone, wood, or dye can be given to neighbors. Being generous with friends and giving gifts daily is a surefire method to receiving the same in return. If it’s a specific resource that you’re after then posting the request as your Game Center status is another technique for receiving the dyes or stone you need.  This fun design element allows players to experiment with the look of their neighborhoods. Select one stellar stand out color or mix and match for a colorful village like no other. It’s completely up to you.


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  1. JMJ says:

    Hi. I am on level 29 in my smurf village. I try to customize my smurf huts in village or in island and it throwes me out of the game every time I try to do it. Comments?

  2. Kk11 says:

    Is there any benefit doing customization other looking gd and one time exp?

  3. Josh says:

    Hi im trying really hard to get dye. I have no friends in the game and don't want to use smurfberries. How can I possibly get more dye?

    • Poet says:

      You can get dye through several ways. One is from digging from the mountains. The other is playing Lucky Smurf or from Jokey Smurf. You can also send your smurfs on dye expeditions on the island.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      In addition to the ways Poet mentioned, you are also able to collect dye from Magician and also from Barber Smurf daily. Barber gives 4 dye daily, and offhand, I'm not sure how much you get from Magician.

      • Poet says:

        I didn't include Magician and Barber as the players asks for ways that doesn't require the spending of smurfberries, and both Magician and Barber Smurf have to be bought with smurfberries.

  4. Firdha says:

    Hello all .. i am on level 22 , papa smurf ask me to collect 12 wood and 9 stone .. what should i do?? Pls reply .. thank youu

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There are several ways to collect wood and stone, and since you're on Level 22, you've been doing it daily, probably without realizing it. First, each time you see the wood or stone icons bouncing over top of Timber's or Miner's huts and you tap on it, you collect a certain amount of wood or stone. Check your resource stores before you collect to see how much you have. Then collect, and then recheck the stores. The amount that the resource has increased is how much you collect per day. Other ways to collect stone and wood include: Winning them in Lucky's mainland and island games; receiving them from Magician on the mainland, sending out 24-hour wood and stone raft expeditions on the island, digging for them on the mountain.

  5. Lene says:

    Hey can someone please help me? I try to get different colors on my houses. as brown pink etc. How do I do this at level 32

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to have Painter Smurf on the mainland. First you tap his hut to bring up the palette. Then tap the color you want to use. Finally tap the item you want to change to the color you have chosen. I believe you need Architect on the Island, and that his color changes use up dye resources.

  6. SmurfnTurf says:

    Lost blueprint again and again. I just got another blueprint with a bottle task and it does show anywhere.
    This is a very old bug -all my blueprints I got this way are gone since a former update along time ago.
    Why beeline is not fixing this?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      We do not have the answer for this. You may wish to contact them directly at

  7. Smurfer says:

    Hi everyone. I found a blueprint of my houses a couple of levels back (I'm now level 13, I know it's low but I only just started!) and it opened up the hut customization menu. I then closed it and now I don't know how to get it back!! Please help me!?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There are two ways to find the hut customization menu. You can either tap on a regular smurf hut where you will see the following options: "Customize Hut," "Upgrade 4SB". If you have applied customizations, you will also see "Remove Customizations" as one of the options. The second way to find the customization menu is to tap Handy's hut, where you will be presented with "Handy Shop" or "Play Handy's Game." Handy's shop shows you how many resources you have at the top of the screen, and it shows the customizations to which you have unlocked access.

  8. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    You have to buy a muchroom for 200 coins 😉

  9. Yunita says:

    Hellooo. I have a problem with Papa Smurf at level 24. He says: This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows, and also no door. What is it? Place the item mentioned in the riddle". What can I do?? Thanks you

  10. Smurfsmurf says:

    Is there a certainty of getting resources when you send out a raft?
    Also, friend me GC: poptr0picafan

  11. Craig J says:

    Papa Smurf is asking me to take a photo of the village. How do I do that?

  12. Buffy says:

    i notice you earn wood & stone for customization through Miner & Timber Smurf. Question is what type of stone & wood do you place near them to count as stone & wood earned for customization? i tried putting 20+ single stones near Miner but i only earn 9 stones for customization for every 24hr cycle.

    Also i read from the comments below about color customization using Architect without the need for Painter. Ive upgraded Handy, i have Architect on the island, but i dont see the option for color customization when tapping a smurf hut or Architect.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You can't increase the amount off stones and wood that Miner and Timber give. I don't think it's possible to color things without Painter.

  13. avery says:

    Hi i need help. I'm level 16 but i can't build the big bridge. Papa smurf did not give me the quests. Please help!

  14. Buff Smurfette says:

    I have a problem on the island, if you could help me please. I've sent out my rafts probably at least about a week ago, the smurfs came back – i mean the number of surfs on the island is the number that i had (44/44 currently), but the rafts are still out, so i cannot send them out again. I received another bottle in the water and the first task is to send the raft for an hour but I can't because if i tap on it nothing happens. I have 3 rafts, i usually send them out daily for die, wood and rock to customize the huts.
    I've deleted the application from my device and re-installed again but I still haven't got my rafts back. Any idea?

    • Sassete says:

      The only way to get the rafts back is to recover your village to an date before they disappeared

      • Buff Smurfette says:

        OH ok, thank you. Could you please tell me how to do that? When I deleted the app and re-installed it, it only gave me an option to either start all over again from level 1 or go back to my last saved level which is 38 now.

  15. Scarlet says:

    So, can I color houses on the island / village without painter smurf, or do I have to have him in order for this option to work?

  16. Brendan says:

    When I click on a hut, it says "Total Population: 67 / 53."

    I currently have 67 smurfs in my village, that is true.
    But where does 53 come from? Is that the number of
    smurfs that actually have a house to go home to?

    I'm assuming so,
    because ten minutes ago all the working smurfs
    went home except a few of them. That was when I
    realized that maybe they're homeless. I feel bad!
    I will add more houses.

    But is that what that means?
    67 – 53 = 14. Do fourteen smurfs have no place to live?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The 53 are the smurfs that life in houses. The other 14 you have bought with sb I guess. The 14 are smurfs that can be added without need for a house so they don't have one. Those won't have a house.
      Maybe you can make a villa for those smurfs using 3D effects :)

  17. Fiona says:

    Hellooo. I have a problem with Papa Smurf at level 34. He says: Let's add three outhouses for our stange guest to clean. I already customize more than 3 houses with the wooden shed. And nothing appened. What can I do??

  18. Nusa says:

    I am lvl 14 and I got a gift from Jokey hut customization and I opened it but now where can I find it again to see how many wood and stones and dye I have? I do not find it anywhere :/

  19. Justsmurfingaround says:

    Thanks for the reply.. Yes i did try. When i select says that he needs painter smurf to mix dyes :-/

  20. Justsmurfingaround says:

    Hi! Is it necessary to have painter smurf to use architect’s colour feature?

    • Poet says:

      If you are talking abt coloring on the island, by right you shouldn't need painter smurf as he only applies to the main village. Though I read somewhere there was a bug that linked Painter to Architect's coloring. Have you tried it?

      • smurfsmurfs says:

        I can't find such paint function on the island for Architecht's Sumrfs. Can explan more?____I have many dye on hands… but can't find out any painting function on the Island

  21. anna says:

    I am on level 28. I received a quest ( on an island) to gather some wood – gather 6 pieces of wood using rafts.
    I send 6 rafts and they returned empty. What should I do to do the quest?

  22. Sundance says:

    Papa Smurf wants a crop from a palm tree (on the island, level 30), which requires spending 30 Smurfberries for access to coconuts. If we can't buy berries with coins, we must spend real money, which seems unfair.
    If we can buy coins with Smurfberries, why not the other way around, too? Great game, but this is annoying.

  23. Pinksicle says:

    My hut customisations keep disappearing. I thought they might reappear once I updated the app but they haven’t, is there a way I can get them back?

  24. Diana says:

    I have customized 4 huts and they changed suddenly back to how they were. I dont understand! I wasted money buying would and dye to customize! Help!!,!,!,

  25. Giovanni says:

    Spotted roof and heart roof disappear when built. It’s a bug I suppose… It’s a shame because then we waste wood, stone and dye. I also can’t receive gifts anymore :(

  26. Esther says:

    I got my first blueprint from à raft voyage.
    But in the menu, i can't do anything with it.
    Wat must i do with the blueprints?

  27. Xxlinaaa says:

    Yesterday I changed a green mushroom into one with a hearted roof.

    Today it suddenly changed back into the old one.

    I think I didn’t do anything wrong.

    Can anybody help me.


  28. Yippee says:

    Recently had brought the Heart roof once i had enough of credit of timber, stone and dye. But it disappeared when i try to move the mushroom house around. It backed to the orginal roof. Please help.

    • Poet says:

      There is glitch currently associated with this. If you have customized your house, DO NOT MOVE IT. Beeline will be fixing this in the next update, hopefully, but until then, do not move your house or you will lose your customization.

  29. kt528 says:

    I finished level 45 but it failed to proceed to level 46 and started at 0% again!!!

    I have asked for help the third time already.

    I am so frustrated as I’ve paid soooooo much effort and time but i have to repeat level 45 AGAIN!!!!!

    Now i am at 94% of level 45 (AGAIN!!), how can i get back the correct progress please???? (game center ID kt528)

    Thank you…

    • Sassete says:

      have you tried what we have suggested before and tap on papa smurfs head 16 times and go back to an date just before you finished lv 45 to 46 and it this way try again otherwise you need to contact Beeline and se if they have some other idea how you can solve this problem or on <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  30. Arwenstar says:

    Hi guys, I've read comments posted by a few of you bemoaning the fact that sending the smurfs on a Blueprint raft voyage was useless. Well, I've been sending them on Blueprint Raft Voyages ever since it's been possible to do so and I'm happy to say that a raft finally came back with a Blueprint tonight!! 😀
    Just wanted to say that you shouldn't give up, it is actually possible to get a blueprint from a raft! Yay!!

  31. gabika says:

    Please help me!!
    I cannot put any more paths into my main village. if i put one more than the game crashes, and if i delete one than the game allow me to put one instead. is there a limit for paths in the game or is it a bug???? What can i do.

  32. Judy says:

    Omg ! Did anyone’s customized huts disappeared?? It took me so long to gather all those dyes, wood, and rocks and I don’t even see my heart shaped roof huts anymore !!! /:

  33. george says:

    @ tina: Once per day he leaved your villages and visits villages of your friends. You need to go to your friends villages menu, then the village he is in is the one with a blue riboon next to it. click on it, find Marco and then go back to your village to get your gift.

    @site team: When I click on architech smurfs there's no coulors menu like you talk about, only the customisation one that can be found to all house.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Any word from Beeline as to whether Android will be getting Architect? I think it is highly unlikely as we still don’t have Painter or Marco or MIAB.

  35. Lazy_S says:

    When i click on architect it says “architect cannot mix dyes without painter. Place painter in village to unlock colouring”. I m not sure what to do here. I hv nearly 200 dyes

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Ow, that's somewhat difficult. If it says so, you may need Painter.

      • Trey says:

        This is what I don’t understand. Beeline based architects function off of a specialty smurf that can only be purchased with smurfberries. That is extremely upsetting that they based architect off of painter and you can only use his full functions by splurging thirty smurfberries on someone in the main village. A lot of people are not willing to buy smurfberries with real money and for me it will take several months to earn thirty berries. They need to put painter on a discount if they are going to do something like this

  36. Lazy_S says:

    I m not able to use colour. Do i need to buy painter smurf?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      If you want to colour your houses on the mainland, you need Painter.
      On the island Architect has the same function as Painter, expect that you need to have a certain amount of dye before you can colour.

  37. Trey says:

    So unfare! This game promised to never make you spend smurfberries but now when I click on architect all it says is I have to place painter in my main village to unlock dyes and color houses. I was truly looking forward to building architect to color my houses on the island since I can’t in the main village, but now I can’t without spending thirty smurfberries I don’t have! This is truly uncalled for by beeline to get more people to spend money and buy smurfberries.

    I’m very disappointed:(

  38. FlowerSmurf says:

    Is anyone having luck getting blueprints from those ‘blueprint voyage’ raft trips? I’ve been sending 1-2 rafts/day on bluprint voyages since the update, but no luck. Is it worth sending the rafts?

    • shadesha says:

      I have been sending 5 rafts off every day and haven't yet received a blueprint, not very happy. Especially as you get no coins back in return either. And I haven't yet received any from Marco or Jokey, not sure how the system decides who gets what as it seems others are getting more from the rafts, Marco and Jokey that others!!!

      • Dreamy_Smurf says:

        It took 30 rafts before I got my first blueprint, you're not the only one 😉
        The second came rather fast.

    • Madelene says:

      Me neither, it’s almost as I get less raft gifts than before since the last update.

    • Arwenstar says:

      I got my first blueprint from a raft voyage tonight! Yay!!

  39. myself says:

    i'm on level 29 and I have not seen architect smurf yet. I don't have any village friends so marco is out of the question and handy smurf just wants me to pound more stakes which i'm kinda over if you know what i mean.

  40. Madelene says:

    And one more thing – I don’t understand how to colour huts. I don’t find the menu for colours, and I’ve tried clicking both on Architect, Handy and the huts themselves…

    • Poet says:

      On the island, you tap on Architect's hut, then on the color of the dye you want, and tap on your desired mushroom house to change the color. Back in your main village, you need to have Painter Smurf to change the colors.

      • Madelene says:

        But the colours are NOT in the Archtecture’s House Menu. Only other customizing options are there (like adding a shed, getting heart-roof and of course buying more wood, stone & paint). But no colour options. Some kind of bug? Have anyone else experienced this?

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          They're not in the menu, when you tab Architect they should appear just like they do when you tab Painter.

  41. Madelene says:

    Don’t move the houses after customizing them – mine returned to normal. VERY dissappointed!

  42. tina says:

    how does Marco gift items…. casue i am not sure if i even know who Marco is let alone get anything from him… I am on level 37

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You can find Marco in villages of friends.

      • Chris says:

        Go to your "villages of friends", where you normally give a gift and look for the village name that has the medallion next to the gift box. Go to that village and look for Marco. He is wearing a slightly different white hat. Click on him and then he will disappear. Go back to your village and he will appear there with a gift. Its usually a piece of cake but once i got 10 x dye, which was pretty good.

    • Smurf Marija says:

      Every 24 hrs Marco Polo leaves your village and goes to one of your friends. He has a larger white. Sailer hat on. Go to your friend that has a blue ribbon medallion. That will be where you find Marco. Do this everyday and you will gather gifts from him. Kinda the same way you get gifts from Jokey every 24hrs.

  43. Candy says:

    You can also get these items as gifts from Marco (and maybe Jokey, I can't remember if I have gotten any from him or not but I have gotten dye from Marco the last three gifts). Plus you get additional wood and stones from Miner and Timber smurf each time you collect the XP from these games based on the number of stones/wood you have around the characters.

    • Jason says:

      Actually it don't matter how many rocks or wood you have by timber and miner smurfs the reward you get is the same. At least it is for me. I didn't have much wood by Timber. So I added some but got the same amount of wood the next time I collected XP from him.

  44. Brainy says:

    see if it is done in 1 hour. To me, it's doesnt matter 1h or 2h because I dont keep track of build time. Whenever it's done then it's done :-)

  45. gabika says:

    well, probably i have but why don't the game comes up with a sign that i cannot put any more path into my village. it is wery strange that it crashes if i put anymore.

  46. Sassete says:

    yes it does but thats the only thing that i know that you can try with

  47. gabika says:

    Do you know any other limitations in the villages? for example i know that there is a limit in the storage hut, but what are the other limits?

  48. Brainy says:

    1000 paths limit. #smurfs + #snails + #caterpillars = 250 character limit. So dont buy too many critters or you will not be able to add more smurfs

  49. Scottpot77 says:

    I have the same problem, it says collect 6pieces of wood using the rafts but they keep coming back empty, how do we collect the wood?

  50. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    Send them on a wood voyage, you can find these rafts beneath.

  51. smurfsmufs says:

    Yes.. I have.

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