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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Jokey Smurf


Jokey Smurf can be found in level three, after Papa Smurf gives the task to send out some Smurfs to search and rescue him. Jokey does not have his does not have his own mushroom house, either.

During the game, you will be asked by Papa Smurf to find Jokey   saying “Jokey Smurf is around here somewhere, and I’m sure he’s got something for you. -Find Jokey smurf (he’s got a yello gift box0 and touch him for daily gift.)-“.

Once you complete the  quest , Papa smurf pops up again to tell you :” Once a day you can find Jokey in the village and see what he has in his gift box for you”

Jokey gives a present once per day, but if he feels “pranky” he gives a bomb and the present explodes, otherwise he usually gifts flowers, cakes, potions, flags, etc., but sometimes, on very rare occasions though, also a Smurfberry.

WARNING! If the “time cheat” has been used while playing the game (i.e. changing the device’s time ahead so that crops and tasks are completed instantly) it can happen that, as a consequence, Jokey will stop giving you gifts (for more details click here).

Jokie’s photos:

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  1. elenakard23 says:

    Add me please , I need neighbours !! Level 25 that’s my nick name

  2. Natt says:


    Do you know some other way to see who of my friends  are giving me gifts? always when I open one of the gifts  that my friend leave for me it says “someone leave a gifts for you” not his or her name, so I can’t give a gift them back directly.

  3. noah mcdonough says:

    do u know why smurfette and baby smurf have stop giving me XP each day?

  4. Nerdy s says:

    Every time jokey gives me a present, it blows up! I never get anything else! Why is it doing this??

  5. S A M.Lo v e says:

    add me on Iphone : " S A M.Lo v e

    • Marco Smurf says:

      SAM we have created a new place just for you guys to add friends and to get gifts. Simply If you click on "Add Me" button on our website, it will take you to the friends page where you can add and ask friends to add you. Thank you for your cooperation.

  6. Lola says:

    To who it concerns,

    Approximitly 4 months ago Papa smurf advised me not to change the time anymore. Since that time I didn’t change my time however Jokey smurf is not giving me gifts and Papa smurf ask for a gift from Jokey I can’t progress.

    What can I do to fix it????? Help me please.

    • Brainy says:

      This is one of those things we dont know because we've never experienced it. Sorry !!!
      Can u find Marco in neighbor village instead ?

  7. Julie says:

    I need smurfneighbors add me (julslx)

  8. Catherine says:

    Ok, so on level 41 now, have 112 friends & still can’t complete my 2 tasks of Jokey gifts! I’m getting seriously frustrated, I don’t time cheat, still can’t find Macro. Is this happening to anyone else? And when are Beeline going to fix it???

    • Brainy says:

      I've seen people reported this problem but we dont know how to get around this problem.
      You can ask beeline here and see what they say

      • Catherine says:

        Thanks :) I’ve emailed them already with no reply, but will try again :)

      • Catherine says:

        I've been onto beeli e and they advised to remove game from
        iPhone then reinstall, I've done this and also installed new update; I still can't complete these tasks and still can't find marco :(

  9. baby smurf says:

    jokeys says collect a package from me when i click clumsy he says jokey wantes to give me a gift when i click jokey nothing happens…. ?HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Poet says:

      What level are you on now? If you are more than level 16, try finding Marco Smurf, get his gift and this will unlock Jokey's bug.

      • baby smurf says:

        hey thanks for your help im on level 35 I found marco clicked him and nothing happens

        • Brainy says:

          U r supposed to find Marco in neighbor village, not your own village. Check neighbor village map and see which one has blue medal next to the name, go inside that village, find marco and tap on him.

          • Leena says:

            None of the other villages have a blue medal next to them. Jokey doesn’t give me any presents anymore. He keeps saying to collect a package from him, but he won’t give any package

          • Sassete says:

            Have you cheated bye turning the clock ? because if you do that things like this happens

          • Melissa says:

            if he says 'collect a package from me', u have to wait until there's a '!' on him and then u can collect it.

          • sara says:

            she's right

  10. Elly says:

    Help me! Suddenly gargamel appeared then took away jokey.

    Few days ago he took away 8smurfs andcaterfillar. OMG!!!

    can Jokey come back?? I can’t find any post on gargamel. Pls help me.

  11. zoey10 says:

    im on level 24 and when i click on jokey he said ''Collect a package from me'' i clicked on jokey but i still dont know what to do
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! what should i do

  12. justsmurfingaround says:

    Hi! Jokey gives me a gift only once in about 48 hrs..though it says here that he does so ever 24 hrs. :( i admit to have used the time cheat once before..but still continued to receive xp from scaredy n grouchy..
    pls pls help!! i hope u reply :)

  13. jokey quest says:

    You just have to visit another village (you don't need to have friends!), find jokey there and tap him. Then you go back to your own village and find 'your' Jokey. Should work.

  14. Catherine says:

    On level 39, new quest from papa to give jokey a gift, still haven’t gave him a gift from earlier level, I don’t time cheat, give all my friends gifts, never see macro & can’t move on :(

    Help please!!!!!!!

    • Poet says:

      To collect gift from Jokey you mean? There's a bug to this quest, so try to locate Marco Smurf, collect his gift and then return to collect Jokey's gift.

  15. Faiz says:

    Jocky a request is :

    Plant some flowers in( flower box)

  16. Maxxhero13 says:

    I'm level 10 and i still can't find Jokey smurf in My village , Papa smurf give me a quest from i'm level 3 but until now i still incomplete . Help me ,plzzz >.<

  17. atomLitt says:

    im at level 15, i have not cheated, and i have been collecting gifts and doing the jokey quests with no problem up to this point. i am about 3 hours away from getting 5 smurfs back from a jokey quest that took 48 hours, but every time i now click on jokey, the game stops, crashes, and closes. does anyone have any thoughts?

    • Sassete says:

      That sounds like a bug to me, have you tried to rebot your device?.Sometimes a update can fix this kind of issues. It should be a new update soon so you can try to wait or try to contact Beeline and se if they can help you.

  18. wietimoet says:

    I accidentaly, fortunately, found the way to collect a package from jokey.. hahahaha!!

    I go to my neighbour, my friend, when i want to give her a gift, suddenly i got a message that said i have found Marco..

    and when i return to my village, i have a message that i got a gift from Marco, and then jokey said that i finished the quest.. that's all.. i got 250xp.. 😀

  19. atomLitt says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I've been recieving both new quests and new packages from Jokey on a regular basis since I starting playing. But this is the first time that getting the package from Jokey is in a "quest" form.

  20. atomLitt says:

    Asus transformer tf101 – i'm on level 12 and Jokey has a new quest for me. It is titled "COLLECT FROM JOKEY". And he says "Collect a package from me!" And the instructions tell me to "Collect a package from Jokey." The XP for the quest is 250, but every time I click on Jokey, nothing happens. I just get the same message with Jokey's face and the title of the quest with the instructions and the XP amount. Jokey HAS the exclaimation mark above his head. I have NOT cheated in any way. Do I have to wait for something? Or do I have to do something?

    • Poet says:

      The Jokey quest has a bug that some players face. If you are facing it, and you have tried tapping on him for more than 24 hours, the only way left is to wait till you are level 16, then you can go and find Marco Smurf in one of your friends' villages, collect his gift, and this should release the bug on Jokey smurf for you.

    • Ayesha says:

      Same problem. :/

    • jockeeeey says:

      same problem.. but.. T_T i dont have friends lol

      • emmacat says:

        i dont have any friends either as i play on my ipod with no internet….help!! what else cani do to get rid of the package quest???

        • Poet says:

          Which level are you at? One way is to locate Marco Smurf(but for that, you need friends), get his gift, and this will unlock the Jokey bug you may be experiencing.

  21. nampctt says:

    :)) me too, I can't collect a package from JS

  22. snfoor93 says:

    jokey smurf wants me to collect a package from him ! help me plz

  23. Pauline says:

    on level 12, Jokey tells me that i need to collect a package from him, but what does it means ? Should I look for packages or.. ? please help me x

    • Poet says:

      It means you need to collect a daily gift from him…wait for an exclaimation mark to appear above his head and then tap on him. If you still fail to collect a gift, you will need to wait till you are level 16 to find Marco Smurf to resolve this.

  24. Pitufos fan says:

    I have the same problem with Jokey and i've read the comments above, it apear to me that this games always has problems and the users always have to suffer this issues, the creators have to take this problems more seriusly since we pay to play

  25. nahed says:

    help me jokey i hat you im level 45

  26. Dee says:

    I have been playing this game for a very long time and just reached level 42, I stopped receiving gifts from jokey on level 38 ( only cheated twice back on level 20 ish) now I have to collect a gift from Jokey per Jokey and Papa smurf.
    I haven't seen Marco smurf in months and I don't have friends that play this game, besides if I did I don't even know how to add them.
    How do I get Jokey to give a gift so I can move on to the next challenge?

    • Brainy says:

      dont know how u've gotten this far without neighbors because some quests require u to to interact with neighbor such as "gift a neighbor" , "water neighbor flowers", "get a seed from neighbor".
      For apple device, add people to facebook or to game center. For android device, only option is add to facebook.

      Just post a message "add me android" or "add me apple" to our facebook. If you have game center, post message "add me put_your_gamecenter_id_here"

  27. ..... says:

    How do you get a package from jokey?????????

    • Brainy says:

      wait for 24 then tap him to collect package

    • I had the same problem, Jokey was saying "Collect a package from me" and when I tapped on him, he repeated this question – I couldn't do anything. I thought that there is a problem with Sumrfs game after the last update and I just waited. Surprisingly, after about a week, a Jokey gave me a gift :) and then the other Smurfs told to him "Jokey… what a joke!" so I guess it was only a joke. You should wait for several days and the problem will be solved :)

  28. ...... says:

    I have a friend that plays smurf ville… I gifted her something but I still shave not gotten a package from jokey… What do I do?

  29. Becks says:

    I admit – I cheated several months ago. I had the flu and played smurfs all day, for several days, changing the clock to grow crops. I have waited over a month for jokey to give me a present so I can move forward and get the boat and island. Also, Marco has not left my village, so I can’t go to a friends village nd get a gift. is there. Way to find out how long I will be punished ? I really don’t want to email beeline and admit I manipulated the game.

    Help !

  30. nahed says:

    plz help me whats he need jokey i waiting 35 h dont give me whats i dowing only say ( collect a package from jokey)plz help me im level 45

    • Poet says:

      Try and locate Marco Smurf and get a gift…it's been said to resolve the Jokey bug.

      • zoey10 says:

        hi im on the same problem as nahed what do you mean by Try and locate Marco smurf and get a gift its been said to resolve the jokey bug

        • Brainy says:

          u find marco in neighbor village. If u see a neighbor that has a blue medal next to the name, that's where marco is. U go inside that village, find marco and tap him. If u tap the right marco smurf, he will tell u to go meet him back at your village to receive a gift.

  31. ikarusy says:

    I have wait more than 1 month and I didn’t get package from joky and he tell me now (( collect a package from me ! ))

    What can I doo ?!

    Add me on smurf vaillage as friend :

  32. Nya says:

    I’m Having Trouble With Jokey On Level 14 Were It Says COLLECT FROM JOKEY. Collect a package from me

  33. Brainy says:

    Wait for 24h then tap jokey to get a package. After 24h the other options it find Marco in neighbor village this will satisfy jokey quest.

  34. L!1 M155 B09913 says:

    Hi, I am on level 14 and Jokey says "Collect a package from me!" I have waited for ages, tapped on his yellow present, tapped on his exclamation mark and everything like that but it still appears "Collect a package from me!" Help!

  35. marian says:

    hi, i have lots of trouble getting smurfberries. i saw my friend's game and he has plenty! he said jokey gives them to him. my question is, how come my jokey never gives me smurfberries? is there anything i can do to get him to give me smurfberries?

    • Poet says:

      There is nothing anyone can do about Jokey giving smurfberries. It is very very rare and random. In the one year plus that I have played the game, I have only received smurfberries from Jokey only like 5 times?

  36. Tara says:

    Um how do you make friends on smurfs village cuz I have the same problem can u help me!

  37. Tara says:

    Hi um I don’t have any friends on surfs village and I have that message from jokey that says collect a package from him. Um is there another thing that would give me the package?

    • Poet says:

      Try finding some friends who play smurfs like you do. If not, you can visit our fb page and find some friends there. I believe you have done so.

  38. Laura says:

    My jokey smurf has not gave me gifts for at least a few months now and I havnt used a time cheat I'm on level 25and it's asking me to collect a package from him I don't know wat to do help me!!!!

    • Brainy says:

      The other option is find Marco in neighbor village then come back to your village to receive a gift from him. This will satisfy the quest.

      • Laura says:

        I have tried this but it does not work for me

        • Brainy says:

          You know how to find Marco in neighbor village right ? Because some people playing this game without any neighbor.

          You have to find him in real neighbor, tap him then come back to your village to get a gift.
          Feature or random villages will not work.

  39. Makaros says:

    I have the weirdest problem. I sent 3 smurfs to do the recent Jokey quest and even though the time has ended, they are not back, plus when I click Jokey he crashes the app! This is weird! haha

  40. Acim says:

    This message was seen in the earlier updates as a just as a friendly message from papa Smurf to scare the cheaters, however, in the recent updates  (1.1.1 upwards) , few  actions were indeed added to the game; where many people have noticed that are not getting gifts from Jokey and their snails and caterpillars were not producing any XP.
    Initially was thought that the punishment was extremely sever as they wont get gifts form Jokey for weeks or months, but it turned out today that the penalties will take up to a week   according to Beeline.

    Beeline has mentioned today in one of their support boards that: “… there are penalties for manipulating the device clock. The severity of the penalty and length depend on how often we catch a player changing the clock. Worst case, the game usually goes back to normal in a week or so.”
    So in conclusion that   Beeline-Capcom (producer/ developer) are aware with this cheat and they have started to fight it, so be carful it may lead to a future ban for those who over use this cheats.

    • Brainy says:

      there are consequences for cheating.. Not worth it. Dont know why beeline using device time instead of using internal "count down" for each land plot like other games.

  41. Hilary says:

    How do I find Marco?i been waited for 24hours Jokey still says "collect a package from me",how do I solve this?

    • Brainy says:

      Jokey can only gift u 24h . The ! above his head now means he has a quest for u which is "collate a package from me" . Wait for 24h , then tap him to collect a package.

    • Brainy says:

      If u think u have waited over 24h . Then try this

      If Marco is in a neighbouring village, a medal next to their banner shows in which village he is currently hiding. If he is found in the friend’s village (to find him, just tap on him), he will return to your village and if you go back to it as well, he gives you a present (such as a free Smurfberry or XP).

  42. alex says:

    I'm on level 12 and Jokey is asking for me to 'collect a package' from him. Under it is just a blank space. I don't know how to find Marco or how to add people

  43. Brainy says:

    look at our facebook page and see how people ask for friends

  44. Brainy says:

    We are not beeline and you are complaining to the wrong place :-)

  45. Angry smurf says:

    So far, am not liking the recent update. Since the update, my smurfs became corrupted crashing every time I tried to restart. By th time I reinstalled the game, 70 x field of magical raspberries had perished and all was lost. If that wasn't enough-now I too am stuck without a gift from jokey cos none of my friends have updated their version-So frustrating!! Beeline, learn a thing or two from The original developers and stop putting so many restrictions on the smurfs!!!!

  46. Ale says:

    I need neighbor!!!

  47. peruchita says:

    I'm on level 22 & Jokey is asking me to collect a package from him. I press on his exclamation mark and nothing pops up. This "so called package" is worth 250 XP points. What do I do? How can I get this package? Thank you :)

    • Peruchita says:

      Thank you Brainy & Paulette! I guess I have to get friends… Since I have none :( LOL

      • Brainy says:

        Post a message "add me android" or "add me apple" on our facebook page and ask people to add you. Or you can scan the page and ask people to add you. Android and apple neighbors are not compatible. Add only players playing on the same platform.

      • Brainy says:

        Paulette is looking for friends too. Just read the post below your post.

    • Ale says:

      Add me!!! x)

  48. Paulette says:

    Ok. You have 2 choices. 1) go to friends village find Marco and return to your own village and find him there. You will get XP and jokey is happy. Or 2) go to friends village and look in right hand bottom corner. There is a present. Tap on it and you can give your friend a gift from jokey. This is what he wants. YOU CAN ONLYDO THIS IF THEY HAVE THE MOST RECENT UPDATE. Otherwise get around it by using Marco. Btw does anyone wanna be my friend? I only have one and she’s not updated! :( if so email memonkeylipsandme@ Idont know how I even got her!

  49. Pocahontas says:

    My jockey says the same thing… Collect gift from me.. What is that?????? What am I suppose to do?????

    • Poet says:

      If after waiting for more than 24 hours and you tap Jokey Smurf and get nothing, you could be among the many experiencing the latest series of bugs…We are waiting for Beeline to confirm on this.

  50. Mattsleelo says:

    I am having the same problem with Jokey…he has had the ! over his head for two days now???I'm on level 25….I have waited 24 hours to collect a package from him and he continues to say ..collect a package from me????And I am using the 2nd generation iPod touch….

    • Poet says:

      You might be experiencing the latest in a series of bugs. If so, only Beeline can fix this, but we have not gotten an official word from them on this topic yet. For now, it's either you restore your game to an earlier time or you simply ignore Jokey and move on with the game until the bug is fixed. His quest is not crucial to moving forward with the game.

    • 2Danes&aBike says:

      I got a present from Macro Smurf and it automatically continued Jokey's quest. Not the present i was expecting, but it worked!

    • Toodloo says:

      I have the same problem. Not a joke at all. Very annoying!!!!

      • Brainy says:

        wait for 24 hour then tap on him to collect gift. Some people have reported the work around is find Marco . Read the discussion here on facebook page

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