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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Jokey Smurf


Jokey Smurf can be found in level three, after Papa Smurf gives the task to send out some Smurfs to search and rescue him. Jokey does not have his does not have his own mushroom house, either.

During the game, you will be asked by Papa Smurf to find Jokey   saying “Jokey Smurf is around here somewhere, and I’m sure he’s got something for you. -Find Jokey smurf (he’s got a yello gift box0 and touch him for daily gift.)-“.

Once you complete the  quest , Papa smurf pops up again to tell you :” Once a day you can find Jokey in the village and see what he has in his gift box for you”

Jokey gives a present once per day, but if he feels “pranky” he gives a bomb and the present explodes, otherwise he usually gifts flowers, cakes, potions, flags, etc., but sometimes, on very rare occasions though, also a Smurfberry.

WARNING! If the “time cheat” has been used while playing the game (i.e. changing the device’s time ahead so that crops and tasks are completed instantly) it can happen that, as a consequence, Jokey will stop giving you gifts (for more details click here).

Jokie’s photos:

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  1. Tracy says:

    Please help! I’ve been given a task by jokey smurf to harvest a pear, which is only available for harvesting on level 25. I’m currently on level 21…

    • Tracy says:

      Sorry, just read reply to someone else with same question..sorted!

      • Tracy says:

        But will we be able to do other quests from jokey? Or will it be stuck until I reach level 25?? Don’t understand why a task is given that can’t be completed at current level…

  2. Penny82 says:

    Jokey has been giving me nothing but exploding presents for over a week now. I have not done any clock manipulation or any other cheats to explain this. Is there another reason this could be happening? With Marco Smurfs current glitch of giving the same prints ever day and now this it's really frustrating. Any insight is wanted to help reduce my confusion. Thanks.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Jokey's gifts aren't that good anymore since Lucky was added.

    • Wendela says:

      I have the same problem, Jokey has given me exploding boxes for weeks now. I'm on leven 25, perhaps he doesn't give so much gifts any more after a certain level? Does anyone know when or if Jokey will give out gifts again?

      • Poet says:

        This is quite random…sometimes, it could be just your bad luck that every gift box he offers contains a bomb. I have gotten a few berries from him recently.

  3. Joy . says:

    I am currently on level 19, and jokey smurf’s mission is prove to grouchy there’s nothing to be afraid of, open one of jokey’s box. I already received 3 gifts from jokey since then, but the mission is still incomplete. After I open the gift, jokey still display the same message. Please help.


  4. D.YahiAli says:

    Did any one notice; that the cakes Joky gives, are not taken by the smurfs!
    I noticed that after jokey's gift, the app shuts !
    This is noisy :-(
    I've never even tried to think about "time cheat" – never heard about it, i Just read it now when i entered to ask.
    IS IT A BUG?

  5. Traxxas says:

    Hello,I have got Quest from Jokey.It says:Get Jokey some pears.Harvest 1 pear.
    How to do this Quest?(I don't have crops of pears so what I should do)?

    I'm Playing on Android.My level is 24.Sorry for bad English I'm Italian.

    Please help me!. :-)

    • Poet says:

      Pear is not your normal crop, but a crop from the magic shrub(the one that looks like a tree and can be found in your build menu for 2500 coins). However, you need to be level 25 to plant this crop.

  6. millan says:

    jokey tells me to collect a gift from him, how do i do that?
    im in level 12, im using android and i got the latest version.


  7. Traxxas says:

    I have got Quest from Jokey.It says:BACKFIRED Prove to Grouchy that there's nothing to be afraid of.Open 1 of Jokey's boxes.

    How to do this Quest?Please help me.My lvl is 23.

    Sorry for bad English I'm Italian.

    • Poet says:

      Have you tried tapping on Jokey? If that doesn't work, try to find Marco Smurf first in one of your friends's villages, collect a gift from him, then try tapping on Jokey after 24 hours. It should work.

  8. renda says:

    jokey says open 1 of jokey's boxes. any one can help me?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The exclamation mark above his head is the same whether he has a quest or whether it is time to open a new box. Try back in a couple of hours. Eventually, it will be time for you to open the box, and it will work. It's confusing, but that is how it works.

  9. sinew says:

    I tried to open Jokey’s gift and am getting a “Backfired” message. Then directed to open one of Jokey’s boxes. How do you complete this task?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The exclamation mark above his head is the same for when he has a quest and for when it is time to open a box. Eventually, it will be time to open a box and the message will clear itself.

  10. Deepalee says:


    How to get Jokey pears.I cant harvest pear as I don’t

    ve any….Help.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It’s weird and happening on my Android device as well. I discovered that pears are one of the crops grown on the trees; however, one needs to be on at least 25 in order to plant them. I’m getting the quest, and I’m only on level 23. Sounds like Beeline has another bug to fix. I reported it on their support page: Feel free to make your own report, too.

    • Val says:

      Same here…i am still on level 20 and cant find a way to fullfill such request…hmm …

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I heard back from Beeline. It is indeed a bug, but they don't have a time frame for resolution. So, we just have to live with it until they either fix it or we attain level 25.

    • Lei says:

      The shrubs have pears is a tricky quest

    • Sevenoceans77 says:

      I am experiencing this problem, I am on level 20.

  11. lollypopssss says:

    tracker has been gone for weeks!!!!! when does he come back????

  12. beyza says:

    bonjour je suis au niveau 22 et le jokey smurf me demande de recolter des poires et pour celi la je doit atteindre niveau 25 pour que je puisse planter

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Bonjour. Je ne parle pas français très bien. Je responde en en englais parce que je ne connais pas les mots français. You should ignore this quest. It was a bug in the software that seems to have been repaired with an update that changed the request from pears to potatoes. I’m so sorry not to be able to answer you fully in French as my command of the language is not too good.

  13. Smurfanatic says:

    Hey guys, I'm on level 27 and have the quest of Jokey that says I need to open one of Jokey's boxes. So I waited a day, opened the box, but didn't pass the quest. He still says that I need to open one of Jokey's boxes. I wil give it another try tomorrow, but if then it also doesn't work, I'm going to think about not giving attention to that quest anymore. The quest says: Prove to Grouchy that there's nothing to be afraid of.
    And then underneath that sentence, Open one of Jokey's boxes!

  14. Flip-flop says:

    I'm on 22 level and Jokey asks me to plant and harvest some pears.. But i can do it only when it's 25 level:( Is it a glitch or what?

  15. putri says:

    Hi! I'm on level 21 and Jokey is asking me to open 1 of his boxes. Called "backfired".how to i find teh box..any advice tq

  16. peruchita says:

    Hi! I’m on level 25 and Jokey is asking me to open 1 of his boxes. Called “backfired” to show Grouchy there’s nothing wrong.

  17. Maribella says:

    I'm trying to add my friends but it says it already did but it didn't uhhhhh

  18. @Pseudo_Jr says:

    So I had to prove to grouchy that the gift was OK. So I waited and clicked the box and got a smurfberry. Then Handy ask jokey to grow 1 Pear. The problem is that I am on Level 21 and pears are only available after level 25. What can I do?

  19. Dilah says:

    Hi I got a problem about Jokey.. It told me to open one of the jokey boxes but its already open and it keep saying open 1 of the jokey boxes pls can anybody fix this problem???

  20. Hi plz help says:

    Jokey wants me to harvest some pears to "tune up" Handys saw.

    There ARE no pears! Wat should I do? I'm ver 1.2.7 on lvl 20

    • Poet says:

      What do you mean by there's no pears? When you tap on your shrubs, do you not see the option to harvest pears? It's available on level 25.

      • Enisa says:

        I have same problem, I need to harvest pears for Jokey but see not pear untill level 25 but I am at level 20 :/ everyday Jokey give a box to open and now first I need to finish this quest for being able to do so, but till level 25 is long time. what to do ? Thank you Poet :)

        • Poet says:

          You need to level up to 25 before you can plant and harvest pears. There is no other way. While I admit this is unfair to low level players, Beeline has said this is not a glitch.

        • Chloe says:

          You have to buy magic shrubs.In the shop.In the furniture shop.You need to be level20 to buy the shrubs.Once you bought shrubs,the pears,acorns and other things will appear.Be level25 by then!

      • KKFAB says:

        where do I look for my shrubs?

        • Poet says:

          They look like trees and can be found in your build menu, next to the sand castle. They cost either 2500 coins or you can get it for 10 smurfberries. Make sure you have an available smurf before you get it.

    • Kay says:

      I'm having this same problem. NO PEARS

    • HeyheyheyBest says:

      Me too wierd lol

    • Hanna says:

      Im having the same PEAR problem and bcoz of that ive harvested tons of crops in order to find PEAR but to no avail…:-(…..The shrub is on level 21,ive just checked on my mobile but till then what should one do?
      This is irritating!!

    • none says:

      what tune up number 1 or 2 ?? and to complete the quest u dont need to plant pears just grow and harvest 1potato that worked 4 me u know

  21. Pascale says:

    Im at level 21, and Jokey says to harvest a pear… When i go look in the place with all the fruits and veggies, there is no pear … Help!

  22. NienChen says:

    hi~I got a new mission is "open 1 of Jokey's boxes," bt I already receive a gift from Jokey,it's still not completed…can u fix that? thank you a lot :)

  23. Patricia says:


    Everytime i rap on jokey smurf for my present it will not open the gift… How do i open it then??

  24. Tajegu says:

    Jokey gave me a blue print and suddenly handy shop appeared and I did nothing and tab back and then the print has gone, please help me guys? What should I do?

  25. Joshua333 says:

    I have a cool idea for a mini game involving jokey. What can I do to send it to beeline?

  26. iezza says:

    Hi,Im at level 12 and i stuck,Jokey asked me to collect a package from him.what should i do?

  27. chinchan says:

    Has anyone had more bombs from jokey since we have lucky smurf? I had a lot of bombs lately.

  28. Jing says:

    Hi,Im at level 12,Jokey asked me to collect a package from him.what should i do?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      When there's an exclamation mark above his head, not the one for the quest, he will give you a gift. This happens every 24 hours.

  29. e -one says:

    I'm on level 19• and i have to do same papa and jokey's quest again and again. And i only have 4 smurft but have houses enough for 40 smurth. Where my smurft gone? Anybody can help me please?

  30. Sunfora says:

    Why I don't get any gifts from jockey?? All I get is a blowing dust powder . Any help

  31. Shauna says:

    Im on level 12 too, and the collect a package from jokey quest, but it's hopeless :(

  32. hopey says:

    My Jokey always have ! abobe his head and ask me to harvest 40 crops of tomatoes. I did that several times but he never accepted that. How to fix that problem? Good thing is that he still gives gifts.

  33. Rana says:

    Yesterday Jockey gave me a present: it was like a blue wrapped paper for upgrading Handy's Hut.
    Unfortunately, i didn't knew back then and i just taped back, so I got out before selecting any upgrade selection.
    After that, papa smurf asked me to build Architect's house but couldn't cause it is locked and need the upgrading of Handy's house.
    Now, when I click on Handy's Hut, there is no upgrading button, just the playing button.
    Don't know how to get the upgrading gift back.
    I restored my session but it when just to the same place i left it.
    Anyone can help plz ?????

  34. RonnieB says:

    Anybody having problems with the tulip quest for Jokey? Asking to harvest 30 tulips. I've tried all 3 types of tulips and nothing. Please help!

  35. Melissa says:

    Hello !
    I am at level 18 and have 25 smurf's …
    i read the comment about the jokey smurf …
    I have that problem too !!
    i don't know how i can fix it !
    HELP !!

  36. Becky says:

    For the past week or two, every time I collect from Jokey, I see the item but then it disappears… I thought maybe it went in to my storage, but nope, no luck. Am I just missing something obvious? I am currently at level 23. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you!

  37. Damara says:

    Jokey has given me all bombs and no gifts, I used to have this game and always got smurfberries from him why dont i get any other gifts?

  38. Jackie says:

    All of my presents from jokey smurf has been exploding. Why is that?

  39. jokey smurf lol says:

    i think jokey is awesome dont agree? ill give u a suprise!!!lol xd

  40. 7moody xd says:

    My GC I'd:7moody xd add me plz need bolts

  41. Lorie says:

    Jokey smurf says the same thing and I can’t fix the bug…..

  42. Mvdp says:

    Hey. A while ago,I received a blueprint for a balcony. Now, all of the sudden it disappeared. Can anyone tell me how I can recover it? I didn't time cheat.

  43. Michelle C. says:

    How often does your Jokey blow up?? It happens several times a week to us. I can get it as soon as his mark appears and he will blow up and sometimes is hours later but sometimes I can wait hours and he won’t blow up. But he does blow up more times than he gives gifts. Is this normal?? Does timing have anything to do with him blowing up

  44. Flo says:

    Jokey gives me yesterday a smurfberry as a present now today i get again a smurfberry from Jokey :-) is this normal?
    I hope a got tomorrow a smurfberry again i began to love Jokey.

  45. Safwan says:

    From yesterday jokey have asked to collect package from him and I M unable to collect it any one can help me what I have to do. I tap on him but it come as a question collect a package from jokey only I'm on level 12

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      You need to wait 24 hours before he can gift you.

      • SaravQatar says:

        Try to connect via Facebook then after 24 hours collect from him. I tried and the quest was completed.

        • SmileySmurf says:

          I dont have a facebook and its been there for a month… im on level 12 (just started)

          • Brainy says:

            If you are on android, the only option to add friends is through facebook so you need to create a facebook . If you are on apple, use game center for friend

      • Jordan says:

        Thats exactly what happened to me ive waited a month and im guessing its not a normal present ahhhhh its so anoying!!!!!!!! Do you have a solution yet?

    • sheridan says:

      same and i have been like trying to collect a gift from him since like level 20 and i am now on level 22 and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!!!

  46. Sara Qatar says:

    Hi I'm from Qatar. I can collect coins and XP from snails and caterpillars but still can't collect package from Jokey. And I want to say that I never cheated and I'm in level 41.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      The ! sigh could also be a sigh that he has a quest.

      • Marco Smurf says:

        have you been changing time (tweacking the clock of you device), if so it will take longer as it should be, but usualy in the next day you can get a gift from jokey if you tap on him you will complete the quest

        • Sara Qatar says:

          No I didn't change the time I had never cheated! Also I just collected a gift from jokey and the problem still unsolved!

          • Brainy says:

            i have no idea what the problem is. YOu can post your problem to beeline

          • Sara Qatar says:

            Thanx 4 trieng 2 help me <

          • Sara Qatar says:

            Hey my Jokey quest had been solved! I don't know how but it just had been solved! May be you have to collect packages for several days!

          • Sara Qatar says:

            Wait! May be because I had connected via Facebook !

  47. I am in level 12, jokey is saying collect a package from me, what shall I dooooooooooo? plz help

    • Brainy says:

      wait for 24h then tap on jokey to collect gift

    • pollo says:

      Same problem here !!! What should we do ?

      • Melissa says:

        u only click on jokey if he has a '!' on him

      • Melissa_Lam says:

        u click on him when he has a '!' on top of jokey.

        • Denise says:

          I am having same problem, level 12 and cannot get package from jokey comes up collect package for 250 points but when clicked ok it just says same message again.

          • Poet says:

            There is an ongoing bug with Jokey's quest sometimes, so the only solution is to find Marco from one of your friends' villages, collect a gift from him, which in turn, will trigger Jokey's quest complete.

          • Eline says:

            This isn't possible because you can only find Marco smurf if you are in level 16 en this problem with jokey smurf is situated in level 12. I really don't know wat i have to do!!!!! Please help!!

  48. T.o.m.the great says:

    I'm on level 21 I never time cheat however for the past 4 weeks all of jokeys boxes have blown up as if i had done although the longest any of my friends have had this for is 4 days. Help…

  49. LuchiV says:

    i'm on level 17 and Jokey has a new quest for me. It is titled "COLLECT FROM JOKEY". And he says "Collect a package from me!" It´s been like that for the past 48 hours. I know I have to find Marco Smurf, but they haven´t released it for Android, and I have no friends… what can I do? Help plssssss!!!

  50. Kaza says:

    iam at level 39 and papa smurf says collect a package from jokey I did but the quest didn't work.

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