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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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List of available animals that can be caught for the habitat


There are different versions of animals that can be caught or bought for the animal sanctuary.

Each one of them gives, depending on their level, a certain amount of XP every eight hours (more on the levels in the “Feeding the animals and advancing their level” section).

The following animals are available:


AnimalSB CostLevel 1 XP (Minimum) per 8 hoursLevel 10 XP (Maximum) per 8 hours
Brown Rabbit150 SB56 XP560 XP
Black Rabbit200 SB72 XP720 XP
White Rabbit225 SB80 XP800 XP
Brown Mouse25 SB16 XP160 XP
White Mouse100 SB40 XP400 XP
Grey Mouse5 SB24 XP240 XP
Red Squirrel100 SB40 XP400 XP
Black Squirrel125 SB48 XP480 XP
Grey Squirrel50 SB24 XP240 XP
Brown Chipmunk25 SB24 XP240 XP
Red Chipmunk75 SB32 XP320 XP
Grey Chipmunk50 SB16 XP160 XP
Brown Chinchilla100 SB40 XP400 XP
Black Chinchilla150 SB56 XP560 XP
White Chinchilla175 SB64 XP640 XP
Brown Guinea Pig150 SB56 XP560 XP
Black Guinea Pig175 SB64 XP640 XP
White Guinea Pig200 SB72 XP720 XP
Blue Songbird150 SB56 XP560 XP
Red Songbird75 SB32 XP320 XP
Purple Songbird100 SB40 XP400 XP
Green Hummingbird25 SB16 XP160 XP
Purple Hummingbird50 SB24 XP240 XP
Yellow Hummingbird100 SB40 XP400 XP
Blue Hummingbird*4,99 USB*560 XP

* The Blue Hummingbird can only be bought with 500 Animal Food for 4.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) and the bird will automatically be on level 10.


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  1. Iwan says:

    What do i have to do when i get the text as shown below?

    Papa smurf needs a fast mouse from the Aminal Sanctuary.

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not sure, but I would guess that he wants you catch a mouse and put it into the sanctuary. Does the quest say anything else?

  2. H.K.Leung says:

    The colour of the real animals are actually darker than those appeared in the menu.
    Are there any bugs/problems? I am using an android phone.

    • Sassy_Smurf says:

      No there are no bugs, Most animals differ in color depending on which area they are placed

      • H.K.Leung says:

        I mean those animals in the animal sanctuary. I paid 5/25/50 smurf berries for them.

        Here is a screen capture of my phone, the animals are darker than those in the menu( the right most is a “white” Guinea Pig, those in the middle are “black” rabbits, Chinchillas and Squirrels. There is also a “grey” Squirrel in the middle)
        (link removed by moderator)

        • Smurfette says:

          Do you play on Android? The pictures above were taken on iOS and on Android there are some color issues, many colors are the same but certain items are differently colored. this also appears to only be an issue on some devices, not all of them.

          • H.K.Leung says:

            Oh, yes, i use an android phone.
            The colour of the animals are ugly in my phone…
            Thanks for your information…

          • H.K.Leung says:

            Just want to say that… the colors of the animals became normal again in the latest update.
            Yeah! :)

  3. Helenn says:

    I bought a white mouse for 5 smurfberries and it gave me a brown mouse instead. Is that supposed to happen?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      No, but if it is night time in your village, the white one might look brown. Either turn the effects OFF, or wait until morning to see if it is white.

      • Helenn says:

        It is morning and the mouse is still brown.

        • Stroumpfette says:

          I'm sorry to hear that. You can open a ticket with Beeline, but I'm not sure they will have any advice for you. Their address is

  4. Tiff says:

    I bought a white mouse for 5 smurfberries but I don't see it anywhere. Where is it?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Where did you buy it? In the sanctuary? If so, it should have been sitting on the stump outside the sanctuary and you would have had to make a habitat inside the sanctuary and then save it to the sanctuary. If you accidentally let it go, it's gone. Your only hope would be to recover your game to yesterday's backup and try it again.

  5. Bal says:

    If I want to complet this queast I need to add different animal or I can add again gray mouse for 5smurfberries?

  6. Happy smurf says:

    I have three red guinea pigs, all level 7, two grey squirrels, (level 6) four white mice, (level 9) three brown mice, (level 7) two green hummingbirds, (level 9) one red songbird, (level 4) one white guinea pig, (level 6) and one white mouse on level 10

  7. Regular Smurf says:

    the birds were added to the habitat months ago, when can we expect to see them added to this list here?

    • NimaSheibani says:

      we are working to update some old lists with new info :)

    • Martin says:

      This may help some of us while waiting for the updated list:

      – grey mouse max. 80 xp

      – yellow hummingbird max. 400 xp

      – green hummingbird max. 160 xp

      – blue singing bird max. 560 xp

      – violet singing bird max. 400 xp

      – red singing bird max 320 xp

      Are there more?

    • Martin says:

      This may help some of us while waiting for the updated list:
      – grey mouse max. 80 xp
      – yellow hummingbird max. 400 xp
      – green hummingbird max. 160 xp
      – blue singing bird max. 560 xp
      – violet singing bird max. 400 xp
      – red singing bird max 320 xp
      Are there more?

  8. Lovasnocy says:

    If I attract an unwanted animal, and insted of putting it in the sanctuary, I release it, will the food attract another animal for free, or I need to pay another 20.000 coins/smurfberries? THX!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you release the unwanted animal, you must pay to attract another one. the fee is to attract an animal. if you don't keep it, you've basically wasted your coins or SB.

  9. Bean Smurf says:

    Still waiting for an updated list… Any chance its going to happen anytime soon?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      We are run by a staff of volunteers. I will ask if someone is available to update the list or if the resources to write an updated list are available. Please remember we are a Fan site run and managed by volunteers and are not affiliated with Beeline.

  10. Bean Smurf says:

    Can we get an updated list? Theres literall tons more animals than this, and Id like to know their xp worth so I can keep the highest xp generating animals. Thanks.

  11. Shydees says:

    I currently have 12 animals in my Sanctuary, mice & squirrels seem to be the only animals I attract.
    I have even used 5 SB but only got a mouse.
    Is it possible to get a bird or larger animal using only peanut treats for coins?

    • SBxxx says:

      Yes, i got a brown guinea pig just by using peanuts

    • the2000guy says:

      You can get guinea pigs and hummingbirds with coins but is too difficult. It is curious because in android I started the game three times and at the first I received a guinea pig. however in iOs is very difficult to obtain it. At least if you got white mice they are highest to obtain below guinea pigs and hummingbirds

  12. Chuck E. says:

    Is there a list for the birds that shows their XP?

  13. Enchantress Smurf says:

    Why do get same animal even though there is now room of it?

  14. Lori says:

    Can smurf ride the animals? I have seen a smurf ride the guinea pig 4 times now. My friends think I am nuts.

  15. Lena says:

    Level 34. Questions. How dó I add the mouse too the village? Have try everything….

    • DaintyD23 says:

      You have to have the sanctuary and then put out a treat to attract an animal. It won't be hard to catch one since it appears to be very common to get a mouse.

  16. kdask says:

    It was said that the animal will produce certain xp per hour after level 10… is it manual (need to press) or auto to get the XP?

  17. Liz says:

    Please update this list to include all of the animals. There are many missing. It looks like there are a few of different colors missing, plus it looks like my available animals include a cat – not that I've attracted one yet!

  18. jeffrey says:

    i feel the squirrel's head looks like that of a cat, and guinea pig's head looks like a bear's..

    • DaintyD23 says:

      I agree with the guinea pig looking like a bear! lol I saw it in someone else's village before I actually caught one and I was thinking "shouldn't a bear be MUCH bigger than a smurf ?" lol

      • the2000guy says:

        Remember that smurfs are very small, they are like mice. If you watch a bunny they look so big too. and then when I check a photo of a guinea pig it make sense. But that is true also that the guinea pigs are huge compared to a bunny

    • I thought the squirrels were cats at first too.

  19. Violet says:

    I wanna remove one habitat for placing the habitat tree :((! Because the number of my animal habitat is maximum :((? How can I do that?

    • Poet says:

      At this moment, you can't remove any habitat until Beeline implements more features to it.

      • Erin says:

        I had 19 animals. I just bought a log and then went out and paid Smurfberries to attract an animal (which turned out to be a blue bird). But now I can't add him because I made the mistake of buying the habitat before knowing what I would get and now I can't delete the log, so what can I do? Will my blue bird sit outside on the stump until Beeline gives us the ability to delete unused habitats or have more than 20? I hate to have wasted all those smurfberries for nothing!

        • Glenn Graham says:

          I have exactly the same problem, I have 20 habitats and only 6 animals, I got the blue bird sitting on the stump because it wont allow me to delete a habitat and build a tree for the bird, it sucks, I paid 5 smurf berries for the bird''''''''

  20. Alice says:

    You get moré xp points with snails and caterpillers and they are a lot cheaper

    • kordence says:

      Yeah I know what you mean. I just doesn't seem worth it. Specially if you let them go for something with higher XP potential and you LOSE all the XP/coins you put into the first animal. Think I will stick with the 4 I have and call it good. I was almost up to 200k in coins and since I update yesterday I am down to 6k. I worked hard to get up that high and now I am starting all over again.

    • DaintyD23 says:

      I agree… but the sanctuary is cute. It's more aesthetic, I think. Having all the different animals seems like a fun challenge.

    • Wessel says:

      True, but remember the character limit. If you buy too many caterpillars / snails, you cannot get more smurfs at higher levels. I am on level 50, and stuck with 85 smurfs only while I have enough houses for 100 smurfs. The other advantage of the animal sanctuary is that you only need to click once to get the XP instead of chasing caterpillars all over. Keep in mind though that frogs can also be a good source of XP (not as good as caterpillars though), while they take up relatively small space.

  21. Mari Carmen says:

    I have a gray mouse, and feeding it to level 8 only produces 64XP … is a scam, I'll drop. Ah, is not on the list

  22. rcvahl says:

    Hi there, another one to add , the grey mouse , only worth 8XP, better to release immidiate !

  23. ernie says:

    how can i find the mouse?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Tap the tree stump attached to the animal sanctuary, select a threat and wait. After a few seconds, an animal will appear. Tap it and select keep. Then it will walk in your sanctuary.

  24. Kate says:

    I received a Red Guinea Pig but its not on the list. Can someone please update and let me know what xp is given? Thanks!

  25. H47&J9 says:

    I find it quite annoying that the pinch feature to shrink the island to fit the screen no longer works in this update. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  26. Est says:

    Hi! I got My Smurps Vllage only 2 days ago when I cancel it and get it back cause I really miss playing. When I got it back , the smurpberries you gave is not enough because before I bought plenty, so, what I deed was to purchae again to complete my list of items. I realize that it is really unfair, can you give me back some so I can purchase some animals, please, thank you.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      We aren't Beeline but you can contact them for missing berries at and be sure that you've got proof from your purchase.

  27. bamajohnston says:

    is anyone else having problem connecting to the internet after this update? I can not send any gifts because the game says I am not connected, however I am connected in every other game.

  28. mia says:

    how Can I by a food for animales and how to add a heart roof on the island??


  29. Joe C. says:

    I see the totem pole challenge is back on the island finally !!!! The 1st level of the totem pole is now available to earn in the bottle challenges but I already have the 1st & 2nd level pieces on my island but the rest of my totem is incomplete. Do I need to re-earn the 1st & 2nd totem pole pieces or can I just earn the totem pieces that I need to complete my totem?????? Please advise!!!!


  30. Smurfy King says:

    What? They all cost smurfberries? Oh no, I can never get them! I have 0:(

  31. ka^^ka says:

    how to move the animal into the sanctuary ??

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Tap the tree stump attached to the sanctuary, select a threat and after a few seconds an animal appears. Tap the stump again and press keep.

  32. athena says:

    when will this version be available for android users???

  33. Binoo says:

    I got a brown squiral but I didn’t like it how can I release him so my animal shelter has no animals?!

  34. Smurfer says:

    Can the animals be caught or gotten without having to purchase them with SB?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Yes, you have to tap the tree stump attached to the sanctuary, select a threat and buy. After a few seconds an animal appears.

  35. Tony says:

    The gray mouse is missing from the list. By my count, there are 18 animals to collect at the moment.

  36. Norway says:

    It is stupid that you can not pay with coins!!!! That tells me that this is not a serius game!!!!

  37. Katie says:

    Thanks for the list!! I was wondering what each animal would end up rewarding me with! Just wanted to add that gray chipmunk is missing from the list though!

  38. Sander says:

    Why are all the white animals worth more than the black ones?? This seems a bit doubtful

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I don't know. They just had to choose some colours and they had to give more xp. I know you can interpretend it doubtfull but I'm sure it has nothing to do with that.

  39. Jacklien says:

    I hit the "release" button thinking it would send him out into the village collecting XP. How do I get the first animal back?

  40. Sue says:

    Just installed animal habitit and stalled the whole game. What can I do ????????

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Recover your village: Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a 'recover village' button appears. Press it and you'll see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours select recover. Beware that you will lose some progress. After that try to install it again.

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