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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Marco Smurf


Marco SmurfMarco Smurf is another Smurf who walks freely through the village without having a house to live in. He was added in the September 2011 update of the game (app version 1.1.3) and is available from level 16.

To get Marco Smurf Papa Smurf will, sometime after level 16, give the task to send 3 Smurfs out for 12 hours to rescue him. As soon as they return, Marco comes back to the village, but he will not stay long, and instead chooses to go and explore the villages of your neighbours.

Marco smurf Medal If Marco is in a neighbouring village, a medal next to their banner shows in which village he is currently hiding. If he is found in the friend’s village (to find him, just tap on him), he will return to your village and if you go back to it as well, he gives you a present (such as a free Smurfberry or XP). After he has been found and returned to the village, he will stay there for some time (and walk around the village like Brainy, Jokey, etc.) before he goes into one of the neighbouring villages again so that he can be found once more.

To find Marco Smurf in a friend’s village, it is important to have your village connected to either Facebook or Game Center with at least one friend who plays the game as well. Without that, Marco cannot be found in a neighbour’s village and will therefore not give gifts.

For more information about how to add neighbours, see our “Add Neighbours & Friends” section (

found marco smurf Marco Smurf gift

Missing Marco after Christmas Update: He should reappear about seven days after he was lost. For those people who still did not get him back after that, Beeline released the following statement: We’re aware of the issue with Marco, but itโ€™s proving difficult to track down. Weโ€™ll keep working on it and hopefully we have a fix for you soon.

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  1. Jim Summers says:

    Can people add me as a friend please! None of my friends on FB play. My ID is iceliam21

  2. Alissa says:

    Hey Hon. I just got an open chest item with a scroll in it from Marco, but when I went to put it down I must have accidentally brushed past the X button. So I didn't get it. First actual item I've ever received from Marco (usually I get dye, coins or cake) and I lost it! >.< Anyway, I had never seen that particular item before and I was curious about what it was. Is there anywhere that you know of that lists possible loot items from smurfs or mini games, crates etc for things in SV? :)

    • Smurfette says:

      No, I am sorry but I don't know of any such list and we also don't have one because its varies so much with what you can get from Marco and other like Jokey or the mini-games

  3. Greedy_Smurf says:


  4. Wendela says:

    Can Marco also be found in random villages, when I choose the 'visit random village'-option? I don't have any friends who play this game, and have no facebook app on the device on which I play the game. The app didn't work there and made my tablet crash all the time, do I deleted facebook from it. I still would really like to find Marco though, and Brainy keeps on giving messages every other week he hopes Marco will find his books.

    • Smurfette says:

      No, you need at least one friend to find him.
      You don't need a facebook app on your device though, if you have a facebook account log into it from within the game (go to options, manage friends). It will direct you either to the app or the facebook website depending on what you have on your device.

  5. Add me I have been playing since January 2014! I had to start over a few times but now level 40 again. Android users only please! Facebook me at bonanmary05

  6. alle says:

    What if my facebook friends doesnt play smurfs? Only few of them. And i dont gave neighbours..

    • Smurfette says:

      You will only see the ones who play the game, your other facebook friends won't appear. Moreover, you will only see the ones who play on the same platform, i.e. Android or iOS.

  7. MaciAnn says:

    Does your friend have to have Marco Smurf to,because if they do my friend is stuck on level 9.So does your friend have to have Marco Smurf?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Wherever you see the little blue ribbon in the heading for each of your neighbors' villages is where you'll find Marco Smurf. It has nothing to do with what level your friends are on.

  8. MaciAnn says:

    Do you have to be at a certain level before you can send some Smurfs out to rescue Marco Smurf? It says on help that by completing Marco quest line on level 16 to make Marco Smurf come back to your Village you have to go to another village and tap Marco and you will be sent back to your Village and then he will return to your Village and then you will receive a gift from him ,but I can't go to another village I can't even go to my next door neighbors village every time I try to it always says that I might have to update my village before I can go to that village ever since it has only let me go to another village once (it was a random village) but now I can't go to any more villages so do I need to update my village before I can go to any more villages? (Sorry for making this such a long message.)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you're on at least Level 16, you should get the quest. If you're on the most up to date version for your platform, you shouldn't receive that message. We recommend you open a ticket with Beeline at

      • MaciAnn says:

        I did get the quest to send Smurfs out of the village to go out and rescue Marco Smurf, but then I accidentally recovered a village that was on level 13 I went back to see if I could find out how to recover that village but I didn't see the village and I still have never saw it again ever since I accidentally recovered a different village of mine is there a way that I can recover that village I tried everything thing that I thought that was going to work ,but unfortunately it didn't go as planned so now I have gotten from level 13 to level 15 so I only leveled up 2 levels within a few weeks I had started building a big bridge to cross the river to the left, but now I don't even have a big bridge there anymore and I know that you have to be at least at level 16 ,but now it's just like that I have not ever reached that level or even built a big bridge across the river to the left and I remember building a big bridge that costed 1,000 Coins (Smurf Coins) it was a pink bridge I would have bought one of the bridges that costed 10 SmurfBerries but I didn't have any SmurfBerries left.Is there a way to recover a village that is not in the recover village in options?(Sorry for making this a long message.)

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Please only submit your question or comment once as all comments go into a queue and must be answered and approved by an admin. We answered your other two questions on this same issue.

      • MaciAnn says:

        I had gotten the quest to send Smurfs to rescue Marco Smurf from some pepper pirates and I sent some Smurfs to rescue Marco Smurf from the pepper pirates and then I accidentally recovered a village that was on level 13 so now I am on level 15 so I only leveled up 2 levels within a few weeks I was originally on level 17 so Iost a lot of stuff including my bridge to the left side of my village it is probably done by now but now I don't even have that bridge anymore I tried to recover it ,but I didn't see that village so now I don't even have a lot of things I lost a lot of extra Smurfs I think I had like 25 or more extra Smurfs but now I have like 18 or 19 extra Smurfs I know I didn't really lose a lot of Smurfs ,but I still lost a lot of my things even Miner Smurfs Mine! So I had to rebuild his Mine.I am kinda surprised that I didn't lose Timber Smurfs Mill.I don't know how that surprised me.But it did somehow I guess ,because I had originally thought that I would have to rebuild that to.But I didn't I guess that's how it surprised me.But I still am missing a lot of my things including the Nauties' Hut.But I purchased that again.I even lost my quest for Macro Smurf is there a way I can recover a village that is not in the options/ recover village settings? (I'm Sorry again for making another very long message.) I had Completed the lots of Artichokes quest ,but now I am on that quest again.

      • MaciAnn says:

        I was on level 17,that is until I accidentally recovered a village that was on level 13. So now I'm on level 15,so far I only have gone up 2 Levels Can I recover a village that is not in the recover village/options menu?

    • Game master says:

      Just complete papa smurfs missions

  9. maria pizano says:

    It's been two days and Marco is still walking around my village. How can I find him in my friends village if he won't leave?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Check your friends' villages anyway. If there is a banner on the friend's village, then you will find him there, regardless of what you see in your village.

  10. Josh says:

    Someone like to add me as a friend (thesebourns)?… I am on level 52. You can check out the castles I have built on the main island and plant swoof.

  11. Tin says:

    I have a problem in my smurf village i reached level 20 then jokey has this ! Saying prove to grouchy that there's nothing to be afraid" every time i tap jokey … I also cant find Macro smurf in other village

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to wait until it's time to collect a gift. Just check back every couple of hours. You can only collect one gift from Jokey per day. There is no way to accelerate the quest with SB or anything like that.

      Marco visits your friends' villages. Load your friends map and see which one has a blue ribbon near where the player icon and name appears. You then need to open that village and find Marco. Tap on him and then return to your own village. He will give you a gift. He will remain in your village for 24 hours, and then you need to go looking for him again.

  12. Gustav says:

    Hi i get gifts from Marco smurf but when i open them i get 12 dye every time. Anyone who knows why?

  13. Susanne says:

    My Marco Polo Smurf does not leav my village at all… And i'm connected to the Internett! What to do?

  14. YCFT says:

    When i press "visit featured village" it said that i have an internet connection problem. Is that why Marco smurf never leave my village? But I can see all of my friends and also post invitation on facebook yet it told me that i have an internet connection problem?

  15. smurf village user says:

    So if ive got a android and I dont have facebook I cant have any friends?

  16. phoenixwright says:

    Is marco smurf still working normally?

  17. john says:

    if i dont have a friend's village??

  18. Smurftaur says:

    the marco smurf in my village never goes to the neighbouring villages…………so i never get any gifts ?????
    please help !!!!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You must be connecting to a network daily for him to go there. You can open a ticket with Beeline to see if they have ideas why it's not working for you. You can reach them via their support portal at

  19. demetra2307 says:


    To whom can I complain? I just returned to my Smurf Village after finding Marco Smurf. He brought me one or three SB… I'm not sure how manny because the SPECIAL OFFER poped out and I got NOTHING. That was not nice… :(

    • Smurfette says:

      You can contact Beeline support at or post on their support forum here

    • Guest says:

      Contact beeline support

    • Maci__Micglire says:

      That has happened to me once. I received a BlueBerry cake from Marco just then the Exclusive offer popped right up and I got nothing. I can't connect Beeline anymore for some reason. So how do I fix it? I also have tried Beeline Forums but I can't set up a account. I do not understand how to anyone have some Ideas?

  20. Marissa says:

    I found Marco on my friend's village. But when I tap it, some explanation appear like this "oops! There was a problem getting the village data". What can I do then? Thank you

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Exit the game and reboot your device. Then go try to find him again. it is a network message that means there is something wrong with either the connection on your end or Beeline's end. Usually waiting awhile and trying again helps.

      • Marissa says:

        Thank you so much. One more question, how many time Marco leave the village? Because I had found Marco twice

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Once every 24 hours you can find Marco in a friend's village and receive a giift. He will wander around in your village for 24 hours, and then you can go find him again in another friend's village.

  21. Nganvu says:

    I found Marco in my friend's village but when tapping him, nothing happen. Please tell me why?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If you tap Marco, a window should pop up stating that you found him. If it isn't popping up, it is quite possible you are not tappiing the correct smurf.

  22. none says:

    since i have done the quest from papa smurf save marco from the pirates in the MIAB that my smurf found marco didnt come back anymore any ideas???!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Marco wanders around in your friends' villages. the one which shows a blue ribbon in the banner with the player's name is the indicator that Marco is visiting that village. Find him, tap on him (you will see a message stating that you found him), and return to your own village. He brings with him a gift. He will remain in yur village for 24 hours, at which time you can search for him in your friends' villages again.

      • none says:

        but i dont see a blue banner in my friends village

        • Stroumpfette says:

          The blue banner could be on any of your friends' villages. It will change from day to day, and you won't see it if you're still in the 24-hour period where Marco is visiting your village.

  23. Alchemist_Smurf says:

    My Marco has no villages to go into, and hes never been seen in my village once. not even when i rescued him. What do i do: Try to get Marco back in my village, or let him sail-not the 7 seas-the 7 rips in time and space?

    • TimberSmurf says:

      Go random village a lot of times. You should find him then, if not try everything. I also recommend Pressing the home button and waiting until it goes to "Beeline" He should be back.

  24. Sai Jai says:

    What happened to Marco?

    Marco! Polo! MARCO! POLO!

    He has been gone so long, I don’t recall what he does in the game.

    I have lost my Marco Smurf. If you find him please return him to my village. Thanks!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You can locate him in your friends' and neighbor's villages. You will see a blue ribbon in the area where the name of each village is displayed in your friends and neighbors map. He will be in a different village each day. If you enter the village with the blue ribbon, and you locate him, tap on him and return to your own village. He will follow you and bring a gift.

    • TimberSmurf says:

      Sorry, i don't think playing Marco Polo will work. Believe me, Iv'e tried it. He gives you dye for customizations. He visited a random village. Find him, and he will give you a gift. Are you level 16?

  25. Char says:

    It's been since the latest update that I've not seen Marco anywhere. He showed up once in a friends neighbourhood, gave me a present and I've yet to see him again. It's been approx. 2 or more weeks. I'm on an iPad and use GC for friends. Any suggestions?

    • Smurfette says:

      Did any of your neighbours have the medal shown in the article above next to their village name? that means he is in that village. If he is nowhere to be found you might want to contact Beeline about this issue.

      • Char says:

        Yes, the medal was showing next to the neighbor's name, found Marco, he came home, gave me a present and then hasn't been back. I check the neighbors frequently, no more medals… I guess I'll check out beeline… Thanks anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Char says:

          Marco was found tonight in a neighbor's village finally!!! Also gave me a gift, was very excited for his return ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Karine says:

    I'm on level 20 in the game and I saw Marco once, after that he disappeared. Problem is I don't have any friends playing this game with me. So does that mean I won't see him again in my village ?

  27. Melissa says:

    Can an iPhone user and droid user friend each other and give/receive gifts or find Marco?

  28. Melissa says:

    When I try to find Marco in a friends village and I click on the ribbon it takes me completely out of the game and won’t let me enter the village. Any solutions? I only have one friend as well

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Please let us know what platform you're playing on – device make/model, operating system, and version of the game you're playing.

      • Melissa says:

        I’m on the iPhone 4S and I have the newest update tht just became available, I updated a couple of days ago.

        • Stroumpfette says:

          Hi, Melissa, I'm our Android admin, and I checked with a few of our admins who operate on the iOS system like you do. They are recommending you contact Beeline. This is not a usual problem although one our our admins experienced something similar last year. It mysteriously fixed itself. Let us know what advice you get from Beeline. I'm sorry we can't be more help. Here is the address to their support portal:

  29. a h says:

    does the amount of friends mean more sightings of marco in other villages?
    i'm asking cause i haven't noticed much of a difference from when i had 2 friends and now with bunch of friends of which only 4 gifts me regularly :(

  30. clockwork says:

    Marc is always in my village and never disapear for about a week:(

    • Sofie says:

      Have you checked the villages of your friends?

      I can see Marco walking in my village but when I visit the page with my friends, he is to be found in a friends village…

  31. rdwan smurf says:

    If i dont have friends do marco stay at my village ….

  32. nannysmurf1 says:

    hi, iv got a bug. It doesnt tell me the ribbon unless iv already been in that village. ???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      I don't think it is a bug. It just puts Marco in villages you are likely to visit and that are within your network of friends.

  33. Blah says:

    Now I have a gc account but problem is I don't have bolts to give I'm an iPad and there is no sign that says bolt or even that says I need to unlock the bolt why?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Please do not submit the same question multiple times under multiple topics. It is a waste of moderators' time to have to read and research duplicate comments., and it takes our time away from other players who are patiently waiting for us to respond. I answered your question about the bolts under one of your other duplicate comments. We have asked you to refrain from doing this once before.

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