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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Marco Smurf


Marco SmurfMarco Smurf is another Smurf who walks freely through the village without having a house to live in. He was added in the September 2011 update of the game (app version 1.1.3) and is available from level 16.

To get Marco Smurf Papa Smurf will, sometime after level 16, give the task to send 3 Smurfs out for 12 hours to rescue him. As soon as they return, Marco comes back to the village, but he will not stay long, and instead chooses to go and explore the villages of your neighbours.

Marco smurf Medal If Marco is in a neighbouring village, a medal next to their banner shows in which village he is currently hiding. If he is found in the friend’s village (to find him, just tap on him), he will return to your village and if you go back to it as well, he gives you a present (such as a free Smurfberry or XP). After he has been found and returned to the village, he will stay there for some time (and walk around the village like Brainy, Jokey, etc.) before he goes into one of the neighbouring villages again so that he can be found once more.

To find Marco Smurf in a friend’s village, it is important to have your village connected to either Facebook or Game Center with at least one friend who plays the game as well. Without that, Marco cannot be found in a neighbour’s village and will therefore not give gifts.

For more information about how to add neighbours, see our “Add Neighbours & Friends” section (

found marco smurf Marco Smurf gift

Missing Marco after Christmas Update: He should reappear about seven days after he was lost. For those people who still did not get him back after that, Beeline released the following statement: We’re aware of the issue with Marco, but it’s proving difficult to track down. We’ll keep working on it and hopefully we have a fix for you soon.

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  1. Blah says:

    I have lived my life without Marco I don't have fb I don't have game center friends but how come I got a gift from someone if I have no friends (plate of cookies)? Can they go to me without my friendship?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The plate of cookies was the Dec. 26 gift from the advent calendar. You will notice the calendar has disappeared from your village.

  2. Denver says:

    I would like to know if Marco stays at the village when you don't have Facebook or GameCentre?

  3. Blah says:

    Do you need Facebook friends or apple friends to find Marco or no?

  4. Tommy says:

    I'm a level 16. I got Marco Smurf, but the next day he was gone. Anyone please help!

    • Smurfette says:

      Have you looked in your neighbours villages? As the article explains he leaves your village and you have to find him.

    • Michael says:

      If u got him., and you dont find him in the village visit all your neighbours and you may find him with 1. when u get him, tap on him to return to ur village. if u and he get back the same time he may give u a gift.

  5. Grace says:

    Now i'm on 23 level still haven't seen macro smurf once in my village. How is this possible?Please help.

    • Poet says:

      Is he hidden somewhere in one of your friends' villages? Have you tried to locate him through the friends' map yet?

      • Grace says:

        Yeah but the strange thing is that it said i may need to update the current version in order to make it when i touch my friend's village. I mean now i'm in the lastest version already. : /

        • GrandpaSmurf says:

          I have had this problem too, try closing the app and restarting it. When marco's medallion is standing next to an other person's name it worked for me.

  6. taliamoo says:

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  7. Ku ku says:

    Edd me on game center ku ku 78

  8. melanie says:

    Marco smurf always comes empty handed back from his yourneys? How is that possible? I'm in level 28….
    He always says: better luck next time…. :-(

  9. Lynn says:

    Marco and tracker have been missing from my village for over 52 days plz tell my why I'm connects to the Internet sick of playing n they won't appear

  10. Lynn says:

    I haven't seen Marco smurf in my village or tracker smurf in over a month. What am I doing wrong I am connected to the Internet I get reporter smurf each day. I would love some new blueprints or to earn xp can anyone please help

  11. camdeborde says:

    I've been having the same problem as lots of people here – Marco giving the same blueprint every time. Well, I have just installed the Halloween update. I found Marco and he gave me a treasure chest. So, problem solved? For me, anyway…

  12. Sab says:

    Hello im in level 24 and Marco gives me the same gift every day for weeks now…how is this possible? Every 24 hours he is in one of my friends villages just like he is supposed to but he gives me the same gift! Please help me..

  13. Nazgul1 says:

    What does Marcos Smurf look like? I can never find him in the village with the medal.
    Why is there no picture of him here?

  14. Jan Ellen says:

    I have seen Marco once or twice only since I found him at an earlier level. I'm now on level 36 and I haven't found him in any of my friends' village since! I only have one or two friends who actively update their village on Facebook. The rest have now been inactive. I also don't have Game Center since I am using iphone 3g only. Will these circumstances matter? I really want to find Marco so that I can get nice blueprints for my huts. I have long since stopped purchasing SBs as my credit card bill has gone awry already :)

    PLEASE HELP! I really appreciate any help any of u can give. Tnx!

  15. menchewy says:

    Problems always occur when I send a raft out for 24 hours (message in a bottle quest). After 24 hours, the quest is still the same and I always cannot complete the bottle quest.

  16. Natalie says:

    Since the last ios update with miner smurfs hut. Has anyone noticed that marco smurf keeps giving the same blueprint ( stone cottage door) ??? Its driving me crazy. Ive even deleted the smufs and it still gives the same blueprint. Myself,my daugter,& hubby all play smurfs and we all get the same blueprint everyday since tue last ios update. Is there anythin we can do or will the problem be fixed for the next update ???’

  17. Mariam says:

    why marco smurf always brings the same gift? please answer)

  18. Ellen says:

    Marco smurf gives me the same gift every time, – a blueprint. What should I do?

  19. Meghanbarrett says:

    Marco smurf returns to my village and every time I find him he gives me the same blue print I think this is a bug in the new update.please help!!!

  20. Rifal98 says:

    After the most recent update with miner smurfs hut, I have been finding Marco in friends villages and when I go back to my village I get the same “gift” everytime. It’s a cottage door blueprint. It’s really annoying! So is this happening to other people? Just wanna know.

    Also please add me on Game Center; rifal1998!

    Sorry beeline, but if you have the Simpsons tapped out, add me on origin; rifal98


  21. Ellie96 says:

    I have to pay a smurfberry to access my friends unless there on my game centre I've paid like 5 smurfsberry and whenever I turn my iPad off and back on I have to pay another one

  22. SandiRio says:

    I have gotten the same blueprint from marco smurf for the past six days! What is happening??? Is this how its going to be from now on? I guess there is no point to keep looking for him in friends villages.

  23. Feroze says:

    marco keeps on giving me a cottage hut blueprint and nothing else could someone help me

  24. Yve says:

    I don't have facebook, so does it mean that I'll never get a gift from Marco?

  25. Help Me Please says:

    Marco is visiting friend's villages BUT only the villages that have NOT updated.
    How can I resolve the Grouchy gift quest if I can't get to Marco?

  26. Wendy says:

    Sincs I got Marco Smurf he keeps telling me: 'Your device time is incorrect or you are not connected to the internet.' My device time is correct and I am connected to the internet constantly. Anyone else have this problem? How do I solve it?

  27. RJR says:

    Does marco smurf still exist? I am on level 21 and up to date with papa smurfs quests I think (he often seems to give me ‘filler tasks’ of planting extra crops etc for no real reason.

    How would I sort this out and is it worth worrying about?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Marco Smurf travels between your friends villages. Find him and he will give you a gift.

      • RJR says:

        How will I know if he is in a friends village – what does he look like and is it obvious? Surely he should have been introduced to me at some point! I have read through al the other posts and it says that there is some sort of medallion over the friends village he is hiding in? I have never seen such a thing and I have 40 ish friends

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          You need to complete a quest to find him. Complete the quests Papa Smurf is giving you now.
          When he's in a friend village a medal appears next to it.

          • RJR says:

            Yes, I will obviously keep completing the quests – it just seems odd that I am on 21 (nearly 22), have Clumsy, the architect on the island etc and papa Smurf is obviously jut giving me filler quests at the moment but still no Marco. I will see what happens when it is time to get Alchemist and whether he comes without Marco

  28. RJR says:

    Does Marco still exist? I am on level 21 and think I am up to date with papa smurfs quests as I do them as soon as

    I am set them (and am sure he sets me ‘filler’ ones at times as I have done all the main ones). Is it worth worrying about if I don’t have him?

  29. Nathan says:

    Two issues, got the latest iSO update but can't access neighbours villages keeps saying 'need to update to the latest version' and also when between travelling islands it tells me that 'Jokey has a gift' but when i click on him nothing happens. Anyone able to shed some light on solving these please?

  30. Cams says:

    Is anyone else just getting "cakes" from Marco? That's all I've gotten from him the last month

  31. Wow says:

    I play on a android phone but this message from Brainy showed up about Marco Smurf. I've never seen Marco in my village at all. I am level 29. So its glitch or something.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Marco travels from village to village. You need friends to find him in a friend's village so you can get a reward. The message from Brainy saus you couldn't find him.

  32. DaveS says:

    Marco shows up occasionally and each time Papa says (words to effect) Marco has returned empty handed that he's SURE Marco will take one of hisbooks when he leaves next time.

    The capitals are in the message. Any ideas what this might mean?

    • Sassete says:

      You need to search for marco in one of your neighbor villages ones a day, look after the medallion, if you dont find him he comes back empty handed

      • DaveS says:

        Sorry, I think you misunderstood my question. I was querying the bit about how Papa Smurf is SURE Marco will take one of his books with him when he leaves next time.

        The word SURE is in capitals in the message displayed, so I assumed it was some sort of hint that I had to do something with a book somehow. Have I read something into this that doesn't exist? Which does then imply that the message given needs tweaking somewhat.

  33. irenelim says:

    My two rafts disable now, how to activate? Unable to sent two rafts for dye at the same time. Pls help.

  34. StWhen says:

    Jokey says collect gift from me n apparently I need to find Marco but none of my friends have smurf village. How do I complete the quest?

  35. Sewmai says:

    I found Marco smurf and he returned back to my village without a gift. He’s supposed to bring one back right?


  36. winter says:

    My Macro doesn’t leave my village at all. And at night Brainy said that he returned empty handed ( I have Macro joined my village at level 17 and in night time ). In the day time I still see him wandering in my village. Is there a special time when he leave the village? Please help, do you know how to fix this?

    • Marco Smurf says:

      do you have friends? also are you connected to internet?

      • winter says:

        Yes I have. And there is one strange thing. My friend can also see Macro in my village but as a regular smurf. I’m sure that’s him because all my smurfs are busy at that time , and I also count my smurf, they’re all busy watering. But my friend see that there are TWO worker smurf wandering around. I’ve checked that and yes, when my friend visit my village, he sees all special smurfs and worker smurfs still there in my village, but there are two extra worker smurfs do not thing, and missing Macro. :-??

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          Check very carefully. Some special smurfs look like normal smurfs but they're slightly different.

          • winter says:

            Hey my Macro Smurf works normally now. After I added a second neighbor, the medallion necklace on my friend’s banner appear now, and I can collect the gift. Thanks guys ^^. But Brainy still not let me know when Macro leaves

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            I think every 24 hours.

  37. Raven says:

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  38. kayla owen says:

    Kayla Owen: "if you need friends on smurfs' ville please request me! if you don't know how to add friends follow the steps below.

    1. Link your app to your facebook. (From the main menu, click options, and then manage facebook, and then log into your account)
    2. 0nce you have linked to facebook, hit play to go into the game, once in the game click on the map(it should be in the bottom left-hand corner)
    3.Scroll over to where it says invite friends and click it.

    This will send a search for any friends on facebook also playing the game so the key is make sure your friends that play have their app linked to facebook also! (:

    So, request me on here as a friend and then search and we'll be friends on the game(:"

  39. lolol says:

    I need neighbors and I have kindle fire none of my friends have snuff vilaage or anything to get it what do I do

    • kayla owen says:

      I just posted something about this so I will copy and paste, I don't wanna type it all again. haha.

      Kayla Owen: "if you need friends on smurfs' ville please request me! if you don't know how to add friends follow the steps below.

      1. Link your app to your facebook. (From the main menu, click options, and then manage facebook, and then log into your account)
      2. 0nce you have linked to facebook, hit play to go into the game, once in the game click on the map(it should be in the bottom left-hand corner)
      3.Scroll over to where it says invite friends and click it.

      This will send a search for any friends on facebook also playing the game so the key is make sure your friends that play have their app linked to facebook also! (:

      So, request me on here as a friend and then search and we'll be friends on the game(:"

  40. lolol says:

    I have a kindle fire and my smurfs village wont update what do I do

    • Brainy says:

      Contact or google for Beeline getsatisfaction web page and post your question there.

  41. Karlie says:

    add me karla.lane..

  42. Smurf FC says:

    OK. So at Lvl. 16 Papa gave the Marco quest. After it finished the Marco cutscene finished, BUT MARCO IS NOT AND NEVER IS AT MY VILLAGE HELP!?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Marco Smurf is in a neighburing village. You need to find him in one off those for a gift. There's a medal next to the village if he's there.

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  44. SLANG says:

    how to send out 2 rafts to collect dye?

  45. Adrienne says:

    I need a friend on Game Center so when my smurfs get back with Marco I'll be able to look for him in their village when he leaves. Pleeeeaaase someone send me a friend request…my Game Center nickname is: Adrienne(26)

  46. Mike Hnida says:

    I notice Marco Smurf in my village during the late night hours. Around 2 or 3 am when I’m watching the Nanny on tv. Wonder what’s going on here?

  47. Dreamy_Smurf says:

    Reen I gave answer to all of your earlier comments so will you stop asking and just look, thanks. (the answer is honeydew)

  48. Pappa smurf! says:

    Is there a way I can get lots of smurfberries for free?????

  49. Cam. B says:

    I finally found out what that medallion means by neighbors villages. When I find Marco, I tap him, he waves and that's it. After tapping him I immediately return to my village and he's not there with a gift(?) matter of fact, my Marco has never brought back a gift..I just thought he was there all the time. Isn't Marco the one that sits on the boat?
    For Game center neighbor : fromoc2vegas

  50. Ant Lucas says:


    Iam onlevel 38. I had marco smurf for around 4-5 days and then he suddenly disappeared, he doesn’t even show up in,neighbour areas – no medal next to it. What could be the problem? This marco issue is really serious, beeline need to do something. I am on Android.

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