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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Miner Smurf Tips


In Smurfs’ Village once a player reaches level 12 they can purchase Miner Smurf’s mine for 1000 coins. Unlike other smurfs within the game that take leisurely strolls throughout the village, Miner Smurf stays close to his cavern digging and unloading rocks. Like Dreamy Smurf he’s an adventurer but instead of the high seas he prefers exploring underground cave systems and finding the hidden treasures that lie beneath. It takes 24 hours to construct Miner’s Mine but once its established players have several ways to accumulate additional XP.

Gift Stones don’t give XP

 Similar to Timber Smurf’s Hut, each day users can tap on the mine for experience points. Placing rocks next to the mine increases the amount of bonus XP that is earned. It’s possible to earn up to 2140 experience points just from Miner Smurf according to our friend Kyan. In the smurfs village there are six different types of stones that can be placed near the mine.

Stones given by Jokey or gifted by friends do not generate experience (XP) as  it can be seen in the image above. Those stones can be used only in the decoration of the village. Only rocks purchased through the build menu tab can maximize Miner Smurf’s Mine bonuses. Each individual rock yields a specific amount of XP.Small rocks cost 5 coins and provide 1XP per stone placed. Medium sized rocks are 15 coins and yields 10 XP for each. Small rocks lightly covered with green moss are a bit more expensive requiring 200 coins and only delivers 5 XP per rock. Medium moss covered rocks are 350 coins each and generate 30 XP. Double boulder adjoined rocks cost 200 coins and gives users 50 XP when placed. Lastly, large moss covered rocks that cost 1,000 coins each provide a whopping 90 XP.

Stones arrangements around the Mine

The best possible placement of these stones is essential in order to earn the maximum XP bonus allowed daily. Although players can place as many rocks as they desire, only surrounding stones are counted. For example, if a user creates a large square of small rocks and places their mine in the center, only about 156 rocks will qualify for XP out of roughly 250. This design will provide exactly 156 XP points since each stone is worth one experience point. To check the amount of rocks adding to your daily XP total simply tap on the mine. A grid of highlighted stones will appear. These are the only rocks accumulating experience to your cavern.

Arrangement 1 (by: Kyan)

There are multiple designs that a player can use but the highest earning stones are the large moss covered rocks. According to our friend   about 19 of these massive rocks can be placed encircling the mine shaft . By simply using the  moss rocks a user can earn a 2140 XP bonus. Rotating the boulders and squeezing in extra small to medium moss coated rocks can increase a player’s experience points to the max. It’s all about positioning and incorporating the highest number of green moss cloaked stones allowed.  In Kyan’s configuration the stones used are:

19 big stones with moss (90XP)
5 medium stones with moss (30XP)
16 small stones with moss (5XP)
Total: 1940 XP + original 200 XP = 2140 XP !!!

We didn’t get a diagram from Kyan but our friend Lovasnocy  has tried to make an approximative one as shown below:

Arrangement 2 (by: Jil)

An other fan (our friend Jil) has  also submitted a nice configuration slightly smaller than the previous arrangement, and it earns a respectable  1630 XP daily, and  is presented below:

Arrangement 3 (by: Julie  )

According to Julie:” because 3×3 mossy rock is equal to 90xp then 2×2 mossy rocks = 30xp, and 1×1 mossy rocks=5
She  can get the total of 1765 xp per day…
i manage to place 16 3x3mossy (well actualy i haven’t completed it yet, i only place 14 and the other 2 is fill up with the ordinary 3×3 rock). Then I add up 7 2×2, and fill the ramaining holes with 23 1×1 rocks..

to make it more simple 16 * 90 = 1440
7 * 30 = 210
23* 5. = 115. then add all the total = 1765 ”

Arrangement 4 (by: YoshiSmurfinator)

Thank you to our friend YoshiSmurfinator (Jay) who came with  a great  arrangement that earns the highest XP so far. The configuration consists of 20 large, 4 medium and 8 small. All mossy in addition to the basic from 200xp, it brings a total of 2160xp.

Miner Smurf Minigame tips

Playing the mini-game for Miner Smurf’s Mine is another method to earn additional XP daily. There are four different mines to explore, each varying in levels of difficulty. The main objective of the game is to dig for silver, gold, and valuable gems in rocks scattered around the cave. Since each round is timed players have to be skilled in light swift tapping. An estimated 10-14 quick taps will crack a stone enough to reveal whether or not there is any treasure inside. Stones can have coal, silver, gold, diamonds, crowns, gems, or absolutely nothing inside of them. A great tip to follow when mining in the caves is to quickly move on to the next rock once it’s visible that the rock lacks any precious gems or treasures. Although gemstones must be fully mined in order for them to float into the collection wagon, there is no need to do the same when it’s coal or empty. Moving on to the next rock saves time and can help a player reach a higher score. Mining is all about speed. Tap your way to a small smurfy fortune and earn tons of XP in the process.

Credit to: Kyan , Jil and Julie.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Just an F.Y.I. Jokey has given me two stones as gifts and they both work for xp by the mine. Maybe, Beeline corrected this in an update. Also, I find it usefull with both Miner & Timber to set up a perimeter showing the outline of where stones & logs are green. I have also found that if you place large rocks on the edges many times it will turn green even if much of it is outside the area where small rocks would not be recognized.

  2. tanz says:

    Hi ..does anybody know how much stone miner smurf give. And is there a way to increase the number of stones??

    • Poet says:

      How much stone Miner Smurf gives will depend on how many rocks you place near him. You can also increase the collection by purchasing the stone crusher found in the build menu.

  3. Celeste says:

    I've recently got clown smurf. One of the tasks is to collect 4 coals. I've played the game, hit the stones, and coal appears and fade away. However, the task does not indicate that I've collected any coal. am I doing the task correctly? I would appreciate any suggestions.

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You don't actually collect coal. It just shows up in the lower mines and counts as nothing, just the same as when you tap a stone that has nothing under it in the diamond mine. I'm going to submit a ticket and see if that is another bug in the way Clown is working.

    • Ohh says:

      After playing gold mine several times, it didn't work. So i try scary-looking mine. I worked for me. I finally completed this clown task.

  4. Kina says:

    I'm at 13 lvl and I don't receive stones from Miner and wood from Timber. There are pictures of stones and woods above Huts but when I tap on them i receive only XP. Should I have higher level to receive these resources? Or there is something wrong?

  5. autonat says:

    I bought the rock crusher to increase the amount of stones I collect every day…But I keep collecting 9 stones…Am I doing something wrong??

    • Poet says:

      Did you place it near Miner Smurf? When you tap on Miner Smurf, is the rock crusher highlighted in green? Another question to ask is before you bought the rock crusher, how many stones were you collecting with each collection? If all else fails, you will need to submit a ticket with Beeline here.

  6. Bonbonlight says:

    For the first arrangement the 16th small rock goes in between somewhere 5th and 6th big rock

  7. justAniGame says:

    is arrangement 4 above mentioned.. still best possible configuration… if not can someone please update me on this.. Thanks

  8. I'm lvl 30 in the game and I still haven't got tracker smurfs xp bonus, not even once.
    I'm always connected to the internet, I can visit my friends…

    Anyone have an idea?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      We have stated numerous times in various places on this site that Tracker has been deactivated by Beeline until further notice. Ignore the cauldron until Beeline makes an announcement that he has returned. We do NOT have a time frame for his return, so if you want to ask Beeline about it directly, please feel free to do so at

  9. Ppppanna says:

    Anyone can share the arrangement which can maximize stones to collect? Thank you. I am collecting 9 stones each time at the moment.

  10. Janet says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is, or will be a way to cut down the time it takes Miner smurf to collect stones or if there is an item we can buy that will double our stones like the wood in timber smurf? I collect wood twice as fast and I am always waiting for stones. Miner Smurf collects only every 24hours when Timber smurf collects every 12! I use the island rafts all the time for stones and I dig them up on the mountain some times, but there has got to be a better way.

    • Poet says:

      There is currently no way to speed up Miner's collection or to double his collection. Beeline has yet to implement any of such a feature similiar to Timber. As you mentioned, the ways to earn stones are either through rafts and digging. Other ways include gifts from Jokey, Marco and Lucky Smurf. These are the current known methods. Additionally, you can also get them as gifts from friends. Of course, the fastest way is to buy them with smurfberries, but that would be the last resort.

  11. YoshiSmurfinator says:

    I found a configuration With 20 large, 4 medium and 8 small. All mossy + the basic from 200xp, it bringe 2160xp. How can I post some pictures?

  12. Cygnus says:

    I think i found the 16th small stone that was looking for lovasnocy, i took a screenshot of its location if someone's interested

  13. Kylie says:

    Hi my miner smurf game is stuck on 23 hour 30 mins and won't change 1% ….what should I do ?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I haven't encountered that bug so far. If you want to play it again use one sb. After you've played it see if the time is still stuck at 23:30 and if so you can get your sb back by recovering your village. To do so: Go to the main menu (play button), and select options. There you can see Papa smurfs head. Tap it 16 times and a recover village button will appear. Press it and you'll see a list of saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's the one you like select recover.

  14. abhijaura says:

    how to grouchy make cross his arms 2 times

  15. witchy.poo says:

    Papa Smurf wants to visit another village, I have visited villages over 30 times, but I am stuck, he just won't update and move on….what can do ? I am at level 35 and I want to move on to the hot air balloon quest !!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The campfire is in the build menu under the hut tab. It looks like a cauldron sitting on a fire and costs 2000 coins or 8 smurfberries.

  16. Mia Jeong says:

    what is the answer for the papa smurf's third riddle? Many foods can make me strong, but give me water and I won't live long, what am I? is it a pear? If it's a pear , it is not included in the crops menu of mine.

  17. ain says:

    Papa smurf told me to get miner's mine. I got it already but why the quest is still there asking me to get miner's mine?

    • Poet says:

      Is he asking you to get his hut and not mine? What are his exact words?

      • Jamie says:

        it says " Build Miner Smurf's Mine, We need to build a mine for miner smurf. Choose Miners Mine from the build menu and build it in the village."

        I'm having the same quest pop up but I bought Miners Mine as soon as I got to level 12. I even tried deleting it to re-buy it but nothing is working.

    • Vikki says:

      I’m having the same problem. Did you find a way to get it sorted?

      • Jana says:

        I also have this problem, and I’ve also time cheated recently.

        Has anyone found a solution??

        • Dreamy_Smurf says:

          Try to move and replace his hut. Maybe it works.

          • alexandre says:

            I do not know what time cheating is but i have the same problem this is a bug.

            does anyone has the solution ?

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            The bug isn't caused by time cheating I think. Try to move and replace his mine.
            Time cheating is changing the clock on your device so crops will be ready immediatly. Doing this can cause things like: Jokey stops giving gifts, snails and caterpillars stop giving xp and it can cause some trouble on your village.

          • Mia says:

            i got the same problem. papa smurf also told me to build miner smurf's mine. i already have that mine. so, i tried to move the mine and trying to deleted it. but it doesn't work. now i'm at level 19 and papa smurf still keep asking me to build miner's mine. what should i do? please help me :(

          • Sassete says:

            Try to reboot your device and se if that works, had you already bought miners mine before you got the task from papa smur ?

          • Jana says:

            I’ve tried all that and still not working. Does anything else work? Please help its driving me crazy!

          • Juppie says:

            Beeline is busy with it:) they're waiting for the aproving of apple for theire update. read this:

            Hello again everyone. Beeline is still waiting on Apple to approve the bug fix update that will correct this issue. When apple is done reviewing the update, it will be ready to download immediately. Apple takes anywhere from 5-12 days to review and approve the updates. Currently, the average wait time is around 9 days.

            It's Beeline's hope that it should be available to download any day now."

          • Dreamy_Smurf says:

            The update is out now.

  18. John says:

    Do green gems exist?

  19. Amna says:

    What the papasmurf riddle about a room with no door ,no window …..????can anyone guide me!!!

  20. Jan says:

    I have a bubble next to animal sanctuary which looks like a carrot flashing over a tree stump

  21. Jan says:

    There is now. Diamond mine but it says you must have miners hut first how do you get miners hut please.

  22. MoiraSmurf says:

    I am at level 48 and papa smurf has a quest which reads "COLLECT SOME STONE" and says "collect 18 stone for me" I am at a loss about what to do here. Hopefully some one knows the answer.

    • Poet says:

      You can do that either by collecting rocks from Miner Smurf, or receiving it as gifts from friends, or even getting them through Lucky Smurf or Jokey Smurf.

      • MoiraSmurf says:

        I hve collected from miner smurf for many times now (and I have many huge rocks around him high xp value). No avail. I play the game preferably without connection to gameserver of facebook so no friends can help out. I sent out rafts on stone voyages to no avail. I got one little rock from joeky so far. I am afraid this quest is not finishable <sigh> Any more clues?

    • Marianne says:

      I customize 2 huts in Total 20 Stones and after that i collected minor i have got à message and papa smurf wants me to plant blueberries i hope it Will work for tou as welk

  23. gixxerchic says:

    I did a mapping of the tip that shows the 2140xp, the top-most right rock (in the back row where there are 3), does not count when in this position.

  24. Cams says:

    Can we get a better description / diagram of Kyan's stone placements? It's impossible to tell what goes where in that picture.

  25. avery says:

    Hi. I keep getting coal and nothing on miners game. Can anyone help?

  26. pim says:

    i have an item from the raft but i cant open it.. anthing i can do?

  27. pim says:

    help, i have miner smurf in the island.

  28. jeffrey says:

    another tip for mining game: tap on the meeting point of 3 to 4 rocks, so with 10 to 14 tapa, u can crack 3 to 4 rocks at a time instead of one by one..

  29. Trey says:

    Please update site to clumsy update!

  30. Max says:

    Tip: tap where rocks overlap each other and then you break twice as much.


    GC: Maximo 2

    Bolts please

  31. Foxwick says:

    Missed some key points of the game:
    1) Turn your sound off because it slows down the pick axe swings
    2) Aim for the junction or small gap between several rocks, hitting 3 or 4 rocks at once. Pick 2 or 3 such spots and just return to them in turn.
    3) If you find the top items (diamond, ring) in a spot then come back to that spot as soon as it resets – often it will be the same thing
    4) But most importantly, buy the Golden Axe! It is totally worthwhile, halving the number of hits to clear rocks and doubling your potential reward. Miner is the rock star of all the Smurfs-with-games, and the golden axe he is doubly so!

  32. Tauvik says:

    When playing Miners smurf minigame there are some rocks overlapping eachother. Click near the middle of those to mine 2 or 3 at one time. Even faster than clicking 1 rock at a time. That rocks! 😀

  33. Poet says:

    It is just an indicator to show you where to tap on the stump to attract animals.

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