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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Moving, Storing and deleting items



How to MOVE an item ?

Once an item has been placed, it can be moved or deleted to redecorate by first clicking on the shop button (bottom right corner from village view) and there on the “Move” button on the bottom left corner.
Now the “Move Mode” is entered and every item that is touched can be placed somewhere else by first moving it to the desired destination, seeing if it can be placed there (the frame around the item has to be light blue, if it is red, the item can not be placed because another items Is already there or there is not enough space for it), and then placing it by clicking on the check symbol.

How to delete an item?

To delete an item, tap on it as well, but then click on the delete symbol, not the check symbol and press “Yes” after the confirmation appears. Nearly every item can be deleted, but some, like the mushroom houses or the animals, will stay in the village forever and cannot be removed. This should be considered before buying them.

There is a second move mode specifically designed to place and move paths. Once in the normal move mode, by clicking on the button in the bottom left corner, all items disappear and can only be seen as grey shadows, the only things clearly visible are the paths. That way they can be placed in the village and for instances behind other items without the interference of existing items.

Storing items


If the storage hut has been bought, it is also possible to store certain items for later use. To store an item, just go to the move mode and tap on the item that you want to store. If on the right side next to the delete button there is another orange button with an arrow, you can store that item. Just tap on the orange button and confirm that you want to store it. Certain items, like Smurfs, the roaming animals, mushroom houses, … cannot be stored. The storage limit is 500 items. If crop fields or flower gardens are stored, the crops on them will be deleted and you do not receive the XP or gold they would give you otherwise, so only store them if the crops have been harvested beforehand.

To use an item, that was stored before, just tap on the storage hut in the village and choose the item you want to use on the window that pops up on the right side. A number on the left side next to a picture of the stored item indicates the amount of items of the same kind that have been stored and can be used.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I have a large arrow floating above greedys bakery, but it does not do anything when I tap it. It just takes me back to the bakery game, which I have already completed!

    • Marina_Smurf says:

      Maybe there is a quest from Papa Smurf waiting to be finished? Do you have an unfinished quest from Papa or Greedy in your list or is you list empty?

  2. Rachel says:

    This may seem like a silly question but, am I going to need all these vanities I've won from naughty knock out? I've done pretty good at hiding them behind trees & buildings but, I'm running out of places to hide them. Who needs 50 vanities? Anyways, I just need to place them for the xp then delete them? They don't give bonus xp when you have Smurfette or anything right?

  3. Miki says:

    Hello. If I have paths or tiles in my storage, do they count towards my total floor/ground limit?

    • Smurfette says:

      I am not 100% sure, but i think as long as they are in storage they will simply count towards your storage but not your path limit. But to be sure you might want to ask Beeline as well.

    • Cath says:

      Its counted dear.. I having the same difficulty before.. Then i realized, its counted. What i mean was, even u stored thousands in storage, its cannot be used as well when u reach the limits.

  4. Kami says:

    I deleted my harvest wagon by accident now I am on 37 level but i had it for long time and now it costs 30 sb. Help!

    • Poet says:

      I would suggest you open a ticket with Beeline.

    • viki says:

      go to the main menu, the go to option, next press papa smurf 16 to 20 times then it would reveal a button that says recover village. press that button the it will show you dates for each day you played. press one the one of the day that you accidentally deleted it then press that one.

  5. Can you store items that earn daily XP and still get it, or do you not earn the XP when it's stored?

    • Sassete says:

      No not things that you store in the storage shed like butterflies and crabs, you only get xp from from snails and caterpillars that is stored in the critters storage hut

  6. Nese says:

    Instead of deleting items we should be able to sell them!! :)

  7. Eeneef says:

    I have 2 sets of stairs on each of my mountain levels. And I want to delete one off 2 of the levels, but the move around won't let me select the stairs…how do I delete them?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You should be able to select the stairs with the move action. I recently had to restart, and I'm not back to the mountain yet as I'm only on Level 24. Put your game into move mode and try to tap on the stairs.

      • Lauren says:

        Hi, I have the same problem not being able to move or delete the mountain stairs as I now want to reposition them, did you have a solution to this?

  8. Emma says:

    I pressed the store button but there is nothing in the bottom left corner. The whole bottom have is an add for one of the limited edition items. What do I do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You are correct. We need to update this article with the information for the new interface that was introduced a few releases ago. The move button once you enter the Store is to the right of where you see the amounts of wood, stone, dye, and food for the animals in your sanctuary. It looks like a little icon with four arrows each going off into the far corners of an imaginary box. Tap that icon, and you should be able to move your items around. The rest of the article should be accurate in what it explains for you to do. We are sorry for the confusion.

  9. Lex says:

    Im on level 22 and I can't place any objects in some areas. these areas are within the permited perimeter. Can I get some help?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Please describe what objects you're trying to place and where you are not permitted to place them as well as any error messages you receive. Also, please tell us what OS you re playing under and on what device.

      • Alex says:

        IPhone, OS 6.1.4. I prettry much have access to the entire village now, but whether i try moving a house or anything pretty much in between the two rivers around the mid top part of it, it doesn't let me.
        The error is "you can't place your object in that location, try dragging it to an open area."
        I did drag the object but nothing.

  10. smurfling says:

    I bought some smurf condos but how do I store smurf huts to make more room?

  11. smurfgirl says:

    i wish that beeline would have an option to turn off the "You can't place that object there!" notification that Papa Smurf/Grandpa Smurf always says if you place an object while its red.

  12. Ann says:

    I cannot store any items. Nothing comes up with an orange symbol to store. Is there a list of items that can be stored?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to purchase the appropriate storage shed and then enter "move" mode. Tap the item you want to move and you should see a down arrow on the right as one of your choices. Tap that, and you should be prompted to confirm your storage selection.

  13. Cheri says:

    Grandpa ask to build new stairs in the 2nd level of the mountain, i already got two of them and cannot delete it…. Now i'm nowhere to go… What to do?! HELP please……..

    • Poet says:

      Are you sure you have built the correct ones and at the correct position? The latest update has Grandpa asking you to build a set of stairs towards the east of the mountain as this will unlock new land towards the east where Miner's machine lies.

  14. Anne-Marie says:

    I built a brick bridge on my river and deleted the wooden one. I would like to move the brick on another spot. I see the green patern to let me move it but when I click on ok it tells me I can't delete my last bridge and puts it back to the other spot. Can someone help me please ?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      You have to build another bridge where you want it to go or if you have stored your former wooden bridges, you can try bringing one of them out and placing it on the same river as the stone one you want to move. The game will not allow you to move a bridge if it is the only one on the river. It perceives it as a deletion. The way around it is to keep your wooden bridges around until you're sure you have the stone bridges exactly where you want them.

  15. Susan says:

    The move button moved in the last update. Can anyone tell me where to find it now? I have tons of gems I need to store!

  16. Reef says:

    I have 40 smurfs but 39 gardens.. why can't I buy another garden so all my smurfs can surf the gardens? pls help thanks!

  17. Lovey smurf says:

    I just realized that a bunch of my coconut trees on the island had turned into farm patches mysteriously. What should I do?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      If it happened recently, you could try recovering from the hidden backups. from the blue Play menu, tap Options. Then tap Papa's head 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. You should now see your files. Start with the most recent and preview each file until you locate one with palm trees instead of fields. Overwrite your village with that file.

      • Lovey smurf says:

        It happened a while ago, I assumed that its a bug n would be fixed in the next update but it didn't… I don't wanna lose my progress by recovering an older version. So no other ways to revert the patches?

    • Thehanzilla says:

      I had this happen two different times. With me, it happened when I simultaneously used the harvest all feature with the tractor and Wild. The first time, they changed to garden plots, and I recovered to reverse the action. The second time, a palm just disappeared, but every 12 hours a star appears where the palm used to be, and it gives me 400 XP every time. I let that one stay, and it still works. :)

  18. Ali says:

    I deleted Farmer Smurf (cost 25 smurfberries) yesterday in error and now can't harvest all any more :( Is there any way that anyone knows of that means I can get it back please? Is it possible that Beeline have a record of it that means I can get it back? If anyone knows I'd be really grateful :) Thanks

    • Poet says:

      Have you tried restoring your game to an earlier time before you deleted Farmer Smurf? If you are an IOS player, you can perform the following steps: To recover your village, go to the game menu, tap options, then tap on Papa Smurf's head 16 times. A 'Recover Village' button should appear on the right hand corner. Tap on it and a list of saved games will appear in the next screen. From there, select your desired saved game, preview it and tap yes to confirm.

  19. Kerry Berry says:

    If I store a tree in the storage hut, can I buy a flower box, or must I delete the tree to replace it with flower box? thanks

  20. damian price says:

    hi. my smurfs village is getting overrun by flowers (i think that theyre making my smurf mainland run slow on my ipod). is it possible to delete them and not lose any xp?

  21. Shirl says:

    How can I design a 3d village?
    I've seen smurfs village with tall stone buildings?
    Please help!

  22. Micha says:

    Can i store Limited items like the Halloween deko to use it next Year again? Or will it disappear in the Hut too?

  23. Kath says:

    I purchased 4 of the Christmas tree like pines because I had the extra coin at the time. I just placed them willy-nilly until I decided where the optimal final place would be. Now I can't move them. Help!

  24. Halden says:

    I have a plot that is below the viewable game area. The only way I can utilize it is with the harvest all/plant all functions. I have tried zooming in to try and 'grab' it but I cannot see it at all. How can I move or delete this plot?

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Try zooming in as much as you can and tap it.

      • Halden says:

        I thought I clearly said in my original post that I have done that but I must be mistaken. I have tried zooming in all the way to try and 'grab' it but I cannot see it nor manipulate it in any way. The only reason I know it is there is when a crop is ready to be harvested I can see the very top corner of the floating window above the crop. I have tried zooming and grabbing this, but to no avail.

    • Catherine says:

      I have the same problem! I have one wooden fence near the bottom of my iPad's screen. I zoomed it to the max & have tried to move it, but still can't move it. Please help.

      • Simcma1 says:

        Ya same problem with a wooden fence… I have come to think the only way to move it will be to expand land down… However not willing to use my smurfberries, not that I have enough anyway :(

        • MNeal says:

          I have a similar issue, except when I go to "move mode" I have a tree hiding behind the red back arrow in the bottom right hand corner on my ipad so every time I try to select the tree it selects the red arrow instead.. How can we fix this issue without "buying" more space?

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Have you tried zooming in and out to see if it affects what is in your move area? Zooming in or out before you enter move mode might solve the problem for you.

          • MNeal says:

            Yes, I've tried zooming. The tree is directly behind the red "back" arrow in the lower right hand corner when I'm in "move mode". Every time I try to select part of the tree I can see, it presses the red back arrow instead.

          • Stroumpfette says:

            Hmm. I don't think there is a way to fix it. I was hoping different degrees of zoomed in or out might help you get past the red "go back" arrow. You could open a ticket with Beeline and see if they have any other suggestions. You can reach them at We're sorry we weren't able to help you solve the problem.

  25. Annette Melendez says:

    Hi, can I move things from the island and put it in the smurfsville

  26. Smufette says:

    my smurf village is plain green at the top and I can only place items on the bottom how can I get my village back

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Go to options, tap Papa Smurf's head 16 times, a 'recover village' button appears. Select it and you will see a list off saved villages. Select one, preview and if it's yours select recover. If it doesn't work contact Beeline at

    • Smurfette says:


  27. Chappy says:

    Can you please bring out an update that allows you to delete critters?

    I have been an avid smurfs village supporter for a few years and am now sitting on maximum level, the problem is I still only have 80 smurfs because all my caterpillars and snails are using up my character limit. It would be much appreciated if you would bring in a setting to at lease delete them so I can get my smurfs back

    Thank you

  28. @UningSatya says:

    I really want to delete some of smurf houses cause it starts too much. I thought with deleting the gardens or flower boxes or trees, the houses can be deleted too cause the smurfs who lives in wouldn't have a plants job. And i thought with upgrade a house, it can remove the smurfs from the house that i wanted to delete to the new upgraded house. I hope beeline can think about this advice cause i think it would be easier for us to manage the village. Thanks.

    • Alain says:

      Sorry smurfs houses are undeletable, because each house comes with a smurf, if you delete house you need to get rid of a smurf, that's why Beeline disabled this option of deleting houses in earlier versions.

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