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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Need Another Smurf


This message can come up when you want to plant a new crop field or flower garden or shrub. It means you have not enough Smurfs to build the item.

The number of Smurfs living in your village equals the number of flower gardens + crop fields + shrubs (little trees that grow fruits) that you can have in the village. This does not mean the number of available Smurfs (i. e. Smurfs that are not working at the moment) but the total number of Smurfs.

To increase the number, build a house, upgrade a house or buy a Smurf from the Smurfberry Shop.

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Categories : Troubleshooting


  1. Glaucos says:

    I'm at level 68. I have 48 huts in the space. However, I upgraded all the huts so technically I should have 96 smurfs. But the available smurfs number remains in 78. I cannot buy any more gardens… What should I do?

  2. Ollie says:

    I'm currently on level 49. I have 74 smurfs on the island but I just notice every time my smurf came back from the raft, my smurf is gone. I have 36 smurf on the island at the moment instead of 74. How did this happen???? Also, the raft expedition took shorter than it should every time you close the device. E.g 24 hour dye expedition after you close the app, when you open again, the raft has come back with the dye but then you lost your smurf. Is this some kind of a bug???

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is a bug, and the missing smurfs should return after 24 hours passes. If they do not, open a ticket with Beeline at

  3. chrisalmeida says:

    I have an unusual problem I believe to be a big bug.
    I'm currently on level 61 and I have 177 smurfs.
    I have 13 magical shrubs+113 garden plots+43 flower boxes == 169 total planting plots.
    When I plant ALL my plots I always have 7 smurfs available. I should have 8 but I only have 7 (no smurfs out of the village) and the most confusing thing is that I am not able to place any more plots, flower boxes or shrubs. I get the message that I need one more smurf.
    Has anybody else had this issue?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Without knowing the number of butterflies and other critters you have, I cannot answer the question. Count them and add them to the number of smurfs you think you have. If the number is over 250 or 254 (It's the magic number for one byte of data), you are at character limit. That could be the cause for the discrepancy in the numbers.

    • Smurfette says:

      If you are sure about the number of plots you have (check that you are not missing any), you should contact Beeline support and see if they can help.
      Regarding the one missing Smurf, when the Smurfs are interacting with something (for example the animals from the sanctuary), they sometimes come up as busy, you should leave your game open for a couple of minutes to see if the Smurf comes up as available again.
      But regarding that you can't buy more plots even though you should be able to get 7 more, it sounds like this is a bug, that shouldn't happen

  4. Smurftastic says:

    At level 54, but noticed that on level 53 the times for growing and digging were not "true". Magic Raspberries weren't taking 5 hours, they were taking 8 hours. It was as if the time stopped when I wasn't in the village or on the island, mountain or planet. Time countdown for tracker's quests continued though…. Any suggestions?

    • Poet says:

      There is currently a bug with the crop timers. Beeline will be fixing it. In the meantime, exit the game completely if you are not playing and then relaunch the game. The crop timers should roughly work for now until it is being fixed.

  5. Audrey says:

    i cant place a garden anymore in the village after reaching a new level! I built a hut and upgraded it with 500 coins and with 4 berries, so i should be able to place three gardens. But no, i still get the message 'need another smurf'. On the island mountain en planet the problem does not occur. This all happened after the last update sept 13. Please fix this!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      How many smurfs do you have on the mainland? Are you at the character limit? You will not get any additional smurfs if you build huts even if you upgrade and then upgrade again with Smurfberries if you're at the character limit. Please let us know what level you are on and how many Smurfs you have currently on the mainland.

  6. norlie says:

    i lost half smurf from village,smurf hut,farmer' smurfs house,movie theatre,brainy smurfs house,clumsy's hut,hefty smurfs house,tailors hut,nat smurflings hut,painter smurfs house,lazy smurfs pond,fireman smurf hut,magician smurf hut,half of my garden crop also lost and the most important is my hot air balloon also lost and i cant access to the mountain…and for your informations i complete all watch tower,windmill and many more quest at the mountain…i feel like crying…please please please help me!!!

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Try recovering your village data. From the blue Play menu, tap Options. Then tap the icon of Papa's head 16 times. When it appears, tap Recover Village. A list of files should appear. Starting with the most recent file, preview it, and if it appears all your items are present, overwrite your village with this file; otherwise, proceed to the next file.

      One of the things that contributes to data corruption is not rebooting your device often enough, so make sure you're rebooting about every three days or so.

  7. Kiwi says:

    Why can not I add more garden when I have available two Smurfs?

    • Smurfette says:

      Two Smurfs available just means you have two smurfs not working just now. If you can not add more gardens, check if you have a flower box or a shrub in your village, if so you have to delete them first before you can add a new garden, they count towards the limit. You can have exactly as many gardens + flower boxes + shrubs as you have smurfs.

  8. Kayla says:

    On planet swoof there is a mission from papa swoof that says I need more gardens. Put down several plots to farm but can get the mission completed. Help?

    • Poet says:

      You need to make sure your no of smurfs equals the no of plots you have placed. The best way to get rid of that message is to place plots until you can no longer place them. That 'quest' should disappear.

  9. JennieMum7 says:

    My Pappa Smurf wants 18 stone. Despite digging up the mountain and getting stone and getting 20 stone from Lucky the quest hasnot been completed. Any help anyone?

    • Poet says:

      When you tap on Papa Smurf. did you accept the quest? And where is he giving you this quest? Island? Main Village? The Swoof planet? You must go back to where he is to complete the quest.

  10. Taffergirl says:

    Seems that tasks on the Swoof planet take forever (at least one of them anyway) to complete. One of my smurfs has been trying to uncover a crate now for over a day, and it's supposed to take only 45 minutes now. One task (crater for star pieces, stars, or crates) is fine, but the second keeps pausing itself so no progress is made regardless of what is going on with the other crater.

  11. Eila_Aziah says:

    I am at level 48 then update for current 1.4.2 for Android and it jumped to Level 49. I can't buy crop field and it stated at character limit. Kindly advise :)

    • Stroumpfette says:

      The update version for Android is 1.2.9a, just as an FYI – the release numbers for Android and iOS are different since the game was not originally released on the Android platform. If the update leveled you up part of a level, that is probably fine. This article explains why you received the "at character limit" message:… . The 250 character limit applies to each part of your village, so, while your mainland may be at the character limit, the other areas of your village like the mountain and island are probably not at the limit.

  12. Shelly Smurf says:

    I have encountered a puzzling issue lately. When all my garden plots, planter boxes, an shrubs are planted and have smurfs working at them my smurf counter shows I have 3 smurfs available. But if I try to buy another flower box (or anything else that needs a smurf for that matter) I get the “Need another smurf” message. Has anybody else come across this issue? Does anybody have any ideas what to do about this?

  13. Kookie-Smurfie says:

    Where are my 2 smurfs?? At level 37 now. Was 74/74 smurfs back at level 36, after level up to 37, added 1 house and upgraded the house with 500 coins, but now it's still 74/76 smurfs!??
    How can I get the 2 smurfs back? Will restore the village back to level 36 and level up again fix it? I don't dare to purchase the Juicer Resource Machine before having this fixed in case I need to rollback/restore the village and lose my money and the resource machine :(((. Help please…

    • Stroumpfette says:

      Is it possible that you're at the character limit? I know that if you're at the character limit, the game may still allow you to add new huts, but that you don't get the additional smurfs. You may wish to open a ticket with Beeline at so that they can investigate your individual situation.

    • Roloand3r says:

      at lvl 49 now and when i 47 i had 26 smurfs on the mountain and when was level up i builded 1-1 smurfs hut and i have now at lvl 49 26… why?

      i never upgreded the smurfs hut on the mountain,,,

      (sorry i can't speek english wery well xd)

      • Stroumpfette says:

        Roland, your English is fine. We understand what you're describing: you had only 26 smurfs on the mountain, you never upgraded any huts (meaning you should also have only 26 huts, each containing one smurf), but suddenly your game is showing you have 47. That is definitely weird. will you try a test for me? Please let me know how many dig sites you are able to place: 26 or 47. If it allows you to place 47, my recommendation is to recover your village to an earlier hidden backup. You will be able to preview the backup, and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to travel to the mountain to see how many smurfs it shows that you have. If you can find one that shows the correct number of mountain smurfs, overwrite your village with that data.

        The way to do this is: from the Blue Play menu tap Options. Then tap the icon of Papa Smurf 16 times. When it appears (as an option icon) tap Recover Village. You should now see a list of files (newest to oldest). Preview each file starting with the newest one, and work your way down the list until you find one that looks correct. Then overwrite your data with that file.

  14. MT says:

    Hi, i have up level twice, and usually when up level, i can build new houses. Nut it has been 2 levels up and i didnt get to build any houses. At level 37 now. Maybe it is a sign to stop playing this game

    • Stroumpfette says:

      There has been an ongoing problem for a couple of months where players are experiencing this. We believe this issue will be fixed in the next release. It is your decision, ultimately, if you decide to keep playing.

  15. Junar says:

    I got 161 smurfs, there is no way to get more ?

  16. Kelen says:

    Guys, I am not able to figure out how to fulfill the mission of Grandpa Smurf ("harvest of acorns one shrub"). All my smurfs are free, but the menu says I need another smurf to plant the tree. Has anyone gotten past this level? Can anyone tell us what is the secret?

    Gente, não estou conseguindo descobrir como cumprir a missão do vovô smurf ("harvest of acorns one shrub"). Todos meus smurfs estão livres, mas o menu diz que eu preciso de mais um smurf para poder plantar a árvore. Alguém já conseguiu passar esse nível? Alguém pode nos dizer qual o segredo?

    • Stroumpfette says:

      It is a bug. You cannot complete the quest until Beeline releases a bug fix update. We're hoping that will be soon.

  17. Kelen says:

    I'm at level 31. Have I reached the mountain, build 3 houses, smurfs have 4 available but can not accomplish the mission given by Grandpa Smurf ("harvest of acorns one shrub"). The tree menu item that says I need more smurfs. What should I do?

    Estou no nível 31. Já cheguei à montanha, construí 3 casas, tenho 4 smurfs disponíveis mas não consigo cumprir a missão dada pelo vovô smurf ("harvest 1 shrub of acorns"). O item árvore no menu diz que eu preciso de mais smurfs. O que eu devo fazer?

    • Sassete says:

      Be sure thaat they dont work with something else like digging if they dont try to reboot you device and se if that works

      • Kelen says:

        I checked this and this is not the problem – all smurfs are free. I do not know what might be causing this! Thanks anyway!

        Eu verifiquei isso e este não é o problema – todos os smurfs estão livres. Não sei o que pode estar gerando isso! Obrigada mesmo assim!

        • Sassete says:

          Maybe they're standing in their digs, leaning on a shovel? Try visiting your mainlad and returning again. This frees up all the smurfs who've finished digging, but are still leant on their shovels

          • Kelen says:

            Guys, this week we had updated the game but still I am not able to solve the problem of mission Grandpa Smurf ("harvest of acorns one shrub"). Has anyone gotten past this level? Can anyone tell us what is the secret?

            Gente, essa semana teve atualização do jogo mas ainda assim não estou conseguindo resolver o problema da missão do vovô smurf ("harvest of acorns one shrub"). Alguém já conseguiu passar esse nível? Alguém pode nos dizer qual o segredo?

          • Stroumpfette says:

            No. This release did not fix any bugs or give any new quests. We need to wait for the bug fix release update from Beeline. We are hoping that will come soon.

      • akurtz1204 says:

        I am having the same issue, I have 6 available smurfs on the mountain and am unable to plant a shrub, any ideas?

        • Sassete says:

          Do you have spare smurfs at the time of trying to plant a shrub? Maybe they're standing in their digs, leaning on a shovel? Try visiting your mainlad and returning again. This frees up all the smurfs who've finished digging, but are still leant on their shovels

          • Kelen says:

            No, none of my smufrs are digging with shovels or involved with another task. They are all free and yet the message keeps appearing and I can not add the tree.

            Não, nenhum dos meus smufrs estão escavando com as pás nem envolvidos com outra tarefa. Estão todos livres e mesmo assim a mensagem continua aparecendo e eu não consigo adicionar a árvore.

          • Micke says:

            Same problem for me! Any sulution? All smurfs are 100% free but I cant bye the tree…

          • martin says:

            Any solution for this case Sassete?

    • martin says:

      I have the same problem, 10 spare smurfs doing nothing, and still need another smurf. Its probably another bug….

  18. paul mcclure says:

    On level 28 and lost at least half my houses and cant even get on the other island, most of the village has disapeared why?????

  19. Flo says:

    My game crashes, after that I restored my village I have to many smurfs.
    After that crash I want to move a house, when I move it it was gone (I dont delate it, it was just gone) then I build a new one, and my problem begins.
    Now I have 21 houses, every house is updated (with coins) and two houses are updated with smurfberrys, i should have 44 smurfs, but I have 50 smurfs!.
    I can only harvest (and buy) 44 garden, the other 6 smurf I can only use to customise houses or to send them to the forrest or to grow flower in the flowerbox.
    Can I delete the (illegal) smurfs that are in my village?

  20. David says:


  21. I m at level 42. During the last three updates my mainland smurf population is at a halt showing 98/106 smurfs. Where r my 8 smurfs? I used 4 berries two times n upgrade the mushroom house three time with 500 coins each. It shows +1 on the screen but my smurf population remains unchanged at 98.

    I have lost a total of 8 berries.

  22. pityu says:

    On my island i have 10 houses (all of them upgraded) and only 18 smurfs. When i tap a house it shows me the total population 18/22.
    So, where is one of my houses and where are those 4 smurfs? What can i do? (i`m using android)

  23. Mari says:

    In the island im missing 9 smurf, where i can find them

  24. Karen Alderfer says:

    Got the same error. Reboot. It all comes back…

  25. Erin says:

    I am stuck on the island – I built a field, but no smurf has shown up. Is this a bug anyone else has seen, and does anyone know how to fix it?

  26. Smurfy fi says:

    I seem to have an unsmurfy glitch. Apart from slow ship docking, I somehow lost slouchy smurfs hut! Decided to build another one, now I have 2 slouchy smurfs.

  27. Brainy says:

    U hit 250 characters limit because u bought too many snails & caterpillars. #smurfs +#snails +#caterpillars = 250. U r stuck for now until beeline removes the restriction. It was put in so game can run on older devices.

  28. Kate says:

    Hi! On the island i have a task to grow… but i can't place garden. I have 8 smurfs (only one is building slouchy hut), four upgraded houses and there still is information "need another smurf". What can i do? Turning off and on didn't help….

    • Inga says:

      Hey I've had the same problem. Just tap on the field to purchase it, and it will tell you that you need another smurfs etc. Just press ok. Try this for like 10 times and it will finally work.

    • V... says:

      Anyone understands Island math of Smurfs?
      Have 3 upgraded houses (so x/6 smurf count), have 2 rafts and 2 crops.
      Trying to add one more crop — get "Need another smurf".
      Question: how to utilise 2 extra smurfs?

      • Poet says:

        I think a lot of players are facing this issue. Perhaps Beeline will address this issue in a subsequent update. For now, the only way to temporarily override this issue is to build more houses.

        • V... says:

          Now I understand math, but don't understand "how it works":
          after 1.0.6a update I've started to build the dam. After it was complete, I've got island expansion with 5 crops (of them 1 with withered eggplant) and 1 flower box (also with smth withered).
          And those order look like crops and box located on mainland in area I've got with smurfberries expansion.

          Anybody, please confirm: lost crops are found on land expansion behind a dam.

  29. maraxion says:

    I just leveled from level 28 tos 29. At level 28 i had 86 smurfs. Made a house and upgraded both with money and 4 berries. Now i have 88 smrfs and cannot build any more crops. When i tap any random house is says 88/89. Any ideas where my 89 Smurf is? he is not on a mission.

    • Smurfette says:

      It sounds like you reached the Character Limit, you can read about it here:…

      • Maraxion says:

        Hi Smurfette.
        I dont think that can be the case. iv got 88 smurfs, and 26 critters, so im way below the maximim.
        Restarted the device a number of times with no go.

        When I reached level 29 I had 86 smurfs. So I buildt a new house +1, upgraded with moned +2 and with berries +3. But I seem to only have gotten 2. Not sure why im lacking 1 :) Hope you can help.

        • Smurfette says:

          I only ever encountered this problem with the character limit. If you go to the Smurfberry Items shop there is a smurf that you can buy for 4 Berries. Does it say "At character limit" there? If it does not, I can only advice to contact Beeline at

  30. Valentine update sometimes falsely triggers "Need another smurf" when doing mass planting. After some seconds, smurfs are available again.

  31. mr nobody says:


  32. Jo says:

    I can’t buy any crop field even though I got a lot f smurfs. I bought most of my smurfs with smurfberries I have about 85 and about 62 crop fields and I’d like to buy more but I still get the you need more smurfs note. What’s the problem?

    • Smurfette says:

      Not only the crops fields count, as the article above says, the crop fields + flower boxes + shrubs equal the number of smurfs, so you probably have either shrubs or flower boxes for the rest. Also, in case you have a storage hut, what is stored there also counts.

      • sllkftrr says:

        srufet yiour like ojn every pagre

      • Jinxie says:

        I have the problem where Papa is saying plant a flowerbox (lvl 14) and when I go to do this it says "not enough Smurfs". I do have enough (30 infact) and it won't let me… there are even arrows pointing to the flower box in the menu! Are you able to help? Thank you Smurfette.

        • Smurfette says:

          You could have a hundred Smurfs and still get the message not enough if you have a crop field or shrub in your village for each of them to work on. You have to delete a crop field to add a flower box. The number of shrubs + crop fields + flower boxes in your villages can not excede the number of smurfs you have

  33. Smurfy fi says:

    Wondering if papa smurfs ‘grow grapes’ quest could have alternate quest for those who do not have fruit pack.

    My daughter agreed to grow them before finding out she doesn’t have the pack :(

    Will papa smurf be stuck on quest now?

    • Smurfette says:

      It is a bug, the producers/developers will fix this in the next update, so you can complete all the tasks again without having to use Smurfberries. Unfortunatly, if you do not want to buy the fruit pack, it means you have to wait for the next update to complete that task and get a new one

  34. Brainy says:

    it will return eventually.

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