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Updated on: July 20, 2015
Updated on: June 30, 2015

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Palm Trees Giftbox


After the recent iOS version 1.2.1 update, several players have been reporting that they have obtained random gifts on their island containing Palm Trees. These are not from the rafts, but gifts that appear as if they were left by other players. Once the Palm Tree is opened and placed, it cannot be moved again.

No word on if this is intentional on Beeline’s part of if it’s a glitch.

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  1. Christie says:

    Can someone please inform me if they know of a glitch with papa smurfs quest line on the island!?!? I have a quest that says to harvest 10 palm crop and I have harvested 15 acai berry crops from my 3 palm trees and it still shows the quest incomplete. I don’t have any other unlocked seeds to use and I have read that you should never have to use smurfberries to buy something to complete the quest so am I doing something wrong? Or is this a glitch in the questline??? Can somebody please help…..I am so frustrated!!!!

    • Jokey01 says:

      It does sound like a glitch. I have acacia berries but can do it on 10 Palm trees in one go. You might find it clears soon.

    • Jackie says:

      I wrote to BeeLine and this is what they said:

      The issue currently appears to be that the the quest counter resets when you close the app or leave the island. We are investigating a fix for this issue, however in the meantime you can complete this quest by harvesting the crop early. As long as you harvest 10 of the crop in the same game session this quest should complete.

      (Please note you do not need to wait until the item is done growing before you can harvest this crop).

      So, you spend a few extra coins and harvest early. Will cost you at most 400 coins with minimal experience gain.

  2. taira botz says:

    Can someone please add me on Facebook and gift me palm tree i dont have one and been stuck on harvesting a crop from palm tree quest for weeks

  3. Corinne says:

    I can't move palm tree because I can only see the leaves the rest is off screen. Has anybody else had this problem and how can I fix it ?

    • mischa says:

      Once the palm tree is placed it cant be moved.

      • Stroumpfette says:

        I am able to move mine as long as it isn't in the middle of growing a crop.

        • D.YahiAli says:

          Growing crop cannot be moved; as a palm tree whic is out of your island space (like if you see just the leaves' not the whole tree).
          You also can see, PALMs next to the shore (sea line) cannot be returned to their same place if you remove them – thats why I keep these palms in their original place.

          • Bean Smurf says:

            Just for the sake of helping you guys, you have to move all objects out of the way when you re-place a palm tree, THEN you can move the items back around the trunk of the palm trees. The base of the palm trees, while moving, must be clear. But after being placed, you can move items into the square placing area that the palm tree takes up.. At least, thats how it worked for me.

  4. Kathlene says:

    Is there anyone on here that I can get to gift me palm seeds if so then how

  5. Patricia Smith says:

    I play the smurfs village on my android bionic and i do not have any palm trees on my island. My daughter however also plays the samgae game on the android she just gained access to her island and already has three palm trees. Could this be a glitch? How would i fix this? Please help.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      I don't know why you don't have any palm trees, sorry.

      • abdullah says:

        me to i have same problem !!!!!

        • taira botz says:

          Can someone gift me palm tree seeds i also dont have a palm tree

          • D.YahiAli says:

            First you shuold heve a palm tree to grow crops.
            What will you do with the seeds' if you can't grow them?
            Add me I"ll give you some; as you wish.


          • Bean Smurf says:

            Both of you should have trees on your island, if theres any trees at all, they are your palms and just keep tapping them(its usually around the base of the tree, not the leaves) and it should bring up the palm crops menu. If you really don’t have any, at least you can finally buy palms with coins(although expensive)

          • Bean Smurf says:

            Wait im sorry.. I could’ve sworn you could but palms for 20,000 coins a piece. I was wrong.. Only by using SB you can get palms… Which is SO DUMB if you ask me. Sorry for the mis-information…

    • Shaniya says:

      Well, I have a kindle fire and I have palm trees. Kindle

    • Shaniya says:

      Sorry I didn't get to finish. I don't know your problem. Did you check at the very top? If it is not there, you might have to wait until level 25 and get the dam. I am on level 23 and I don't know if they are palm trees on the left side. Reply back asap. And tell me what level you are on.

      • D.YahiAli says:

        There are palm trees to the left side.
        You get 14 PALM trees with expanding the land to the left and with the extra first expansion. I didn't get any tree with the other 2nd and 5rd expansion….

  6. Cams says:

    Are the palm trees (the ones that can be harvested) available for purchase with coins on the island? I'm only seeing the ones for purchase w/ sbs.

  7. Edward says:

    Could anyone gift me palm tree seeds? I will gift whatever you need back. My GC is Teddyde. Thanks!

  8. emm says:

    Is anyone else having trouble planting crops in palm trees? I had to wait to expand I have palm trees finally, I can plant coconuts but when I go back to harvest them, nothing is there to harvest, its like I didn’t plant them at all.

    • Sassete says:

      Yes there are a few palms on the island that it is ab ug with and I think a lots of players experience this problem

    • Jomax says:

      If you move those palm trees and leave your village and come back the palm trees are back at their old position but at the new position there is another new palm tree which can be planted normally.

  9. Wilson says:

    A notification told me a message in a bottle washed ashoor my island it was not there

  10. Sas says:

    I have two palmtrees in which I cannot grow anything. The other ones are no problem. Does anyone have an idea on what I van do?

  11. Chris Beverly says:

    On one of the updates all my palm trees vanished and have not returned with any of the recent updates. Is there anyway I can buy or get them back. I can not complete papa Smurfs quest to harvest palm crops without them. Please help

  12. kkmama11 says:

    it says that i need to get seeds from friends for the acai berries, coconut and the dates from friends…. but im able to give 6 of my friends those seeds… how is that happening when i havent gotten them from any of my friends?

  13. Sharifa55 says:

    I planted acai berries on 2 palm trees on the new island expansion. Smurfs are watering them but nothing grows on them. Also can't remove the crops, because they seem to not exist. Will that glitch keep my 2 smurfs busy FOREVER?

  14. Michelle says:

    My boyfriend is deleting his smurfs and wants to give me his smurfberries. Is there anyway he can do this as he doesn’t want to waste them…

  15. damnitw says:

    why don’t I get any palm tees? papa smurf said I should harvest something from a palm tree two weeks ago but I can’t couse I don’t have one!

    please help

    • Poet says:

      The trees on your island are your palm trees.

      • Timber says:

        I don't have any trees whatsoever on the island. And , as the fellow above said, no palm trees which I coud harvest. So it would be nice to get a constructive answer – supposed you could read and understand the question!
        So maybe there is someone who could give a simple yet helpful answer.
        Thank you

        • miner says:

          Why cant beeline just fix so we can buy palm trees in the store? I dont have any trees at all on my island and it would be fun to go on with the game!

        • Shaniya says:

          Just like what I said to the other person. You might have to wait until level 25 to get the dam and there might be palm trees over there. Or you can purchase 10 smurfberries to get a palm tree. I don't know if they are any palm trees on the left side because I am on level 23.

          • christine says:

            I’m on level 26 and I still have no palm trees whatsoever. I’m guessing I’m going to have to use my smurfberries. I shouldn’t have to in order to keep the game going. It’s obviously a problem for many of us, beeline do whats right put it I’m the coin shop.

          • D.YahiAli says:

            I have seen this problem in some friend islands. Also I saw one friend island empty of nothing. I know he can get to the island; cause I keep gift him bolts, and he returns other gifts – but on his island, there is no move.
            I think it is a Bug "having no palm trees". Thats why i Wrote BEELINE support a NOTE.
            We shall wait and see.
            I wouldn't give Sb's for the palms.
            SO PLZ, when you see strange action, you just write beeline support, to assure fixing the bugs next update.

    • mischa says:

      We've shared the same problem, if you have an idea pls let me know.

  16. Sarah says:

    I play on the Android platform and have upgraded for 1.2.1 version. Papa Smurf asked me to harvest a crop from a palm tree on the island. I have no palm trees and there are no available in the shop either. Please help, how can I get them???

  17. Brian says:

    The title led me here but my issue is diffrent. A friend left a gift on my island right next to a palm tree. When I try to retrieve the gift the tree’s option menu to select fruit comes up. I can’t seem to do anything to select the gift.

    What to do? Is restoring the only option to get rid of the gift?

  18. kelly says:

    i have no palm tree for my island how can i get a palm tree please

  19. gabi says:

    i have received a palm tree from a friend in a gift box and without knowing that i won't be able to move it, i placed it right in the middle of the island :(
    Did beeline said enything like solving this issue in the next update? Will we be able to move our palm trees?

    thank you!

  20. Brees says:

    Why isn't there a farmer smurf on the island? It's a pain to plant and harvest individual plots.

  21. AubrEy says:

    it wont let me put anything down after garmale scare all or the smurf into the forest and they need a place to stay it keeps saying u need to build a bridge before u place anything in this area but is all green and there is no river anywhere

  22. WonnyQ says:

    Village Bug? For the last 24 hours I am unable to open my Smurfs Village. It doesn’t matter if I try via Game Centre or direct – I just receive the Beeline Orange screen and the ‘dots’ appear to fill on then it closes down? I hate not being able to access my vlage and play, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Sassete says:

      on thing that works if it does like this is to delete the app and re-install it again and because you have gc it is possible to do that because your village is saved through game center but it is always a risk to do things like this. You can dubbel check from which date your village is saved bye tapping on papa smurfs head 16 times. when you starts to play again youe are going to start on lv 1 but after a while you get an option that brings your old village back again.

    • Hans Fisher says:

      Same thing happened to me, very frustrating! What worked for me was to open the game with my device in "airplane" mode, with the WiFi turned off. It then opened no problem, after I was in, I was able to turn WiFi back on to access th server and use online features.

  23. SmurfsFan says:

    Please help something suddenly happened to my village its gone !!
    it vanished please help i can place anything and everytime i come in
    Jokey gives me a gift its papa smurfs updated lab please help i bought 50
    smurfberries and i dont want to lose them !! please reply to me im level 16 D:

  24. sasset says:

    Where do you get the palm tree

    • Poet says:

      The palm trees are all the trees you can find on the island. Though sometimes you may get it as a gift from friends.

  25. go_giants says:

    I sent log voyage several times and I got "mission completed" but I don't see any additional raft. I thought this mission was to collect logs to make a raft??

  26. Lola says:

    I got it with the May 4th update, and although it was supposed to be solved with the last update it was not. Is an particularly annoying bug cause not being able to level up makes the game meaningless. Will try to recover the village but it did not work for Radi :-(

  27. Bia Avila says:

    I was facing problems since the last update, but last night I received a MIAB push and when I entered the game the bottle has disapeared and the game crashed… But today's morning I found out my entire village is gone… Although the menu indicates I am at level 30, as I was before, I cant see anything, just the smurfs walking around on a green and empty green ground.. Apparently I am at the island (as the menu indicates I have 26 smurfs). Somebody can help me… pleeese… I have already deleted and installed the game and recoverd backup from game center. But it stills the same way… Beatriz

  28. Leticia says:

    Please I need bolts!!!

    Gc: *~LETICIA~*

  29. Bonnie says:

    For the last two updates I can’t recive gifts from friends please some one help what do I do!! It’s really annoying

    • Sassete says:

      try to log out from gc and fb and reboot your device turn on your device again and log back in and se if that works

      • Bonnie says:

        No joy I’m afraid anything elas I could try

        • Juliet says:

          Bonnie – lots of people have had this problem, it's happened to me twice. The only way I could solve it was to delete the Smurf Village app and reinstall it. ONLY do this if you're on Game Center and back up to iTunes first. It worked for me both times and I got my village back intact but its nerve wracking! Search this site for instructions from the admins, there are lots of posts giving advice about this specific problem. Good luck!

  30. Kyan says:

    Message in a bottle bug reappearing?

    Anyone experiencing the same problem? Message in a Bottle disappearing without a reason. The 1st Quest from MIAB is to send out a raft for 1hr to gather supplies for S. S. Smurf II, after sending the rafts out, I left the app to do other stuff, when I return to the Smurf App again, the bottle was gone.

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Yup they can disappear.

      • Daiv says:

        Since the last update have any bottles quests been completed by anyone here? As far as I know, the MIAB is fully out of commission until Beeline fixes and releases another update. I have just been told to grow a bunch of eggplants, but I'm ignoring it.

        I would give it a try if some people here say that the bottle quests are still working for them.

  31. Karina Smurf says:

    Hi, is anyone else having problems with the new bottle quest starting today. I started the second part of the quest and the bottle has disappeared. angelg 70

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Yes, the bottle can disappear.

    • Richard says:

      Just finished the MIAB and received a piece of Clockwork Smurf. Was a bit lucky in finishing this fast, as I had sent rafts out before for 24 hours, and they returned just after the new quest was given. Saved me 47 hours or so. So no problems, only last week after the 1st quest the bottle disappeared.

  32. Robert Turk says:

    I haven't got any palm tree gifts! So disappointed, would really like to have more palms on the island. My Smurfs need some shade :)

  33. Oliesmurf says:

    Hi all,

    Please add me as a friend at GC.
    My id ; Markolie3
    100% return gifts.

  34. lana says:

    hey :)
    i have one question. slouchy smurf gave me a task few days ago n it goes like ths "gather 6 pieces of wood using rafts" … i have sent rafts few times now, nothing happened. should i continue sending them or im doing something wrong?
    tnx :)



  37. rabi says:

    i updated my village 2 times, i deleted it an reinstall it twice and the xp issue is not solved yet, even when i recover it its stays 171058% its been 2months in stuck at level 42 what should i do?

    • Sassete says:

      Try to contact beeline and se if they have a solution on your problem because it should have been fixed in this latest update <a href="” target=”_blank”> or on

      • Lola says:

        I have the same problem as Rabi, I'm at 25100% and won't level up, SO disappointing! I did contact Beeline, here's their answer:

        "We do apologize that you are still having this issue, and thank you for your bug report. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for a fix, but our development team is aware of the issue and they are still working on it. We hope to have a solution soon. Thank you for your support and patience"

        Not very comforting! Probably the more we complain the faster they will address the problem…

  38. len says:

    how can i harvest if i dont have a palm tree not just a palm tree in fact i dont have any tree on the island ?????
    please help!!!!!

  39. confused says:

    How do I get the palm tree seeds that say I need seeds from a friend? I can't give them as a gift, so how is a friend supposed to gift them to me??

    • Brainy says:

      Get from neighbors, ask them . Put the gift you want in your gc status , or change GC name to "Gift me island seed" or something. If they are your facebook neighbor, message them. Some people even spell out the gift they want in the village. There are many ways to send a message to your neighbors. People has Wild smurf can gift others right away. Those dont have wild smurf must get seeds from neighbor, plant the crop, harvest the crop, then they can gift seeds to neighbors. Don't gift seeds to your neighbor automatically because seed gives them nothing if they already got it. Gift seeds only when someone ask for it.

  40. Aims says:

    I received six palm trees today! I was disappointed to find out I can't move them. But an awesome glitch none the less.

    • Carl says:

      Is there anything specific you have to do to get the gift boxes with trees?

      • Sassete says:

        No not what we know about but players that gets palm trees says that they have recived seeds first and right after that a box with a palm appears

      • Aims says:

        When I had gotten the palm trees as gifts I hadn't checked my smurfs in about two days so I had tons of gifts. The box just kept popping up one right after another. Saying some one has left you a gift. I haven't received any more since then. I normally check my smurfs everyday. So this was the only thing I thought could have been different, because there were so many gifts. I have 300 plus friends on my game center account.

  41. Trey says:

    Is it safe to move houses with upgrades or customizations yet? I’m afraid if I move a house the customization will be lost. I haven’t heard if this glitch was fixed yet or not.

    • Brainy says:

      I've seen mix reports. Just move 1 and see what happen. I moved some customized huts few days ago to make room for the soccer fields and they are still there.

  42. emily says:

    papa smurf is asking me to harvest a crop from a palm tree… how would i do this o.O ???

  43. HGSS says:

    Beeline is so suck….!!!!

    Bugs become more serious after every update….
    old bugs never fixed….new bugs make everyone crazy….
    (My pink snail still glisten at midnight form LAST YEAR until NOW)

    If they continue do that….they will LOSE all Smurf's fans ONE DAY…!!!!!!

    • Dreamy_Smurf says:

      Beeline tries to fix it and the colour changing snails aren't a bug anymore. People liked them.

  44. Joe says:

    So, my friend can send me a palm tree?

  45. Hazel says:

    Papa smurfs ask to harvest a crop from palm but I don’t have enough s/b to buy wild smurfs.. How can I soft my problem? Any solutions?

    • Farmer_Smurf says:

      Actually, You don't need to buy Wild Smurf to harvest a palm. Palms are the palms that you can't move them, and they were just a decorative trees on the island. Click on the palm (that is not available in the store) and then plant a crop.

  46. silvacizza says:

    when I open the gift with palm tree fruits nothing happens … what should I be looking for?

  47. Brainy says:

    Sorry we are currently short on Android staffs to update the page.

  48. Beatriz Avila says:

    Yep, now I know… Well, as everything was lost I ve decide to check the iCloud backup and the last one pointed to wednesday, at night. So I ve restored my entire iPad from this backup (with some fear, I confess) and it worked, TG… Thanks a lot for your advice…

  49. Sas says:

    Ah, this is the same problem as I just posted. I am going to follow this.

  50. Sas says:

    A picture of the two Smurfs:
    I hope it works.

  51. Chris Beverly says:

    That’s way too many levels to go back on and I’ve purchased smurfberries and other items since….restoring that far back is not an option. Any other suggestions like beeline actually fixing it with an update

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